Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Savages List

Weaving through one palace after another other, Mo Wen saw that there were detailed mission lists in all of them.

Mo Qingtian had told him he was free to tour and browse the Three to Five stars Mission Palace Halls with no restrictions. However, the Mission Palace Halls of Six stars and above only allowed Six stars Executors and above to enter.

Those palaces were heavily guarded on every level such that even Mo Qingtian had never entered before. After all, he was currently only a Five-and-a-half stars Executor.

Of course, other than public missions, there were also many secret missions that could not be revealed. Those missions would not be revealed under any circumstances. They would only select highly reliable people to go ahead and complete those missions.

After all, nobody could be certain that there were no spies from the outside world acting as Executors of Huatian Palace. The missions that could be published in the palace hall were basically public missions, and they would not reveal any secrets. Perhaps, to Huatian Palace, those were not even secrets at all.

There were naturally not many things that were secret to Huatian Palace. For example, when a gangster killed a person, he would have to plan thoroughly and ensure that all evidence was destroyed. However, when Huatian Palace was the one taking action, they did not have the need for that. In fact, they could send out a diplomatic note as a notice to kill someone, clearly indicating that, "I want to kill you," and the receiving party could only wait for death.

In the Mission Palace Hall, there were all kinds of missions published. There were local missions as well as international missions. The area that Huatian Palace was in charge of was not only the Hua Xia ancient martial arts world. It was that of the entire world.

On the international level, whenever something happened that threatened Hua Xia Country, Huatian Palace would step in to handle it.

However, it was not just Huatian Palace that had exceptional superhuman abilities. Basically, there were such powers all over the world. It was just that they existed in different forms, and the natural abilities were of different types. Yet, there was not much difference in their natures.

In fact, internationally, there were some organizations with superhuman abilities that would be a threat to Huatian Palace.

Mo Wen was a little stunned. The missions published in the Mission Palace Hall were like a webpage that was spread all over the world. At the moment, he had just noticed that the world was not as simple as he had imagined. Not only was the situation very complicated locally, it was equally as complicated internationally. Between countries, there were inevitably clashes that nobody knew about.

Along the way, Mo Wen noticed that there were many people lifting little signs. On the signs, the word "recruiting" was written. Below, there were descriptions of the relevant missions, as well as the requirements of the recruits they were looking for.

Those people had received team missions but did not have fixed teams. Hence, they were recruiting last minute recruits.

"The world is really big," Mo Wen said with deep emotion.

To him, he did not even have a very good understanding of the ancient martial art world of Hua Xia, let alone the various different international powers.

The threats he was faced with were local threats. Meanwhile, Huatian Palace was constantly faced with international threats. The two of them were on totally different levels.

It was no wonder that Demoness Gong could cause chaos in the ancient martial art world for so long without Huatian Palace taking any serious action against her. It was because there were just too many things Huatian Palace had to concern themselves with. There were many threats that were far greater than Demoness Gong, so they could not even be bothered with her.

"Of course, the world is very big. The things that you are exposed to now are just a drop in the ocean and the tip of the iceberg. In reality, the ancient martial arts world is not even anything much. The level of the high-end fights is not even imaginable for you."

Mo Qingtian glanced over at Mo Wen and inhaled lightly. A lot of feelings flashed through his eyes. It was not something that Mo Wen should be exposed to, but it was not something that he could not be exposed to.

"I don't care about others, I only care about myself."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. He did not have any interest in how the world was doing. Currently, his only goal was to become a genuine Immortal Cultivator, fighting for radiance with the night and day, fighting for life with the heavens and earth.

In his past life, he had been unsuccessful, but in this life, he would not give up.

Moreover, he had the constant feeling that his past life had not been that simple. It was a sixth sense. He did not seem like a person who would die young. Perhaps after falling into that black hole, there had been a turn in the course of events in his life.

However, he did not know what had happened afterwards.

Unless he entered his dreams once again, he would not be able to know what his fate was. If he died, everything would be over. If he did not die, he would still have a chance.

"In Huatian palace, there have to be fair deals involved in everything. You will not be able to reap anything without working for it. There are many treasures within Huatian Palace that are unimaginable to you. However, you have to exchange for them with some contributions. As an Executor, if you want to raise your abilities within a short period of time, you will have to constantly take up missions. After your mission, you will receive Contribution Credits, and you will be able to redeem something that is useful for your own training.

"Of course, if you don't really care for the treasures of Huatian Palace, you can just not take up any missions and forgo the Contribution Credits."

Mo Qingtian's mouth curled upwards as he smiled and looked at Mo Wen. Naturally, his last sentence was ridiculing him. Huatian Palace had all kinds of treasures such that anyone would be swayed. There was only the condition that one had enough Contribution Credits to exchange for them.

The Contribution Credits in Huatian Palace were far more valuable than Renminbi (RMB). Among the Executors of the four palace halls, nobody had ever mentioned the currency of the normal world. They had all used Contribution Credits as a replacement currency whenever they made transactions.

The Executors in Huatian Palace were basically very driven in doing their missions in order to attain their Contribution Credits. They would be able to exchange their Contribution Credits for sufficient treasures and hence, increase their own Cultivation. It was a simple concept.

Because of that, there were so many young talents in Huatian Palace. Huatian Palace had poured a lot of resources into them which helped hone their skills.

Of course, it was not very easy to do extremely well in Huatian Palace. The missions that Huatian Palace published were not simple, and many of them endangered lives. If one was not careful, his life could be lost very easily.

Every year, many Executors of Huatian Palace would die outside the palace. Perhaps an Executor friend could be drinking beer and chatting with you one day, and the next, he would have lost his life during a mission. The death toll was very high.

As for those missions without much danger, there would also be very little Contribution Credits earned. Basically, no high-level Executors did those.

Not even talking about the others, Mo Qingtian had also injured himself rather badly a couple of times during the course of his missions. There was even once where he had almost lost his life.

Moreover, people who could stay in Huatian Palace for a very long time were the talents among talents. Hence, the competition between them was very strong.

It was still difficult to say if Mo Wen would be able to ride on the waves of Huatian Palace for self-improvement.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and asked, "What is the most efficient way of earning Contribution Credits?" He was also very interested in Huatian Palace's Contribution Credit exchange system. After discovering the relationship between Huatian Palace and Immortal Cultivators, his expectations of Contribution Credits had gotten higher and higher.

If he could get spiritual medicine from the exchange of Contribution Credits or even a panacea, his Cultivation would improve crazily by leaps and bounds.

"Faster and more!"

Mo Qingtian's mouth twitched a little, and he looked at Mo Wen as he was rendered speechless. It was very dangerous for one to aim too high. The equality of value was the most basic principle of transactions. A mission offering higher Contribution Credits would naturally also have a higher difficulty level, and the danger level would increase as well.

However, a Two stars Executor like Mo Wen may not be able to get a mission with a high remuneration. Even if he got one, he would have the life to accept the mission but not the life to complete it.

"You come with me."

Mo Qingtian raised his eyebrows and walked over to a palace hall without another word. He felt that there was a need to correct Mo Wen's mindset. Otherwise, such a mindset was too dangerous, and he would not be able to survive in Huatian Palace at all.

Huatian Palace had the most emphasis on people acting within their abilities. If one did not even have a bit of self-awareness, it was very difficult to continue surviving in Huatian Palace.

If Mo Wen did not play with all he had, he would not be able to face his sister.

The two of them walked single file into a side hall. The hall was not big, and was not as wide and vast as the main palace hall. Inside, there was basically nobody, only a few people making the rounds in the palace hall. Then, they would sigh and walk out.

Mo Qingtian pointed at a wall in the side hall as he said, "Look over that way."

Mo Wen heard that and turned to look. There were big black words suspended on that wall. Those big words were shining and sparkling, with seemingly exceptional life to them, as if they were living things.

He naturally knew that they could not have been crafted with conventional methods. It was only through methods that only Immortal Cultivators were capable of.

On that wall, there were many big black words packed together. Line after line, there were many names hovering. It looked like a list, similar to the Contribution List in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

However, this list gave one a very dark, heavy, and scary feeling. Those floating names made one feel fear at the sight of them.

"This list is called the Savages List. It records the top 500 ultimate savage people. Basically, all of them are the ultimate masters in this world."

Mo Qingtian looked at Mo Wen and said calmly, "Just now, didn't you ask what a faster way of earning Contribution Credits was? I'll tell you now. Killing the people on the Savages List will help you get rich overnight. It is counted as one of the fastest methods of attaining Contribution Credits."

He scanned through the Savages List, and his mouth curled upwards sardonically. Each and every person's head on it was worth tens of thousands. The number of Contribution Credits attached was also more than all his previous missions combined.

However! He had to mention that he had never seen an Executor of below Seven stars complete a Savages List mission.

Although the benefits were very tempting, how many people had the fate of enjoying them?

Within Huatian Palace, he did not know how many Executors were of Seven stars and above. However, he knew that the number of Seven stars Executors that had died because of Savages List missions was even greater than the 500 people on the Savages List.

This was why the Savages List was called the Savages List.

There were no limits on the people who could take up Savages List missions. But just how many of them would be daring enough? Those people walking in and out of the Savages List Palace Hall were all eyeing the reward of the Savages List missions. Yet, they only dared to look at it.

Mo Wen was shocked as he scanned through the Savages List. It was the first time he had heard of Huatian Palace having such a list.

Suddenly, he noticed that on the last position at the right lower corner, there was a very familiar name.

"Gong Biluo!"

Mo Wen let out a sound of surprise. A stunned look flashed through his eyes. Wasn't that the name of Demoness Gong?! Could it possibly be the same person?

"You also know of that woman?"

Mo Qingtian raised his eyebrows and looked at Mo Wen, saying dully, "She has only appeared on the Savages List recently. However, she is in last place. This woman has murdered four to five ancient martial art sects within three days. Her methods were savage and malicious, which was why she made it into the 500th place on the Savages List."

Upon hearing that, Mo Wen inhaled coldly. He knew very clearly what Cultivation Demoness Gong was. She was a very difficult opponent even among the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Yet, such a person was only in last place on the Savages List. Moreover, it was because she had massacred too many that an exception was made to get her onto the list.