Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Ghost Phagosome Technique

Mo Wen cast a glance at the man on the sickbed. He frowned slightly; something was off.

"My father, Xu Dongkui. Can you see if his sickness still can be treated?"

Xu Qianqian walked up to the sickbed and said somewhat nervously. She was also not certain whether Mo Wen could or could not treat her father's illness. After all, she had visited hospitals large and small all over the country, and none of them could treat her father.

However, she knew that Mo Wen was no ordinary person. He could do things that others couldn't, so she had always had high hopes for Mo Wen.

Although this father of hers wasn't too competent, since her elder brother passed away, she was left with very few blood relatives. If she lost everyone, then what would she do in the future?

"He can be treated."

Mo Wen said plainly. He cast a glance over the man on the sickbed and, without even touching him, came to a conclusion.


Xu Qianqian grabbed hold of Mo Wen's elbow, saying emotionally. She didn't even bother to think why Mo Wen had not even checked and yet could treat her father's illness, because she believed, if Mo Wen said he could, that he definitely could.


Mo Wen nodded his head. Xu Dongkui's illness couldn't be considered an illness, but if a normal person came across something like this, it was indeed hard to deal with.

From Xu Dongkui's body, he discovered something interesting.

A ghost!

In Xu Dongkui's body, there was actually a ghost feeding off him. The ghost was not strong or large, but sucked the qi and blood of Xu Dongkui. By absorbing the essence of human qi and blood to sustain itself, the ghost would not dissipate.

Clearly, now Xu Dongkui had become the ghost's nourishment. Every day it was consuming his life essence. Once time went on, he would naturally approach death.

Although now Xu Dongkui was just in a unconscious state, he was not more than a month away from death. If Mo Wen could not exorcise the ghost, he would soon become a shrivelled corpse.


Mo Wen lips curled into a grin.

"What is it?"

Xu Qianqian asked nervously.

"Your father has something unclean in his body." Mo Wen glanced at Xu Qianqian and said.

"Something unclean?" Xu Qianqian looked incredulously at Mo Wen.

"The thing is consuming your father's life everyday. As time goes on, your father will die. However, what is interesting is that the thing cannot live in a human's body. It can only do so by going through a medium. And the medium can only be put in by a human."

Mo Wen said, seeming to be implying more.

Obviously, the ghost in Xu Dongkui's body was planted there by someone else on purpose, clearly with malicious intent.

Otherwise an ordinary person, full of qi and blood and Yang Qi could not be invaded by a ghost. That is why such a feeble ghost could not proactively live in the body of humans. 

Also once the ghost was exorcised from the body, if it couldn't find a host in three day's time, then it would dissipate from the world, disappearing into a wisp of smoke.

Only those with other intentions would use unique methods to preserve the ghost, making it possible to store it away for long periods of time.

Regarding ghosts, Mo Wen still had a deeper understanding of them. In his previous world, when he was still the Miracle Physician, he already knew that some people would create these unclean things; once people were contaminated, they would be in grave danger. He also naturally knew many methods to treat and defend against the ghosts.

But he wasn't sure why these things existed. After all, the world was so vast; there were many strange things. The fact that he did not understand a lot of things was very normal.

Legend has it that there was a class of shamans that communicated with ghosts. They could use ghosts to bring harm to people. Of course, they could use ghosts for many other things. 

However, shamans were a rare sight. Even from the experience of that world's Mo Wen, he had not met many. As for how they feed the ghosts and how they used ghosts to harm the lives of others, it was unknown to him.

Like in this world, there were legends of ghosts and zombies, such as the Ghost Town of Fengdu, the Walking Corpses of Xiangxi and the Mao Mountain Taoists that specialized in capturing ghosts.

It seemed on Earth there were occupations similar to shamans. These people did not socialize with people, instead communicating with the dead.

After he entered the mysterious foggy mountains and came in contact with the world of cultivators did he have a clearer understanding of the existence of these things.

In the world of cultivators, humans had three finer spirits and several baser instincts, with their bodies serving as vessels. If one had both, one was a human; if one had only one of the two, one was a ghost.

Although Mo Wen could not Cultivate, he knew quite a lot about the concepts of Cultivation and the mysteries of the human body. With a deeper level of understanding, the way he viewed things was naturally vastly different.

He knew that in the world of cultivators, there was a type of cultivator called the ghost cultivator. They used ghosts or zombies to practice. For this type of people, either them or the ghosts and zombies, only one side could survive. The difficulty level for their practice was far beyond ordinary people. Because of this, the ghost cultivator could be said to be an Undead. Practicing with ghosts and zombies while still being alive was forbidden by the heavens and abhorred by the heavens.

So every ghost cultivator's practice was extremely difficulty. Their journey of practice was paved with difficult days ahead. The trials and tribulations they faced were far more than what a normal cultivator would go through.

This type of cultivator was a classic example of changing your destiny by going against the will of heaven. With a body of death, they forcefully defied the ways of heaven, not only not dying, but seeking eternal life.

Although the ghost cultivator practice was difficult and fraught with danger, they had capabilities that normal cultivators did not have.

Under normal conditions, if they did not meet with an accident nor die in a disaster, the ghost cultivators lifespan was very, very long. Hence, their name being Undead.

Some long-lived ghost cultivators, in their long lives, their cultivations grew higher and higher. It could be said that to gauge a ghost cultivator's cultivation, you could estimate it from the amount of time they had spent cultivating.

Some old monsters that had lived for a really long time were basically peerless in strength.

But for a ghost cultivator to want to live long, it was no easy feat. The ghost cultivator faced too many tragedies. Also as their cultivation grew higher, the tragedies they faced got more frightening. Almost 99% of ghost cultivators would die to tragedies.

The common world shamans and people who made corpses walk, compared with ghost cultivators, paled into insignificance.

They could not be considered cultivators. They had just mastered some mysteries of the world and hence were equipped with some abilities that only cultivators had. But compared with true cultivators, they were still worlds apart.

So regarding the ghost in Xu Dongkui's body, Mo Wen was not too surprised by it; some people who have mastered special ghost raising techniques could do so.

If a ghost cultivator had acted, Xu Dongkui would probably not be lying on the bed. He would most likely have his corpse erased from existence, or otherwise made into a zombie.

"Your meaning?"

Xu Qianqian's eyes opened wide. Her facial expression immediately darkened. Mo Wen's words were clear; with her intelligence, how could she not have understood? Her father's illness was clearly orchestrated by someone. Who was it that wanted her father dead?

Mo Wen shrugged without commenting. A normal ghost could not hurt anyone; after three days it would dissipate. Only a ghost that was fed by someone and groomed over several months had such ability.

Even then, the ghost within Xu Dongkui's body, still needed one or two years time to completely suck him dry of his qi and blood essence.

That is why Xu Dongkui was sick for one or two years, but no hospital could detect the cause.

After all, normal hospitals could not possibly detect such things as ghosts.

"Mo Wen, my father's illness?"

Xu Qianqian took a deep breath. Her shifting facial expression calmed down. Now was not the time to overthink; curing her father's illness was the utmost priority.

"Hmm, please leave now."

Mo Wen slightly nodded and said.

"Thank you."

Xu Qianqian did not say anything, turned and walked out the door. Obviously she had absolute trust in Mo Wen.

Once Xu Qianqian walked out the door, only then did Mo Wen shift his gaze to the man on the bed.

The man's facial expression was blackish, his lips were green and his eyes were shut tight, like a dead person lying in a coffin.

Mo Wen walked forward, one hand pressing against the man's Baihui Point on the top of his head. A golden flame rose from his hand, then entered Xu Dongkui's body from his Baihui Point.

If it was before, against a ghost that was possessing a human's body, it would not be an easy thing to do. Before treatment began he needed to make lots of preparations. He didn't even know how many medicinal herbs he had to prepare to counter a ghost.

But now, it was different. Ever since he knew of Cultivation, Mo Wen's outlook, experience and abilities had far surpassed his previous self. It was on a completely different level. To deal with a small ghost possessing a body, naturally it would be a cinch.

With the constant influx of the Fire of Nine Yang, Xu Dongkui started to emit black gas. The black gas had a slight chill. With the appearance of the black gas, the temperature of the entire room plummeted; out of nowhere there was a chill.

But not long after the chilly black gas appeared, Mo Wen's body flared up with golden flames. With a sweep of the golden flames, all of the black gas completely dissipated in the air.

The Fire of Nine Yang was originally the flame with the most positive energy and had a strong counter effect towards ghosts. With the Fire of Nine Yang's abundant Yang Qi, it was enough to cause all small ghosts to retreat.

With the outflux of the black gas, a strange shriek sounded suddenly from inside of Xu Dongkui's body. The sound was bizarre and unpleasant. It made people uncomfortable, inducing a nauseating sensation.

"Get out."

Mo Wen gave a cold laugh, and with a finger pressed onto Xu Dongkui's Taiyang Point. An even louder bizarre shriek sounded out.

The next moment, a greyish ball of light emerged from the top of Xu Dongkui's head. The light ball flickered then prepared to escape through the window.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth curling into a playful grin. For a small ghost that didn't even have self-awareness, naturally it was impossible for it to know how to escape. Now, the ghost was escaping; it was obviously not the ghost itself doing so. The person behind the scene who was controlling it had noticed that something was off and controlled the ghost to escape.

Normally, the ghost and its feeder were connected with their minds in order to control the ghost to possess another person's body and constantly control the ghost's movements. So the ghost and the ghost rearer were almost two in one.

Once the ghost received destructive damage, the ghost rearer that was mentally connected to it would also receive severe damage. They would not be able to recover in a few month's time.