Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Hidden Location

"Because I am your man. Anyway, just don't simply run around elsewhere, otherwise you'll get it when I return."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and walked in front of Shen Jing. He lowered his head to look down at her, then took a bite at her face when she wasn't paying attention.

"Remember, be obedient."

Mo Wen laughed out loud. Before waiting for Shen Jing to react, he quickly headed out the door with large steps.

"You....Mo Wen, you bastard…"

Shen Jing pointed at Mo Wen's silhouette, her anger turning her speechless. With one hand, she kept wiping her face; Mo Wen' saliva was still left on it.

At night by the school gate, Mo Wen saw Mo Qingtian with a glance. He was standing straight under the shadow of the school gate with an otherworldly look.

It was now past ten o'clock. There was no one around the school gate, otherwise if a person with such an appearance was discovered, it would inevitably draw a crowd.

"You are quite early." Mo Wen puckered his lips. There was still five minutes to their arranged meeting time. Mo Qingtian had actually arrived early.

"You are quite punctual."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen. His words were not meant to praise Mo Wen for being on time, but to say that he was too punctual, pressing for time when he came over.

"Let's go."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. He did not want to debate over such a tiny matter.

Mo Qingtian waved his hand expressionlessly. A black Audi soundlessly drove up to them. A man wearing a black suit with a stern expression got out of the car and opened the door for them.

After getting onto the car, they drove out of the city, seemingly entering a hidden military base. The surrounding buildings had obviously disappeared and when he lifted his eyes to see, all he saw was empty land.

Mo Wen naturally knew that around a military base, it was impossible for there to be buildings, especially multi-storey buildings.

The black sedan slowly came to a stop. After getting off, a helicopter appeared in front of their eyes.

"The location of the Huatian Palace headquarters is highly secluded. We can only reach there by helicopter."

Mo Qingtian said nonchalantly. He then immediately got onto the helicopter. Surrounding him were all military men. The pilot was seated in the cockpit. The technicians were inspecting the equipment for safety hazards. Heavily armed soldiers were practicing around them. Everything was very orderly.

Mo Wen curiously looked around. This was his first experience in this sort of military base. There were heavily armed soldiers patrolling around everywhere; clearly this military base was not simple.

However, Mo Qingtian being able to mobilize the military was beyond his expectations. Could it be that the Huatian Palace had relations with the government?

However, after thinking about it, the Huatian Palace controlled order in the ancient martial arts world as though it was its ruler. It surely had some sort of relations with the country.

Mo Wen didn't have a chance to tour the military base, following Mo Qingtian onto the helicopter. The military helicopter slowly rose, disappearing into the night.

According to Mo Qingtian, the Huatian Palace headquarters was hidden within the Kunlun Mountain range. If one wasn't someone from the Huatian Palace, they couldn't possibly find the Huatian Palace.

The helicopter slowly flew. The next morning, as the sky slowly brightened, Mo Wen discovered that the military helicopter had arrived in the airspace above a snow-covered peak. Everything below was snowy and silver-clad, ten thousand miles of ice and snow seemed to be linked with the white clouds in the sky.

As expected, they should have arrived at the Kunlun Mountain range.

Kunlun Mountain was also known as The Old Burial Grounds of Kunlun, China's number one Holy Mountain, the Ancestral Mountain, Kunlun Mound or the Jade Mountain. It was a large mountain system in central Asia and the backbone of Western China's mountain system. Its west end began from the east of the Pamir Highlands, crossed Xinjiang and Tibet, and extended to the Qinghai region. Its total length was 2500 kilometers, with an average height of 5500 to 6000 meters above sea level and a width of 130 to 200 kilometers. From its narrow West side to the wide East side it covered an area of 500 thousand square kilometers. In ancient Chinese culture, Kunlun Mountain had the prominent position as the "ancestor of all mountains". The ancient folk named Kunlun Mountain as the Chinese "ancestor of the dragon's bloodline".

Since the ancient times, there have been many legends and myths about the Kunlun Mountain. Many traditional myths and legends were related to this mountain range, such as the famous Jade Pool of the Western Mother Goddess, who resided in the Kunlun Mountain.

The military helicopter passed through the snowy peaks. The pilot was clearly familiar with the surrounding geography, flying smoothly the whole way. The helicopter flew like a fish in between the treacherous peaks. They occasionally came across natural avalanches, but could very accurately avoid them.

After flying for around two hours, the military helicopter slowly descended onto a peak. The roar and gust from the rotating rotors sent snow in a radius of tens of meters flying outwards. The sky looked as though a large snowstorm had descended.

The cabin door slowly opened. From outside, a strong gale immediately roared as it swept through cabin. The freezing winds caused Mo Wen's face to turn chilly and cold.The wind brought along snow bits, which ever so painfully hit against his face.

Mo Wen jumped out of the cabin, his feet sinking more than a foot deep into the snowy ground with a slush sound. He didn't mind it as he stretched lazily, as though he had just woken up and was taking in a bit of the surrounding fresh air.

After Mo Qingtian said a few words to the pilot, the military helicopter took off again, gradually disappearing from their view. 

"How is it that your Huatian Palace headquarters is located in the deep mountains and ancient forests? Could it be that you are like those ancient martial art sects, belonging to the group of ancient martial art practitioners that never venture out into the world?"

Mo Wen curiously looked at Mo Qingtian. It stood to reason that the Huatian Palace would be different from those ancient martial art sects that were hidden in the deep mountains and ancient forests. After all, the Huatian Palace controlled order in the ancient martial arts world, and were constantly active in all parts of the country. Placing their headquarters in the Kunlun Mountain range was clearly inconvenient for transport purposes.

He previously was guessing whether the Huatian Palace headquarters was a very modern manor. Clearly, he had guessed wrong.

"The Kunlun Mountain has always hidden many mysteries since ancient times. It is called the ancestor of all mountains, the ancestor of the dragon's bloodline; for it to have such a grand name, there would naturally be a reason. As for the Huatian Palace headquarters, it is one of the secrets hidden in the Kunlun Mountain."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen, saying nonchalantly.

"What secret?" Mo Wen asked curiously.

"Your current level is too low. There is no point in knowing." Mo Qingtian rolled his eyes and said. 

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. If he didn't want to say, then so be it. He was also too lazy to know so much.

"Let's go. Before dark, we should be able to make it to the entrance of the Huatian Palace."

Mo Qingtian looked up at the sky, then leaving behind these words, darted towards the depths of the snowy peak. A few dashes and he was far away.

"Before dark!"

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. It was barely even noon now, and yet they could only reach before dark? How far was the Huatian Palace headquarters from here?

If it was still so far, why didn't they take the helicopter over…!

Mo Wen looked speechlessly at Mo Qingtian's silhouette. He could only follow behind. Luckily, his Qinggong was exceptional, using the Inch Travel Steps on the snowy ground like a dash of smoke. Keeping up with Mo Qingtian was not a problem.

Hence, the two silhouettes traversed the snowy mountain range without stopping. The route that they took was very bizarre. Sometimes they headed straight, crossing tens of peaks; sometimes they backtracked some distance, before heading straight again.

With their Qinggong, their speed naturally wasn't slow. But after spending half a day, in reality they had not travelled far.

Following behind Mo Qingtian, Mo Wen noticed that something was off. The route he was taking now didn't seem like they were rushing. Instead, it seemed like they were going around in circles within an area.

He frowned, what was Mo Qingtian' intention for doing so? He naturally did not think that Mo Qingtian was pulling his leg; people like him weren't so bored as to do so. There was definitely a deeper meaning!

Mo Wen began to observe their surroundings closely. He discovered that every time they passed by the same area, there would be small changes from before. As for what was different from before he could not quite tell, but the bearing of the place was definitely not the same as the original when he passed by the first time.

Although he was still in the same area and never left, the route they took never seemed to repeat itself.

Could it be!

Mo Wen suddenly thought of a reason: psychedelic array.

The psychedelic array was of the Immortal Cultivation world. There were psychedelic arrays set up by immortal cultivators, and at the same time, nature also had naturally existing psychedelic arrays.

Regarding psychedelic arrays, Mo Wen did not know much, but after being in the Divine Pill Sect for three years, he did know a bit.

Nature had many natural psychedelic arrays. These psychedelic arrays were undetectable by ordinary people. Usually there would be no abnormalities coming and going, but some of the seniors of the immortal cultivators could determine whether an area had a psychedelic array from the topography.

Areas with natural psychedelic arrays would automatically be hiding positions, or rather, locations. These locations under normal conditions were unreachable no matter what one did. Only those who were familiar with psychedelic arrays, after constant trial and error, could break through and enter the hidden location.

Some immortal cultivator sects loved to establish their sects in the hidden locations within the natural psychedelic arrays. Using these naturally formed psychedelic arrays, they created a line of defense for the sect, at the same time preventing normal folk from accidentally entering their sect.

Nature was the most mysterious; any world would have naturally formed psychedelic arrays. Mo Wen's world had, and this world naturally had too. Back when he had first started schooling, he had read a book about the Land of Peach Blossoms. It most likely was a hidden location in a natural psychedelic array.

The author of the book 'The Land of Peach Blossoms' had probably stumbled upon a hidden location in nature. However, the odds of entering these hidden locations by luck were very, very slim.

So when the person left the Land of Peach Blossoms, he could never return again.

Mo Wen curiously followed behind Mo Qingtian. At the same time, he memorised the surroundings they passed and their bearings in his head. Every hidden location of a natural psychedelic array had a different method of breaking through. Some were difficult, some were easy, some had never been broken through yet.

Yet alone the normal world, even the Immortal Cultivation world had some hidden locations that no one had broken through yet. Not being able to find the hidden location even if one knew that the area had a natural psychedelic array was common.

Could it be that the Huatian Palace headquarters was established in a hidden location in nature?

Mo Wen was more and more surprised. The Huatian Palace's ability wasn't small. How did they do it? To be able to find a natural psychedelic array in an area, and also break through to enter the hidden location was no small feat. Many immortal cultivator sects could not manage to do so.

Even the simplest hidden location would be impossible for normal folk to break through. Even for Mo Wen, who had practiced in an immortal cultivator sect for three years before, it was impossible for him to have the ability to break through into a hidden location.