Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 233

Chapter 233: The Banquet

If you gave a normal person an ancient martial arts method, they would probably not know how to practice it. Even if they tried to practice it by mimicking it, they would not achieve much.

Qin Xiaoyou was considered an absolute talent, as she seemed to have an innate ability for practice. She could comprehend things that she had clearly not come into contact with before. That ability to comprehend was strange, sometimes even unexplainable.

Because of this, Mo Wen prepared to properly develop Qin Xiaoyou, thinking that maybe one day he could train an absolute master! After all, the Nine Yin Scripture was originally a peerless martial arts method. Since Qin Xiaoyou was so compatible with practicing the Nine Yin Scripture, her future was certainly not going to be a simple one. Of course, she first had to be willing to continue to practice hard, not just practice for fun.

After a night, Mo Wen explained the fundamental basics of practice to Qin Xiaoyou. Naturally, the things he lectured on the first day would not be too difficult. He did not want to spoil things by undue haste, teaching her too many advanced things from the start.

As everything had its cycle of gradual improvement to persevere and last, practice was also like this. So, Mo Wen requested that Qin Xiaoyou move out and live outside the school in the future. This made it more convenient for him to instruct her every day.

Qin Xiaoyou had no objections to such an arrangement. Instead, she very enthusiastically agreed. Mo Wen was very satisfied with Qin Xiaoyou's taking it seriously.

The next morning, Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou went to school for classes, just as they did before. Then, they finished classes and went home together. When he had time, Mo Wen would instruct Qin Xiaoyou in her practice. As such, the following three days were spent productively.

To Mo Wen's surprise, Qin Xiaoyou was especially diligent in her practice. It was completely different from what he had imagined.

Before this, Qin Xiaoyou did not like to practice. She seemed uninterested in things that involved fighting and killing. But now, it was as though she was a different person. Every day she was very hardworking, practicing once she had the time. Otherwise, she would research the way of martial arts, or ask Mo Wen for guidance.

Seeing this naturally made Mo Wen very happy. If she could become an ancient martial arts practitioner, it meant that Qin Xiaoyou would be able to sufficiently protect herself in the future. He would not need to worry so much.

Normally, aside from practice, Qin Xiaoyou also liked to arrange the flowers and plants in the small courtyard. Otherwise, she would decorate their rooms. Later, she began to cook by herself, becoming more and more like a housewife.

Mo Wen still rarely went to school for classes, because classes to him were a waste of time. But Qin Xiaoyou insisted on going, never skipping classes and remaining a good student in the eyes of the teachers.

Mo Wen lay on a wicker chair in the small courtyard, looking through the green leaves at the sunset outside. He was enjoying the leisure of the evening.

Qin Xiaoyou had gone to school. At this time, she was most likely almost home.

He spent the time for classes on practice. In reality, Qin Xiaoyou was diligent at practice, but Mo Wen's practice was even moreso. Xiaoyou had no pressure on her, but Mo Wen did. 

When he had the leisure time, he had researched all of the Ming Cult's martial arts teachings that he had inherited. He was especially focused on the practice of magnum opuses, like The Heaven and Earth Great Shift and Tai Yin Claws.

However, Mo Wen's current cultivation was too low. He had no way of practicing some of the Ming Cult's magnum opuses. The Tai Yin Claws was one such magnum opus that he could not practice. Most likely, he had to reach the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, only then could he master it. 

After all, the Tai Yin Claws was a magnum opus that the Ming Cult's Sacred Maiden could only practice at the Embryonic Breathing realm. His current self, compared to the Embryonic Breathing realm, was still too far off.

As for The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, he had practiced till the fourth stage, having made considerable progress. But the fifth stage was a bit difficult. Maybe, when his cultivation was high enough, he could gradually master it.

"Mo Wen, did you know that Wang Yuan from our class has found a girlfriend? Weren't the two of you close?"

Qin Xiaoyou walked into the small courtyard, carrying a little bag. Seeing Mo Wen lying on the wicker chair, she smiled and said this. Back in the days of their military training, Mo Wen's and Wang Yuan's relationship seemed to be quite good. However, after that, Mo Wen frequently skipped classes, disappearing every day, so their communications became few and far between.

"Wang Yuan found a girlfriend? Didn't the brat like you? Back then, he was chasing after you. He seems to have said something along the lines of not wanting to marry anyone else but you. How is it that he has broken faith so quickly?"

Mo Wen laughed and said. Back then, Wang Yuan had spent quite a while thinking about Qin Xiaoyou, but Qin Xiaoyou did not bother with him in the slightest. In the end, he could only become a tragic side character.

"What are you saying? You have nothing nice to say! It's as though you wish that he was chasing after me."

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. In reality, after their military training ended, Wang Yuan had not really contacted her.

"What kind of girlfriend did he find?" Mo Wen asked out of curiosity.

"A senior sister from the Chinese Department. She is quite a gentle and quiet person."

Qin Xiaoyou dropped her bag in her room, then carried a basin of clear water out, minding her own business as she watered the flowers and plants in the courtyard.

"He managed to get a senior sister? That guy is incredible. Is the senior sister beautiful?" 

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows., wondering aloud. After all, school had barely begun and he had already hooked up with a girlfriend!

"She is okay, quite delicate and pretty."

Qin Xiaoyou tilted her head in deep thought, then glared at Mo Wen, saying, "Why do you care whether she is beautiful or not?"

"I'm just curious."

Mo Wen laughed dryly. He truly was just a bit curious. After all, he did not consider Wang Yuan to be a very charming man. He was incompetent in many ways. Back then, when he was trying to hook up with Qin Xiaoyou, his combat power was too low.

"Tonight, Wang Yuan is treating us to dinner. He said that I must drag you along. So, tonight I did not buy groceries. If you want to have dinner, you will just have to follow me."

Qin Xiaoyou threw her hands up in front of Mo Wen. Normally, before she came back home, she would go to the nearby market to buy groceries for dinner. But tonight, they were going out for dinner, so she did not buy anything.

"Then, let's go. I am also curious as to what kind of girlfriend that brat Wang Yuan managed to hook up with."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. Tonight Qin Xiaoyou was not making dinner, so if he didn't go, he wouldn't have any dinner to eat.

The Baoli Grand Hotel was a famous five star hotel in the capital. Normally, the kind of people who could dine and stay in the Baoli Grand Hotel had a lot of money.

Wang Yuan's family background wasn't bad. It was said that his family ran a business with quite a number of assets. So, he was a bonafide Second Generation Rich. Usually, his spending was also generous. So, when he was treating people to a meal, he naturally would not be stingy, and would directly make a reservation for a big box at a five star hotel.

"Not bad. This place is brilliant and has a great ambience. Having a meal here costs quite a bit, right?"

Mo Wen stood at the entrance to the Baoli Grand Hotel. He was looking at the big building in front of him, clicking his tongue as he spoke.

There weren't many wealthy people among the students. Although he wasn't in class often, he knew a bit about the people in his class. Many of them were just ordinary folks.

Those that could treat the whole class to dinner in a five star hotel such as this were naturally almost non-existent. The gap between the poor and wealthy was drastic.

Mo Wen was not really trying to point out how wealthy Wang Yuan was. Instead, he was commenting on the gap between the wealthy and the poor in their class. Many of their classmates had probably never eaten at such a high class hotel before.

Choosing to treat classmates to a meal at such a place would cause him to be suspected of showing off his wealth. On this point, Wang Yuan had acted very inappropriately.

A normal student coming to such a place would inevitably feel uncomfortable and out of place. Hence, during this meal, the people who could feel free and relaxed would probably be few. If it was the old him, he would probably not even dare to enter such a nice hotel, as he would have inevitably have had an inferiority complex.

"Aiya, let's go."

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, then pulled his hand and walked into the hotel. She was surprisingly gracious, not at all feeling out of place.

After walking around, under the guidance of the hotel attendant, they finally arrived at the location of the reserved box. At the moment, there were a number of people in the box. Many of their classmates had rushed over earlier.

Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou walked in together, attracting quite a lot of gazes. This was not surprising, as Qin Xiaoyou was the class beauty, as well as the school's beauty. Her popularity had always been very high. Anywhere she went, she would be the center of attention.

As for Mo Wen, he was known by his classmates as the guy who kept skipping classes. He was elusive, like a legendary dragon. Normally, it was rare to even see him. So, once he appeared, he was treated as a rare guest, attracting many gazes.

"Mo Wen, you finally decided to show up. Inviting you anywhere is harder than inviting the gods!"

Wang Yuan laughed, as he walked over, slapping Mo Wen on the shoulder as he spoke to him teasingly. He and Mo Wen had always been friends.

"Wang Yuan, today you suddenly look more handsome. Your seem to have covered up your usual poor dwarfish appearance nicely."

Mo Wen glanced at Wang Yuan, his eyes almost blinded by him. This Wang Yuan sure could tidy himself up...

Today, Wang Yuan was dressed extremely well. His entire body, from top to bottom, was meticulously dressed. His hair, clothes, and shoes could not be faulted.

Was he treating people to a meal? Or was this an engagement party? Or was he a groom?

This is a little too much.

"Mo Wen, your filthy mouth cannot utter a decent language. Don't sully me. Your brother's spring has arrived. Being a little more particular is normal, right? Understand and accept it…"

Wang Yuan laughed bitterly. Today, Mo Wen was not the only person who was teasing him.

Also, he had realized that today's event had been a bit too publicized. Before this, he had not thought about it too much. After all, it was a meal, which would serve to announce his relationship with Qin Xiaoyuan, and also to introduce her to his classmates. To him, this was not a trivial thing, so he naturally would not carry it out too casually. 

"I'm getting more and more curious about your girlfriend."

Mo Wen laughed.

What kind of woman could Wang Yuan attach such importance to? Could it be that he had found a goddess and his spring had truly come?

With Wang Yuan guiding them, Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou found a place to sit. Their class had over thirty people in it. A large table was enough to seat everyone, so there was no distinction between the main table and any others.

"I'm going to the washroom."

Qin Xiaoyou moved closer to Mo Wen's ear and quietly said. She wanted to touch up her makeup in the washroom. Today, she came as Mo Wen's partner, so she had to look her best. The last thing she wanted to do was to cause Mo Wen to lose face.

After all, today's protagonist was Wang Yuan's girlfriend, who was also a female. And, as a female, Qin Xiaoyou naturally was inevitably comparing herself with her.