Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Xiaoyous Cultivation

"I like it, why would I not like it? What happened?"

Mo Wen looked at Yun Xiaoman absurdly. Previously, she was still alright so why had she burst into tears suddenly?

"Weren't you despising this car…"

Yun Xiaoman lowered her head and said. On her long lashes, there were still beads of tears. She was embarrassed to vocalize that Mo Wen despised her car for being too low-grade.

"I don't despise it, I like it very much."

Mo Wen hurriedly shook his head. Although he did not understand why Yun Xiaoman had suddenly burst into tears, he knew by guessing that it had something to do with this car. However, she was perfectly fine at first so why would she have suddenly thought that he was despising it? He just felt a little troubled by the fact that there was a car but he did not know how to drive it.

"You like it?"

Yun Xiaoman blinked and gazed into Mo Wen's eyes, trying to judge if he was speaking the truth through his eyes.

"Of course."

Mo Wen nodded his head and promptly let out a dry laugh, "Xiaoman, don't overthink. I am just a little affected because of driving… Yup, I'm still not very experienced in driving… I'm a rookie after all… Hehe…"

Yun Xiaoman looked at Mo Wen suspiciously and scanned him up and down. Then, with a sudden look of enlightenment, she said, "I finally understand. Brother Mo, are you still unable to drive?"

She looked at Mo Wen with her large eyes and began to see the awkward situation. If Brother Mo was unable to drive, then wasn't giving him a car a little…?

However, Brother Mo was so capable so how could he not be able to drive? She could not wrap her head around that fact.

"Smart…" Mo Wen laughed dryly and said. Yun Xiaoman, this little girl's brain was rather intelligent.

"Oh… Brother Mo, let me teach you how to drive. Then we can get you a driving license prepared or something."

Yun Xiaoman broke into a smile and two dimples appeared on her cheeks.


Mo Wen nodded his head. In the modern city, not being able to drive really brought about quite a bit of inconveniences.

"Then let's go to the Driving Center Training Area now, let me coach you personally."

Yun Xiaoman said a little excitedly, as if teaching Mo Wen to drive was a huge achievement.

"Don't you have lessons in the afternoon?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"Oh… I seem to have…"

Upon hearing that, Yun Xiaoman's face dropped immediately. It appeared that she still had lessons in the afternoon.

"What do you mean by you seem to have? Let's talk about this next time. Do you really want to skip lessons? You must be a good student you know?"

Mo Wen rolled his eyes at Yun Xiaoman. When he asked others to be a good student, his face did not turn red, nor did his heart rate increase, as if he was a good student himself.

"Alright, I'll come and look for you during the weekends then."

Yun Xiaoman pressed her lips together and said a little disappointedly. She could finally perform well in front of Brother Mo but yet, she had to wait till the weekends. Now, she just wished that time would pass faster.

After stopping that eye-catching Kombat Armouring at the carpark, Yun Xiaoman returned by herself. Currently, she was in high school and there were lessons every day except on the weekends. She basically did not have much time to go around and have fun.

After returning to the dormitory, Mo Wen was surprised to see that there was an additional person.

Other than Dongfang Yi who was essentially an otaku who stayed in his room all day, there was an exceptionally bewitching guy or girl. Anyway, Mo Wen just could not figure out if that person was a guy or girl.

The only one who matched the specialties of this person was naturally the Central Transvestite that did usually did not show himself.

"Mo Wen."

Mo Qingtian and Dongfang Yi were both seated on the sofa in the living hall. They were each holding on to a glass of scarlet red wine. Upon seeing Mo Wen enter, Mo Qingtian's mouth curled upwards slightly and he gestured for him to take a seat.

"You're looking for me?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"You seem to have disappeared for over ten days, so why are you still asking if I'm looking for you?"

Mo Qingtian looked at Mo Wen and said dully. Initially he had told Mo Wen that after two or three days, he would bring him over to Huatian Palace. In the end, he had disappeared instead and they could not find him at all.

"I had some things to attend to."

Mo Wen nodded his head. At that time, in order to break through in his abilities, he could not care so much about anything else. Thus, he directly went off to the Changbai Mountain range. He did not care that much about the fact that Mo Qingtian wanted to bring him to Huatian Palace.

"You don't really respect the status of a Huatian Palace Executor."

Mo Qingtian smiled. This Mo Wen was rather interesting. Many people would give anything to join Huatian Palace. Yet, he did not even seem to see the Huatian Palace Executor as anyone important.

However, it was also possible. It was very normal to not have a good understanding of Huatian Palace if he had not experienced it personally before. Once he understood just how highly ranked the existence of Huatian Palace is, he would not want to leave even if he were to be chased away.

Mo Wen smiled and declined to comment.

"Come back with me."

Mo Qingtian's mouth curled upwards and he smiled calmly, "You are currently a Two stars Executor, so you have the right to make a trip to the headquarter. At the same time, you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings to prevent yourself from being ignorant about too many things when the time comes."

"How long will it be?"

Mo Wen muttered to himself. Although he had already said his greetings to Old Man Wei who was in the school compound, nobody would bother if he disappeared from school for over ten days to half a month. However, he still had to give Shen Jing some explanation about it.

Last time, he had only left for over ten days but she had already seemed so angry. If he left again so soon after coming back, he did not dare to think about what could happen.

"It's hard to say. If everything goes smoothly, three days would suffice. If we meet with any mishaps, it could possibly drag to ten days."

Mo Qingtian looked at Mo Wen. Whether or not everything went smoothly naturally depended on Mo Wen's abilities. It was not easy being a Two stars Executor. Mo Wen had only just joined Huatian Palace but had already become a Two stars Executor. Thus, many people would feel indignant.

However, that should all not be a problem. With his sister's protection, everything would naturally be simple.

"Tomorrow then," Mo Wen said dully.

Having heard that, Mo Qingtian raised his eyebrows. He had personally come forth to usher Mo Wen to Huatian Palace. To a normal Two stars Executor of Huatian Palace, it was an honorable affair. It was fine if he did not go immediately but he had still pushed it back an entire day and asked him to wait…

This lad really did not value him and seemed to treat him like an attendant who would come at his beck and call.

The mouth of Dongfang Yi, who was at one side, twitched a little. He carefully looked at Mo Wen and it was unclear why but there was a look of gratification at his misfortune flashing through his eyes.

He finally understood Mo Qingtian the transvestite. He truly meant what he said. Although he appeared calm on the surface, he had a way of might deep within his bones. This character was actually very similar to Mo Wen. The two of them had very strong personalities.

However, based on abilities, Mo Wen would not be able to catch up no matter how hard he tried. They were as different as heaven and earth.

Treating the scary transvestite this way meant that Mo Wen would not have things easy. He would definitely get taught a lesson.

He did not doubt that Mo Qingtian would just act on the spot, and possibly even just capture Mo Wen back directly.

Thinking back to when Mo Wen acted on him at the first disagreement and had used his martial arts to oppress him, he could not help but feel gratified at his misfortune at the moment. Soon, Mo Wen would also follow in his footsteps. It was shocking to see that this guy also had a day like this.

However, Dongfang Yi was surprised that Mo Qingtian did not take action on the spot like he had thought. He did not use any might to pressure Mo Wen. Instead, he sat on the sofa and maintained his calm and unaffected look.

What was going on? This was clearly clashing with the transvestite's personality!

Dongfang Yi looked absurdly between Mo Qingtian and Mo Wen. He did not understand why Mo Qingtian did not just directly teach that Mo Wen a lesson.

"Half a day. We set off tonight."

Mo Qingtian took a sip of his wine elegantly and said unhurriedly.

Dongfang Yi widened his eyes. Mo Qingtian was actually bargaining with Mo Wen! What was the situation? Wasn't he supposed to just capture Mo Wen away or force him into submission?

Since when had this transvestite become so kind? He had simply morphed from a tiger into a cat, the difference was just to big…

He knew that making a trip down to Huatian Palace was not anything good or bad. Mo Qingtian personally making a trip down to bring Mo Wen over to Huatian Palace had already surprised him. Now, he was even bargaining with Mo Wen. Could it be that after a few days of not seeing him, the transvestite had become a very kind person? It was simply unbelievable.


Mo Wen hesitated for a bit before agreeing. He did not actually have much to settle. He mainly just had to let Shen Jing and Qin Xiaoyou know. He should be able to settle that before the night ends.

In the afternoon, Mo Wen made a trip down to Shen Jing's house only to find that she was not home. It was only after calling her that he found out she had gone to the administrative building to settle some official business.

After thinking for a bit, he went directly to the classroom. Things related to applying for leave was better to be talked about in more private places.

This afternoon, there were still two more periods of lessons. It was one of the days in the week with the most lessons. Normally, there were only three or four periods the entire day.

Class had not started yet and there was still a few minutes but almost all the students had arrived. Mo Wen found a seat in the backrow. In the end, he had just sat himself down when Qin Xiaoyou immediately tagged along. She left her previous seat and sat beside Mo Wen.

"I thought you wouldn't come for afternoon lessons," Qin Xiaoyou covered her mouth and giggled.

"I wouldn't have come originally."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. He came to the classroom with the aim of letting Qin Xiaoyou know. If he just disappeared directly, he did not know what would happen.

"Then why?" Qin Xiaoyou asked curiously.

"Something cropped up and I have to leave school for a couple of days. Just wanted to let you know," Mo Wen patted Qin Xiaoyou's head and said.

"What are you leaving for? You're leaving after just coming back?"

Qin Xiaoyou held on to Mo Wen's bigger hand and placed her smaller hand in his palm. Although she forced her voice to be calm, it was easy to make out the reluctance in her voice.

"Yeah, I've got some things to attend to."

Mo Wen held on to Qin Xiaoyou's small hand but did not say anything more. With regards to his external things, he did not want to let Qin Xiaoyou know too much as of yet. He wanted to let her continue her peaceful life in school.

"I know you have your own things outside of school, but I still hope that you can come back faster."

Qin Xiaoyou said after a moment of silence. In the days that she had spent with Mo Wen, how could she have not grown to understand him? She noticed that she and Mo Wen were like people from two different worlds. Sometimes, she even doubted if she was actually suitable for Mo Wen.

Mo Wen was not an average person. He was someone who did big things and his future would definitely not be easy. Meanwhile, her existence did not seem to help him in any way. Instead, it seemed more like a burden.

"I will work hard. I will work hard every day."

Qin Xiaoyou held on to Mo Wen's hand. A ray of black light suddenly shot out from her fingertip and engulfed the surface of Mo Wen's palm. That black ray was overcast and dull, but also gave off a very gorgeous aura.

In a moment, the entire classroom had become cold as the temperature fell.