Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Contribution Credits and Contribution merits

Mo Wen gazed at the space outside the Palace, there were mountain peaks at a distance, but not snowy peaks. They were a patch of green, the birds were singing and the flowers were blooming forming a picturesque scenery which refreshed the spirit and relaxed the person.

The space was so colossal that the borders almost couldn't be seen as if it was another world. However, Mo Wen knew that this kind of space was incomparable to the Geospace. The possibility of the existence of such space was in fact dependent on the Geospace.

In other words, it was basically part of the Geospace but was only being separated forcefully by someone.

He didn't know when this space was being separated and how long was its history. According to the primeval mythological legends, Hua Xia continent consisted of nine provinces with every province being infinitely vast and Shen province was only one of them.

He suddenly realised that the world on earth didn't seemed to be as simple as it looked. Like the world in his past lifetime, the veil of the world was only unveiled after he walked out of the foggy forests.

"Look there," Mo Qingtian said while pointing at a distance.

Mo Wen glanced as he heard him. He saw right in front of the Palace Hall, at a distance of thousands of meters away, there were seven mountains which attracted the attention of all eyes. That seven big mountain peaks, seemingly a million meters high which easily surpass the height of Mount Everest.

The positioning of the seven big mountain peaks was very weird as they aligned in the formation of The Big Dipper and joined in a line. When it was viewed from the front, it was like a screen but when it was viewed from top down, it definitely looked like a spoon.

The seven big mountain peaks were majestic and dignified, stood upright between the heaven and earth like seven heaven supporting pillars that joined the heaven and the earth and supporting the whole world.

"That was the headquarter of Huatian Palace. The seven mountain peaks were separately represented by Azure Dragon Palace Hall, Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, White Tiger Palace Hall, Black Tortoise Palace Hall, Senate, Mission Palace Hall and Huatian Main Palace Hall."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen and said indifferently, "Don't ask me about the rest. You will naturally know when you are allowed to know, I can't tell you those that you are not supposed to know."

The entrance of the Palace Hall and the seven huge peaks was joined by seven massive Rainbow Bridges that were full of colourful splendour with lingering mist like a fairyland.

"Follow me."

In a flash, Mo Qingtian darted through the air for tens of miles like an arrow before landing on a Rainbow Bridge.

Shock flickered in Mo Wen's eyes as Mo Qingtian had indeed landed on the Rainbow Bridge. That rainbow seemed to exist physically and could be walked on like the land.

He leapt off like Mo Qingtian and landed on that Rainbow Bridge. Indeed, the Rainbow Bridge was not an illusion but a thing that existed physically, one could step on it like on land.

Mo Wen gasped in surprise, he realised that the Rainbow Bridge below him was formed by the condensation of seven different streaks of spiritual energy. It was majestic and grand as it strode across the air into the horizon.

He felt as if he was back to the Immortal Cultivation world, everything seemed to be related to the immortal cultivators. Perhaps when those ancient martial arts practitioners were to be here, other than feeling wonderous, they would be totally baffled and didn't know what was happening.

However, he had been half an Immortal cultivator in his past, how could he not understand. His surprise was not an ignorant surprise but the surprise of having Immortal cultivators on earth.

Furthermore, this space was filled with dense spiritual energy which was way more than the valley that was discovered in Changbai Mountain range. It was very suitable for the practice of Immortal cultivators, though it was incomparable to the sacred place in Divine Pill Sect, but it was too difficult to find such a place on earth.

According to what he knew, spiritual energy was scarce on earth and was almost exhausted. Belonging to a world that was unsuitable for Immortal cultivation, it was very difficult for the Immortal cultivators to survive on earth.

However, now it had obviously proved that his previous conjecture was erroneous, it was not that it didn't exist but it was he who didn't know many very secretive things.

Mo Qingtian apparently had no intention of explaining anything to Mo Wen. He continued to walk across the Rainbow Bridge without uttering a word.

Mo Wen followed behind Mo Qingtian inattentively, after walking for a short while, he suddenly realised that he had reached the end of the Rainbow Bridge and a massive palace appeared before him. The palace stood tall and upright between the heaven and earth, looking majestic and grand.

At his feet was one of the seven mountain peaks that he was looking at previously, just now it was at a distance but it was up-close after a while.

Surprise once again surged in Mo Wen's eyes. According to the rules of normal space and time, the distance between the main entrance of the palace and the seven big mountain peaks was at least several tens of miles, it was definitely impossible to walk there in a short while.

He looked at the Rainbow Bridge at his feet, obviously the question lied on the Rainbow Bridge; the capable immortals had marvellous powers and was unfathomable.

Perhaps when he was walking on the Rainbow Bridge, an invisible execution of the remarkable power similar to the contracting of the land into inches was going on, a step to a thousand meters and a thousand meters to a step, it would be possible to stride across a long distance with a few steps.

Furthermore, the people who were walking on it was like in a sudden dream and didn't even realise that the spatial conversion was taking place.

Mo Wen took a deep breath as his will to pursue the Way of Immortals became more resolute. There's a will, there's a way. Since the Immortal cultivators existed in both worlds, for him to become an Immortal cultivator wouldn't be an impossible thing.

"Follow me."

Mo Qingtian curled his lips before getting off the Rainbow Bridge and walked towards the gigantic palace hall.

Mo Wen cast a look at the palace hall, the three big words 'Vermilion Bird Palace' were engraved on the main entrance plaque, the calligraphy was flamboyant and spectacular with every word looking as big as a hill.

This palace hall was obviously one of the four palace halls in Huatian Palace – Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. Mo Wen was secretly shocked by its majestic grandeur.

Following behind Mo Qingtian across the building, they would frequently meet one or two persons along the way but almost all were women. In the whole palace hall, other than he and Mo Qingtian, there was basically no other man.

When many people saw him, they would look at him with a weird expression and their eyes were filled with puzzle. Why would a man come to the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?

Vermilion Bird Palace Hall didn't welcome men, the men in the other three palace halls were not allowed to enter Vermilion Bird Palace Hall casually.

Perhaps because Mo Qingtian was leading the way, so even though many people looked quizzically along the way, no one came forward to inquire about it.

Mo Wen laughed bitterly as he could naturally feel the weirdness in their eyes. Even though they were all the Executors of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, he seemed to be the odd one out …

However, along the way, he discovered that a lot of women had high Cultivation. Many women were quite young but had the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm and were relatively gifted. Furthermore, there were many this kind of people, almost all along the way, and he didn't see anyone with weak cultivation.

"Those people, who are in the Headquarter of Huatian Palace, are almost all Three stars Executors and above so the normal Two stars Executors are not qualified to be in the Headquarter of Huatian Palace. As for you, you are an exception."

Mo Qingtian seemed to know Mo Wen's doubts, looked askance at him and curled his lips before commenting.

If not for his sister's arrangement, the present Mo Wen was not qualified to be in contact with the Headquarter of Huatian Palace. However, this guy's cultivation was relatively high and was said to have killed the expert in Qi Nucleation realm from Dafang Sect, so perhaps he might have the ability of a Three stars Executor.

The Three stars Executor of Huatian Palace usually have the cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm, occasionally there were some Three stars Executors in Sea of Qi realm who had the fighting capability equivalent to that of a Qi Nucleation realm. Only with the strength equivalent to the Qi Nucleation realm that one would be able to pass the assessment for the Three stars Executor of Huatian Palace.

Of course, the assessment of the Three stars Executor was not that simple, the strength itself was insufficient, he must make sufficient contributions to the Huatian Palace. Under normal circumstances, even if Mo Wen had the strength of a Three stars Executor now, he wouldn't become a Three stars Executor.

"Why am I an exception?"

Mo Wen raised his brows. He had always been very curious why the Huatian Palace had given him special treatment. Furthermore, he's a man so even if he was to join the Huatian Palace, it shouldn't be Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. After all, there were mainly women in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, a man like him was not very suitable.

Such strange thing happening to him, how could he not be suspicious.

Of course, he didn't think that Mo Qingtian being the Executor of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was inappropriate. This evil creature-like person who looked more of a woman than a real woman, it's the same to consider him as a woman or a man as it was basically useless to consider his gender.

However, he was genuinely a real man so to put him in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall made him really uncomfortable.

Mo Qingtian curled his lips into a smile but didn't answer Mo Wen's question and continued leading Mo Wen into the inside of the Palace Hall.

After a while, both of them appeared in a spacious main hall that was as big as a football field and there were quite a lot of people at that moment.

Mo Wen swept his eyes across the main hall to realize that there were many cubicles in the main hall and many people were walking in and out of them. This scene was like a free market and the cubicles in the vicinity of the main hall were the stores.

He realized that other than those cubicles, there were also numerous words on the eastern walls of the main hall. As he looked carefully, it was like a name list with numerous names recorded line after line on it.

"That's a Contribution List."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen and explained indifferently, "The Executors of the four palace halls will make small and big contributions to the Huatian Palace and will be given the Contribution Merits accordingly. The above record is the list of Executors operating in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall and was listed according to Huatian Palace Contribution Merits; the higher the Contribution Merits, the higher position it will be on the list."

"What's the use of it?"

Mo Wen raised his brows and looked baffled at Mo Qingtian. If a name list was useless, naturally there isn't a need for its existence.

"Of course there is a use. The higher it goes on the name list, it not only means the honor and status, but also means the benefits."

Mo Qingtian folded his arms and explained.

"What benefits?"

Mo Wen asked with some interest.

Mo Qingtian pointed at the name list and explained nonchalantly, "The higher the position in the list, the greater the discount enjoyed during the redemption of the Contribution Credits and also has the chance to obtain some rare items."

"The list above only records the three hundred Executors with the highest Contribution Merits in the calendar month. The first ten positions will receive thirty percent discount; first fifty positions will receive twenty-five percent discount; the first hundred positions will receive twenty percent discount; the first two hundred positions will receive ten percent discount; and the first three hundred will receive five percent discount. Those who are on the name list would mean that they are getting the same Contribution Credits and will be way more valuable than others."

Mo Wen was completely baffled by Mo Qingtian's explanation. Why it sounded like shopping at the shopping mall!

"What is that Contribution Credits redemption?"

The corners of Mo Wen's mouth twitched a little. Why there were so many different ins and outs in Huatian Palace such as Contribution Merits, Contribution Credits, what name list and the number of stars Executors. It quantified the status, positions, authority and benefits making it like the game progression system.