Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 234

Chapter 234: The Four Young Mistresses of the Qin Clan

Wang Yuan called out to his schoolmates. Almost all of his schoolmates had come, but there were a few who had not. As for why they had not come, Mo Wen had a little inside information.

Other than their classmates, there were a few others whom he did not know, as they were not from their class. They were the friends of Wang Yuan's girlfriend.

It was actually Wang Yuan's girlfriend whom he had yet to see. In the private room, there didn't seem to be anyone who fit the status of being Wang Yuan's girlfriend.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, a girl entered from outside. In her hand was a little handbag. Her looks were refreshing. She had short hair, wore glasses, had a refined appearance, and dressed very appropriately. The first impression she gave others was one of an intellectual.

She walked over to Wang Yuan and affectionately wrapped her arms around his neck. Then, she whispered something in his ear. The action was very ambiguous.

Mo Wen raised his brows. That woman seemed to be Wang Yuan's girlfriend. He scanned her up and down. From her outer appearance, she gave others quite a good impression.

"Mo Wen, she's called Liao Yuan. A second-year student from the Chinese Language Faculty. As for her other identity, I don't have to go into too much detail, right?"

Wang Yuan took Liao Yuan's hand and smiled as he walked over to Mo Wen to personally introduce his girlfriend.

"That's right, both of you are Yuan's. Your names are really suitable," Mo Wen's lips curled up into a smile.

"Hello, I'm very glad to meet you. Wang Yuan has always said that he gets along rather well with you."

That girl called Liao Yuan was very polite as she extended her hand to shake Mo Wen's.

The moment he shook hands with Liao Yuan, Mo Wen subtly furrowed his brows and looked at her pensively.

Although this woman looked quiet and reserved on the surface, she was not at all well-behaved in reality. From the moment they shook hands, Mo Wen noticed that there was a huge mix of auras in Liao Yuan's body. The loss of her Yin Qi was serious, as it had been mixed with the auras of many males.

It could be seen that this woman was not very reserved in her personal life. She had interacted with many men before, and the number was not less than ten.

Mo wen looked over at Wang Yuan but slowly sat down and did not say anything. He could not say such things to him so explicitly. As of now, he was still unclear whether Wang Yuan even knew about it and just what attitude he had towards it.

He could only wait to have a private chat with him about it when he had the time.

He had just sat down when fighting sounds came from outside the private room. There was the faint sound of Qin Xiaoyou's voice, as if she were engaged in a scuffle with someone.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows and immediately stood up to walk outside.

In the corridor outside the private room, there was a thick red carpet rolled out. At the moment, there were quite a number of people gathered on the carpet, blocking the two ends of the path.

In the middle of the crowd that had gathered, the faint voices of two women could be heard.

"Little slut, you've dirtied my clothes. How are you going to compensate me?"

In the center of the crowd, there was a proud woman dressed in stunning black formal attire. She was wearing silver stilettos, and her entire body was adorned with glittering jewels. She was currently glaring at Qin Xiaoyou with a hostile and icy expression.

That woman's appearance was only average, but she had dressed up gorgeously. Her makeup was thick and colorful, and her entire body was glittering with silver and gold. Her nouveau riche aura was suffocating, as if she were afraid that people would not know of her wealth.

There was a large group of people standing behind her. They seemed to be her entourage and were all pointing fingers at Qin Xiaoyou. They looked very arrogant and some had even hurled insults at her.

However, anyone could tell that these people were just sucking up to their owner.

"Just now, it was clearly you who bumped directly into me. Are you even being reasonable?"

Qin Xiaoyou glared angrily at that woman whose makeup was thick and colorful. Her small face had turned entirely red with anger. She had just finished touching up her makeup and come out of the washroom when this woman seemed to not have eyes as she carried a glass of red wine and walked with her nose in the air. In the end, she had knocked into Qin Xiaoyou.

Hence, that glass of red wine immediately spilled and stained the two women's clothes.

However, more than half of the red wine that had come spewing out landed on Qin Xiaoyou, dirtying her clean shirt and skirt. Yet, that woman had not apologized and even shifted the blame onto her. Now, she was even asking her for compensation. It was really the first time that she had come across such an unreasonable person.

"So what if I knocked into you? Is your outfit worth a lot? You should really have a look at yourself. Such a country bumpkin. Today, me bumping into you is already giving you face. Don't be more shameless. This evening gown was personally designed for me by a master Italian fashion designer. It is worth 200,000 US dollars. Even if I sold you off, you wouldn't be able to pay for it."

That arrogant woman laughed coldly. She looked down at Qin Xiaoyou, as if she were a high and mighty empress despising a peasant.

"That's right, that's right. A little girl who doesn't know her own limits. Just what status is Miss Qin, and where do you stand? Are you still not going to hurry and apologize to Miss Qin. Miss Qin is magnanimous and kind, she may just let you off this time."

"Country bumpkin, you have gotten yourself into trouble today. If Miss Qin wants to get rid of you, it would be as easy for her as stepping on ants."

"Are you still not going to quickly kowtow and admit your faults? You're really tired of living…"


The surrounding people were basically all supporting the arrogant woman and sucking up to her. They were all acting high and mighty, taking turns attacking Qin Xiaoyou.

"You all…"

Qin Xiaoyou pointed at the group of people before her eyes. She could not vocalize anything for a long time because of her anger. In the world, there were actually still these kinds of people who were so unreasonable, shameless, horrible, and unable to differentiate right from wrong.

"Qin Xiaoyou, you had better admit your mistake to Miss Qin Fangshu. Perhaps Miss Qin will be kind and magnanimous as to look past your mistake."

Among the crowd, there was actually someone who recognized Qin Xiaoyou. At this moment, he stood out to say something.

This person was not just anyone. He was the He Mingge who had been taught a lesson by Mo Wen at the school gate previously. Currently, he was standing by Miss Qin. He looked a lot more humble and not as arrogant as he had that day.

"You know her?"

Miss Qin raised her eyebrows, and her gaze actually left Qin Xiaoyou for a while as it was directed at He Mingge suspiciously.

"She's a student from my school. We have had the fate of meeting once before."

He Mingge looked bright as he laughed dryly.

"Only one meeting? This woman's face is so attractive, almost like a vixen's. You dare to step out and talk to her. Could there be some unspeakable relationship between the two of you?" Qin Fangshu said as she laughed coldly. Although this woman was a little slutty and annoying, she actually looked very pleasing. As a fellow woman, there was a thick feeling of jealousy welling up within her.

He Mingge was now Qin Fangshu's paramour. If he dared have any relations with other women, she would break his legs afterwards.

"Not at all, really not at all. I have only met with Qin Xiaoyou once. If you don't believe me, you can just ask those friends of mine."

He Mingge desperately shook his head in denial. He did not want to offend the mad woman.

In reality, he had wanted to have some unspeakable relationship with Qin Xiaoyou, but he really did not have one. It was still alright if Qin Fangshu had identified other women. After all, he had played around with quite a number of women before. However, identifying Qin Xiaoyou made him feel very indignant.

"Is that so?"

Qin Fangshu glanced past He Mingge, and her mouth curled up into a cold smile. She knew He Mingge's style of living very well, but it did not matter. She was also playing around. Although this pretty boy was a little bit tainted, his looks were still rather attractive.

He Mingge gritted his teeth and said, "Not at all." Though currently there was nothing between him and Qin Xiaoyou, even if there had been, he would not have admitted to it at that point in time.

He had put in a lot of effort in order to insert himself into the Qin Clan. Every day, he followed behind this mad woman and sucked up to her. He was living a life without any dignity. If it were not for the benefit he was eyeing, he would rather be dead than be by this mad woman's side.

After all, he, He Mingge, was the young master of the He Clan. If it were not for the huge gap in their statuses, he would not have humbled himself.

"Little slut, on account of the fact that my pretty boy knows you, you can just kowtow three times, admit your mistake, and I won't hold anything against you. As for my dirtied clothes, you wouldn't be able to compensate me for them even if you were to be sold. I'll just be kind and generous to not get a poor wretch like you to pay me back."

Qin Fangshu crossed her arms and looked at Qin Xiaoyou coldly. There was a group of people surrounding Qin Xiaoyou. It was as if she could not leave if she did not kowtow and admit her mistakes at once.

"You're being so unreasonable…"

Qin Xiaoyou was so furious that her whole body was trembling. Asking her to kowtow and admit her mistakes! This person was such an unreasonable bully.

"Unreasonable? I'll tell you now, I make my own principles. Do you believe me if I say that you can forget about walking out of the Baoli Grand Hotel today if you don't humble yourself and kowtow to me?"

Qin Fangshu let out a cold humph. It had been a very long time since she had encountered someone who dared to reason with her. At any time, the words she spoke were the words of reason!

A lofty coughing sound rang out from within the crowd. "Ahem, would you believe me if I said that I will strip you of all your clothes and throw you onto the streets?"

Following that, the people who had been surrounding Qin Xiaoyou fell to both sides one by one. It was as if there were an invisible hand pushing them down.

A youth walked out from among the crowd. On his way, he had to step past the fallen people on the ground. He walked over to Qin Xiaoyou and pulled her into his embrace.

"Mo Wen!"

Upon seeing Mo Wen, Qin Xiaoyou's tears immediately rolled down. She indignantly curled up in Mo Wen's embrace. The surrounding people were all against her, and it was the first time she had witnessed such a scenario.

"Don't be afraid, it's just a b*tch with rabies on the loose, biting people indiscriminately."

Mo Wen patted Qin Xiaoyou's head. This little girl was still lacking in training. She obviously had rather good Cultivation in ancient martial arts. Yet, she had still tried to reason things out with them. For him, he would have just directly sent a slap across to them.

"What did you say?"

Qin Fangshu glared at Mo Wen. She pointed at him, and there was a cold look in her eyes. He had dared call her a b*tch. Since when had all these wretched peasants become so daring and lawless?

Mo Wen's mouth curled upwards. He looked at the woman in the thick and colorful makeup as he said calmly, "B*tch, are you deaf? That's right. Normally, dogs can't understand human language. Especially dogs with rabies."

This woman did not look all that bad. However, that thickly caked makeup was not worthy of compliments. She looked like a shrew in it.

This sort of woman with an extreme air of arrogance thought that with her little bit of status, the entire world would be unable to mess with her. She thus belonged to the group of the most foolish and stupid women.

He could only say that her luck was good for being able to have lived so long.

"Good, very good. Catch this lowly couple. Later on, I will make their lives a living hell."

The look on Qin Fangshu's face was savage. There was darkness in her eyes as if she had actually committed such extreme acts. This sort of woman was wicked and merciless, and as cruel as a snake, such that she was capable of anything at all.