Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Old Man Wei

Mo Wen's lips curled up into a cold smile. He extended a finger and an invisible ripple emanated. In the next moment, that bunch of gray rays that had just escaped out the window stopped for a bit, before suddenly flying backwards. It was like an invisible thing had pulled on that thing.

Soon, that bunch of grey rays fell into Mo Wen's palm.

Looking at the bunch of rays in his palm, Mo Wen grasped his five fingers and that bunch of grey rays immediately got reduced to ashes and dispersed into the air.

In the main hall below the villa, that second brother of Xu Qianqian let out a dull hum, before a mouthful of fresh blood flowed out of his mouth.

He looked to the upper levels of the villa in shock and anger, with a cold look that was cursing people in his eyes. His handsome face had been distorted and it looked like a very demented expression, as if he was a living evil spirit.

"Who is that? Who killed my Darling Wei?"

A ghastly sound came out from that youth and his eyes looked as though he could eat someone up. There were blood stains by the corner of his mouth and it was blood-curling and horrific.

He quickly looked up towards that Old B*stard's room. Previously, Xu Qianqian had seemingly led someone in. Beforehand, he did not take notice as he did not expect such a thing to happen.

Xu Kuang took in a deep breath. The problem was definitely with that youth. Just now, he had not entered the room for long and his Darling Wei had already died. Naturally, it could not have nothing to do with him.

"Xu Qianqian that lowly person."

He fiercely smashed a fist onto the sofa. This incident had to be related to Xu Qianqian. That lowly person had never given up on that Old B*stard's treatment. Originally, he had thought that the die was cast but he did not think such an unexpected situation would happen.

How could that youth have drawn his Darling Wei out and managed to kill him?

Xu Kuang could not wrap his head around it. His secret Ghost Phagosome technique originated from a very mysterious Southern power. It was impossible for normal people to know the way to counter it. So, how did that youth know?

Xu Kuang's eyes wavered in uncertainty. He looked up towards the upper level of the villa and clenched his teeth as he was a little indignant. Then, he took hurried steps and left the villa.

Currently, there were changes in the situation. Evidently, the original plan could not continue on. They had to change the plan at the last minute or all their efforts would have gone to waste.

In Xu Dongkui's room, a constantly comatose Xu Dongkui had suddenly started to open his eyes slowly. His gaze was a little blurry as he looked around the room. Then, his gaze stopped at Mo Wen.

"Who are you?"

Xu Dongkui said a little dazedly. Around him, everything was naturally very familiar. However, why was the young person in front of him in his room?

At the moment, he was still in a very confused state of mind and he could not recall everything at once. His brain was woozy and heavy, and his entire body was flooded with a feeling of powerlessness.

Mo Wen looked at that man and did not say a word. He simply reached for a piece of white paper and wrote down a prescription for the medicine, placing it on the drawer by Xu Dongkui's bed.

"Brew the herbal medicine. Three times a day. After 10 days, your body will recover."

With that line, he turned to leave the room. All the while, his pupils did not waver and he calmly walked down from the villa.

To him, curing illnesses and saving patients had already become a habit. To a senior physician, whether or not an illness would be curable was clear from the moment of the prognosis. Hence, everything happened naturally and there were not many feelings or emotions coming into play.

"Mo Wen, how is it?"

Xu Qianqian had stood outside the door waiting all the while. When Mo Wen had just come out, she anxiously stepped forward to ask.

"Nothing serious. After nursing his body for a period of time, his body will recover. Your father has already regained consciousness."

Mo Wen said as he nodded slightly.


Xu Qianqian was so happy that she almost jumped up. Her father had already been in a comatose state for half a month continuously. Beforehand, he had also regained consciousness for a while before falling into a coma for a long time.

Now, with just a bit of Mo Wen's efforts, her father had been treated of his illness. With such a huge turn in events, how could she not feel touched? Her heart felt as though it was about to leap out of her chest and fluctuating feelings had appeared inside her.

"Do you not know how to go in and have a look for yourself?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

Upon hearing that, Xu Qianqian immediately ran into Xu Dongkui's room. Mo Wen was really her lucky star. After meeting him, she was able to avoid mishaps at every turn.

Mo Wen stretched his back and minded his own business as he walked downstairs. When he passed through the main hall, he noticed that there was a blood trace on the floor.

A pensive look flashed through his eyes. His lips curled upwards, then he walked out of the villa.

He left the Xu Clan directly and did not even say a goodbye to Xu Qianqian. Since the patient's treatment had already been completed, he naturally had no other responsibilities.

Upon returning to school, Mo Wen immediately headed towards the classroom. Today, there were classes in the morning. At this timing, the first lesson should have almost ended.

Indeed, just as he walked into the classroom, he noticed that the teacher was not on the podium and the people in the classroom were going about doing their own things.

"Mo Wen."

Almost immediately after he had walked in, someone called out his name. Qin Xiaoyou was seated at a corner on the right side and was continuously waving at Mo Wen. Her little face had lit up with excitement.

It was rare for Mo Wen to turn up for class. Normally, she did not have the chance to attend lessons together with him.

Beside Qin Xiaoyou, it was the unshakeable Wang Xiaofei. Meanwhile, beside Wang Xiaofei, no guy dared to sit themselves there. Hence, the place where the two sat at was essentially surrounded by girls.

Mo Wen stroked his nose and did not feel awkward at all squeezing through into the bunch of girls. The girl who sat beside Qin Xiaoyou saw that Mo Wen was approaching and even had the initiative to give up the seat to him.

"Thank you beautiful, not only are you pretty on the outside, your heart is just as pretty."

Mo Wen smiled at that girl.

Upon hearing that, the girl's face reddened and her gaze naturally shifted to the side.

Wang Xiaofei's eyes cut through Mo Wen from her sideglance. This b*stard was hitting girls up again.

"Did you go to Xu Qianqian's house today?"

Qin Xiaoyou blinked her eyes and looked at Mo Wen as she asked curiously. She still remembered that Mo Wen should be heading over to the Xu Clan to help with the treatment of Xu Qianqian's father.

"I've already gone and the situation is settled," Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and said.

Upon hearing that, Qin Xiaoyou immediately revealed a beautiful smile. Today, Mo Wen had returned from Xu Qianqian's house so quickly. He had not stayed on with Xu Qianqian and that had made her feel boundlessly happy, such that even the sun outside was exceptionally bright and beautiful.

Soon, the school bell rang. A teacher whom Mo Wen had no impression of and did not recognize at all walked in.

In reality, although school had already started for over a month, there were not many teachers that Mo Wen could recognize. Many teachers did not even know there was a student called Mo Wen…

After Xu Qianqian had gone in to visit her father, she walked out of the room and noticed that Mo Wen had disappeared. She went all around and circled the place, and asked a few of the servants before she found out that Mo Wen had already left.

"This fellow went off so fast, he didn't even say goodbye."

Xu Qianqian felt a little disappointed as she looked at the empty villa. Before that, she had even specially cooked up a whole table of breakfast. Yet, in the end, he had left without even having a bite.

She gritted her teeth and swore never to make anything for Mo Wen to eat again.

After class, Mo Wen held on to Qin Xiaoyou's hand and walked in the little forest. He naturally did not have the leisurely and carefree mood to run into the little forest for a stroll. However, he was unable to hold off Qin Xiaoyou's pleas and could only hold her hand as they aimlessly strolled in the school grounds.

In the end, after only walking for a bit, Mo Wen furrowed his brows. His gaze moved over to the depths of the little forest.

"Xiaoyou, you go back to your dormitory first, I still have something on."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said.


Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen as she said a little unwillingly, "Alright, then I'll make a move first."

He had clearly promised to accompany her for half an hour. Yet, he had left after just a few minutes. Did he have that many things to attend to?

It was only after Qin Xiaoyou had left that Mo Wen looked into the depths of the little forest and said calmly, "Come out."

Following Mo Wen's words, a soft sound came from within the little forest. Then, a figure walked out.

It was an old man in Tang suit. His face was red and his gaze was piercing. Looking at Mo Wen, his gaze held an unspeakable power.

"If you're able to notice me, you're really not that simple after all. Previously, I'm afraid I might have seen you before."

The old man in Tang suit looked at Mo Wen and smiled as he said.

"Who are you?"

A blank look flashed through Mo Wen's eyes. The old man in front of him was very strong and powerful, and should be at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm. Moreover, he seemed to be nearing the Embryonic Breathing realm. Perhaps by some stroke of luck, he would be able to cross that threshold with a single step.

"You can not know who I am for now. However, you must thank me. Previously, there was someone from the Dafang Sect that had run over to school to find you and had gotten chased away by me."

That old man in Tang suit had his hands behind his back and he said rather imposingly.

"So why are you following me?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. From the words of the old man, it was as if he didn't have any enmity with him. So, why was he watching him secretly?

Moreover, when he mentioned Dafang Sect, it made Mo Wen recall that he had killed a senior from the Dafang Sect. This had caused ill feelings to breed between them. He had even found it odd last time that he had killed that Layman Wu and yet the Dafang Sect did not approach him for revenge.

No wonder, the people of the Dafang Sect had approached but had been blocked and sent home.

"You, young lad, are a troublemaker indeed. Normally, I can't keep my eyes on you so do you think I can feel at ease?"

The Old Man in Tang suit rolled his eyes. After Mo Wen had enrolled into school, he had caused trouble consecutively. Some of the things had even already surpassed the limits of the school's boundaries. For example, when the people of the Dafang Sect had approached him, if Mo Wen had started a fight in the school grounds, the impact would be too big to handle.

The Dafang Sect was an ancient martial arts sect. They did not follow the rules that tightly and it was not a rare case for them to send out some masters to schools to capture people.

Mo Wen, especially, was also not one who followed the rules strictly. Those Five Freaks did not cause much trouble in school but Mo Wen was a different case altogether.

Currently, he had only enrolled in school for over a month. In future, it was still unclear what else would happen.

This old man was not anybody ordinary. He was the Old Man Wei who was observing secretly when Mo Wen had taught Su Boyu a lesson.

"Do you not know how to address your senior?"

Mo Wen saluted that Old Man Wei by cupping a palm over his fist. From his previous words, he could guess that this old man was probably the master who was secretly maintaining order in school.

After all, there were Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers in Huaxia University, with all kinds of people around. Being a hodgepodge of good and bad people, there was naturally very high rates of things happening. If there were insufficient people to hold up the situation, chaos would have ensued all over.