Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Fengwu Team

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“Mo Qingtian, his surname is also Mo, could it be that he is related to you in some way? No matter whether you have any relations, if the higher-ups find out, you will have to take responsibility.”

Shangguan Qingyou smiled coldly. She did not believe that the higher-ups would agree to allowing a man join the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. It had to be Mo Qingtian acting on his own accord.

“Shangguan Qingyou, please leave Mo Wen out of our grudges. It’s not something that you can interfere with whether or not Mo Wen joins the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, right?”

Mo Qingtian looked at Shangguan Qingyou briefly before saying coldly.

Upon hearing that, Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. Could it be that there was some enmity between Mo Qingtian and Shangguan Qingyou which caused this cold woman to go against them right from the start?

Other than this woman, it seemed as though the other women did not have any conflicts with him. Instead, they had even given him a couple of curious glances.

He was simply joining the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall as an Executor of Huatian Palace. It did not benefit or harm them in any way. Although the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall did not accept males, under normal circumstances, nobody should be going against him purposely.

After all, the people that the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall accepted had nothing to do with the Executor of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. It was up to the people who were in power in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

“Mo Qingtian, back then, you joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall and already broke the rules of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Now, you bring another male into the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. How is that reasonable? I will not just sit back and let this thing happen. You guys watch and see.”

With a cold expression, Shangguan Qingyou looked at Mo Qingtian icily, with an unspeakable hatred within her eyes. She turned around expressionlessly and walked towards a door leading outside the Palace Hall.

“Brother Mo, you’re in trouble for sure. You bring a male into the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall and bumped into Sister Qingyou. She will definitely report about your “crime” to the Deputy Head of the Palace Hall, Nun Xing. You better pray for your own luck…”

The girl wearing a red skirt looked at Mo Qingtian while giggling, seemingly riding on his misfortune. Sister Qingyou was the Final disciple of the Deputy Head of the Palace Hall, Nun Xing. She would definitely make things hard for Mo Qingtian.


A girl in a white skirt dragged out her words. Her huge eyes glanced at Mo Qingtian from the side as she said, “Who asked you to let Sister Qingyou down back then. You did that thing to her… yet you didn’t take responsibility…”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The corner of Mo Qingtian’s lips twitched a little as he glared at the two girls fiercely and said, “What do you two little girls know? You can talk about the wind such that it sounds like the rain. Nothing had happened between me and Shangguan Qingyou.”

“Pfft, it had already spread around the entire Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, and even the entire Huatian Palace. Even Sister Qingyou had given her silent acknowledgement. Yet, you still refuse to admit it. You’re really a dead duck with a hard beak!”

That girl in the red skirt pursed her lips and looked at Mo Qingtian with disdain, before saying, “If the entire world was filled with guys like Brother Mo, I, Liu Shanshan, would rather not marry anyone for the rest of my life. I despise men who are afraid to own up to their mistakes the most.”

“That’s right, that’s right,” the other girl in the white skirt nodded her head furiously.

“Liu Shanshan, Wang Xiaoyuan, have the two of you passed the test for the five-star Executor? If you haven’t, go and train hard, don’t waste your time here spreading false facts.”

Mo Qingtian’s face was hardened as he glared at the two girls fiercely. They did not learn anything good but were so well-informed about gossip.

The corner of Mo Wen’s lips twitched a little. He glanced at Mo Qingtian. He had just arrived at the Vermillion Bird Palace but he had already gotten wind of such an amorous affair. No wonder the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall did not allow males to join. When males and females were together, there would indeed be some things occurring!

This Mo Qingtian looked exactly like a demon. It was very normal that he was able to attract girls. However, his moral integrity did not seem to be alright. After using the girl, he would ditch her. He went all around gallivanting. It was no surprise that everyone found him to be an eyesore.

From Mo Qingtian’s example, Mo Wen realized in shock that he was actually so moral! He was a good man with responsibility.

“What do you think you are looking at?”

Mo Qingtian had seemingly sensed Mo Wen’s gaze and he frowned unnaturally, glancing at Mo Wen from the corner of his eyes.

What was there to look at, crazy!

Mo Wen laughed dryly and shifted his gaze to that two girls, before asking eagerly, “You two little girls, nice to meet you, I am a newcomer so do look out for me in the days to come.”

After knowing that Mo Qingtian’s morals could not make it, he knew that he could not continue relying on Mo Qingtian. If not, in such a place like the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall which was filled with women, he did not know just how much more hatred he could garner.

“What little girl? Little boy, how old are you? Trying to act like an adult to trick your older sister here?”

Liu Shanshan raised her eyebrows and looked Mo Wen up and down. A small youth was not even as old as her yet. However, he had dared to call her a little girl! Indeed, the people who followed by Mo Qingtian were not anyone good. He was a playboy and a loafer, already using flowery words at his young age.

“Little boy, don’t act like an adult alright? Us big sisters don’t like that. Also, don’t learn from Mo Qingtian to become an irresponsible jerk. He’s your older brother, right? Sigh, such a pity…”

Wang Xiaoyuan charmingly glanced towards Mo Wen. Then, with a regretful look, she made it seem like he had ruined the country’s flower and the future talents.

Mo Wen’s mouth twitched a little and he stroked his nose. He would rather not say anything more. These women in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall were all not very easy to get along with. However, with regards to age, he was indeed not to the level of those two girls. After all, his current body was only 18 years-old.

“Liu Shanshan, Wang Xiaoyuan, if you girls continue to spout nonsense, you will have to bear the consequences yourselves.”

With a cold look, Mo Qingtian looked at those two girls, a dangerous look flashing in his gaze.

Immediately, Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan shut their mouths. They swallowed their tongues and did not say anything more. If they offended Mo Qingtian and if he had deliberately caused trouble for them, they would not have things easy.

However, even though the two of them did not dare to say anything else, they were still very indignant inside. Humph, what was he being fierce for. If he had the capabilities, he should go and be fierce towards Sister Qingyou!

“Is Sister Fengwu around?”

Seeing as both Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan had admitted defeat, Mo Qingtian’s face softened a bit.

“I don’t know.”

Liu Shanshan let out a light humph and tilted her head to one side.

“Oh… She should be around…”

Seeing as Mo Qingtian’s gaze had fallen onto her, with his eyes flashed with hostility, she constricted her neck and stuttered as she said.

Mo Qingtian was the team’s five-and-a-half-star Executor. His abilities far surpassed hers. She did not want to casually offend this lad. What if he purposely made things difficult for her during their tasks?

“Go on, bring me to Sister Fengwu,” Mo Qingtian said.

If Shangguan Qingyou could appear in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, then Sister Fengwu was definitely around as well. After all, in the previous task, the two of them had been working together all the while. Now, they should have returned after completing the task to hand it in.

The thing about Mo Wen had to be told to Sister Fengwu. If not, based on the attitudes of Shangguan Qingyou, Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan, it would be hard for Mo Wen to gel well with the team.

It is only with the support of the Fengwu Team that Mo Wen can stand strong. After all, Mo Wen was a newbie. He was not him who had the abilities of a five-and-a-half-star Executor. In the face of a bunch of scary women, he would not be able to handle the situation.

“Why are you looking for Sister Fengwu?” Liu Shanshan looked at Mo Qingtian suspiciously.

“If I ask you to go, you go. Why are you spouting so much nonsense for?” Mo Qingtian raised his eyebrows.

Liu Shanshan let out a light humph. She indignantly led the group towards a stone door. Later on, after finding Sister Fengwu, she definitely had to tell on him. This Mo Qingtian was getting more and more cocky. He bullied the members of the team every day.

“Brother Mo, you’re bringing a male over. Are you not afraid that Sister Fengwu will kill you with a slap?”

Wang Xiaoyuan glanced over at Mo Wen. Seeing as he was following behind, her lips curled up into a smile as she said. Sister Fengwu hated it most when people went against the rules. Was this Mo Qingtian trying to get himself killed?

“Do you believe me if I say that I will kill you first? Don’t meddle in my business.”

Mo Wen looked at Wang Xiaoyuan before saying dully, “Next time, Mo Wen is a part of our Fengwu Team. Take care of him normally. Don’t listen to all those rumors and spread false facts.”

“What…! You’re getting him to join the Fengwu team.”

Wang Xiaoyuan widened her eyes as she looked at Mo Qingtian in disbelief. Did Mo Qingtian take the wrong medicine today?

“Brother Mo, Sister Fengwu will absolutely not allow a guy to join our Fengwu Team.”

Liu Shanshan knitted her brows as she said. There was something wrong with Mo Qingtian today. Why did he keep doing silly stuff?

She actually did not care much whether or not there would be one more guy appearing in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. The decision was not up to her. She was just curious.

However, joining the Fengwu Team was a different matter altogether. Their Fengwu Team could not be joined by just anyone. There were so many Executors in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall who did not have the capabilities to join the Fengwu Team. What made this newcomer Mo Wen so special?

Moreover, Mo Wen was a guy. It made things even more impossible.

“The Fengwu Team had never taken in any Executor below the rank of four stars. How many stars are you as an Executor?”

Wang Xiaoyuan raised her eyebrows and looked at Mo Wen. This youth appeared to be not even 20 years-old. It was already not bad if he was a three-star Executor. The possibility of him being a four-star Executor was not big. Moreover, even if one was a four-star Executor, if the quality of other areas did not meet the cut, the person still could not join the Fengwu Team.

The Fengwu Team was the strongest team in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. It could be said that they were one of the major pillars of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Hence, it was not the case where anyone who wanted to join could join.

“Two-star Executor.”

Mo Wen stroked his nose and said with a dry laugh. From their conversation, he could tell that a two-star Executor was not very high up in the ranks.

“Only two stars!”

Liu Shanshan and wang Xiaoyuan both looked at Mo Wen in shock. A two-star Executor could only hover around the surrounding of Huatian Palace and do peripheral tasks. They did not even have the right to enter the headquarter of Huatian Palace. People who could appear in that place were basically all Executors of three stars and above.

Had Mo Qingtian gone insane to bring a two-star Executor into the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Was he not afraid of the punishment?

“Brother Mo, you…”

Liu Shanshan could not wrap her head around it. Why would Mo Qingtian do such a thing? This was clearly a serious offence against the rules of Huatian Palace. He would be dealt with sever punishments.

“Lead the way, I will take responsibility for whatever happens.”

Mo Qingtian said calmly. He was naturally unable to explain about Mo Wen to them. Also, he did not find it necessary to explain it to them in the first place.

The three of them moved in a single file. They walked into a palace which was very spacious. There were multiple inner rooms and the environment was very elegant and luxurious.

At the moment, there were two women seated on the couch, discussing about something.