Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Jun Wulei

Mo Wen finally had a clear understanding of the Savages List. Those people who were on the Savages List were almost all experts in the world. Demoness was only in the 500th position with 499 before her. What kind of people would be in the first ten positions?

From Mo Qingtian's speech just now, one would know that Demoness Gong had not been on the list originally. Because of her latest rapid progression of Cultivation and her massacre of four to five ancient martial arts sects, she had been added to the list.

"How is she now?"

Mo Wen's heart suddenly tensed, as Demoness Gong's appearance on the Savages List meant that Huatian Palace had begun to pay attention to her.

The attitude of Huatian Palace towards Demoness Gong in the past had been that they knew the situation, but had turned a blind eye to it and hadn't taken any actions against her.

However, now that she was on the Savages List, it would definitely be different.

The bounty for everyone on the Savage List was very shocking. Being on the list meant that it had been announced as a Savage List mission. Nobody knew how many high-level Executors from Huatian Palace were enticed by the great bounty to attack Demoness Gong.

"Someone has already accepted the mission of hunting Gong Biluo, and not just one person, but three or four. However, Gong Biluo is still on the list, so the missions must have been unsuccessful. I also heard that those people were badly injured."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen, as he actually had some understanding of Gong Biluo's situation. After all, the last person on the Savages List had always been the center of attention of the Huatian Palace's high-level Executors.

The higher the position on the Savages List, the more terrifying that person's cultivation would be, which made their positions almost unchangeable. Those who were on the Savages List for a long period of time were those who had frightening strength that was universally shocking. Almost nobody would consider taking on a mission hunting them.

For instance, the top ten on the Savages List had always been there and had not changed for decades. If there wasn't a periodic update of the Savages List and a constant verification of the accuracy of the name list, many people would wonder if the top ten on the Savage List had died of old age.

Besides the top ten, even the first hundred positions on the Savages List seldom changed. Normally, there would only be a change once every few months or even just once a year.

The most volatile section of the list was between the 400th and 500th positions. The people in this section, though very terrifying as everyone was an exceptional expert, had not reached the level where hunting them was impossible. Thus, they became the chosen targets of those people in Huatian Palace who enjoyed hunting those on the Savages List.

For those Executors of Seven stars and above, the normal missions were insufficient to satisfy their needs of practice, and only those hunting missions would be able to provide them with sufficient Contribution Credits. Therefore, every week there would be a drastic change in the 400th to 500th positions on the Savages List.

The 500th position in particular was the most popular in the eyes of the people in Huatian Palace. According to past situations, the 500th position had changed almost daily, and very few of them were able to last more than a week.

However, if they could last for a week or even a month without being hunted by the Executors of Huatian Palace, they would definitely no longer be in the 500th position. They would move up the list, and their bounty would increase accordingly.

The reason Mo Qingtian had some understanding of Gong Biluo was because he was very interested in hunting missions. If he was able to complete a hunting mission, it would be almost equivalent to five years or even ten years of hard work.

However, almost none of those people on the Savages List could be easily hunted. Although he paid attention to the Savages List, he had never accepted any hunting missions as his strength was way too low.

"If that is so, is Gong Biluo in grave danger now?" Mo Wen asked with a dismal face.

That lunatic woman, he thought. He knew that with her troublesome character, she would land herself in trouble sooner or later.

Mo Qingtian glanced at Mo Wen in surprise. "You know her?" He was very curious why Mo Wen was concerned about Gong Biluo just now, as this Demoness shouldn't be related to Mo Wen in any way. However, according to Mo Wen's words, they obviously knew each other.

"What can be done so that she will no longer be in danger?"

Mo Wen looked straight into Mo Qingtian's eyes and wished that he could give him a solution.


Mo Qingtian shook his head. She is already on the Savages List. What other ameliorative ways would there be, since there are many people who will be after that woman now?

However, Mo Wen knew the Demoness, so he was still very curious about it. The Demoness was eccentric and ruthless in killing, so she wouldn't have any friends.

How was Mo Wen related to the Demoness? Mo Qingtian wondered.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows upon hearing him. After a while, he took a deep breath and asked, "Can I accept this hunting mission?"

"Yes, hunting missions don't have level restrictions… Emm, you are thinking of accepting the mission of hunting Gong Biluo?"

Mo Qingtian widened his eyes and looked at Mo Wen.

With his intelligence, he naturally had thought of Mo Wen's purpose. Accepting the mission of hunting Gong Biluo was meant to prevent others from taking the mission, but by doing so, the price to pay was very high.

Without the completion of a mission and without a sacrifice during the mission or the suffering of serious injuries, one would have to pay one tenth of the mission remuneration as a punishment. The missions of the Huatian Palace must not be accepted casually, as there were rewards for the completion of missions, but there were also punishments for the non-completion of missions.

Furthermore, though the punishment of the hunting mission was only one tenth, it would impossible for Huatian Palace to be fully compensated, even if they were to sell Mo Wen.

"Only one person is allowed to take on each mission?"

Mo Qingtian nodded slightly.

"It's true that each mission can only be accepted by one person. However, if you do not complete the mission, you will be punished. Moreover, the time frame for a hunting mission is a week. After a week, if you have not completed the mission, you will be automatically viewed as failing the mission."

Mo Qingtian's mouth twitched a little. Mo Wen's thinking was really childish, as others would still be able to accept the mission of hunting Gong Biluo a week later when he didn't complete the mission.

Furthermore, when the mission failed, the compensation amount was not something he could afford. He would expend an exorbitant amount but could only at most delay Gong Biluo's time for a week.

The situation after that would remain unchanged. He couldn't save Gong Biluo, and the only hope was that Gong Biluo would be able to save herself. With the strength to be able to resist one after another Hunter, as time passed, nobody would dare to accept the mission of hunting Gong Biluo casually.

"Then I will take the mission week after week."

Mo Wen raised his brows.

"You better change your train of thought. That won't work! When your mission fails, you can only accept the next mission after you have paid the compensation, or else you will not be able to accept the mission of hunting Gong Biluo again." Mo Qingtian advised helplessly. How was Mo Wen related to this Gong Biluo that he was willing to expend his resources in this way?

He really had some curiosity, but it was difficult for him to voice such things. After all, they were standing in front of the Savages List, so it was very inappropriate to discuss how to protect the people on the list.

Although Huatian Palace wouldn't care about such thing and wouldn't question why one had accepted the mission, it was almost impossible to take advantage of any loopholes under a perfect system and policies.

Mo Wen knitted his brows and silently contemplated the situation, but he didn't seem to give up on the idea.

Mo Qingtian shrugged his shoulders, as he also couldn't think of a good solution.

If his sister had been around, perhaps with her intervention the matter might not seem impossible to resolve, but his sister was going through the Massacre Crisis now, so she wouldn't be free to meddle in this.

Just when both of them were silent, a figure walked past them and went straight to the Savages List. He swept his eyes across the list, and his eyes finally landed on the last name on the list, Gong Biluo.

He was a young man, about 25 years old, with very cold disposition. Even his eyes were cold like a piece of unmeltable ice. He was constantly emitting an aura that prevented any strangers from going near.

Almost without a moment of hesitation, he stepped forward with a hand covering the two words in black, Gong Biluo.

The next moment, the radiance of the silver ring on his finger flashed, and a virtual screen popped out. The background of the screen projected a gigantic, ferocious azure dragon, which seemed to have an infinite grandeur.

Mo Qingtian raised his brows and looked askance at the young man before speaking in a grave voice, "He intends to take the mission of hunting Gong Biluo."

The mission of hunting Gong Biluo was popular. Many people were eyeing it. Once the last person had failed the mission, the next person would immediately accept it.

However, many people had already failed, and one of them had nearly died at Demoness Gong's hands, so Demoness Gong's ability was not simple at all. If this were to continue for a month, and nobody completed the mission of hunting her down, she would be comparatively much safer.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows and took a step forward before extending an arm to block the young man's path. "Hold on."

"What do you mean?"

The young man knitted his brows slightly, then looked askance at Mo Wen. A radiance flashed in his eyes, and the originally cold disposition became even colder.

Mo Wen cupped his fist with the other hand to show respect to the young man and said after inhaling deeply, "Friend, may I discuss something with you?" He could feel that this young man was very strong and was equivalent to Demoness Gong, but he didn't know how great his actual strength was.

However, he was going to accept the mission of hunting Demoness Gong now, so he had no choice but to stand up. While this young man might not be able to kill Gong Biluo, nobody can know the result for certain.

After all, Gong Biluo had experienced many waves of hunting, so she could possibly also be injured. With the experts from Huatian Palace hunting her one after another, something bad would definitely happen sooner or later.

Furthermore, he also knew Gong Biluo's character to be that of someone who wouldn't keep her nose clean. If she were to hide in a deserted area, she would be much safer. After all, Huatian Palace couldn't have control over her location at every moment.

When had Demoness Gong ever kept her nose clean? She could be killing one sect today and killing another tomorrow, so it would be too easy to track her down.

They had been separated from each other for only less than half a month, and Demoness Gong had already created so much trouble. She basically couldn't spare anyone from worries.

Mo Qingtian coughed dryly and said awkwardly while walking forward, "Uh-hem, Brother Wulei. It has been a long time since we last met. This is my friend. He didn't mean to offend you just now."

What is Mo Wen doing? Jun Wulei is not someone to be trifled with. He is a famous young expert of Azure Dragon Palace Hall with the Cultivation of Embryonic Breathing realm, almost equivalent to Sister Fengwu.

Moreover, Jun Wulei has a strange temperament and is eccentric. He is famous for being difficult to deal with, so very few people are willing to provoke him. If Mo Wen had not been provoking him, Mo Qingtian would definitely not have exchanged greetings with Jun Wulei.