Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Xiaoman Gifts a Car

"The second condition is that in the future, you should treat me like a special student. Don't concern yourself with any of my matters, don't inspect my grades, attendance and various performances. Once it is time, just let me graduate directly."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said.

The school had so many rules, and he was someone who did not like being bound by rules. Before, he had chosen Hua Xia University just because he wanted to systematically learn TCM knowledge and combine the two worlds' medical knowledge.

Now his goal had almost been achieved. In the future, when he had time, he could just read the relevant books in the library. His pursuit for medical skills was not as passionate as before.

Because since he had entered the dream for the second time, he realised that medical skills had their limits. But if he became an immortal cultivator, he could easily break through the boundaries of medicine, reaching the realm that only gods could reach. 

After all, it was impossible for medicine to make people immortal. There would always be a day when life reached its end; but immortal cultivators could become immortal with unlimited life. Medical skills could not bring people back from the dead. If they were dead, they were dead. But immortal cultivators could cause a dead person to be brought back, once again having life.

Compared to Cultivation, normal medicine was not even of the same class or even of the same world.

Mo Wen's current goal was not to master medicine, but to become a bona fide immortal cultivator, progressing on to becoming a pinnacle immortal cultivator.

Of course, he would not completely give up medicine or stop researching medicine entirely. He just wanted to expand his horizons and pursue even greater heights. He wanted to become a Miracle Physician, but not just a normal world Miracle Physician; he wanted to become the Miracle Physician Mo Wen of the Immortal Cultivation world.

As for school, he didn't really care. Just getting a diploma was okay. When he returned home, he could show his mother that he at least completed his studies, fulfilling his initial promise. 

But naturally he could not waste his energy on school, so he must use special channels. It would be best if he could directly get a diploma and leave.

"The second condition is entirely possible."

Old Man Wei laughed, not at all surprised with such a request from Mo Wen. In truth, the five in the Freak Dormitory were almost the same as Mo Wen. Even if Mo Wen had not brought it up, he would have made arrangements with the school.

Of course, he naturally would not speak of such things. Now, he was striking a deal with Mo Wen after all.

"That being the case, then it's settled. I hope when the time comes, the school won't be looking for me on matters of my studies."

Mo Wen looked askance at Old Man Wei, then turned and left. With Old Man Wei's promise, Shen Jing would not need to cover up the issue of his attendance with the higher-ups in the department.

As soon as he left the woods, Mo Wen's phone rang, the screen displaying the name of Yun Xiaoman.

"What does the little girl Yun Xiaoman want with me?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, incredulously answering the call. What could the little girl be finding him for?

"Big brother Mo, are you free?" The crisp sound of Yun Xiaoman's voice came through the speaker.

"Yes." Mo Wen said hesitantly.

"That's great! I'm waiting for you at the school gate. Come quickly, I have something to give you!"

"Why are you giving me something?"

Mo Wen blinked. Why would she suddenly give him something? What was going on?

"Aiya, you'll know once you get here."

Mo Wen bafflingly hung up, turned directions and headed towards the school gate.

As expected, Yun Xiaoman was waiting at the school gate. She carried a cute, white backpack and was excitedly looking around the school.

At this moment, many people had gathered outside the school gate, all of them looking at Yun Xiaoman. Of course, their gazes were not just directed at a small beauty like Yun Xiaoman, but also the gigantic steel object behind her.

Mo Wen looked over and saw that behind Yun Xiaoman, a gigantic SUV was parked. Its hard lines and icy cold texture caused a air of ferocious dominance to be felt.

Yun Xiaoman was like a little kitten standing next to the gigantic SUV. It looked like a scene from Beauty and the Beast. 

Many of the surrounding people had basically ignored this beauty Yun Xiaoman. Their gazes were constantly fixed on the SUV, their eyes shining brightly and passionately, as though they had seen a naked woman.

The SUV was a legendary Kombat Armouring Commander Edition SUV. It was very rare to see this car in the country. There wasn't one in ten thousand miles. The capital probably only had a handful.

This car was suitable for military use, a high-tech SUV compatible with the military. It had high bulletproof ability, and provided high degrees of safety. Its various specifications were beyond first class. It was basically the dream supercar of many an SUV fan.

However, the Kombat Armouring was too expensive; ordinary people could not possible afford one. A Kombat Armouring Commander Edition SUV, at its lowest configuration was worth ten million RMB, with the highest spec configuration costing more than fifteen to twenty million. This was a car that many could not buy in a lifetime.

The number of people who knew their stuff weren't few. All of them were ogling the silvery-white Kombat. Combined with the tiny beauty beside the Kombat, the scene was too eye-catching.

"Big brother Mo."

Yun Xiaoman saw Mo Wen walk out of the school in a glance, and immediately waved her hands in his direction non-stop.

"Xiaoman, what is it? Why have you changed cars?"

Mo Wen walked up to Yun Xiaoman. Looking at the gigantic SUV behind her, the corner of his mouth twitched. A small girl driving this kind of car was too contrasting. No wonder she had garnered so many stares along the way.

In Mo Wen's head was just one phrase. Overwhelming dominance.

The current Yun Xiaoman being set off with the car was basically too domineering.

"Big brother Mo, look at this car. Do you like it?" Yun Xiaoman said gleefully, pointing at the large SUV behind her.

"Are you saying that you are giving me this car?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. Yun Xiaoman had said that she was giving him something. Now that she was pointing at the car, naturally it was easy to link them together.

"Yes, do you like it?"

Yun Xiaoman looked nervously at Mo Wen. In order to prepare for Mo Wen's present, she had squeezed her brain dry of ideas before she thought of giving Mo Wen a car. Did men not like this type of overbearing and wild car?

"Uh, isn't this gift too expensive?"

Mo Wen looked at the gigantic object, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he said with a hesitant look.

He did not care how much the car was worth, but it was just that he didn't know how to drive, so giving him a car was embarrassing him…

"It's not even a little expensive. Big brother Mo saved my father and my grandfather as well. This can only be considered a small token of appreciation."

Yun Xiaoman said grinning. She wasn't an ungrateful person. She had spent a lot of effort to buy Mo Wen a car.

"Uh...but I don't like to drive…" Mo Wen laughed dryly as he said.

"You don't like to drive?"

Yun Xiaoman looked incredulously at Mo Wen. Was there anything to like or dislike about driving?

"Even if you don't often drive it, it's fine. You can take it out for a spin from time to time. It's really convenient when you want to go travelling."

Yun Xiaoman continued grinning as she said. She thought that Mo Wen did not want to accept the gift so she purposely mentioned it. She had prepared this for a long time, how could he not accept it?


Mo Wen touched his temple as he felt a headache coming. He would not know what to do with this car if it was given to him.

"Little girl, does your family know that you are giving me a present? Don't simply spend your family's money, understand? Quickly, drive it back."

Mo Wen said helplessly.

"Big brother Mo, don't worry. My family already knows. My mom bought the car; I don't have that kind of money."

Yun Xiaoman said while grinning.


"Big brother Mo, why aren't you saying anything?" Yun Xiaoman asked with her eyes blinking.

"Is this car of yours very cheap?" Mo Wen asked while laughing dryly.

He was not well versed with cars, only knowing that Mercedes Benz and BMW were considered luxury brands. As for other types of cars, he did not know anything about the. He did not recognise the car before his eyes. If it was too expensive, then letting him drive it would be basically a waste.

"'s not very expensive..."

Yun Xiaoman was stunned, then her tiny face turned red. Her two hands were glued together and her head was slightly lowered. Could it be that Big brother Mo disliked it because it was too low-class?

"As long as it is not expensive then that's good. Otherwise after less than two days, then I'll probably drive this car until it becomes a pile of scrap metal."

Mo Wen shrugged as he said. Regarding his "driving technique", although he hadn't understood it, it certainly would not be "too good".


Yun Xiaoman was stunned as she looked at Mo Wen. She didn't understand how Mo Wen would drive this car until it became a pile of scrap metal. Could it be that the car was not up to his expectations? She felt somewhat disappointed inside.

"Xiaoman, can you help me drive the car to the school parking lot? I'll research later how to use it."

Mo Wen rubbed his hands, dryly laughing as he said.


Yun Xiaoman answered somewhat absent-mindedly. She then climbed into the car; in front of the gigantic thing, even opening the door seemed to take some effort for Yun Xiaoman.

Mo Wen opened the other car door and sat in the co-driver seat.

Yun Xiaoman drove the car into the school gate, heading straight in the direction of the parking lot. The engine rumbled like thunder. The Kombat's dominance and wildness once again drew many gazes.

At the school gate, a group of people were gathered, pointing as they discussed what had happened just now.

"What is the relationship between that brat and the beauty? They seemed close."

"Kombat! Before this, I have only seen it on television or in magazines. The only time the capital had a Kombat Armouring car expo, because I went late and there was traffic jam, I missed it. Back then I regretted it so much. Today I actually got to see with my own eyes the real Kombat Armouring. I've not lived in vain!"

"Too domineering, too awesome. That car makes my heart want to jump out of my chest. The sense of power, utter power; as though driving the car would grant you the grandeur to take on the world."

"If I could have a Kombat Armouring, I would be willing to take ten years off my lifespan…" 


The Kombat SUV drove into the school compound. That dominating exterior and wild imposing manner attracted the gazes of many.

Yun Xiaoman pulled a long face, driving silently. Suddenly, she stepped hard on the brake pedal, bringing the car to a sudden halt.

"Big brother Mo, Big brother Mo, if you don't like this car, after this I'll change a better one for you. Is it okay?"

Yun Xiaoman spoke with sobs; her tears were dropping. How could she have known that Mo Wen didn't like this car? Otherwise, she would definitely not have given it to him.