Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Xu Qianqian Pays a Visit

"Status? Aren't you that morally corrupt Fourth Young Mistress of the Qin Clan? What kind of status could you have? Oh, that's right, you have the status of a robber's daughter. Your father forcefully took others' properties. One day, I will find him and have a good talk with him."

Mo Wen's lips curled up into a cold smile, as he grabbed the shirt of the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress, lifting her like he would lift a baby chicken.

"Ah! Let go of me, what are you trying to do…"

The Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress was so scared that her entire face turned pale. She struggled desperately and made threatening gestures with her limbs. However, she was no match for Mo Wen and her struggles were fruitless.


Mo Wen coldly threw the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress in front of Qin Xiaoyou. With a patter, she fell and made a growling sound. It shocked Qin Xiaoyou so much, she subconsciously took a step back.

"You'd have me apologize to this lowly woman…?!"

The Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress immediately felt humiliated. She was of a high status, so to condescend herself and apologize to this poor and lowly woman was beyond her scope of thought. In the past, such a scenario would have been impossible!

"Lowly mouth."

With a slap, Mo Wen hit the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress. He fiercely flipped her onto the ground once again, causing a trace of blood to flow from her mouth and almost causing her teeth to fall out.

"I won't apologize to her. If you are capable enough, then kill me. The Qin Clan will definitely punish you."

The Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress held her cheek with one hand and looked at Mo Wen vehemently. She looked just like an injured venomous snake, whose pride had been hurt. At this time, she was actually still rather strong-willed.

All of the surrounding people, who had seen Mo Wen treat the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress that way, were shocked.

This lad is a little too gutsy! Is he not afraid the Qin Clan taking revenge?

There were many people that thought of stopping Mo Wen, because if something happened to the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress, they would also be punished for not intervening. However, they had seen Mo Wen's abilities and were terrified of him. Hence, even after hesitating for a long time, they were still too afraid to approach him.

In fact, many of them had already started to leave discreetly. If they continued to stay on till the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress could react, she would definitely bear grudges for them having left her in the lurch.

Wang Yuan inhaled deeply, his expression dark and mysterious as he glanced at Mo Wen. Then, he exhaled and expressionlessly returned to the private room, shutting the door.

There was no use in saying anything more. He knew that he could not continue butting into the situation. Otherwise, not only would he be in trouble, his future generations would also be punished.

For this matter, he was willing to help, but unable to do so. It was just that Mo Wen was too uncaring about the consequences of things that he did.

"Not apologizing?"

Mo Wen smiled sardonically. His lips curled upwards, as he walked casually to the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress. Then, with the flick of a finger, a Qi of sword flashed out from his hand, then immediately disappeared into thin air.

In the next moment, the sleeve of her dress tore open with a rip. The black evening gown slipped down to reveal an entire half of her chest. Her chest was bare and gleaming white.


The Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress let out a sharp scream. She used one hand to grab hold of the clothes that had slipped down and looked at Mo Wen, panic-stricken. He had actually dared to strip her in front of a crowd!

"Did you forget what I said before? If you don't apologize, I will strip you completely and throw you out in the street."

Mo Wen pouted his lips toward the window. Outside of the Baoli Grand Hotel was the busiest street in the capital. So, if he really threw the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress outside there, naked, she would probably make it in the papers, perhaps even the headlines of several major websites, within two days!

"Apologize… I'll apologize…"

The face of the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress was pale, and she spoke with her lips trembling slightly. Although she was not a woman who stuck strictly to the rules and had done several shameless things, she would not do anything insane, like running naked down a huge street!

Qin Xiaoyou smoothed her lips and walked to Mo Wen's side, grabbing his arm a little unnaturally. She was starting to pity the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress. Throwing someone onto a main street naked, that was something only Mo Wen could think of.

Although she felt that what Mo Wen was doing was a little immoral, she would not say too much at that point. After all, the woman in front of her was not a good person herself!

The Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress stood up apprehensively. She covered her chest with one hand and lifted the hem of her skirt with the other. She was afraid that her dress would slide down.

"Sorry… Just now… Just now, I was… in the wrong…"

In her entire life, it had been her first time apologizing to someone in the presence of a huge crowd. Moreover, the person was a commoner, without any status or position.

A deep humiliation flooded into her heart. However, she could only bear with it. What else could she do, if the other party overpowered her and she had no others backing her up?

"Don't think that you're so virtuous and noble. The things that you are wearing, eating, and even where you are staying were all stolen from others. What happened today was just the beginning. We will meet again someday."

Mo Wen looked at the Qin Clan's Fourth Young Mistress coldly. He grabbed hold of Qin Xiaoyou's hand and turned around to walk into a lift at one side of the corridor.

There were surveillance cameras all over the hotel. In order to prevent any trouble, he did not immediately do anything to this woman. As for his threat of stripping her naked and throwing her onto the main street, it was just meant to scare the woman. After all, he was a man, so doing such a thing was not very appropriate.

With regards to the incident, there were definitely people who had secretly reported it to the police. Hence, he did not want to remain in the hotel to cause further trouble. As for the meal that Wang Yuan had invited him to, he would definitely not be able to make it.

"Are you angry?"

After walking out of the hotel, Mo Wen touched Qin Xiaoyou's small face. That woman from before was, strictly speaking, still Qin Xiaoyou's paternal cousin.

"Of course I'm angry. You were looking at Miss Qin's chest."

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She was thinking that the woman was not very good-looking, but that her chest was very big.

"Is that so? I've already forgotten about it! It seems like I didn't get a clear look."

Mo Wen's mouth twitched a little. He thought that a woman's mindset was beyond weird.

"Your gaze was on her chest for a few seconds, and you still said you hadn't gotten a clear look! Do you want to go back and have another look?" she demanded.

"Ahem, let's go home. I'm famished…"

In the following days, Qin Xiaoyou attended lessons as usual, while Mo Wen was in the courtyard working on his martial arts. Although he had trained on quite a number of profound martial arts in his past life, those martial arts may not have been as strong or powerful as those of the Ming Clan. Since he was training both the Nine Yang Divine Technique and the Nine Yin Divine Technique, he could only harness the full potential of the divine techniques if he was able to gel these two different sections of martial arts divine techniques together.

On the afternoon of the third day, Mo Wen received a call from Xu Qianqian, saying that her father was slowly recuperating. She wished to invite him for a meal to express her gratitude.

Mo Wen agreed. With regards to things about the Heretic forces, he still had some things that he had to ask Xu Qianqian about, so he could actually make use of the opportunity to understand the situation better.

The Xu Clan appeared calm and tranquil on the surface. However, if they had relations with the Heretic forces, they would definitely not have any real serenity. Hence, there would definitely be things happening again.

The sun was setting, and the rays of the faint sunlight pierced through the leaves, shining into the courtyard. At that moment, a stunning Porsche stopped before Mo Wen's little courtyard. A beautiful woman, whose skin was fair and who had refined attire, got out of the car.

The courtyard that Mo wen lived in was in the old residential area. There were very few rich people living there. Hence, the eye-catching sports car had attracted many stares within a short while.

Xu Qianqian looked to her left and right. After confirming that there was no mistake in the unit number, she gently pushed open the door and walked into the little courtyard.

At that moment, Mo Wen was currently lying below a grape trellis in the courtyard. In his hand, he held an ancient book. He was reading it in detail.

On the front cover of the book, the three words 'Seven Injury Fist' were printed. Even a child would know that such a book was one of the rare collections on martial arts.

"Great Beauty Xu, why have you come here personally? Welcome to my humble abode. Please have a seat."

Upon seeing Xu Qianqian walk in, Mo Wen immediately put down the martial arts book in his hand and smiled warmly, greeting her. Even though his expression was warm, he was still lying on the chair, seemingly without any intention of getting up.

Yesterday, Xu Qianqian had said that there would be someone coming to pick him. However, he did not expect her to make the trip personally.

"You're a difficult person to invite anywhere. The average person would not be able to invite you over," she explained.

Xu Qianqian then rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, as she walked over to the stone chairs by the stone table to take a seat. Her eyes were curiously trained on the book that Mo Wen was studying previously.

Seven Injury Fist?

Could it be some kind of powerful martial arts?

After interacting with Mo Wen for a period of time, and especially after the experience in the Changbai Mountains, Xu Qianqian knew that there was another kind of people, who were like martial arts masters, in existence. These people knew martial arts and could even leap onto roofs and vault over walls.

"Have a drink of tea."

Mo Wen poured a cup of tea for Xu Qianqian. With a wave of his sleeve, the tea cup automatically appeared in front of her.

"Were you training just now?"

Xu Qianqian took a sip of her tea before asking, as she looked at Mo Wen curiously. She had thought for a long time, until she was able to find the appropriate vocabulary from martial arts dramas to describe what she meant.

"Are you very interested in martial arts?" Mo Wen smiled and asked.

"Yeah, yeah."

Xu Qianqian nodded her head furiously. She had witnessed Mo Wen's capabilities. If she could ever be as good as him, she would definitely be very lucky.

"Then, I'll give you this book."

Mo Wen casually threw the movement and methods of the Seven Injury Fist to Xu Qianqian. He had already read through the book once in the historical abode of the Ming Clan, as it had belonged to the better martial artists of the Ming Clan.

Back then, when he had scanned through it once, he had memorized everything. In these few days of idleness, he had copied down the Seven Injury Fist in preparation of analyzing it further later.

With his wealth of experience in martial arts, he was basically able to almost completely analyze the Seven Injury Fist within a few days. Hence, the book was not of much use to him.

Moreover, the Seven Injury Fist was not some unique martial arts that could not be leaked to others. So, it did not matter if he gave it to Xu Qianqian.

It was said that this Seven Injury Fist was something taken from another ancient martial arts sect. However, as it had been such a long time since, the previous generation's leader of the Ming Clan would probably have forgotten which ancient martial arts sect it was exactly.

However, he was also not expecting that Xu Qianqian would be able to learn everything by herself, at least not just from a book of methods. To a person who had never come into contact with ancient martial arts, it was almost impossible.

"Really? Thank you so much! You're so nice!"

Xu Qianqian looked as though she had obtained a treasure, as she hugged the Seven Injury Fist book in her arms. Her eyes seemed to be sparkling, like little stars.

If I manage to train ancient martial arts, does it mean that I will be like Mo Wen, leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls, and taking action to uphold justice?


Mo Wen laughed lightly. At this time, he did not want to rain on Xu Qianqian's parade. It was still hard to say if she would be able to train at all.

If one was able to get some results, just from reading a book of methods, there would be ancient martial arts masters flying around all over the world, with powerful talents filling the skies!