Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Lu Clan Manor

At the school's entrance, a black Audi A6 slowly came to a stop in front of Mo Wen. Wang Biao's tall, burly body came out of the car and walked respectfully toward him.

"Young Master Mo, are we going over now?"

Wang Biao was unsure of Mo Wen's intentions. The Lu Clan had invited Mo Wen over to "discuss" the compensation. It was a trap disguised as a banquet, and it was highly possible that he wouldn't come back.

Wang Biao didn't think that Mo Wen would not have considered this. Surely he would be prepared. If he really hadn't thought about it, he was an idiot.

However, Mo Wen was all alone. He didn't seem like someone who was prepared. Was it possible that he planned to attend the banquet alone?

"Let's go," Mo Wen said plainly, bending over to get into the car. Inside the car there was only a driver wearing a professional black suit and a serious expression. He stared at the road ahead without a trace of negligence.

Preoccupied, Wang Biao got into the car. The car drove all the way out toward somewhere beyond the Fourth Ring of the Capital.

He didn't know what would happen. In reality, he also didn't want to know about whatever dispute that Mo Wen had with the Lu Clan. He didn't want to get involved at all. If possible, he wished he could turn and walk away now, keeping himself out of this mess.

However, Mo Wen had left something unknown in him. Every time he remembered the overwhelming pain, he would subconsciously tremble. Sometimes, he couldn't even sleep at night, worrying that it might return.

The car sped down the road, leaving the city area and entering a manor in the suburbs.

According to Wang Biao, Lu Wei's father, Lu Zhenkun, planned to "discuss" some matters with him at Lu Clan Manor…

Mo Wen only curled his lips and smiled, saying nothing.

Wang Biao stared at Mo Wen doubtfully. Lu Clan Manor was an extremely dangerous place. It was highly possible that he could go in but not be able to come out. After he told Mo Wen the location, Mo Wen didn't even have any reaction.

Based on his thinking, it would be a good idea for Mo Wen to reject the Lu Clan's request, choosing a slightly more suitable place for negotiations. He had even thought of the arguments he would use against the Lu Clan, but Mo Wen did not even seem to have any intention of objecting!

The car stopped next to a large grass field on the manor's grounds where a few children were playing.

Mo Wen opened the door and got out of the car. Glancing around, Lu Clan Manor befitted a clan that owned a large conglomerate.

"So, you are the Mo Wen that hurt the Lu Clan Young Master?"

Someone who seemed to be a butler walked over, looking at Mo Wen expressionlessly. The person was wearing a Western-style retro gentleman's suit. He had two whiskers for a mustache. His hair was white, and he seemed to be 50 or 60 years old.

"That's right." Mo Wen nodded slightly, his face indifferent as he smiled and said, "Has your Lu Clan Young Master's leg recovered?"

"You will find out later." The butler laughed coldly, and his cold gaze fixed on Mo Wen. This youth was too arrogant. Even in Lu Clan Manor he was still so arrogant. He did not know what was good for him.

In the butler's eyes, Mo Wen's behavior was arrogant. That was because he believed that Mo Wen should be having a pale face, terrified gaze, and stuttering speech for coming to Lu Clan Manor.

But now, he was actually talking to him as though it were nothing. He even dared to ask how the Young Master's injuries were. If this wasn't arrogance, what was it?

"Follow me."

The butler snorted coldly. He minded his own business and led the way without looking at Mo Wen.

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled. With his hands behind his back, he followed calmly behind the butler.

As for Wang Biao, he followed behind Mo Wen, feeling jittery. His mind was running wild, trying to anticipate what would happen next. Could Mo Wen resist the pressure of the Lu Clan? Where should he go? What would happen if Mo Wen lost to the Lu Clan and hence, not be able to cure his bizarre symptom?

The three of them walked single file to a parlor. A few people were sitting in the parlor, casually sipping tea while having a conversation.

The person sitting in the head position of the parlor was a middle-aged man of roughly 40 to 50 years of age. His gaze was full of vigor, and his bearing was calm with an air of grace surrounding him. Sitting where he was would allow him to dominate the scene, naturally drawing the gazes of others.

This person clearly had been in a high position for a long time. He had developed a calm and steady aura.

Next to the middle-aged man sat a youth. He was around 20-something years old. His entire being bore a feminine scent. His gaze seemed to be dark and dreary. Those who locked eyes with him all felt uncomfortable.

The person was holding a teacup, slowly sipping tea. He seemed to be uninterested in Mo Wen and the rest who had just entered, too lazy even to lift his head.

There was another person sitting beneath the middle-aged man and the youth. He sat solidly on the chair, seemingly not daring to move an inch like a good baby. This person was none other than the Ice World ice skating rink dandy disciple, Lu Wei.

At the moment, one of his legs was wrapped in white bandages. The swollen bruises on his face had not all faded. He looked just like an injured person.

After the butler brought Mo Wen in, he then hastily walked until he was behind the middle-aged man, standing respectfully to one side.

"You are Lu Wei's old man?"

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled. With his hands still behind his back, he looked indifferently at the middle-aged man sitting at the highest position. Needless to say, the person was certainly the Lu Clan's leader, Lu Zhenkun, and also Lu Wei's old man.

"So, you are the Mo Wen who hurt my son?"

Lu Zhenkun laughed coldly. Although he did not know what sort of backing this youth had, his current attitude was quite high, high enough to look down on the Lu Clan.

"Your butler has already asked. I don't need to introduce myself again, do I? Have you prepared the compensation? Once you pay, I'll leave without another word. If you don't, it will be difficult for you today."

Mo Wen glanced at the feminine youth sitting beside Lu Zhenkun. A glint of playfulness flashed his eyes. This Lu Clan was rather interesting.

"Compensation? Mr. Mo, surely you must be joking. You crippled my beloved son. I should be the one looking to you for an explanation. If you don't give me an explanation, then it will be difficult for you today."

Lu Zhenkun laughed coldly as he said this. Today when he found Mo Wen, he never had the intention to discuss things nicely. To break his son's leg and come knocking on their door for compensation was going too far. He was utterly looking down on the Lu Clan.

Normally, if he encountered a person with such daring and boldness, maybe he would consider things a bit, thinking about Mo Wen's identity and background to see whether it was worth stirring things up.

After all, businessmen emphasized harmoniously growing wealth, not easily provoking trouble. But now, he was not thinking that way. With the support of that faction, why would he hesitate over a youth? He had been too lazy to investigate Mo Wen's identity and background.

Because he knew, if that faction took action, Mo Wen would definitely die. How he died would also be impossible to be known. Even if there were people who would seek revenge, they would not find the Lu Clan.

Mo Wen laughed and asked, "Explanation? What explanation?"

"You dared to break my son's leg, so I'll cripple both of yours. Then, I'll make you kneel outside the Lu Clan Manor, bowing your head to apologize for three days and three nights. After that, whether you live or die will be up to your fate."

Lu Zhenkun's eyes were cold and dark. If Lu Zhenkun did not inflict bloody consequences on those who dared to insult him, other people might start to think he was easy to bully.

Once Wang Biao heard this, he inhaled a breath of cold air. This Lu Zhenkun was too cruel. As expected, there was no possibility of negotiation from the start.

"Injuring people to the point of crippling them is a crime. Could it be that the Lu Clan leader is not afraid of going to prison?" Mo Wen was still smiling as he said this, seemingly unaffected by Lu Zhenkun's words. He remained carefree and easy, not getting angry or incited.

"The law? Those with power and authority are the law. Forget crippling you. If I killed you, what could you do? And I guarantee that after killing you, the police will not be able to find evidence."

Lu Zhenkun looked mockingly at Mo Wen. After all these years of being the clan leader, he had lost count of how many strings he had pulled in the dark. And yet now, he was still at the helm of his large conglomerate.

Lu Wei looked at Mo Wen coldly as he laughed and said, "Mo Wen, I've said that I would make you wonder if it is better to live or die. In a while, you will know how it feels to be better off dead."

His eyes were full of hatred, as though he could not wait to skin Mo Wen alive.

"I don't understand. Where does the Lu Clan leader get his confidence from? Could it be from him? A retarded youth?"

Mo Wen laughed. His gaze shifted to the youth sitting beside Lu Zhenkun. His eyes were full of playfulness.

"Retarded youth?"

The corner of Lu Zhenkun's mouth twitched. He looked somewhat unnaturally at the youth who was sitting beside him sipping tea.

He actually dared to call Young Master Hu a retard! He was practically tired of living. He was beginning to fear whether Young Master Hu would tear down the manor in rage.

"Young Master Hu, don't bother with this brat. He is the retard…"

Lu Zhenkun laughed bitterly. His gaze was respectful as he looked at the youth beside him. This Mo Wen was so reckless. He had better not drag him into this.

Young Master Hu looked askance at Lu Zhenkun and said with a cold gaze, "I know, you don't need to repeat it."

Lu Zhenkun withdrew slightly, suddenly not daring to speak. His majesty and aura disappeared in front of this youth.

"What did you just say?" Young Master Hu put down the tea cup in his hand. His gaze slowly shifted to Mo Wen. The cold look in his eyes seemed to cause the temperature in the parlor to drop.

Wang Biao felt a chill down his spine. He subconsciously took a step back. The youth's gaze was too terrifying. It was as though it cast a bizarre spell, causing people to feel fear in their hearts uncontrollably.

"I said you are retarded. Could it be you don't understand human speech?"

Mo Wen looked playfully at the youth and smiled as he said, "Young man, the outside world is dangerous. If you don't know human speech, it will be troublesome."

"You want to die!"

Young Master Hu was so furious he wanted to explode. He slammed his palm down on the tea table, suddenly standing up. A cold, terrifying aura emanated from him, crashing into Mo Wen fiercely. It was like the parlor had been struck by a gust of wind, with items flying everywhere and furniture falling left and right.

The air turned extremely cold, as though they were on a glacier in Antarctica.

Standing beside Mo Wen, Wang Biao's face changed. His tall figure could not withstand the terrifying cold wind. His body flew backwards, slamming against a wall. His body was stiff from the cold, and he could not move at all.