Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Mission Palace Hall

The Fengwu team was a long-term mission team. All of the members were regular and had a solid understanding of each other's abilities, personalities, and characters. They had collaborated for a long time to complete team missions.

To be able to form a long-term mission team, the team had to be very stable. There was an expert acting as the team's core, and not anyone could simply join.

It was not only the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. The Azure Dragon Palace Hall, the White Tiger Palace Hall, and the Black Tortoise Palace Hall were also like this.

The Fengwu team was one of the famous permanent mission teams. They were basically the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall's trademark. Not just in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, but even among all four Palace Halls they were quite famous. Quite often, when people from the other three Palace Halls talked about the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, the Fengwu team would surely be brought up.

Who knew how many people in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall hoped to join the Fengwu team but never got the opportunity. This was because the Fengwu team's recruitment conditions were too stringent. Many people could not meet the requirements. However, Mo Wen had become a member of the Fengwu team, just like that.

After chatting with Pei Fengwu for a bit, Mo Wen walked thoughtfully out of the palace. Mo Qingtian stood quietly outside, clearly waiting for Mo Wen to come out. He was handling Mo Wen's first contact with the Huatian Palace. Naturally, he wouldn't leave him halfway through.

"What did she say to you? She did not trouble you, did she?"

Mo Qingtian raised his eyebrows and said, "She asked me to abide by the rules and to not learn from you." Mo Wen playfully curled the corner of his mouth.

"Ridiculous." Mo Qingtian snorted softly. That group of women were sick in the head. What sort of relationship could he have with Shangguan Qingyou? There was nothing going on. He was innocent. If it weren't for that crazy woman constantly pestering him, there would not be so many issues!

"Let's go to the Mission Palace Hall. You can understand what's going on. I won't bother with you in the future."

Mo Qingtian waved his sleeve and walked out of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall with long strides.

The Mission Palace Hall was the center were all of the Huatian Palace's missions were assigned. All mission assignments and the handing over of assignments were carried out in the Mission Palace Hall. Hence, the Mission Palace Hall was the Palace Hall with the highest amount of traffic in the Huatian Palace. Executors from all four Palace Halls would be running errands there around the clock.

The Mission Palace Hall was situated in the Yuheng Position of the Big Dipper. It monopolized a huge peak, giving off a magnificent, impressive atmosphere.

Between the seven huge peaks, there were rainbow bridges connecting them, allowing for mutual interaction.

However, normally Executors from different Palace Halls would not visit each other. After all, the Four Palace Halls of the Huatian Palace had a competitive relationship. Although they were in the same vein, their relationship was delicate. Normally, there wouldn't be any visits.

Even Executors from different Palace Halls who were friends would only meet at the Mission Palace Hall.

As for the Huatian Main Palace Hall and the Senate, normal Executors could not simply set foot in those places. Only people with a certain status could enter.

The Mission Palace Hall was also called the Yuheng Palace Hall. Its grandeur was on par with the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. The palace complex was huge, magnificent, and fascinating.

Right now in the Mission Palace Hall, quite a few people were coming and going. There were people from all walks of life. It was far more populated than the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

Mo Wen and Mo Qingtian both stood outside the Mission Palace Hall like two ants. They could not cause any commotion there. The surrounding people were coming and going, minding their own business. No one took notice of them.

"How many Executors are there in the Huatian Palace?" Mo Wen asked in surprise. At the moment, inside the Mission Palace Hall there were no fewer than 500. All of them were people with high cultivation, and almost all of them were at the Qi Nucleation realm.

Having so many strong people in the outside world was practically impossible. No matter how strong and prosperous an ancient martial arts sect was, they probably couldn't display such strength. Moreover, the people in front of them were probably just a tiny fraction of the Huatian Palace's population.

Mo Qingtian sighed deeply and said, "It's hard to say. The people in the Huatian Palace are not permanent. Every day there are people who break away from the Huatian Palace, and every day there are people who join the Huatian Palace."

He also did not know how many Executors there were in the Huatian Palace. He wasn't the person in charge of compiling the name lists. It could be said that the people in the Huatian Palace changed every day.

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen and said nonchalantly, "However, the number of Executors that can come in contact with the Huatian Palace headquarters has always remained above 3,000."

Executors that could come in contact with the Huatian Palace headquarters were all Three stars Executors and above. Each of them had cultivation that was not lower than the Qi Nucleation realm. Even if there were a few exceptions that did not have Qi Nucleation realm level cultivation, they had the abilities of the Qi Nucleation realm.

It could be said that Huatian Palace's heritage was unimaginable for a normal ancient martial arts sect. Hence, the Huatian Palace could use its ancient martial arts strength to rule the ancient martial arts world for 300 to 400 years.

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen nodded and smiled slightly. His eyes were expressionless. For the Huatian Palace to have so many strong ancient martial art practitioners was not something to be surprised about. After all, the Huatian Palace had connections with immortal cultivators.

If it were the ancient martial arts sect in the ancient martial arts world, then maybe he would be slightly surprised. However, for an immortal cultivator, an ancient martial arts practitioner was nothing. Back when he was in the Divine Pill Sect, even a registered disciple would look down on ancient martial arts practitioners. An ancient martial arts practitioner was considered a person who was of the lowest level, so there was nothing for him to feel strange about.

Mo Qingtian kept observing Mo Wen's expression. After he noticed that Mo Wen's face was calm and not surprised, he looked somewhat unexpectedly at Mo Wen.

The first time any person from the ancient martial arts world learned of the Huatian Palace's heritage, they would surely be astonished. That was not a power that any ancient martial arts sect could have. After all, more than 3,000 Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioners was equivalent to a small portion of the strong people in the ancient martial arts world. Normally, a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner placed outside could work independently. In more rural areas, they could even dominate.

However, Mo Wen didn't even bat an eye. Why did he have such an expression? Normally in such a situation, there were only two explanations. One was that Mo Wen had seen a bigger world, so a power like the Huatian Palace was nothing to him. The other was that Mo Wen did not understand the ancient martial arts world and did not know of the Huatian Palace's strength. The ignorant were fearless, so they did not think it was a big deal.

However, the latter seemed to not be too likely.

Mo Qingtian thoughtfully looked askance at Mo Wen. For some reason, this youth gave him a feeling that there was more than met the eye. Except that his sister had not allowed it, he certainly couldn't resist thoroughly investigating Mo Wen's background.

Mo Qingtian led Mo Wen into the Mission Palace Hall. He discovered that inside the Mission Palace Hall, it was further divided into different hall zones. Inside each zone, missions of various levels were issued. Aside from this, there was also an area for mission submissions. Of course, it still was divided according to level.

The Huatian Palace issued missions according to the difficulty level of the mission. There were nine levels ranging from One star to Nine stars. This corresponded with the Executors' levels.

The higher the mission's level, the greater the rewards. Some mission rewards made people's eyes go red.

However, not everyone could accept high level missions. Executors of the same level could only accept a mission corresponding to his or her level. For example, a Five stars Executor could only accept Five stars missions and below. He could not exceed a level and accept a Six stars mission.

Regarding the mission's rating, it was judged entirely based on the ability of the Executor. Once they confirmed that the Executor of the corresponding level had the ability to complete the mission, only then would they issue the mission.

They did this to prevent ambitious low level Executors, who were eager to succeed, from accepting high difficulty missions out of overconfidence and failing the mission.

Of course, missions that could be issued in the Mission Palace Hall were all missions that were Three stars and above. After all, Executors that could accept missions here were all Three stars Executors and above.

As for Two stars and One star missions, they would be issued through the Huatian Palace official website.

According to Mo Qingtian, many Huatian Palace Executors did not have the qualifications to come in contact with the headquarters of the Huatian Palace. They could not come to the Mission Palace Hall, so they could only accept missions through the internet.

That type of person made up 80 percent of the Huatian Palace Executors. They did not have high ability, but they were a large group and could help the Huatian Palace handle many normal and logistical issues.

They called this group of Executors, "external Executors." Those who could come in contact with the headquarters of the Huatian Palace were called, "internal Executors."

When Mo Wen had killed the two Su Clan retainers, the two women that had appeared afterward were the Huatian Palace external Executors belonging to the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

They handled almost all small issues. They were like the Huatian Palace's underlying network that was spread across the entire country. They could be seen almost everywhere.

Although their cultivation and status weren't high, their contributions were not small.