Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Xu Clan

"How can one get onto the Heaven and Earth Lists?"

Mo Wen raised his brows and asked. From the conversation of Dongfang Yi and Hu Qiongqi, one could understand that Heaven and Earth Lists didn't seem to be a simple ranking list. It seemed like all the young adults of the generation were working hard for that Heaven and Earth Lists.

"Firstly, one must be qualified to be in the Heaven and Earth Lists. Since you are a member of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, you would naturally be qualified. After that, you may challenge and if you are challenged successfully, you will be on the Lists."

Dongfang Yi scrutinized Mo Wen carefully and then said with his brows furrowed, "However, it was not an easy task to be on Lists. With your present ability, you reckoned to be at the end of the list. Of course, the competition now is the most intense for past five years. It's difficult to tell if you would get onto the list but I am definitely not getting on it."

He shrugged his shoulders and looked like he was going to let the matter rest as it didn't concern him. After all, he was not getting onto the Heaven and Earth lists, he would be torturing himself if he was too concerned.

"Uh huh."

Mo Wen nodded his head and didn't comment further, then he walked back to his room.

He didn't mind much about the fortune of being in the Heaven and Earth Lists. His biggest fortune was being able to have awakened the memory of his past lifetime, now he just had to practise hard and the other fortunes were simply unattractive to him.

That night, Mo Wen obviously felt that his practice had slowed down drastically. After advancing to Qi Nucleation realm, even when the results of his practice were ten times of the past results, the increase in the Cultivation was one hundredth times of the past.

At this rate of normal practice, Mo Wen would need at least two years to be able to break through from the Intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm to the later stage of Qi Nucleation realm. That to him was simply like snail's speed, it's impossible for him to wait that long.

Mo Wen was contemplating on how it would be possible to make a progress in the Cultivation. He had to plan his future practices.

The next day, Mo Wen walked out of the dormitory and was about to go for his breakfast when his phone rang.

After he returned to the dormitory yesterday, he immediately charged his phone as he didn't forget Xu Qianqian's repeated implorations and reminders for him to charge his phone.

Mo Wen whipped out his phone and glimpsed at it. It was a strange number. Without a doubt, the only person who would call him at this time was definitely Xu Qianqian.

"Mo Wen, are you awake?"

Indeed, once the call was answered, Xu Qianqian's voice sounded on the other end.

"If I am not awake, do you intend to wake me up?" Mo Wen raised his brows.

"Of course. Look at what time it is, it's not good to sleep in. Early bird catches the worm," Xu Qianqian looked like she had done it for the good of Mo Wen.

"Then what about the early worm?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

"Since you are awake, shouldn't you be coming to our place?"

Xu Qianqian couldn't be bothered talking nonsense with Mo Wen and got straight to her intention.

She hadn't slept a wink the previous night and held her phone all night as she was afraid that she couldn't find Mo Wen. She finally dozed off a little but woke up at four o'clock in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep again.

She kept thinking if she was able to invite Mo Wen to her place and what should she do if he disappeared suddenly like before.

She resisted the urge to call Mo Wen until it was seven o'clock in the morning, she finally plucked up the courage to give Mo Wen a call.

"Go now? Isn't it too early? I have not taken my breakfast."

Mo Wen didn't have such ambitious sentiment to treat someone early in the morning with an empty stomach. Regardless of the urgency, it wouldn't be delayed by a meal's time.

"You just need to come over, I have already prepared your breakfast."

Xu Qianqian rolled her eyes and said.

"You prepare it?" Mo Wen asked.

"Yes, I will prepare it for you."

"You are a lady, can you cook?" Mo Wen was very doubtful if Xu Qianqian knew how to cook. In his eyes, Xu Qianqian was not as virtuous as Shen Jing to be able to cook delicious meals.

To Mo Wen, being able to cook delicious meals was a manifestation of virtuousness.

"Can't you come over quickly? By that time, I will prepare anything you want to eat," Xu Qianqian offered helplessly.

"Then… alright." Mo Wen nodded his head reluctantly and changed the plan he had before.

"I will send someone to fetch you, you just need to wait at the school gate," Xu Qianqian replied in delight immediately.

At the school gate, Mo Wen discovered a black Bentley had been waiting for some time. There were two men in black standing and looking around at the school gate. When they detected Mo Wen's presence, they immediately walked towards him.

"Excuse me, are you Mr Mo Wen?" a man in black suit asked.

"Yerp." Mo Wen nodded.

After that, two man invited Mo Wen into the car and drove towards the direction of Xu Clan.

Xu Clan operated businesses with quite a reputation in the country. Xu Group was listed as one of the hundred strongest Groups in Hua Xia. Its financial resources were far greater than Xu Group of Xu Wei's family.

The car gradually drove into the standalone villa in western suburb of the Capital, instead of calling it a villa, it should be a manor. There were many wealthy businessmen in the Capital, almost all of them had a villa in the western suburb.

In the manor, there were mountain, water, trees, flowers, pond and pavilion in grand style and great taste.

Once he got out of the car, a woman in white dress came running out of a villa, who else could it be other than Xu Qianqian.

"Mo Wen, you are finally here."

Xu Qianqian said excitedly. She had been wishing upon the stars and moon for him to be there. Although Mo Wen mentioned yesterday that he would be here today, the credibility of Mo Wen's guarantee was really too low to her.

An hour ago, she was still perturbed by the uncertainty of Mo Wen's arrival. She only heaved a sigh of relief when she had ascertained that Mo Wen had been in the car.

"Let's go. Let's see how your father is doing," Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and said.

An old man's illness that could be prolonged for many months, this illness was not reckoned to be serious. The delay of a day or two basically wouldn't make much of a difference.

"Go. Let's go now."

Xu Qianqian heard him and immediately grinned from ear to ear. She instantly dragged Mo Wen towards the villa.

She was worried before how she should persuade Mo Wen to treat her father when he arrived. As she knew that Mo Wen was difficult to deal with, so he might not be too agreeable if she didn't please him enough.

Because of this, she had put in a lot of effort in preparing a sumptuous breakfast by herself.

Now that Mo Wen was so forthright so she was naturally elated.

"Who are you?"

As they stepped into the villa, they met a young man directly. He glanced at Mo Wen and furrowed his brows.

That young man was about thirty years old. He was very handsome in a suit and leather shoes, quite formally dressed like a successful young man.

Mo Wen looked askance at that person and knitted his brows without a trace. The body of this person before him was giving off a depraved Qi. It was very abnormal for an ordinary person to have such aura, basically it was not a scent that a person should have.

Could it be that he was in contact with unclean things recently or unclean things were bothering him?

He looked at the young man thoughtfully. He didn't answer the young man's question and didn't bother to talk.

"My friend."

Xu Qianqian said nonchalantly with a cold face as if she had a poor relationship with the young man.

"Your friend? What kind of friend?"

The young man raised his brows and looked askance at Mo Wen but only a glimpse as if he was not interested to look at him in the face.

"What that got to do with you? Can you mind that much?"

Xu Qianqian snorted coldly, held Mo Wen's hand and walked up the stairs.

"What is she trying to do bringing a guy home? I have never seen her bring any guy home before in the past. Could she be preparing to get some inheritance in the name of marriage before the old fellow's last gasp? Interesting. This sister is not without any scheming intention and is already going to compete for inheritance."

That young man glimpsed at Xu Qianqian's receding back, curled his lips into a sardonic smile and his whisper was so soft that almost nobody could hear him.

Compete for inheritance? He smiled. With her little ability, she was simply heedless of the consequences to have the courage to think of competing for the inheritance.

"What's your relationship with that person?" Mo Wen asked while looking at Xu Qianqian with much interest.

"My second brother but was my half-brother," Xu Qianqian said indifferently after keeping quiet for a moment.

"Your half-brother?"

"Em, my mother passed away after giving birth to me. After that, my father married my step-mother and she brought a son with her who is my second brother..."

Xu Qianqian took a deep breath. Perhaps it was because they had the same father but different mothers, her relationship with her second brother had never been good. Particularly during this period when her father was sick, she was extremely resentful towards her second brother.

After her father brought that woman back, she realised that they already had an illegitimate child who was seven to eight years older than her.

After that, that illegitimate child became her second brother. However, she didn't like him as he was too scheming.

"You still have another eldest brother?" Mo Wen asked.

"I not only have another eldest brother, but also another fourth brother, a third elder sister and a younger sister."

Xu Qianqian laughed self-mockingly.

"Your family had so many children?" Mo Wen asked curiously as there was family planning currently so how could they have so many children?

"How can you say that?" Xu Qianqian rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.

"My father… em… when he was young, he had some lifestyle problem. Especially after my mother passed away, my father would be with a different woman almost every day…"

Xu Qianqian was a little depressed. From her speeches, it was like she had a deep sense of helplessness and perplexity towards kinship.

Xu Qianqian's father was Xu Dongkui. Xu Clan had six children but from four different mothers. Xu Qianqian's mother was her father's first lawful wife who had given birth to her brother and her so both of them were 'full' brother and sister.

The second brother who appeared just now was given birth by the second wife of Xu Dongkui after her mother's death.

Her third elder sister, fourth brother and younger sister were all illegitimate children without any status. They were the product of Xu Dongkui's love affairs outside. Although they were taken into Xu Clan, their status in the family was relatively low.

Xu Qianqian didn't want to comment much about her own family so she mentioned a phrase or two before being quiet after that. It was obvious that she had some resistance towards her own family.

Mo Wen didn't ask much about Xu Clan's matter, after all, it had nothing to do with him.

As they had spoken a little, they entered a bright spacious big room which should be the master bedroom of the villa.

There was a big bed in the room with a middle-aged man lying on it. He was about fifty years old, though his age was not that old but his hair was partially grey. His face looked haggard with many wrinkles on it.

According to Xu Qianqian, her father, Xu Dongkui's illness was very strange as they went to many hospitals in the country and overseas but they couldn't find the cause of the illness.

As the condition of her father worsened, none of the hospitals dared to treat Xu Dongkui's illness so he simply discharged from the hospital and stayed at home.