Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Little boss

Surprise flashed in Mo Wen's eyes and he looked at Qin Xiaoyou in astonishment.

Tai Yin Qi! She actually released Tai Yin Qi and it was such pure Tai Yin Qi.

When did she begin practising Nine Yin Divine Technique? Didn't she dislike practising! Only one who practised Nine Yin Divine Technique would produce Tai Yin Qi.

Almost instantaneously, the whole classroom turned cold. Everyone in the classroom seemed to have felt a whiff of cold air going through their toes to their head and shivered subconsciously.

Mo Wen's big hand wrapped Qin Xiaoyou's slim hand completely and concealed the Tai Yin Qi of her hand. The temperature of the classroom began to rise and in no time, it returned to the normal.

However, all the students obviously detected the strangeness so everyone started to look around. They didn't understand why the temperature decreased suddenly, simply the same as sitting in the freezer.

However, they obviously couldn't find the reason. At the end, the teacher explained that it could be a figment of their imagination that caused them to feel coldness subconsciously before continuing with the lesson.

In actual fact, as a teacher, he also didn't know what had happened but could only explained vaguely.

"You practise Nine Yin Divine Technique?"

Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou were sitting at the back so they didn't get others' attention and nobody suspected them.

"Yes," Qin Xiaoyou bit her lips and nodded her head slightly. Ever since she returned to the school again, she started practising the stuff that Mo Wen had given her. She practised Dragon Tiger Fist, then she also practised Nine Yin Divine Technique.

However, she didn't tell Mo Wen and was waiting to have some achievements before telling him.

Qin Xiaoyou was a very competitive girl who refused to be another person's burden especially Mo Wen's burden.

However, she also loved him and he had become her habit and psychological entrustment. It would be difficult for her to let him go for the rest of her life and she also didn't wish that day of letting go would come.

So, she didn't wish to be Mo Wen's burden and have a distance between them gradually. She understood that as the distance increased, both of them would be drifted apart like they were two worlds apart.

She didn't wish to be someone who is dispensable. In that way, even if Mo Wen didn't leave her forever, her existence would be meaningless. She must be a good wife who was not a burden, but a wife who could help to share his worries and concerns.

Therefore, she started to practise diligently the martial arts that Mo Wen had given her. She knew that only when she practised the martial arts well that she would be in the same world as Mo Wen, and would be able to share his worries and concerns.

"That's right."

Shock flickered in Mo Wen's eyes as Qin Xiaoyou had become an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Regulated Breathing realm within a short period of time without going through the Body Consolidation realm. Though it was with the help of Dragon Tiger Fist, Xiaoyou's talents must be extraordinary.

Some people might not be able to surpass Body Consolidation realm and attained Inner Qi after many years, not to mention a few days.

Now, Xiaoyou was able to practise Nine Yin Divine Technique and the Tai Yin Qi was very pure so obviously her physique was very suitable for the practice of Nine Yin Divine Technique.

He only seemed to have explained about the content of the Nine Yin Divine Technique but didn't teach her as she was reluctant to practise. However, using her own comprehending ability, she was able to practise Tai Yin Qi so in terms of talents, she might be the same as him.

After all, he didn't teach her the practice personally and yet she was able to practise Tai Yin Qin with his brief explanation; very few people had this talent among the Ming Cult Sacred Maidens for generations.

"Are you willing to practise?"

Mo Wen looked at Qin Xiaoyou sternly and asked. Qin Xiaoyou was unwilling to practise in the past, so he didn't force her. However, now she began to practise on her own accord, she might have changed her mind.

Furthermore, Qin Xiaoyou's talents had cast a new light on her so if she was to practise conscientiously, perhaps she would have quite an achievement.

"I do."

Qin Xiaoyou answered as she nodded vigorously and her hand gripped onto Mo Wen's hand tightly. Ever since she knew that only practice could draw her closer to Mo Wen, she constantly put her effort into practising.

"Then I will teach you."

Mo Wen nodded. He intended to go to the Headquarter of Huatian Palace so he wouldn't be free but after he was back, he would be able to expound his experience of practising Nine Yin Divine Technique to Qin Xiaoyou.

With his pointers, Qin Xiaoyou would naturally be able to avoid many detours. Furthermore, those Ming Cult's medicines that would help in the practising of Nine Yin Divine Technique could be put to use. Those medicines had minimal use to him now, after all he had better pills so he wouldn't need the effects of those medicines.

However, it would be very suitable for a novice practitioner like Qin Xiaoyou.

After she had a bit of foundation, he would be able to provide her with pills of higher grade.

After that, Mo Wen told Qin Xiaoyou about the areas to look out for during the beginning stage of the practice until the lesson was over. Then, he walked towards Shen Jing's place.

Shen Jing was alone at home with the newspapers clutched in her hands but didn't appear to be at ease.

After Mo Wen called her, she quickly finished settling all her stuff and rushed home.

As a result, she waited for an hour yet Mo Wen had not turned up. She thought of calling him several times but refrained herself from doing so.

She didn't understand why she cared so much about Mo Wen's matters. She gradually didn't seem to understand herself. That bastard, she should detest him very much but why when he mentioned that he would be looking for her, she couldn't wait to come back?

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Shen Jing stood up instantly and couldn't wait to open the door.

However, she halted after moving two steps forward. Then, she snorted lightly and stood where she was intentionally to wait for the bell to ring several times before she walked to the door leisurely.

When she opened the door, Mo Wen's smirked face didn't appear in front of her, instead an older man in blue uniform stood in front of the door with a barrel of water on his shoulder.

"I thought nobody was at home and was about to leave. Fortunately, I have waited."

That older man smiled sincerely and spoke in unfluent dialect accented Mandarin.

"Oh… I'm sorry. Really sorry, I was held up by something just now…"

Shen Jing apologized immediately and ushered the water despatch into the house. She thought it was Mo Wen who was at the door but it wasn't.

For some reasons, disappointment surged in Shen Jing's heart but she was unsure why she was disappointed.

The older man who despatched the water left after placing the water properly and informing Shen Jing about it.

Shen Jing stood at the door and looked outside with some disappointment and frustration. After realising that there was no one in sight, she slowly closed the door.

"Who are you looking out for? Like the Amah Rock [1]."

A faint laughing voice came from inside the house. That weird voice gave Shen Jing a shock. How could there be someone in the house?

She shot a look at the living room and found a person sitting on the sofa enjoying a cup of tea in his hand leisurely.

Who else could it be other than Mo Wen. That utterly detestable face finally appeared before her eyes.

"When did you sneak into the house? Why are you acting like a thief, can't you come in openly!"

Shen Jing was instantaneously agitated. When did this bastard sneaked in?

"Wrongly accused. I did come in openly, just that you didn't see me."

Mo Wen explained with a face showing much grievances.

When he arrived at Shen Jing's place just now, he coincidentally found the water despatch going into the house, so he just followed behind him but Shen Jing didn't detect his presence at that time."

Shen Jing snorted lightly and sat on the sofa with a straight face without a word.

"Who are you looking for just now?" Mo Wen asked with a grin.

"Why do you care?" Shen Jing looked askance coldly at Mo Wen.

"Are you waiting for me?" Mo Wen continued asking smilingly.

"Don't be narcissistic."

Shen Jing felt like throwing a shoe at Mo Wen's face.

"Then who are waiting for?"

Mo Wen raised his brows as Shen Jing was standing at the door just now, obviously waiting for someone.

"What that got to do with you?" Shen Jing turned her face away, couldn't be bothered answering Mo Wen.

Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing with a faint smile but didn't say anything.

"Why are you looking for me?"

Shen Jing couldn't stand Mo Wen's intense look so she changed the subject coldly.

"To apply for leave," Mo Wen replied.

"What? You are applying for leave again?"

Shen Jing stared at Mo Wen. If eyes could kill, Mo Wen was reckoned to have been killed a hundred times. He just came back and he was applying for leave again, what exactly he was doing.

"There are some issues to settle," Mo Wen nodded.

"How many days?"

Shen Jing inhaled deeply and asked without any emotions on her face.

"Ten days."

Mo Wen answered after thinking for a bit. Learning from his last experience, he learnt to apply for a few more days this time just in case anything was to delay the trip.

"Little boss, please give me a break. I can't approve for ten days leave."

Shen Jing rolled her eyes and said helplessly. Ten days leave would need to be approved by the faculty with a good reason. There would be terrible consequences when it was being found out to be an absence without approval.

It was difficult enough for her to cover up Mo Wen's "evidence of crime". It was bad enough for him to play truant normally, now he was running out of the school every day, she really couldn't be implicated…!

"I don't need you to approve my leave as the school had already approved it. I am just informing you. After all, you are my class mentor, I just would like to let you know out of my respect."

Mo Wen said with a laugh.

"Respect me!"

Shen Jing was not drinking or else she would be spurting it on Mo Wen's face. When had he ever respected her? It would be considered good for him not to bully her.

"The faculty approved your leave?" Shen Jing glanced at Mo Wen doubtfully.

"Of course," Mo Wen nodded.

"You already know how to apply leave from the management, why are you telling me then? Go away then…"

Shen Jing commented with a cold face.

Though young, he was full of tricks. Even know how to apply leave from the management, could he be looking down on her limited authority and couldn't be bothered applying for the leave with her?


Mo Wen really couldn't understand why Shen Jing had to show him a cold face all the time. What's exactly wrong with women!

"When I am away, it's better for you not to leave the school. Don't go anywhere."

Mo Wen said gravely. He was afraid that something might happen to Shen Jing when she was out as something had nearly happened the last time. If Shen Jing was in the school, the possibility of anything happening was slim with the conditions that he had with Old Man Wei.

"Why are you even restricting my freedom? What is it based on?

Shen Jing raised her brows. This fellow, could he be thinking of being the head of the house?


[1] Amah Rock literally means 'a stone gazing out for her husband' which is a rock shaped naturally like a woman carrying a child on her back. It is located at a hilltop in southwest Sha Tin District of Hong Kong. (Source: Wikipedia)