Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Strip Off Your Clothes and Throw You Out on the Street

"You have good eyes. However, this dog couple is done for today. Forget apologizing. It would be no use, even if they knelt down and begged."

Qin Fangshu looked at the brat who had emerged from nowhere and knew her identity. The brat's face was pale, and he had asked the dog couple to apologize. Her expression mellowed quite a bit. The face that she had lost had been recovered somewhat.

However, that did not mean that she would let this dog couple go. He had insulted her by calling her a crazy b*tch in public. From the time she was young until now, she had never encountered anyone who dared to be so impudent with her.

"So you are that Fourth young mistress from the Qin clan that got knocked up by a man before marriage and caused the Wang clan to call off the wedding. I've heard so much about you."

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled. He walked forward and raised his eyebrows as he gave Qin Fangshu a playful look.

"You want to die….!" The Qin Fourth young mistress' facial expression that had just mellowed immediately turned frighteningly sullen. Her voice seemed to carry a dark and cold intent.

The surrounding people subconsciously felt a chill down their spines. Not many people in their circle knew about the matter of the Qin Fourth young mistress being rejected for marriage. After all, with such a humiliating incident, the Qin clan would certainly not let outsiders know and would seal off all news of it.

However, the world did not have walls that did not leak. Quite a few people came to know about it, but very few people would openly talk about it. After all, many would take into account the public appearance of the Qin clan. At most, they would spread it in secret.

But now Mo Wen had openly brought it up. It was the same as viciously slapping the Qin Fourth young mistress in the face in public. It directly touched upon her taboo.

Also, considering the identity and status of the surrounding people, they did not seem to know about the incident. After all, those without a high enough status would find it hard to know about such secret incidents.

However, almost all of them knew now. Tomorrow, who knew how crazily it would have spread.

In an instant, the surrounding gazes all frantically looked at Qin Fangshu. Their gazes were strange.

"Qin Mian, rip this dog couple into a thousand pieces."

Qin Fangshu's voice was terrifyingly cold. Her face was pale and green. She did not know how Mo Wen knew about that incident, but bringing it up in public was pushing it too far.

Although her lifestyle had always been rotten, and many people gossiped behind her back, all that was done in secret. Since when had anyone dared to say it to her face? And not just to her face, but also out loud in public?

Before this, she had not been too concerned about it. That was because what the eye did not see, the heart could not worry about. But now someone was pointing their finger at her nose and saying this. It was as though her last piece of modesty cloth was stripped away, leaving her with only utterly deep shame.

As she had finished speaking, a middle-aged man slowly walked out from behind her. Before this, he had not done anything and had remained standing at a position a meter behind Qin Fangshu. He stood silently with his hands at his sides, the image of a bodyguard.

Once he walked out, his eyes were glued to Mo Wen. His gaze was unmoving, like the gaze of an eagle staring at its prey.

"You have practiced ancient martial arts?"

The middle-aged man did not rush to attack, instead asking Mo Wen this. From Mo Wen's behavior just now, he knew that he was no ordinary person. That was because an ordinary person would not have such speed and strength.

But what was strange was that he could not see any Inner Qi waves coming from Mo Wen's body. It was as though he were a person with no cultivation at all.

Usually this sort of situation had only three possibilities. The first was that the youth had never practiced ancient martial arts, so he had no Inner Qi waves on him. The second was that he had practiced methods to seal off his Inner Qi waves, so he could not detect them. The third was that this youth had practiced ancient martial arts, and his cultivation was far greater than his, so he could not get a read on it.

The former two weren't a problem, but if it was the third one, where his cultivation was so great that he could not get a read on it, then it would be intriguing.

However, the possibility of the third option was not too high. How old was this youth? He was probably not even 20. How could he possibly have a cultivation that was too high?

His cultivation was at the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm. For him to not be able to get a read on an opponent, they would have to be a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner or higher.

Even if a youth that young were to begin practicing from his mother's womb, it was impossible to practice until reaching the Qi Nucleation realm. That is, unless he was one of those rare talents famous in the ancient martial arts world.

However, as someone from the Qin clan, he knew all of the talented youth experts in the capital, but he did not know the youth in front of him.

However, just to be safe, he had not acted rashly. After all, his mission was to protect the young miss from harm. Every action he took would be established on the absolute safety of the young miss as a premise.

"Do it. Today, starting with your young miss over there, I will pay a visit to your Qin clan sooner or later," Mo Wen said plainly. The Qin Fourth young mistress' bodyguard sure was competent, however, it was a pity that his cultivation was low.

The Qin clan had murdered Qin Xiaoyou's father and claimed the Blue Ocean Group as their own. How could such a matter be forgotten? Sooner or later, he would take back everything they owed Xiaoyou.

The reason why he still hadn't acted against the Qin clan was mainly because he had not gotten a good read on the clan. He did not know whether the Qin clan had any old monsters of the Embryonic Breathing realm. If they had, and he went over with his current cultivation, he would probably suffer a loss.

So he wasn't in a rush. Practice was his priority. Once his cultivation was high enough, then he would find that clan to settle the debt.

The middle-aged man frowned when he heard this. The youth before him was too calm. It was as though he knew about the Qin clan but also had no fear of it. He was even threatening to come knocking on the Qin clan's door.

A normal youth saying such things was naturally extremely laughable and arrogant, but coming from Mo Wen, it did not seem funny at all. As to why it was so, he couldn't say.

Qin Fangshu shrieked as she said, "Qin Mian, what are you waiting for? Quickly capture that dog couple."

Right now, she couldn't wait to immediately capture Mo Wen and then torture him until he couldn't live nor die. As for the woman, after capturing her, she would sell her to the lowest brothel in India. She would never make a comeback within this lifetime.

Wang Yuan's face was pale. He stood to one side not knowing what to do. He had looked at Mo Wen a few times to say something but stopped himself. He knew that in the current situation, anything he said would be useless.

After offending the Qin Fourth young mistress, who could still save him?

Under the young miss' orders, Qin Mian couldn't care too much anymore. He was forced to act.

He also believed that he was being too careful. How much ability could a youth have? Age limited everything. The Qin clan's most outstanding youth's highest cultivation was only at the later stage Sea of Qi realm, and he was already 25 or 26 years old.

The youth before me surely could not be stronger than the Qin clan's genius! He reassured himself slightly.

The next moment, he immediately attacked. Stepping forward, he appeared before Mo Wen in the blink of an eye. They had clearly been seven to eight meters apart. How could he cover the distance in a step?

However, among the crowd, many did not notice anything strange. It was because Qin Mian's actions appeared too natural. It was like he was walking normally, giving others the illusion that he had walked up to Mo Wen step by step.

Before he could attack, a terrifying pressure descended on him, instantly enveloping his body.

The surrounding air seemed to have frozen. Formless gas frantically pressed against him, making him feel as though he had fallen into a swamp. Even moving a little bit was difficult. All around him were formless walls, tightly closing him in.

In an instant, his body turned stiff. His hands and feet were ice cold. His actions were frozen to the spot. His eyes looked in disbelief at Mo Wen.

Pressure! It was pressure that only the strongest of the Qi Nucleation realm could have. Also, the strength of the pressure was absolutely terrifying. Many of the Qin clan's Qi Nucleation realm practitioners could not release such a terrifying pressure.

To be able to suppress him with just the pressure of his Inner Qi, his body feeling as though it were locked up... In the entire Qin clan, probably only the eldest great grandfather could do so. That was of the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, just a step away from the Embryonic Breathing realm.

How could the youth before him do it? Could it be that he also had the cultivation of the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm? That was unbelievable.

Qin Mian was instantly dazed. Many strange thoughts surged through his mind. For a moment, he was stunned on the spot. He couldn't react.

"Helping a tyrant to victimize his subjects." Mo Wen quietly snorted. With a palm, he directly sent Qin Mian flying outward, his entire body flying dozens of meters.

After crashing into the corridor's wall, he dropped down to the floor. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

"You…" Qin Fangshu looked at Mo Wen, stunned. For a while, she couldn't say a word. She did not understand about the highs and lows of cultivation. How could her once dependable bodyguard become so weak? He had barely taken a blow.

Although the Qin Fourth young mistress had been born into an ancient martial arts clan, she did not like practicing. Practice was mundane and toilsome. An arrogant young miss like her naturally could not endure such hardship.

However, her status was noble. She was the Qin clan leader's youngest daughter. So whether or not she practiced did not matter to her. After all, no matter what happened, there would be someone to stand in front of her and shelter her from the winds and rain. She did not have to worry about anything.

So, regarding matters on ancient martial arts, she did not know much. At the same time, she did not understand what it meant when Mo Wen could simply send Qin Mian flying.

"Qin Fourth young mistress, your shield is down."

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled. He slowly walked towards the Qin Fourth young mistress. His eyes were playful.

"You… what do you plan to do…"

Qin Fangshu's body tensed up. She kept backing off, staring at Mo Wen nervously. It had been a while since she encountered this kind of situation where things were out of her control.

Furthermore, the man before her seemed to have bad intentions.

Mo Wen laughed and said, "What else can I do? Didn't I say it just now? Strip off your clothes and throw you out on the street. Qin Fourth young mistress has such a nice body. I reckon you could attract quite a crowd of onlookers."

"Don't you come any nearer. You know my identity. If you mess with me, you will not have a good ending," Qin Fangshu said, trembling. She turned around, wanting to run away, but she suddenly noticed that the surroundings seemed to have a layer of shapeless walls of Qi wrapping around her tightly. She couldn't move her body at all.

The fear in her eyes was intensifying. She stared at Mo Wen, panicking. The coldness in Mo Wen's eyes made her tremble uncontrollably. His stare told her she didn't need to doubt the authenticity of his words at all.