Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 216

Chapter 216: The True Huatian Palace

Before he had even reached the headquarter of Huatian Palace, he had already been dealt with a big shock. Just what origin did the Huatian Palace have?

Could it be related to immortal cultivators?

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. Huatian Palace was becoming more and more mysterious to him. It could build its headquarter in a hidden location. That was a technique that only immortal cultivators had. The average people did not have that ability.

However, from what he knew, all the people in Huatian Palace were ancient martial art practitioners and there were no traces of immortal cultivators. Although Mo Qingtan was naturally talented, he was just a pure ancient martial arts practitioner. So, how could that be explained?

Unless in this world, there were still some things that he did not know about with regards to the relations between ancient martial arts practitioners and immortal cultivators?

By right, if the Huatian Palace was an Immortal Cultivation Sect, it was impossible that talents like Mo Qingtian did not do immortal cultivation but only trained ancient martial arts.

Ultimately, ancient martial arts has its limits. It was simply incomparable to an Immortal Cultivator.

Unless, one could enter as a martial arts practitioner, prove himself and reach the god level, thus achieving the god level of martial arts.

However, entering as a martial arts practitioner was a lot harder than a normal Immortal Cultivator. It was very rare for such people to be in the Immortal Cultivation realm, as very few walked the path of entering as a martial arts practitioner.

Back then, Mo Wen had trained his martial arts to a very high level. However, he could not achieve Immortal Cultivation. He always harbored the dream of entering as an ancient martial arts practitioner. But doing so was too difficult. Moreover, he did not have a master to teach him. Solely based on his own abilities, it was basically impossible. Hence, he remained depressed about his unsuccessful career in the Divine Pill Sect.

After all, in the Divine Pill Sect, there were only normal Immortal Cultivators. There was essentially no one who had entered as a martial arts practitioner. Perhaps in the Immortal Cultivation realm of that time, there were not many people who had entered as martial arts practitioners. The rarity of it happening was akin to that of seeing a Giant Panda.

Mo Wen had a confused expression as he fell deep in thought. The Mo Qingtian who was leading the way in front of him had actually stopped atop a huge rock and sat cross-legged.

By this time, half a day had past and there was the sunset on the horizon. It shone on the snowy peaks, imprinting a yellowish orange hue.

He looked around his surroundings in shock. Was it possible that he had already unknowingly walked into the hidden location?

Indeed, the environment of the surrounding was a lot different from previously. Although they had been walking in the same region previously, they had never passed by the current region before. The surroundings were all very foreign and they had not even neared this area before.

However, other than the bare mountain peaks all around, it did not seem like there was anything else. Could it be that the headquarter of the Huatian Palace was not built in the hidden location?

He looked around thoroughly. There were traces of human activity. However, there was no infrastructure at all. The headquarter of Huatian Palace could not be just a bare mountain peak right?

"Where is this place?"

With a flash, he jumped up onto the huge rock that Mo Qingtian was seated cross-legged on and raised his eyebrows to ask.

If Mo Qingtian was able to enter such a hidden location, he was surely very familiar with the area. From his expression, it seemed like they had not arrived at their destination.

"Sit down, wait."

Mo Qingtian had only said three words before shutting his eyes and not saying anymore.

Mo Wen looked all around his surroundings and did not notice anything suspicious. He was unable to make sense of the situation. Yet, Mo Qingtian was also unwilling to say anything. Thus, he could only shrug his shoulders and sit his butt down.

At this point, the only thing he could do was wait.

The sky gradually became dark and the cold wind was getting more and more chilly. The temperature had dropped very drastically, as if it was about to snow. The clear moonlight was shining atop his head and there were many stars littered all over. The night sky was vast and it made one feel even colder inside. The surrounding environment and the temperature were all filled with the cold.

It was a good thing that both Mo Wen and Mo Qingtian had very high Cultivations. Hence, they were not too affected by this little bit of cold. They did not move as they sat cross-legged on the huge rock. The snowflakes that continuously fell from the sky had covered the two of their bodies and had basically made them into snowmen.

After an unknown period of time, there was seemingly a ripple through the darkness. In a moment, it had covered the entire mountain peak and its surrounding areas. It was like the ripple of water, rising and falling, becoming more and more unstable.

Mo Wen realized with shock that the surrounding area had seen huge changes. The surrounding air had become a lot denser and it was as if he was sitting in the water.

The ripple in the air was becoming more and more intense, as if the water level was gradually rising, submerging both Mo Wen and Mo Qingtian.

"Air rippling!"

Mo Wen took in a deep breath and a look of disbelief flashed through his eyes. Him who has had the experience of Immortal Cultivation realized immediately that their space had changed and they were seemingly not in the same environment anymore.

This kind of air rippling was not something that he could change. He could only passively accept the changing of the environment.

Internally, he started to feel anxious. He was unsure what would happen after this time of a change in environment.

It was fortunate that the air rippling did not continue for long. It had only spanned time that half a stick of incense took to burn before disappearing gradually, as if it had never appeared in the first place.

However, Mo Wen realized all of a sudden that his entire surroundings had changed. He did not know since when but he had arrived in a large grand palace. He was still sitting cross-legged. However, this time, he was sitting on a flat, ice-cold floor instead of on a rock.

He scanned around the entire palace and found that the palace was very huge. It was almost the size of a football field and all around, there were random people going about their own activity. They were all dressed differently. Some were in modern clothing while others were dressed in ancient get-ups.

Those people were walking together without any barrier at all and it was a very weird sight. Under normal circumstances, such a situation would not occur at all. It was like production team shooting a period drama in the movie set.

By this time, Mo Qingtian had already gotten up and walked to the large stone table nearby. It was probably not a stone table, but rather a stone stage. There was nobody in front of that stone stage. On top of it, there was a circular instrument place on it like a crystal ball.

He placed his hand on the circular crystal ball. In a while, that crystal ball shot out a blue ray of light and covered Mo Qingtian's body. It rotated all around him and did not disperse for a long time, as if he was bathing in the blue light.

Some of the people around were doing the same as Mo Qingtian. They stretched out their hand to touch the crystal ball before walking out the main gate of the palace with their bodies engulfed in the blue light.

"Place your hand on top of this."

Mo Qingtian said to Mo Wen, "That hand with the Vermillion bird ring."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and trustingly placed his hand on top of the crystal ball. In the next moment, that Vermillion bird ring that Mo Qingtian had given him seemed to flash a light before the scene from before occurred again.

A blue ray shot out from that crystal ball and engulfed Mo Wen's body, without dispersing even after a long time.

"Follow me."

Mo Qingtian led Mo Wen outside of the palace. When they passed through the huge main entrance, it was as if there was an invisible pressure blocking in front of them. However, that layer of blue light on their body flashed and the two were able to easily pass through that invisible pressure.

When they had just walked out of the palace, Mo Wen noticed that the blue light on his body had disappeared. It was as if the moment he had walked out of the palace, it had disappeared completely.

He looked at Mo Qingtian and found that it was the same for him, the blue light on his body had also disappeared.

Mo Wen took in a deep breath. Why was that crystal ball in the palace so similar to the magical instrument of the Immortal Cultivation realm? Moreover, he could roughly guess its purpose.

Everything was just too shocking. In just a short moment, he had swapped dimensions. It was as if the place he was at was no longer Kunlun Mountain range anymore.

"This place is the headquarter of Huatian Palace. Next time, if you come here, don't forget to go to the crystal ball to ascertain your identity. If not, you won't be able to walk out of the palace."

Mo Qingtian glanced over at Mo Wen. Seeing the shock in his eyes, his mouth curled up slightly. No matter the person who set foot into the headquarter of Huatian Palace for the first time would have this same expression. The existence of Huatian Palace alone had already allowed him to see a whole new world.

However, that world may have no relation to them at all forever. There were so many people in Huatian Palace and every year, countless of people joined and countless of people resigned. So, just how many people had that luck?

Mo Qingtian sighed. It was very difficult to overstep one's level in the first place.

Mo Wen wordlessly nodded his head. Internally, he felt a mix of many feelings. It was only then that he realized that this Huatian Palace was seemingly far from being as simple as what he had imagined. Just what secrets did it withhold?

Hidden location, different dimensions, a magical instrument that only an Immortal Cultivator could cultivate…

All of it was pointing at the fact that Huatian Palace had relations with Immortal Cultivators. Beforehand, his guess was not wrong. There were also Immortal Cultivators in this world. However, he just never expected that the Huatian Palace would be related to the Immortal Cultivators.

However, the precise relationship was still unbeknownst to him. He could be only be sure that there was definitely a secret unknown to anyone hidden within.

No wonder, the Huatian Palace could rule the ancient martial arts scene for 300 to 400 years. No matter how amazing the talent, they were unable to overthrow Huatian Palace from their position. Now, he finally understood.

From what he knew, in the Immortal Cultivation realm, there was a remarkable power that was dubbed the restriction of activities to a designated area. That remarkable power could only be demonstrated by the most powerful old masters with very high Cultivations. In the Divine Pill Sect that he was in, there were not more than three senior masters who could demonstrate the remarkable power of the restriction of activities to a designated area.

This technique of restricting activities to a designated area was a spatial technique. It was only with a good grasp of the laws of space and a good understanding of the intricacies of space that it could be displayed.

Once it was displayed, it could clearly separate spaces and morph it into a sealed prison, completely segregating it from the previous space.

However, even though this technique was renowned, it could not be used against enemies most of the time. This was because against people with high Cultivations, a space alone was insufficient to constrain them. They could become the great enemies of those who could demonstrate the restriction of activities to a designated area and they were naturally also seniors of very high capabilities.

Hence, the restriction of activities to a designated area was not of much use when trying to defeat enemies. Many a time, it was used to separate spaces and create secret dimensions.

The Divine Pill Sect, for example, had many secret dimensions. They had been created through the restriction of activities to a designated area in order to segregate a space from the larger world. Many of the important locations of the Sect were set up in independent dimensions. For instance, the treasure trove, immortal medicine garden, sect ancestral cave abode, and such places that the average disciple could not go close to.

The space that the headquarter of Huatian Palace was built upon made Mo Wen think of the remarkable power of restricting activities to a designated area. It was very possible that it was not an individual space, but a segregated space from an existing space.

It could also be that this space was perhaps a part of the earth. However, someone with the remarkable power had used a special method to close it off from the world.

Being able to restrict activities to a designated area was the ultimate remarkable power. It was even comparable to the Sect leader of the Divine Pill Sect back in the day.