Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Inevitable Meeting of Arch Enemies

Qin Fangshu's face turned sinister. A person who was so heedless of consequences must bored of living!

After she had spoken, those bootlickers who were waiting around rushed forward, as if they wouldn't have any reservations, as long as they were following this woman's orders. They went forward aggressively to catch someone brazenly in broad daylight.

"To capture someone is a criminal offence! Don't you have any respect for the law?"

Qin Xiaoyou's voluptuous bosom rose and fell continuously, as she was very angry that these people were so unruly and contemptuous of the laws in this world!

"Exactly. Don't you still have any respect for the law?"

Mo Wen parroted her, while looking at Qin Xiaoyou, amused. Qin Xiaoyou's social circle had been small, ever since her youth, and she had limited contact with the things of society, having spent most of her time in school.

"Law? I am the law!"

Qin Fangshu laughed coldly. After hearing her, the surrounding people flocked forward, elbowing one another to be the first. so as not to miss the chance to perform.

"Little beauty, come over obediently, and I will serve you well later."

A quick-witted middle-aged man with a potbelly rushed forward in front of the rest, then extended his fat hand claw towards Qin Xiaoyou with a lascivious look that would make any little girl cry.

In terms of appearance, this little beauty before him was way better than Miss Qin. Facing a beauty of this level, normally he would pretend to be a gentleman and think of ways to trick her later.

However, he wouldn't dare to have such behavior now, as he was beside Miss Qin, a crazy woman who would ask the mirror narcissistically everyday, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

In front of her, who was obviously so narcissistic, he wouldn't dare show much interest in any other woman, not to mention praising one. Therefore, not only could he not show any gentlemanlike manners, he must also behave very ruthlessly and show absolutely no affection towards this beauty. However, it didn't matter, because when this beauty ended up in his hands, the result would be the same. He would have the chance to take advantage of her without any reservation!

However, before his pig-like claw could touch Qin Xiaoyou, his eyes suddenly went blurry, and a person appeared in front of him. The next moment, an excruciating pain came from his hand, the sudden agony causing him to scream uncontrollably.

His loud shrieks resonated continuously. They sounded miserable. One of Mo Wen's hands grabbed the wrist of the fat middle-aged man, crushing his hand bone, which gave out a crisp cracking sound.

The fat middle-aged man's encounter caused the rest, who were also rushing forward, to halt, one after another. The miserable shrieks made their hearts tremble, causing them all to lose their aggressive manners instantly.

After all, fighting was not their forte. Miss Qin organized the party today, and they were just the invited guests. In terms of fighting, their bodyguards would definitely be better than them.

In the blink of an eye, the hand of Mr. Zhang from the Gentle Ocean Group was being broken straightaway. That youngster was not careless in his attack, and he was also being a little too violent!

"What are you looking at? You all must charge together and catch those two lowly guys!" Qi Fangshu instructed coldly.

That youngster actually dared to retaliate! I will definitely kill him later.

Mo Wen laughed coldly, before kicking the fat middle-aged man in his potbelly and sending him flying out, his body rolling more than ten meters away. Having no way of turning back, the people who intended to catch Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou by outnumbering them, stopped suddenly.

"A group of good-for-nothings! Move to the side."

Qin Fangshu looked extremely awful, as this group of cowards was a shame to her. There were so many people against the two, yet they were so faint-hearted and didn't dare move forward.

That group of people heaved a sigh of relief, when they heard her words. Then, they retreated, as if they had just been granted amnesty.

"Indeed, a group of good-for-nothings! But, just now you chided my woman, so I won't mind discipling you!"

Mo Wen's figure flashed, and he appeared in front of that group of people in a wink. Before those people were able to react, a series of more than ten slaps resounded. Like hand shadows being joined together, the illusion created made it seem like there were palm prints everywhere.

The next moment, the figures of the people flew out and rolled on the ground, their shrieks rising, one after another. Lying on the floor for a while, unable to stand up, those people, who were ready to attack and were giving succor to the enemy just now, were all on the ground.

"Mo Wen, what happened?"

At this time, Wang Yuan, followed by a few classmates behind him, came out of the private room. The matter happened so quickly that, as he walked out of the room, he saw this scene and was dumbfounded immediately. He didn't know what had happened, but it was obvious that Mo Wen was having some troubles with the others.

"All of you go ahead and enjoy your meals. I will settle this matter."

Mo Wen cast a look at Wang Yuan, indicating for him to go back to the private room. Today was a class gathering, so it was unnecessary to get those classmates implicated in his matters, as it wouldn't do them any good.

"All of you check to see if all of the dishes that we ordered have been served."

Wang Yuan pushed the rest of the male classmates behind him, heading back to the private room, leaving only himself behind.

"What happened?"

Wang Yuan glanced at the people lying on the floor. They were all groomed luxuriously and were of a high social status. Some of them even seemed to be in the management level of some of the big local Group companies.

Wang Yuan went blank for a moment. 

Who exactly did Mo Wen offend?

"It's just a small matter." Mo Wen smiled, as he was not surprised that Wang Yuan would stay behind. He knew Wang Yuan's character, specifically that he had loyalty and good character, so he wouldn't turn a blind eye to even a small matter.

"Small matter? Mo Wen, you're the mongrel. You don't even know that you have made a grave mistake. Do you know Miss Qin's status? It is alright for you to create trouble for yourself, but don't get Qin Xiaoyou into trouble with you."

He Mingge hadn't gone forward to catch Qin Xiaoyou and Mo Wen just now, so he was still standing, but his face was extremely pale. It was fine that Mo Wen was heedless of the consequences, but not if it would harm Qin Xiaoyou. One would definitely not have a good ending, if they offended Miss Qin. This woman was ruthless, and there were many people who had died at her hands.

In actual fact, he still had some designs on Qin Xiaoyou. Specifically, he had not given up on the thought of having Qin Xiaoyou in his hands.

However, now it was difficult to say if Qin Xiaoyou could even survive the night.

"Miss Qin…"

Wang Yuan was slightly dazed after hearing him. He knew He Mingge, who was a popular person in the school. He was the Third Young master of the He Clan, and he had an elder brother, He Mingting, who was one of the top ten young masters in the school.

As such, he reckoned that he shouldn't offend He Mingge. However, his eyes caught sight of Qin Fangshu, and his face changed suddenly. His face was drained of blood and beads of perspiration started to form on his forehead. The person whom Mo Wen had offended was actually this crazy woman!

"Mo Wen, apologize to Miss Qin quickly."

Wang Yuan gasped in shock, and his lips were trembling slightly.


Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile and asked mischievously, "Who is she? Who could make you look so frightened?"

"She is the fourth young mistress of the Qin Clan in the capital, the daughter of the Chairman of the Blue Ocean Group. You may not know the Qin Clan well, but I can tell you, Su Clan of Su Boyu's backing is nothing compared to the Qin Clan."

Previously, Mo Wen had offended Su Boyu, who nearly caused Qin Xiaoyou to be disfigured. Now, he had offended the entire Qin Clan, especially this crazy woman.

She was the daughter of the clan leader of the Qin Clan. This fourth daughter was the apple of the old fellow's eyes and was very precious to him. He doted on her and was very protective of her in every way. In the Capital, it was rare to have anyone dare to offend this crazy woman, at least they didn't qualify to do so.

In actual fact, Wang Yuan and the Qin Clan had a very insignificant and non-essential relationship, so he got the chance to know things that others didn't. Wang Yuan's family were businessmen. However, Wang Yuan's parents' backgrounds were not simple, as were relatives to the Wang Clan, which was one of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the capital.

As Wang Yuan's father was one of the children of the collateral branches of the Wang Clan, his aptitude for the practice was weak and marginalized. Although they had this kind of relationship, they had almost no contact with the Wang Clan.

The reason for Wang Yuan's practicing ancient martial arts was that Wang Yuan's father had spent huge amounts of money to invite the paternal younger uncle of the Wang Clan's collateral branch, who was an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Soothing Pulse realm, to accept Wang Yuan as his disciple.

He was hoping that Wang Yuan would have some achievements in ancient martial arts, so that they could return to the Wang clan one day and have a place in it.

However, Wang Yuan's aptitude was almost the same as his father, meaning that it was considered as naturally unsuitable for the practice of ancient martial arts. After practicing for many years, he couldn't even attain the Regulated Breathing realm.

After that, the master, whom he had spent a lot of money on already, had given up on him.

"Qin Clan? Blue Ocean Group!"

When Mo Wen heard him, he looked at the malicious woman in surprise. She was actually the fourth young mistress of the Qin Clan. He and the Qin Clan's matter were not settled, but unexpectedly, he had met the Qin Clan's famous fourth young mistress in the hotel.

Hadn't she been impregnated by someone? How could she have the energy to run around? Could she have aborted the fetus?

Mo Wen cast a glance curiously at the abdomen of the Qin fourth young mistress. Although there was a bit of flab on the abdomen, she didn't look like a pregnant woman, so most probably had aborted the baby.

This woman was a weirdo. As a partner in the political marriage between the Qin Clan and the Wang Clan and the fiancée of Wang Clan's young master, she actually got pregnant before the marriage! It was simply a humiliation to the Wang Clan.

It was unknown what the Wang Clan's attitude was towards Qin Clan after this embarrassing matter.