Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Heretic Forces

Jun Wulei cast a glance at Mo Qingtian, but did not bother with him. Instead, he looked at Mo Wen coldly and said, "What do you want to discuss with me?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said, "Let me accept this mission."


Jun Wulei looked up and down at Mo Wen. This youth was still young, probably not even 20, but he dared to accept a Savages List mission? Since when had such a young expert appeared in the Huatian Palace?

Although geniuses were gathered in the Huatian Palace, a person who reached the Embryonic Breathing realm before he was 20 was rare. Of the Five stars Executors in the Huatian Palace, there were less than five who were younger than 25. One who was younger than 20 could not have appeared yet, right?

A glint of doubt flashed in Jun Wulei's eyes. He did not know this youth. He did know Mo Qingtian, who was beside him. The Vermilion Bird Palace Hall's only male member would naturally be well known.

Also, Mo Qingtian was very famous due to his talent. He had just entered his twenties, but he already had beginning stage Embryonic Breathing realm cultivation. A few more years, and he probably would not be beneath Jun Wulei.

"That's right. Friend, if you are willing to let me have this mission, I'll be sure to repay you handsomely in the future," Mo Wen said plainly.

"Too bad. I've already accepted the mission. Everything is first come, first served. Don't blame me."

Jun Wulei looked askance at Mo Wen, then expressionlessly clicked the confirm button on the screen. The next moment, the characters for Gong Biluo's name turned gray, showing that her Hunting Mission had been accepted.

The ring that the Huatian Palace distributed to the Executors was not simple. There were many secrets contained inside, like a miniature magical treasure that had many functions. 

Mo Wen had come in contact with the Immortal Cultivation world before, so he naturally understood this.

After Jun Wulei accepted the mission, he then expressionlessly headed out. He did not seem to have the intention of dealing with Mo Wen and Mo Qingtian.

Mo Wen's facial expression chilled. His feet shifted. He wanted to stop Jun Wulei, but Mo Qingtian stopped him instead.

"Don't cause trouble. You are not his opponent yet," Mo Qingtian said in a low voice.

Not to mention, Jun Wulei was not easy to talk to. If Mo Wen enraged him, problems would arise.

Mo Wen frowned and asked, "Who is he?"

"He is called Jun Wulei. He is an outstanding person of the Azure Dragon Palace Hall's younger generation. His cultivation is deep beyond measure. It is said that he reached the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm long ago, and has hopes to reach the Golden Elixir realm. Do you know about the Heaven List Fifty? Jun Wulei is ranked 28."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen. Jun Wulei was not a person that he should offend. One could imagine how powerful someone had to be to make the top thirty of the Heaven List Fifty.

Mo Qingtian consoled Mo Wen. "Don't you worry. Before this, a few Executors, whose abilities are above Jun Wulei's, went to kill Gong Biluo, but in the end they failed. Even now that he is going, he may not necessarily succeed. That Gong Biluo is no easy target."

Although Mo Qingtian did not know what the relationship between Mo Wen and the Demoness was, it certainly would not be normal.

Mo Wen took a deep breath and closed his eyes slightly. He couldn't change anything now. He was still too weak. Otherwise, he would not be in such a predicament.

As he slowly opened his eyes, they flashed brightly. He must quickly get stronger, no matter what methods he used.

Mo Qingtian looked at Mo Wen, and a glint of surprise flashed in his eyes. Just now, for a split second, Mo Wen's body seemed to give off a flash of aura that shocked him. However, by the time he tried to carefully discern it, the aura had disappeared.

Even so, that instant left a deep impression on him. Only the absolute strongest people had such an aura. It was impossible for ordinary people to have such an aura.

The Golden Elixir realm! He had felt such an aura before from a strong person of the Golden Elixir realm. But how could it appear in Mo Wen? This was what he could not quite figure out. After all, Mo Wen's strength could not be at the level of the Golden Elixir realm. That was impossible.

Mo Qingtian glanced at Mo Wen carefully. His facial expression was calm, impervious to passions and desires, seemingly showing no emotions at all. He couldn't tell anything about him by looking at him.

The two of them exited the Savages List Palace Hall, then toured the Mission Palace Hall.

Suddenly, Mo Wen stopped in front of a mission notice. A light flashed in his eyes as he was seemingly deep in thought.

"Why? Are you interested in this mission?" Mo Qingtian raised his eyebrows, taking a glance at the mission.

The mission was simple. Recently, there seemed to be an organization akin to heretic forces appearing in the area around the Capital. The organization was entrenched in that area, secretly conducting some underground activities that no one seemed to know about.

This mission hoped to have some Executors infiltrate the organization and investigate its aim.

The activities of heretic forces were always happening all over the world. The Huatian Palace had to constantly monitor their movements to prevent situations that they could not control from happening. Consequently, missions like this were extremely common.

"Heretic forces?"

Mo Wen looked incredulously at Mo Qingtian. What did he mean by "heretic forces?"

"Regarding the heretic forces, I also do not know much about them. But in the world, if there is a positive, then there is a negative. If there is light, then there is darkness. If we say that our Huatian Palace is on the side of light, then the heretic forces are on the side of darkness."

Mo Qingtian moaned deeply as he said this. In reality, he only knew about half of the things there were to know about the heretic forces. The heretic forces were not only mysterious, but they were also deep in hiding.

He only knew that among the factions that could threaten Huatian Palace, aside from the mysterious factions overseas, the heretic forces were one of them.

In other words, it was the heretic forces that were currently Huatian Palace's greatest adversary. This was because the heretics were different from the overseas factions, as they were entrenched in Hua Xia Country. Their roots were set deep, and they were considered one of Hua Xia Country's factions.

As was often said, before one resists foreign aggression, one had to first settle internal security. The attention the Huatian Palace paid to the heretic forces was far greater than what they paid to the overseas factions.

However, his understanding of their heresy was not deep. Only the higher ups could know about such things.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders, and his mouth curled into a plain smile. "Light and darkness? Nice analogy." He actually did not think so in his heart. The so-called light and darkness were not absolute qualities. Whether a human was good or bad could not be defined by such an affiliation system.

The human heart was the true standard to measure light and darkness.

However, once Mo Qingtian had said so, Mo Wen recalled something. Back in the Immortal Cultivation world, there were the so-called right path and heretic path. The two systems were vastly different due to their Cultivation philosophy and their modus operandi.

Many times, the right path and evil would be at odds with each other, being mutually exclusive.

In reality, ultimately the conflict between the two systems was not because of the differences in their Cultivation philosophy and their modus operandi.

It was because of their interests. The contest was over interests!

Mo Wen did not know whether Earth had the so-called evil ways factions. However, since the Huatian Palace had immortal cultivators, the chances of evil ways factions existing were high.

However, it obviously seemed that Huatian Palace had the advantage. The heretic forces could only hide in the shadows, constantly scheming on how to turn the tables.

Mo Wen did not care about their so-called good or evil. He had never considered himself as belonging to either side. The only thing that caught his interest was the mission itself.

Within the mission's detailed information, there was a passage describing the heretic forces. There was a line that said they were skilled at agglomerating spirits and using spirits to harm ordinary people. Some more capable users could even use the spirits to control the actions of ordinary people, turning them into their puppets.

Not long ago, when Mo Wen was at Xu Qianqian's house, her father had the Ghost Phagosome Technique illness. Inside his body was an evil spirit that was consuming his qi and blood.

Could it be that the heretic forces had some connection with the Xu clan?

Under normal circumstances, a situation like that could not possibly have occurred. There was surely someone working in the dark. Also the methods they used were truly sinister.

"This mission is a Four stars mission. You can't accept it even if you are interested."

Mo Qingtian shrugged his shoulders, dousing Mo Wen's hopes with cold water. He was just a Two stars Executor. Naturally, he could not accept a Four stars mission.

Also, for the mission level to be Four stars, it meant that the difficulty would be Four stars. There could even be an expert in hiding. If Mo Wen's abilities weren't enough, rushing in would result in his being consumed until there was nothing left.

"How can I become a Four stars Executor?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

Zhu Feng from the Azure Dragon Palace Hall was also a Four stars Executor. Mo Wen's current ability had far exceeded that of Zhu Feng.

"You need to pass the Four stars Executor's assessment."

Mo Qingtian looked at Mo Wen from top to bottom. He said plainly, "First, you need to have the ability equivalent to a later stage or even pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm in order to just possibly pass the Four stars Executor's assessment. Next, you need to pay up an objective sum of Contribution Credits as an assessment fee."

Mo Qingtian grinned playfully and said, "But, you don't seem to fulfill either condition."

Although Mo Wen had killed a Dafang Sect Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner, he was not yet of the Qi Nucleation realm. In terms of ability, he was approximately equivalent to the beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm. Compared to Zhu Feng, he was much weaker.

For Zhu Feng to become a Four stars Executor, it had really been based on luck. If it were Mo Wen instead, it would be practically impossible.

As for Contribution Credits, Mo Wen had not even completed a mission, so naturally he did not have Contribution Credits.

Mo Wen frowned. In terms of ability, he had confidence. However, as for the Contribution Credits, he didn't have any yet… Such a headache. Why was it always about money for the Huatian Palace? So inhumane.

Mo Qingtian sighed deeply as he said, "Based on your current ability, you could probably pass the Three stars Executor assessment. If you have the intention to advance, I can lend you some Contribution Credits."

With Mo Wen's current ability, passing the Three stars Executor assessment was highly possible.

Within the Huatian Palace, levels were very important. Not only were they used for accepting missions, but they were a symbol of status and authority.

The higher the Executor's level, the greater the authority they possessed. This authority was not just limited within the Huatian Palace, but carried throughout the entire Hua Xia Country.

Within the nation's military and government, various ancient martial arts sects, and even overseas, the identity of the Huatian Palace itself was a symbol of status. The higher the level, the more respected and valued one would be.

Also, the Huatian Palace Executors were active around the world all year long, especially within the country. There were many situations where, in order to deal with them more conveniently and maintain order in various places, they would depend on the help of the nation's government.