Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Pei Fengwu

"Mo Qingtian, why is it you again?"

Out of the two girls, one of them saw Mo Qingtian walked in, glared instantly, and snorted sternly.

That person was in a snowy white female clothing without any makeup and matchless beauty, she was none other than Shangguan Qingyou.

"Sister Fengwu, I told you just now that Mo Qingtian had brought a man and wandered around Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, don't you think it's too much?"

Shangguan Qingyou immediately complained to the lady beside her. It was fine that Mo Qingtian had brought a man into Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, but now even brought him to Sister Fengwu so he should simply be reprimanded.

Vermilion Bird Palace Hall had its own rules and Sister Fengwu would definitely not let Mo Qingtian break the rules.

Next to Shangguan Qingyou sat a lady in blue dress with beautiful eyebrows and tranquil disposition like a stalk of Water lily. She sat there quietly like out of this world and was in harmony with the world. However, everyone in the room was very respectful to her.

Mo Wen looked askance at the lady in blue dress and surprise flickered in his eyes as he couldn't determine this lady's cultivation. He could determine Mo Qingtian's cultivation at one look but couldn't determine hers.

This lady was not simple as her cultivation was really profound and was most probably similar to Demoness Gong.

However, looking at this person's face, she was about twenty to thirty and her exact age shouldn't be more than forty years old. At such age, it was shocking to have such profound cultivation and was another exceptional expert when she was out of here.

However, after his experiences with Demoness Gong and Mo Qingtian, Mo Wen was not surprised about the cultivation of this lady in blue dress. The geniuses in this world would never be lacking, not to mention the geniuses produced by Huatian Palace.

"Xiaotian, what's going on?"

Sister Fengwu glanced at Mo Wen and furrowed her brows slightly. Mo Qingtian was not an unruly person, why would his action be so out of character today?

Without the approval of the authority, bringing a man to Vermilion Bird Palace Hall casually was punishable so Mo Qingtian wouldn't be acting so inappropriately.

"Sister Fengwu, this person is Mo Wen. Brother Mo Qingtian asked to let this person join our Fengwu team, he was only a Two stars Executor…"

Liu Shanshan jumped out to complain while pointing at Mo Wen. She didn't forget the times when Mo Qingtian was fierce towards her previously and bullied her so now she could finally revenge on him.

Mo Wen's lips twitched a little. What's the situation? Two stars Executor was so shameful? Furthermore, why would Mo Qingtian let him join Fengwu team?

"Sister Fengwu, this Mo Qingtian was too much. What does he take Fengwu team as? Anyone can just join in, when has Fengwu team become a Beggars' Sect?

Shangguan Qingyou snorted and lifted her eyes to glance at Mo Qingtian, then looked askance at Mo Wen in disdain. Now, she felt terrible looking at this man and could anyone who's with Mo Qingtian be a kind person?

Vermilion Bird Palace Hall should not have any man from the beginning till the end but the appearance of Mo Qingtian had broken this rule, could it be that this mistake was to continue?

"Who is he?"

Pei Fengwu looked askance at Mo Wen, knitted her brows slightly and asked.

"Sister Fengwu, can I talk to you for a minute? I will naturally explain clearly to you."

Mo Qingtian said nonchalantly.

"Follow me."

Pei Fengwu nodded when she heard him. She stood up and walked to the side room, then Mo Qingtian immediately followed her.

"What does he intend to tell Sister Fengwu?"

Liu Shanshan looked at the two receding figures inquisitively. Why were they so secretively and couldn't talk in front of them?

"How would I know? I reckon he intends to persuade Sister Fengwu to let that Mo Wen stay."

Wang Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes and commented. If another man appeared in Fengwu team, it would be exciting as Mo Qingtian had raised a ruckus when he first joined Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

However, Mo Qingtian's look was incredible and absolutely unable to decipher his gender so it wasn't that impossible to accept. However, now when it was Mo Wen who was a genuinely real man with no trait of a woman, one would never know what would happen with this kind of people in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

Shangguan Qingyou's face turned cold without a word and gripped the tea cup tightly in her hands.

After a short while, Mo Qingtian and Pei Fengwu walked out of the side room. Mo Qingtian remained nonchalant while Pei Fengwu's eyes were fixed on Mo Wen after coming out of the room and looked thoughtful.

"Sister Fengwu…"

Shangguan Qingyou stood up and intended to say something but was stopped by Pei Fengwu.

"From now on, Mo Wen will be a member of Fengwu team. As he is a newcomer, I hope everyone will take care of him a little in the future."

Pei Fengwu's eyes swept across the people and said indifferently.


"No way…"

"Sister Fengwu…"

Shangguan Qingyou, Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan thought they heard wrongly and looked at Pei Fengwu in disbelief. What did Sister Fengwu just said! Let Mo Wen, a man, join their Fengwu team and he was only a Two stars Executor, it was simply the first time that such preposterous thing had ever happened.

There had never been anyone below Four stars Executor who had joined Fengwu team, not to mention Mo Wen who was a man. This was considered as the exception of the exceptions.

Under normal circumstances, those Three stars and below Executors were not qualified to be in the Headquarter of Huatian Palace. However, this Mo Wen, what exactly was happening? A series of rules had been broken.

"No more discussion about Mo Wen's case in the future. Just let him be a member of our team will do."

Pei Fengwu sat on the couch again and said indifferently with almost no emotions.

"Sister Fengwu, this… was definitely not possible. Such breaking of rules, not talking about the other three palace halls but even in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, how would the others look upon our Fengwu team in the future?"

Shangguan Qingyou stood up instantly as she didn't intend for this matter to end this way. What drug had Mo Qingtian been feeding Sister Fengwu that caused her to make such a decision.

"Qingyou, there is no room for discussion in this case. You may go first. I would like to talk to Mo Wen alone."

Pei Fengwu looked askance at Shangguan Qingyou and her tone remained unhurried.

"Sister Fengwu, you have to think twice…"

Shangguan Qingyou stood up with a graved face and walked out of the palace hall. Outrageous! That Mo Qingtian was indeed not a good guy, it was bad enough for him to be a bane to others himself, now he even brought in another one.

"Qingyou, don't look for Senior Nun Xing. It will be useless even if you do so don't disturb the peace of Senior Nun Xing."

Pei Fengwu skimmed at Shangguan Qingyou's receding back and said indifferently. She naturally knew what Shangguan Qingyou was thinking of, but since it was that person's intention, it would be the same result regardless of who they talked to.

Shangguan Qingyou halted in her path after hearing her remarks and frown a little more. Sister Fengwu's meaning was clear that it would be the same result even if she looked for the Deputy Head of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, Nun Xing.

Who exactly did Mo Qingtian find? Someone with such great capability that even Sister Fengwu had to compromise now, so her objection would be futile.

Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan stuck their tongues out, didn't dare to utter a word and went out earnestly. The current situation was totally different from their expected one and since they were not stupid, they were able to guess about the whole matter.

"I will wait for you outside."

Mo Qingtian glimpsed at Mo Wen before walking out. Though Mo Wen had just joined Fengwu team, but with Fengwu team's reputation, almost nobody would provoke Mo Wen again.

However, there were many issues that she must brief Mo Wen clearly. After all, Mo Wen was a greenhorn who didn't know anything.

"How's your cultivation?"

When everyone had walked out, Pei Fengwu glanced at Mo Wen and asked.

"Still fine."

Mo Wen raised his brows. In terms of Cultivation, he was naturally incomparable to this woman in front of him as she was almost equivalent to Demoness Gong. It was pointless talking about his low cultivation.

The Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was indeed terrifying as any woman from here was so abnormal.

"Cultivation can be practised since you are still young. However, other than cultivation, you should pay more attention to obeying the rules. I hope you will obey the rules in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall in the future and understand what you should or shouldn't do."

Pei Fengwu uttered apathetically.

"As long as no one provoke me, I am very obedient."

Mo Wen smiled faintly. This woman was prepared to give him a lecture and apparently didn't trust him.

"I hope you are a man of your words. Vermilion Bird Palace Hall is full of women and there should be prudence in gender issues, so you should be more cautious with your conduct in the future to avoid stirring up any troubles."

Pei Fengwu nodded slightly. Mo Wen, a man, would frequent Vermilion Bird Palace Hall in the future, so something could possibly happen when man and woman were interacting. She must point out some issues as Mo Wen, who was a young person with unstable temperaments and had such a great backing, might become proud over time and do some outrageous acts.

For instance, Mo Qingtian and Shangguan Qingyou were a negative example. It was fine for them to like each other but when it was harming a lady due a moment of gratification, it would be a big issue.

"I know."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. What trouble could he stir up? It would be good enough if the others didn't find trouble with him. With regards to the issue between man and woman, after the experiences he had with the women in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall and everyone was so difficult to get along with, he would dare to have any connections with those women.

As Mo Wen's attitude was quite good, Pei Fengwu's tensed face was very much relaxed.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Pei Fengwu, the team leader of Fengwu team. Since you have become a member of Fengwu team, you can report to the team if you encounter any matters in the future."

Pei Fengwu curled her lips to a smile and said. Vermilion Bird Palace Hall not only had added two men, but also added them to her Fengwu team which was actually interesting as such matter was basically unimaginable in the past.

Subsequently, Pei Fengwu explained a little about the Fengwu team.

It turned out to be that the Executors of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was not an independent unit, sometimes it would be organised into mission team. When Huatian Palace announced the missions, there were individual missions, team missions and also some special missions, which would be completed with different requirements.

When performing team mission, the Executors of the higher level would normally recruit a few Executors of the lower level to form a mission team to complete the mission together. When the mission was over, they would be awarded according to their contributions.

Most of the time, the mission team is formed temporarily and would be dispersed after the team mission was completed.

However, some mission teams, because of the long-term collaboration with tacit understanding and familiarity among themselves to have trust during missions, had gathered together to form a mission team permanently.