Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Compensation of One Billion

Although Lu Zhenkun had not been able to move when faced with that mighty pressure, his face had gone white, his limbs had stiffened, and his entire body had basically been frozen in the ice-cold air.

As for Lu Wei, who was seated on the chair with a broken leg, he directly flipped onto the floor and rolled as far away as possible. When that broken leg smashed onto the ground, he cried out in pain.

Because of that youth's anger, the entire main hall had become a scene of chaos.

Mo Wen placed both his hands behind his back and calmly stood in the middle of the main hall. Everything was under control, and he seemed to not have been affected at all.

"A whole body of evilness and sternness… It's as if you're afraid that people won't know that you train in your Heretic techniques. If you're not retarded, who else is?"

Mo Wen looked at that graceful and restrained youth and smiled serenely.

"What did you say?"

That graceful and restrained youth had an imposing manner as he suddenly directed his gaze toward Mo Wen. His eyes narrowed, and a scary killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Could it be that he has noticed something?

That graceful and restrained youth exhaled. Under normal circumstances, that was basically something impossible. An ancient martial art practitioner could not possibly appear in a reputable family that dabbled in business, much less an ancient martial art practitioner that could recognize who he was.

Even if the average ancient martial art practitioner could feel that there was something not right about him, they would definitely not be able to pinpoint what it was and even more so, deduce his identity. He was afraid that the only people in the ancient martial arts world who would be able to find out about his identity were those with a certain status. This was because the average ancient martial art practitioner would not even know of their existence.

"I was just looking for you guys, but I never expected that you would come running over on your own accord. It's just nice. I will dispense with the formalities, then."

Mo Wen smiled coldly and extended his hand.

An invisible ripple emanated from his hand. In that moment, it dispersed the might of the graceful and restrained youth, overwhelming him in the blink of an eye.

"What is that?!"

The expression of that graceful and restrained youth changed drastically. After that invisible ripple had overwhelmed his body, his entire being immediately lost control. His entire body was unable to move, as if there were an invisible rope tying him down.

Oddly, his body was ascending little by little. He was levitating in the air before he gradually started flying over to Mo Wen.

The people in the main hall all had their mouths agape as they looked at this sight. They simply could not believe their eyes.

How could there be such a shocking sight? Could it be that they were in some science fiction movie?

Lu Zhenkun was in a better state. Because he had been in control of a huge organization, he had come across situations related to ancient martial art practitioners. However, the butler, Wang Biao, and Lu Wei were all scared out of their wits. The scene before their eyes was simply unbelievable.

"If you had maintained a low profile, you would not have fallen into my hands so easily. However, it did save me quite a bit of work."

Mo Wen reached out his hand to catch the graceful and restrained youth flying toward him. His mouth curled upwards, and he carried that graceful and restrained youth just as he would carry a chicken. Meanwhile, the youth was completely unable to move.

This youth was at most only at the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm. He could not be considered a master of any sort. Naturally, Mo Wen overpowered such people when he went against them.

Beforehand, Mo Wen had noticed that this youth had a very odd fluctuation of Inner Qi. Moreover, the Inner Qi was not the average Inner Qi. It had a mix of very rare Yin Qi. Perhaps the average ancient martial art practitioner would not recognize that Yin Qi, but how could Mo Wen not recognize it?

Only those who were training in some special techniques or who often interacted with ghosts would have such a Yin Qi.

Moreover, the Yin Qi in this youth was very similar to that of Xu Qianqian's weird older brother. The two of them were seemingly related in some way.

He could almost confirm already that this youth had some relation to the Heretic forces hiding in the depths of the capital.

Mo Wen had returned from the headquarters of Huatian Palace having just taken up the mission of investigating this organization. However, he had not expected to bump into the organization's people the moment he returned. How could he let such a good lead go?

"Who are you?"

The graceful and restrained youth tried his best to look at Mo Wen. There was fear in his eyes. This young man was too scary. Not only did he know his identity, he also had an unfathomable level of Cultivation. From the meaning in his words, it also seemed that he had come at them for a reason.

At the moment, his internal organs had all been bruised. If he had known earlier that the Lu Clan would trigger such a person, he would not have butted into their business.

"It doesn't matter who I am. I am more interested in your identity, or what the motive of the organization behind you is. However, it is still not the time to talk about that. We'll have a good, slow chat later."

Mo Wen's lips curled upwards into a smile. He slapped the graceful and restrained youth's head, immediately causing him to lose consciousness.

"Your backing seems to have fallen."

He casually tossed the graceful and restrained youth onto the floor. Mo Wen's gaze was directed toward Lu Zhenkun again, and there was a teasing look in his eyes.

"Young… Master… Mo… Let's… talk peacefully…"

Lu Zhenkun stood up trembling. His expression was stiff, and he was stuttering. Initially, he had thought that Young Master Hu would be able to very appropriately help him settle things with Mo Wen. He had even thought that with him by his side, it would not be impossible for them to cause some of Lu Group's competitors to collapse.

However, the current sight was not something that he could believe was happening in real life. The Young Master Hu, whom he thought of as very powerful, simply could not hold up against Mo Wen. He had not even put up a fight.

Just when had the Lu Clan triggered such a scary person?

The Lu Clan was just a simple business family. They did not have much understanding of ancient martial art practitioners. Although Lu Zhenkun was the Clan Leader, he also did not have much of an understanding of ancient martial art practitioners. To him, even an ancient martial art practitioner with the Soothing Pulse realm was a master that could not be offended.

After all, the Lu Clan was not like the Su Clan. The Su Clan had been rich for three generations and was a very powerful clan. They even had some ties in military affairs and politics. Meanwhile, the Lu Clan was only a business family that had popped up suddenly less than ten years ago.

The Lu Clan could not afford to offend people like Mo Wen. However, the Lu Clan could not afford to offend people like Young Master Hu, either. Hence, with the current situation, Lu Zhenkun did not know what to do.

Mo Wen looked at Lu Zhenkun smilingly and said, "Just now you said that you could kill me off, and the police would not even be able to find any evidence?" With his whole face smiling, he looked like a harmless good Samaritan.

"No… no… that was a joke… only a joke…"

Lu Zhenkun could not stop wiping the sweat that had appeared on his forehead. His lips had turned blue and currently, his internal organs had already been bruised. If he had known earlier, he would have just compensated Mo Wen with the 30 million, and all this would not have happened. Why did he have to go and get himself in trouble?

A lot had changed between now and then. Currently, even if Lu Zhenkun suddenly had a hundred times more guts, he would not even dare to go and trigger Mo Wen.

Kill him off? He was afraid that it was more likely that Mo Wen would actually kill off the entire Lu Clan and not leave behind any trace.

"Initially, I had only wanted you to compensate me with 30 million. But now…"

Mo Wen smiled before saying emotionlessly, "Now that you have threatened me and caused me some shock, you have to compensate me with a billion for the harm that it has done to my well-being. Only then can this be settled."

"A billion!"

Lu Zhenkun exhaled a breath of cold air. Although the Lu Clan was a big family with an established business and quite a number of properties, a billion was not a small sum. It was equivalent to an entire half of the Lu Group's current cash flow. If they paid it to Mo Wen, the Lu Group would immediately be faced with a financial crisis.

Perhaps later on, should their business's competitors also do something, the Lu Group would become even worse off, and it was not impossible that they could collapse entirely.

"Not compensating?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, and his tone became hostile.

"We'll compensate! We'll compensate no matter how much…"

Lu Zhenkun gritted his teeth. At the moment, he could only grit his teeth and swallow all his grievances. The Lu Clan could not afford to offend the youth before his eyes at all. It was hard to say, but he may have even exterminated the entire house in a fit of anger.

When faced with these people with extraordinary abilities, one could not hold back when doing anything. Previously, he had witnessed someone being disrespectful to Young Master Hu. In the end, Young Master Hu had massacred that person's entire family.

Afterwards, although there were police investigating, there was no evidence at all. Were they able to trace it back to Young Master Hu? No, and it was simply no use at all trying to do so.

Instead of the group's properties, he was more afraid of Mo Wen doing such destructive things to them.

However, Lu Zhenkun did not know that in reality, the world had an organization called Huatian Palace that was in charge of maintaining the order of the ancient martial arts world. Hence, the average ancient martial art practitioners did not dare to simply kill off an entire clan of people.

The moment Huatian Palace found out about it, they would similarly be caught. There were many missions in Huatian Palace, and many of them were just catching those ancient martial art practitioners who broke rules or did wrong.

Almost every year, the Executors of Huatian Palace would catch many ancient martial art practitioners who did not adhere to the rules. The number came up to hundreds and thousands of them. In the end, one may well imagine that those ancient martial art practitioners could even be sentenced to death if they had caused too big of an impact.

For example, Demoness Gong had continuously killed again and again. Hence, she made her way directly into the Savages List. It was equivalent to a death sentence issued by Huatian Palace.

Young Master Hu had dared to kill people so liberally because the Heretic forces were already on opposing sides with Huatian Palace. The Huatian Palace would have tracked them down whether or not he had killed off an entire clan of people.

"Young Master Mo, can you defer the payment a little with regards to the compensation? A billion is really too much. Our Lu Group will not be able to get such a big amount all at once," Lu Zhenkun said with a very sullen face. If he took out a billion from the group, it would be a miracle if the group did not get into trouble.

If he was able to defer it for a bit, he could think of a way to speed up the turnover, and it would not be impossible to take a billion out. He could also ensure that the group would have a continuous cash flow.

"I'll give you half a month. If the money hasn't reached me within half a month, you will have to bear the consequences."

Mo Wen looked at Lu Zhenkun emotionlessly. He picked up the graceful and restrained youth who had lost consciousness and turned around to walk out of the Lu Clan Manor. He did not have much interest in dealing with a normal business family. As long as they could pay him the money, he would leave this issue alone.

"Young Master Mo, just now, you were just so wise and mighty, very powerful, without a worthy opponent in the world…"

Wang Biao climbed up from the ground. He followed behind Mo Wen like a leech. After the previous scene, his respect for Mo Wen had reached its peak. His admiration for him was a mess, and there was only one thought in his mind: there really is a superman that exists in the world…

Mo Wen waved his hand and impatiently cut Wang Biao off. "Don't spout so much nonsense. Find me a car and bring it over. Then, arrange for a quieter room for me."

With Wang Biao's linguistic ability, his words used in sucking up to Mo Wen were cringeworthy. However, the fact that he could even say so many adjectives was already somewhat impressive.