Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Extort Confession through Torture

Wang Biao nodded vigorously. "Alright, alright, I will arrange it immediately." Now, he would treat whatever Mo Wen said like an Imperial edict to be executed with all his might.

After a short while, a car appeared in front of Mo Wen. Mo Wen threw the feminine youngster directly into the trunk and then sealed all the acupoints on his body. After ensuring that he couldn't escape, he got into the car and drove out of Lu Clan Manor.

In a dimly lit room in a small house near the Ice World Ice Skating Rink, Mo Wen sat on a chair in the shadows. On the ground at a short distance from him lay a youngster. He was the feminine youngster from the Heretic organization.

Mo Wen gripped a golden needle in his hand and flicked his fingers. The golden needle's radiance flashed and pierced the feminine youngster's temple.

The next moment, the feminine youngster trembled and gradually opened his eyes, looking perplexed.

Mo Wen asked indifferently, "Your organization has been hiding in the Capital. For what purpose?" His voice was deep and low, and contained a weird charm that enticed anyone to unknowingly reveal what they had in mind.

"Purpose…? I don't know…"

The feminine youngster blinked perplexedly while his lifeless eyes glanced at Mo Wen as though he had lost his soul and had become the walking dead.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. He doesn't know? A young expert in the Sea of Qi realm doesn't even know what exactly the organization's purpose is? What their secret is?

Just now, he had used a special method of extorting confession. Those who had Cultivation much lower than his simply couldn't help but tell the truth. Therefore, the chance of the feminine youngster lying to him was very slim. However, since he was not lying and didn't know the reason the Heretic organization was hiding in the Capital, there could only be one explanation, that was this youngster's rank was too low, so he didn't know those secretive matters.

"Tell me whatever you know," Mo Wen muttered while whipping out another golden needle. A golden gleam flashed and pierced the body of the feminine youngster. For security's sake, he had added a restraining technique.

Those who practiced the Heretical techniques, especially those Heretical techniques related to the ghosts and spirits, originally had some special abilities, and some of them were freaky and very weird. If one was not careful, one might fall for their tricks.

Just now, that golden needle he used had sealed the feminine youngster's Cultivation. With his weak Cultivation, he wouldn't be able to break away from his restraint.

After half an hour, Mo Wen stood up without any expression and cast a cold look at the feminine youngster. Then, he hit youngster's forehead with his palm. A streak of golden firelight spread from his hand and instantaneously covered the feminine youngster's whole body.

Under the burning golden flame, the feminine youngster's body melted at a speed that the naked eye could see. In an instant, he became a pile of ashes.

In the room, nothing had been burned, and the wooden flooring was completely undamaged. There was only a pile of ashes on the ground to prove that a living person had been burned.

Mo Wen's control of the Fire of Nine Yang had increased with his Cultivation, and he was getting more skilful as time passed. This was especially the case after he had obtained the heritage from the 34th generation Ming Cult Leader, from which he had a completely new understanding and epiphany about the Nine Yang and Nine Yin Divine Techniques.

Outside of the dim room, there was a small alley. Nearby there was a quiet, low-rise residential area, with only the occasional passersby on the road.

Mo Wen hadn't gotten any useful information from the interrogation just now. That youngster's position was too low in the Heretic organization, so he didn't know much. He only knew that the organization seemed to be organizing a business activity.

Business activity?

Mo Wen curled his lips, as it was not something the Heretic organization would have any pleasure doing. They were not businessmen, so there must be some secret involved.

However, that youngster only knew that the Heretic organization was lacking money. It ordered all its members to approach the leaders of various businesses with the intention of obtaining a large amount of money from them.

The feminine youngster's appearance in Lu Clan Manor was for this purpose. He obviously had eyed the Lu Clan's wealth.

Mo Wen glanced at the sunshine outside and furrowed his brows contemplatively.

The people of the Heretic organization had appeared in the Xu Clan previously, and now they had also appeared in the Lu Clan. These two Clans were both big business clans.

From there, one could deduce that the Heretic organization indeed was very interested in businessmen, so perhaps this feminine youngster's statement was true. This organization was lacking money, so they had to mingle with those business clans.

Why is the Heretic organization lacking money? What do they intend to do? What could require so much money?

However, he didn't have any answers. At the moment, he obviously couldn't report back to Huatian Palace having obtained so little information. He had to get to the bottom of the Heretic organization's purpose.

Mo Wen didn't talk to Wang Biao before he left the little house. He went alone and took a taxi back to the school.

Now, he could only set this matter aside and contact Xu Qianqian later to see if he could get new leads. Xu Qianqian's second brother was not simple, so perhaps it would be possible to find out something from him.

In the evening, the sun set in the west.

When Mo Wen returned to the school, classes were already done for the day. He gave Qin Xiaoyou a call and asked her out, as he had not seen her since he had been back.

Mo Wen was bored sitting on the horizontal bar in the field. He looked at those scattered passersby at a distance and watched those students who were playing basketball on the basketball court. After classes had ended in the evening, it was time for the students to relax.

In a short while, Qin Xiaoyou came running from the school building opposite the field with excitement on her face. "Mo Wen, when did you get back? Didn't you apply for ten days' leave?"

She thought Mo Wen would be away for a long time. She sent him messages that were unanswered, and her calls hadn't gotten through, but Mo Wen had returned unexpectedly on the second day, so to her it was a pleasant surprise.

"Everything went smoothly, so I'm back earlier."

Mo Wen smiled and extended his hand to hold Qin Xiaoyou's hand. With just a light pull, she jumped nimbly onto the horizontal bar and sat beside Mo Wen.

Qin Xiaoyou was not a weak girl. She had attained good results during the military training.

Qin Xiaoyou grabbed Mo Wen's arm and asked with unlimited affection, "Did you miss me?"

Mo Wen glanced at Qin Xiaoyou, smiled, and said, "A single day apart seemed like three years." Suddenly, he realized that Qin Xiaoyou was becoming more womanly. She used to be an inexperienced little girl, but now she seemed to have changed a lot.

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and grumbled, "You're joking! You didn't miss me. If you had missed me, you would have given me a call." Talk about not calling me immediately... I can't even get through on his phone.

"Don't you know some places have no internet, no water, no electricity, and no signal? The heart is willing, but the power is weak," Mo Wen said helplessly.

"Could you have gone to the virgin forests to accompany the tigers and monkeys? There is such a place in civilized society?"

"Of course. You just don't know it."


They sat on the horizontal bar, putting their heads on each other's shoulders until the sun set completely. Then, they jumped down from the horizontal bar.

Mo Wen curled his lips and said, "Stay with me tonight," while smoothing Qin Xiaoyou's hair, which had been mussed by the light breeze.

"Huh…" Qin Xiaoyou was dazed for a moment after hearing him. Then, she lowered her head slowly with her face totally blushing until her head was almost buried in her bosom.

What's the meaning of Mo Wen's words? Could he be thinking of…

Qin Xiaoyou's heart was palpitating rapidly, and her body stiffened slightly. Although she was prepared mentally long ago, she was absolutely nervous now that Mo Wen had said it.

"Don't think wildly. I am going to guide you in your practice tonight." Mo Wen patted Qin Xiaoyou's head amusedly. Xiaoyou was practicing the Nine Yin Scripture. If she were to lose her virginity too early, it would lead to a leak of Yin Qi, so it wouldn't be beneficial to her practice. She was not Demoness Gong, who had practiced to a very high Cultivation.

After leaving for two days, Qin Xiaoyou's Cultivation had improved quite a lot. She is really a good talent for practicing ancient martial arts. If I hadn't had outside help in the past, I wouldn't be as good as she is.

"Aw, why didn't you say that earlier?" Qin Xiaoyou glared at Mo Wen with embarrassment and anger. Speaking in such an ambiguous way had made her imagination run wild for a while.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. "You obviously like allowing your imagination to run wild with lewd thoughts. How could you blame me…"

"Because you are too lewd and are a b*stard who causes others to have their imagination run wild…" Qin Xiaoyou snorted and bit her lips as though she had some things in her heart that she hadn't said. Anyway, it was Mo Wen's bad.

"You dare to call me a b*stard? You dare to be rude to your boyfriend? See how I will discipline you…"

Mo Wen furrowed his brows and looked threatening, as if he were going to pounce on Qin Xiaoyou at any moment.

"Scoundrel, catch me if you can."

Qin Xiaoyou laughed before running away quickly, and soon she was a distance away as though she had used her inner power. She obviously had some insights on the use of inner power.

Mo Wen's lips twitched a little. It would be simple to catch her...

However, he was too lazy to do so. He put his arms behind his back and followed behind Qin Xiaoyou at a leisurely pace.

Qin Xiaoyou ran for a while and realized that Mo Wen hadn't come after her. Suddenly, she stopped and angrily grumbled that Mo Wen was a spoilsport.

Mo Wen walked in front of Qin Xiaoyou, smiled, and asked calmly, "Not running anymore?"

Hmph! Qin Xiaoyou turned her head aside and didn't answer Mo Wen.

That night, Qin Xiaoyou didn't return to her dormitory. For the first time in her campus life, she didn't sleep in her dormitory, either.

That afternoon, Mo Wen had instructed Wang Biao to rent a place with a good environment near Hua Xia University. It was not an apartment in the commercial building but a small compound. The compound had a courtyard with trees, flowers, and grasses, and its environment was quiet and beautiful. There were many rooms, and it could accommodate a few people.

At night, Mo Wen stayed with Qin Xiaoyou in a small attic and started to teach her the techniques of the practice.

Practicing ancient martial arts, like many things, needed to be learned systematically. Without a master's guidance, one would take a lot of detours on the path of practice.

With Qin Xiaoyou's self-practice previously, she had muddled through and accidentally gotten to the Regulated Breathing realm, which was a very rare thing.