Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 227

Chapter 227: The Might of the Sacred Fire Sword

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The moment the puppet flew towards him, Mo Wen did not stay put. Instead, he immediately sprang up. Once he caught up with the puppet, he punched out, smashing the back of the puppet’s head. The roar of dragons and tigers filled his ears, reverberating within the wide space.

The puppet was like a meteorite. With a loud crash, it smashed into the ground. The pale rock floor seemed to shake a bit.

Mo Wen leapt down from the air, landing on the puppet’s body. With one hand pressed on the puppet’s head and the other one pressed against the puppet’s back, a gigantic Inner Qi surged from his hands. It instantly made a round within the puppet’s body.


The puppet let out a strange roar, seemingly entering a berserk state. A beam of blue light rose from its body, fiercely smashing into Mo Wen, sending him flying back.

With a flip, the puppet was up standing again. It stomped one of its feet on the ground and shot up into the air like an artillery shell, chasing after Mo Wen. The blue cutlasses in its hands gave off a glaring deep blue glow. A terrifying energy gathered towards the surface of the blades.

Mo Wen was in mid-air and had a bloodstain at the corner of his mouth. The damage from the recoil of the blue light barrier was not light. He seemed to have gotten internal injuries from the crash. His insides felt like they were on fire.

Although he was hurt, a fierce glow was flaming in his eyes. Just now when his Inner Qi circulated inside the puppet’s entire body, he finally found were the Eye of the stratagem was located.

A blue shadow dashed past in mid-air. The puppet had caught up with Mo Wen in the blink of an eye. The pair of cutlasses in its hands were crossed, slowly slicing downwards.

Although its movements were greatly slowed down, the attack power seemed to have increased twofold. The puppet’s body emitted a terrifying pressure that firmly enveloped Mo Wen. The air seemed as though it was frozen solid, making him feel as though he had fallen into a swamp.

Mo Wen, who was still in mid-air, narrowed his eyes. How had the puppet before him suddenly become so agile? It even knew how to take advantage of openings and seal off his exits!

Needless to say, a puppet which was not under its master’s control could battle only purely on instinct. Naturally it had no intellect, so it could not use techniques or strategies worth mentioning.

However, the puppet’s current behavior did not seem like a masterless puppet with no intellect. Instead, it acted as though it had a master controlling it, suddenly transforming it into a battle-experienced puppet.

The puppet before his eyes had ability way stronger than the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. If it also had rich battle experience, then he would almost not be a match for it.

He did not understand why the puppet would have such a large transformation. But the current situation was imminent and did not allow him to consider other things.

Mo Wen’s eye flashed, and his hand suddenly pressed against his waist. The next moment, a crimson belt appeared in his hand.

With a flick of his arm, the belt suddenly split into seven sections. The sections spiraled in the air, then all flew back to him.

The sections clashed together one after another, assembling themselves. In an instant, they had become a crimson longsword. Golden flames seemed to dance on the blade. The temperature of the space skyrocketed crazily, instantly becoming like a furnace.

Mo Wen spread open all his fingers. The longsword drew a beam of golden light across the sky, actively landing in his hand.

Almost at the exact same moment, the puppet’s two cutlasses formed a cross-cut, slashing towards Mo Wen’s figure as fast as lightning.

Mo Wen wielded the Sacred Fire Sword. He swiped the sword towards the two cutlasses. A beam of brilliant fire glowed in mid-air.

The Sacred Fire Sword seemed to slice through the puppet’s two cutlasses without any resistance. It continued to slice downwards towards the puppet, slashing at the puppet’s chest.

The next moment, the puppet’s gigantic figure froze in mid-air for a second. Then, it crashed to the ground with a loud clang. The steel figure was cleaved in two in mid-air. It was split into two from the chest area down as it dropped to the ground, sending dust flying everywhere.

Mo Wen somersaulted and slowly landed on the ground. He exhaled slightly.

The scene just now was too dangerous. The puppet’s sudden change nearly caused him to perish.

Determining the location of the puppet’s Eye of the stratagem before seemed to have been completely useless.

Now that the puppet had been split into two and was so damaged, naturally it had become a pile of scrap metal.

Luckily, he carried the Sacred Fire Sword on him. Otherwise, he did not know how he would have managed today’s situation.

Mo Wen had always treated the Sacred Fire Sword as his trump card and had never simply used it. Although he had always carried it with him, this was the first time he had used the Sacred Fire Sword. Even back when he was up against the Zhou Clan elder, he had only utilized the Sacred Flame Insignia to arrange a stratagem and had not assembled them into the Sacred Fire Sword.

Today, only after being forced to do so by the puppet, did he need to use these secret techniques.

Why was a Four stars Executor assessment so difficult? Mo Wen’s eyes revealed a baffled look.

Based on the puppet’s early conditions, it would be hard to pass without the cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm. How did the previous Four stars Executors pass the assessment?

Mo Wen reassembled the Sacred Fire Sword into a belt. After hiding it on his person, his gaze shifted to the two halves of the puppet that lay unmoving on the ground.

He walked up to the two halves of the puppet. With one foot he stepped on the puppet’s head, then punched hard on the position of the puppet’s mouth.

The sound of metal clashing resounded. The puppet’s mouth immediately sank in, the upper and lower jaws separating. Mo Wen used both his hands to grip the upper and lower jaw, and using his entire body’s Inner Qi, he forcefully ripped open its mouth.

A milky white stone immediately dropped out of the puppet’s ripped mouth and rolled onto the floor.

Mo Wen’s eyes flashed with a glint of joy. He cast aside the puppet in his hands. With one hand he picked up the milky white stone and inspected it carefully.

A spiritual stone! As expected, it was a spiritual stone!

Mo Wen took a deep breath. The joy in his eyes did not fade. It turns out spiritual stones existed on Earth! He had always thought that on a planet so devoid of spiritual energy like Earth, it would be rare for a spiritual stone to appear.

After all, spiritual stones could only be produced from pure spiritual pulses. Normal spiritual pulses could not produce spiritual stones. On Earth, there probably weren’t many spiritual pulses that could produce spiritual stones. He had never come across any.

But in that Immortal Cultivation world of his, spiritual stones were the most common of things. It also served as the immortal cultivator’s most fundamental and crucial item. Without spiritual stones, many things in the Immortal Cultivation world would not exist.

Things such as the puppet’s energy source were mostly spiritual stones. Although there were substitutes, they were much rarer than spiritual stones.

Things such as Immortal Cultivation world stratagems, without spiritual stones as energy sources, could not even activate on their own. Not everyone could arrange a stratagem that was synchronized with the heavens and earth, and that could activate itself by drawing energy from them.

The people who could set up such a stratagem were so few in the Immortal Cultivation world that they could be counted with a person’s fingers.

It was said that the spiritual stones were the most fundamental things in the Immortal Cultivation world. Their importance needed no elaboration. In the Immortal Cultivation world, spiritual stones were like currency. They could be used no matter where you were, similar to the Huatian Palace’s Contribution Credits.

However, the Contribution Credits could only be used in the Huatian Palace. They had no value of their own. Spiritual stones not only had many uses of their own, but could also be used all around the world as currency.

The spiritual stone before him was just one of the lowest grade spiritual stones. It had also used up one third of its spiritual energy from powering the puppet.

However, Mo Wen was not the least disappointed. One low grade spiritual stone was extremely valuable to him. Although he was not an immortal cultivator and could not absorb the spiritual energy stored inside it to cultivate, he could still use it for alchemy. With the aid of a spiritual stone, the certainty that he could concoct panacea went up another level.

Just as Mo Wen was prepared to search the puppet to see what other treasures it had on it, a beam of white light suddenly descended from the sky, engulfing Mo Wen’s body. In an instant, it was as though Mo Wen was stuck in a sealed container. He could not move an inch from top to bottom.

Within the white beam of light, a beam of golden light quietly descended, shining on the Vermillion Bird Ring on Mo Wen’s hand. The next moment, he noticed a slight change on the Vermillion Bird Ring. Two more stars had appeared on one side of the ring. Before, there had been only two. Now, there were four.

Just as he thought of this, a blue screen came out from the Vermillion Bird Ring. On the screen, a fire phoenix with its wings outstretched was displayed. It looked extremely lifelike. It was not a fire phoenix, but the Vermillion Bird that was one of China’s Four Mythological Creatures, which was the symbol of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

Mo Wen glanced at the screen. Except for a record of his identity, there wasn’t much else. Only four stars that burned with golden flames were sparkling. The position for Contribution Credits in the upper right hand corner was still at zero.

After completing the Vermillion Bird Ring upgrade, the white beam of light quietly scattered and disappeared. At the same time, Mo Wen’s silhouette also disappeared, completely disappearing from the stone tower room. Only the damaged halves of the puppet gave testament to what had just happened.

The empty room was silent. After who knew how long, the two sections of the puppet that lay on the ground suddenly moved and then bizarrely stood up. The two sections of damaged steel wreckage soundlessly joined together to become whole.

The damaged puppet opened its mouth strangely and said, “That brat took away the spiritual stone. He has good eyes. As expected, a person who knows the goods.” Fortunately, no one was in the empty room. Otherwise, such an incomprehensible situation would have surely scared the living daylights out of people.

The puppet seemed befuddled and kept mumbling…”He wields the Sacred Fire Sword and is practicing both the Nine Yin Scripture and the Nine Yang Scripture. He knows how to find a puppet’s Eye of the stratagem and knows the value of the spiritual stone. Interesting. Could he be the successor of that person? Didn’t that person disappear 200 years ago?! How could he have a successor from the outside world?”

In reality, Mo Wen’s previous actions had already drawn the attention of many because under normal circumstances, an ordinary Executor could not possibly know how to locate the puppet’s Eye of the stratagem. They basically didn’t even know what an Eye of the stratagem was.

Only people who understood puppets could know of these things. This type of puppet also belonged to the Immortal Cultivation world. If he could comprehend puppets, it meant he possibly knew about a world that others didn’t.

The ordinary Four stars Executor assessment naturally wasn’t as hard as Mo Wen imagined. This was because the condition of the assessment was not to defeat the puppet, but to remain steadfast under the puppet’s attack until it ran out of energy.