Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Heaven and Earth Lists

At night, Mo Wen walked around with Qin Xiaoyou for a while. It was only nine o'clock that they reached back to school. After walking Qin Xiaoyou to her female dormitory, his day's task was considered to be completed.


Before parting, the Qin Xiaoyou who had just turned around suddenly called out to Mo Wen.

"What is it?" Mo Wen looked at Qin Xiaoyou uncomprehendingly.

A blush appeared on Qin Xiaoyou's face and she bit on her lip. She took two steps forward and hugged Mo Wen's neck with both hands and brought her small mouth to Mo Wen's ear as she said, "Next time, don't go everywhere philandering. If you want it… I can give it to you…"

As she reached the end of her sentence, her voice became as soft as a mosquito. Normal people would have missed it but how could Mo Wen possibly not hear it?

Upon hearing that, his heart wavered and he almost lost control of himself.

"How could I… The thing that I hate doing most is philandering."

Mo Wen immediately had on a decent look as he said.

"Next time, if you continue going around philandering, I will bite you to death."

Qin Xiaoyou glared at Mo Wen fiercely before lightly biting on his lip. Then, she swiftly turned around and ran towards the female dormitory, disappearing in a moment.

Mo Wen licked his lips. On his tongue, the sweet scent lingered. Internally, he would rather for her to just bite him to death…

Upon returning to his dormitory, he found that there were actually people inside. Normally, it was a very rare situation for there to be anyone.

The Freaks in the dormitory of the Freaks spent most of their time outside and very rarely returned to the dormitory. For example, he had only seen the Northern Devil, Hu Qiongqi, once and it was a very hurried meeting such that they did not even exchange a single word.

Then, there was also the Western Poisoner, Ren Liusha. Previously, he had noticed that he was in his room tinkering items. However, in recent times, he had disappeared completely.

As for the Northern Devil, he had not seen him right from the beginning.

Instead, it was Dongfang Yi who was constantly staying in the dormitory. He was not sure what he was keeping watch over.

"You've broken through?"

In the living hall of the dormitory, Dongfang Yi looked at the stony-faced youth opposite him. There was a trace of desolation and envy flashing through his eyes. Hu Qiongqi had finally broken through into that realm. Meanwhile, he was still stuck in the Sea of Qi realm.

In the dormitory, his Cultivation was the lowest. Then, the second lowest should be the Western Poisoner, Ren Liusha. However, he had also broken through into the peak of the Sea of Qi realm half a year ago. Moreover, Ren Liusha was a master at handling poisons. Hence, many a time, even the masters with the Qi Nucleation realm were afraid of him.

As for Mo Wen, he was unable to see through him and had never managed to pinpoint just what Cultivation he was.

"It was just a fluke."

The stony-faced youth said dully. His entire being radiated coldness that seemed like the ice of the north pole. It was so cold that it could make one shiver.

Hu Qiongqi's killing spirit could be said to be exceptionally shocking. He had essentially cultivated it to the point where killing spirit is a substantial part of him.

Without even acting on it, he could kill someone unconsciously.

However, at the moment, Hu Qiongqi was pale and his breath was weak. Beneath his clothes, there were seemingly red stains caused by blood.

"You sustained rather serious injuries but it is fortunate that you did not die."

Dongfang Yi's mouth curled upwards as he said. This lunatic was willing to do anything just to break through into a realm. However, he had to give it to him that he had succeeded. When a person went crazy, anything could happen.

"There is nothing worse than death. This little bit of injury should be able to heal within a week."

Hu Qiongqi said calmly. In order to break through into the realm, the little bit of torture he suffered did not mean anything. He had worked so hard for a year and he finally had reaped rewards.

"Now that you have broken through into the Qi Nucleation realm, this time's Heaven and Earth Lists should have a place for you right?"

Dongfang Yi's lips curled upwards and there was envy in his eyes as he said. Only those who were absolute talents could make it into the Heaven and Earth Lists. Naturally, the Huatian Palace took very good care of these talents and would do their best to train them.

If one's luck was not bad there was also a high possibility of rising to the top and become the peak of all of ancient martial arts. It was also possible to break through into an unimaginable realm. It was all possible.

Of course, it was just an opportunity, and the opportunity was also very obscure. No matter when it was, the number of people who could rise to the top were few and far between. However, if one did not even make it to the Heaven and Earth Lists, there would not even be a sliver of chance. Unless, one had exceptional talent and could rely on himself to grasp the next realm. If not, all the work put in would also be futile.

Hence, being able to make it into the heaven and Earth Lists meant that it was possible to reach the peak of ancient martial arts. To anyone, it was the ultimate appealing factor.

However, such a chance was only available to youths with an exceptional talent. Once the age limit is passed, the chance would be lost forever.

300 years ago, the Huatian Palace had already set the rule of Heaven List Fifty and Earth List Hundred.

The Heaven List Fifty referred to the top 50 young and middle-aged masters with the Qi Nucleation realm and higher, while being 45 years old and younger.

Meanwhile, the Earth List Hundred referred to the top 100 young masters with the Sea of Qi realm and higher, while being 30 years old and younger.

One could not occupy both lists simultaneously. For example, a Qi Nucleation master who is 30 years old and younger would be able to join the ranks of the Heaven List and be a member of the Heaven List. However, the Earth List cannot allow him to be a part of it just because he is 30 years old and younger.

However, all the young masters who made it to the Heaven List and Earth List had a single chance to be promoted. It could be said that all the people on the List were eyeing this one opportunity.

Dongfang Yi knew that in order to fight for a place on the Heaven and Earth Lists, there were so many youths giving it their all to train their Cultivation just to be in time for this opportunity.

In their dormitory of six people, other than him and Mo Wen whom he was unsure of, essentially everyone was putting in effort for the upcoming great competition of the Heaven and Earth Lists that happened once every five years. Nobody was willing to pass up on this opportunity.

Beforehand, in order to break through into the Qi Nucleation realm, Hu Qiongqi had repeatedly mutilated himself with the one goal of making it onto the Heaven and Earth Lists.

As for the transvestite and the Southern Ghost, they were also preparing for it.

"I'm afraid it's hard to say for sure. The competition for the Heaven and Earth Lists is always the greatest on this day that only comes once every five years. I am only of the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. Based on my Cultivation alone, I don't have much of an advantage. It is already quite good if I can maintain my position of the top 50 in the Earth List. It is very possible that I may even lose my placing in the top 50 positions."

"I heard that many major Sects have raised quite a number of young talents. Those people have gone out to train under the arrangements of their Sects. They break through in their Cultivation and their abilities improve by leaps and bounds each day. With the assistance of the Sects, they are all preserving their energy. Later on, when the competition rolls around, who is weaker and who is stronger is still a question."

Hu Qiongqi said a little solemnly. That Heaven and Earth Lists was simply too important to him. No matter what, he had to give it a shot.

As for how intense the competition would be, he did have some mental preparation. After all, the Heaven and Earth Lists was coveted by everyone. Naturally, there would also be many competing for it.

He did not assume that he was the only young talent in the entire world. The ancient martial arts scene was so big and there was not knowing just how many strong people there were. Young geniuses were springing up in large numbers one after the other. Every other year, there would be several young geniuses that would attract worldwide attention.

Although the people in the Freak dormitory were the top grade talents in the world of ancient martial arts and belonged to the rarer types, in the larger context, there were not just these five talents.

The abilities of Dongfang Yi and Ren Liusha would not even be able to get them into the top 100 of the Earth List. Hence, it could be seen just how intense the competition was.

Although he had broken through into the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm and fulfilled the conditions of making it into the Earth List, he did not even want to think about it. Based on his abilities alone, it was impossible for him to make it onto the List.

Perhaps, in the Freak dormitory, only the Central Transvestite had the capability to challenge for a spot.

As can be seen, the competition for the Heaven and Earths List was great. It had essentially encompassed half of the masters in ancient martial arts and everyone were fighting till they got hurt.

"For that thing, everything has to be left up to fate. There are only 150 masters that will make it onto the Heaven and Earth Lists. However, only how many people will be able to have the good luck? It could be said that once every five years, there may not even be one. Sometimes, after 10 or 20 years, and even exceeding 30 years, nobody had received the good luck."

Dongfang Yi raised his eyebrows and smiled. Although that little sliver of good luck could change a person's life, the chance was too slim. At least, he did not have to think about it at all as it would never possibly happen to him.

Hence, he was actually very calm. The day of bloody fights had nothing to do with him at all.

"That is true."

Hu Qiongqi nodded his head slightly. There may not even be a single one in five years. Even if there was one, it may not be him.

Hence, even if he thought about it extensively now, it was of no use.

Hu Qiongqi continued talking a little to Dongfang Yi before returning to his own room. Meanwhile, Mo Wen had just entered the dormitory coincidentally.

Although he had just arrived, he had heard their conversation previously.

Heaven and Earth Lists? Some good luck that could change one's fate! What was that thing?

Curiosity rose within Mo Wen and he did not understand just what was the good luck that Dongfang Yi and Hu Qiongqi were talking about.

"What good luck is involved in being able to get onto the Heaven and Earth List?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at Dongfang Yi as he asked. He had ever heard of the Heaven and Earth Lists. Previously, Mo Qingtian had told him about it. It was a List created by the Huatian Palace to elect a young and strong person. It had basically attracted all of the strongest young masters in the world of ancient martial arts.

However, he had not treated the Heaven and Earth List as anything much, which was why he did not ask deeper previously.

After all, he could do without all those false reputations and sometimes, he was even tired out because of these false reputations. It was not his personality to take part in such a taxing competition just for a ranking on the List.

However, from the looks of it now, that Heaven and Earth Lists did not seem like just a simple List. There had to be some secret hidden within.

"Naturally, you will know once you make it onto the Heaven and Earth Lists. Even if I tell you now, you won't understand."

Dongfang Yi rolled his eyes. He did not even know about the Heaven and Earth Lists. He was even suspicious of whether Mo Wen was an ancient martial arts practitioner in the first place! Just what kind of impoverished gully did he come from to be so lacking in experiences?

Even if he was an ancient martial arts practitioner with a hidden martial arts strain, there were very few people who did not know of the Heaven and Earth Lists. This was because on the magnificent meet every five years, the hidden martial arts strain would also send out quite a number of young heroes to fight for a place on the Heaven and Earth Lists. To the hidden martial arts strain, that sliver of good luck of the Heaven and Earth Lists was something that was hard to resist.

Hence, there were many people of the hidden martial arts strain who made it onto the Heaven and Earth Lists.