Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Rules and conditions

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“Old man’s surname is Wei, Wei Kun,” Old fellow Wei said nonchalantly.

“Old man Wei looks for me, could it be for nothing?” Mo Wen raised his brows and asked.

A hidden expert in the school who looked for him, naturally it was not for nothing. He didn’t think that someone in Qi Nucleation realm was that free.

Particularly this kind who was at the verge of Embryonic Breathing realm and was in the last step of the acme of Qi Nucleation realm. He reckoned he should be thinking of how to break through to Embryonic Breathing realm anytime so how could it be possible for him to have the leisure time to wander around?

“I look for you today for only one purpose – to talk to you about the rules.”

Old Man Wei glanced at Mo Wen and said smilingly. This guy was unreliable and behaved without scruples so he had to clarify with him personally.

“Rules? What rules?” Mo Wen raised his brows.

“Firstly, don’t use ancient martial arts casually in school that would alarm the ordinary students; secondly, don’t bring the enemy outside into the school, you may settle any matters outside the school; lastly, don’t be an accomplice to the evil ones in school to commit any evil acts. Of course, I believe you would be disdain to commit the third point.”

Old Man Wei explained indifferently. He had to explain to him clearly today, or else he might get into many troubles in the future.

“I can agree with your three rules, but if I were to obey the rules, you have to agree to my conditions.”

Mo Wen curled his lips and said.

“Oh, agree to your conditions?”

Old Man Wei laughed and said nonchalantly, “Before you can negotiate your conditions with others, you need to be qualified for it. You are still not qualified now.”

To adhere to the school rules was something that Mo Wen was supposed to do and should have done it without negotiating for any conditions.

Negotiating conditions with him? Not everyone was qualified.

“How to be considered qualified?” Mo Wen squinted his eyes.

“Actual strength. If you have sufficient actual strength that could be recognised, you are qualified to negotiate for conditions. This is true regardless of where you go.”

Old Man Wei said indifferently. Negotiating for conditions with him? Even the five Freaks from the Freak Dormitory were not all qualified.

“I see.”

Mo Wen understood his speech and nodded. The next moment, his tranquility and calmness before suddenly changed to aggression and danger, his figure flashed in front of Old Man Wei with a massive pressure coming from his body covering a circumference of ten meters.

A gust of wind seemed to come from the surrounding, the trees swayed from side to side with the rustling of the branches reverberating in the air and the air was compressed into a mass giving a sense of being beleaguered.

That pressure covered a circumference of ten meters that gave anyone an incomparable psychological oppression.

“Acme of Qi Nucleation realm!”

Old Man Wei’s face changed incredibly, standing in the wind with his hair fluttering and his clothes flitting vigorously. He was so shocked that he was nearly speechless.

The Cultivation of the acme of Qi Nucleation realm! A youngster below twenty years old who had such terrifying Cultivation, how could it be not shocking.

He had practised all his life and was only in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, a youngster, who was one fifth of his age, had the Cultivation which was almost equivalent to his, what kind of concept was that?

Had he wasted all his life? At first, he thought that Mo Wen was at most in the acme of Regulated Breathing realm but he never expected himself to underestimated him by a few levels.

Freak! Simply a Freak, yet another Freak!

Old Man Wei mumbled to himself. In terms of Cultivation and talents, this youngster in front of him was probably only preceded by that Transvestite.

“Old fellow must be blind not to recognise such talent, but I won’t mind sparring a little to see how capable the young people are these days.”

A radiance flashed in Old Man Wei’s eyes as he leapt forward with a fist punching towards Mo Wen. He didn’t use any kind of martial arts, just a plain punch but it contained all his strength.

Facing Old Man Wei who was punching with all his might and exerting an attack with the acme of his Cultivation, Mo Wen didn’t dodge but confront it head on.

Likewise, a simple punch without the use of any martial arts, just three weird Inner Qi spurted from the arms forming a weird whole like three different Inner Qi had integrated together.

In actual fact, Mo Wen’s Cultivation was not in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm, he was only in the Intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm. However, when practising three Inner Qi simultaneously, once they were integrated together, it was almost equivalent to an ancient martial arts practitioner in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm.

Therefore, in terms of Cultivation, Mo Wen was not below the acme of Qi Nucleation realm now.

Both fists collided.

An invisible ripple spread with both of them as the center and swept outwards like an invisible weird force interrupting. The little forest seemed to have experienced the baptism of a typhoon with a total chaos in its surrounding.

Mo Wen and Old Man Wei each retreated three steps, no more no less. Both of them had exchanged blows for the first time and were equally matched.

Everything became calm and quiet, both of them didn’t fight any further.

“Indeed, another young prodigy, the rising generation excels the last inevitably!”

After a while, Old Man Wei sighed and concluded. Just now, both of them were just competing purely on Cultivation, at a result they were equally matched so now he was totally convinced.

Mo Wen smiled but didn’t comment further. He was not considered a young prodigy, he was just taking the same path that he had taken before in the past.

“You should be a disciple in those ancient martial arts Sects, right?

Old Man Wei looked weirdly at Mo Wen. The normal ancient martial arts aristocratic families basically couldn’t produce such stunning young prodigy, only those hidden Sects in the big mountains which concentrated on practising ancient martial arts could produce such pure young prodigy.

It was not difficult for Old Man Wei to understand why Mo Wen would appear in Hua Xia University. After all, now the Heaven and Earth Lists would be finalised in half a year’s time.

There would be a constant surge of people who would be challenging the Heaven and Earth Lists during this period of time. Those hidden young experts who concentrated on practising would come out to compete for the Heaven and Earth Lists.

When the time arrived, there would be a drastic change to the Heaven and Earth Lists. As it was said, regardless of how long you remained on that Lists, the only winner was the one who won till the last. This time, it was uncertain how many people were going to be taken off the list.

Mo Wen, this kind of ancient martial arts prodigy who just appeared in the secular world, was definitely here because of the Heaven and Earth Lists. After all, it was an opportunity to gain a quick success which nobody was willing to miss. Although the chance was very slim, Heaven and Earth Lists had three to four hundred years of history of producing many exceptional experts during this long period of time.

Even though such stroke of fortune was hard to come by, being on the Heaven and Earth Lists signified a strong expert in the ancient martial arts world.

Mo Wen smiled but didn’t comment further, and still didn’t answer.

He naturally couldn’t tell anyone about his origin.

All unanswered questions didn’t anger Old Man Wei. After all, the disciples of the ancient martial arts Sects had different strange and bizarre rules and restrictions, so many people from ancient martial arts Sects behaved weirdly.

“Your present strength is definitely qualified to negotiate conditions with me. You could now tell me your conditions.”

Old Man Wei said nonchalantly. Regardless of place, everything was based on actual strength, one would naturally have a say when they had sufficient strength.

“My conditions are very simple. Firstly, just now you mentioned that it is prohibited to be an accomplice of great strength to the evil ones in the school to commit evil acts. Since I adhered to it, others should also adhere to it too? I don’t wish that the incident that happened to my friends around me to happen in the future. This point should be fair enough.”

Mo Wen said nonchalantly. The incident he was referring to was naturally the incident in which Qin Xiaoyou was disfigured in the school.

“That incident was indeed the school’s negligence. Even if you didn’t act, Su Boyu would also be punished accordingly.”

Old Man Wei nodded as he heard him and he naturally knew what Mo Wen was talking about.

There were many hedonistic young generations in the school. These hedonistic young generations were deterred by the school rules to commit evil acts, but would commit them outside the school.

So, the school as unable to discipline and wouldn’t discipline them. Those really conscientious students wouldn’t follow those people out of the school. The school had all provisions like a small city so basically there wasn’t a need to leave the school during normal times.

The school was unable to discipline those students when stepped out of the school.

However, Qin Xiaoyou’s incident was an accident and Su Boyu had indeed violated the school rules.

But there were many people in the school so it was normal to have some problems sometimes as it was impossible to care for everyone.

“I don’t care about the past, but I don’t wish to have it in the future or I can’t guarantee what I will do.”

Mo Wen remarked apathetically. Qin Xiayou lived in the school, if her safety was not guaranteed, what was there to study? Furthermore, he couldn’t be with her all the time so it was necessary to have more protection by getting more people involved.

The school punished Su Boyu? Mo Wen laughed sardonically in his heart. In their eyes, Qin Xiaoyou was only a normal girl without any support, but Su Boyu was from an influential family. Since the incident had already happened, who would offend Su Clan for a girl without any power or influence?

Even if it happened like what Old Man Wei had said with Su Boyu was being punished, it was definitely not serious enough, at most just for show.

From the school’s attitude towards Qin Xiaoyou being in the hospital, one would be able to foresee the outcome.

Frankly speaking, regardless of where one was, one would need actual strength. With sufficient weightage, others would recognise your importance.


Old Man Wei didn’t speak superfluously but agree readily as that incident was originally something they should be responsible for. At most, they would pay more attention to Qin Xiaoyou in the future as she had such a terrifying boyfriend. Taking Mo Wen into consideration, he had to be more careful with this matter.

Like what Mo Wen had mentioned, he could take Qin Xiaoyou lightly in the past but no longer now.

The youngster in front of him was not kind person. Because of this matter, he went to Qin Clan directly to kill tens of people and destroyed Su Boyu completely. He also killed an ancient martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm and even had the interference of the people from Huatian Palace in this matter.

If something were to happen to Qin Xiaoyou in the future, one wouldn’t know what kind of things such overbearing person would do.

Particularly after knowing his actual strength, the level of danger had been raised instantly by a few levels as he didn’t wish to provoke this kind of people.