Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Mrs. Xu

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“A ghost!”

The young girl shrieked. She was so frightened, she almost fell on the floor. The apple in her hand slipped to the floor, rolling far away.

She had discovered that Mo, who was the big brother that her older sister had been talking about, was none other than the person that she had met that day at the Ice World skating rink! No, she should say that ghost that she had met, as he had suddenly disappeared like a spirit in front of her!

A perfectly fine person suddenly disappearing into thin air, what else could it be besides a ghost? There was also that woman, who was also a female ghost. No wonder it was said that female ghosts were beautiful. They weren’t wrong. She now finally understood.

That day, after she returned home, she did not dare go out again for at least four to five days. After the first two days, she had almost forgotten about this incident, when the ghost appeared in front of her again, and in her house no less!

The young girl’s shriek made Xu Qianqian jump in fright. She looked at her incredulously.

Is her brain fried?

“You…Don’t’ look for me! I…I haven’t done anything bad…”

The young girl gulped down a mouthful of saliva. She looked at Mo Wen, trembling, her eyes full of fright. She believed that this ghost must be haunting her, since it now appeared in her house.

The young girl had preemptively taken the appearance of Mo Wen to be a scary thing. Now that she had suddenly discovered him in her own house, she was immediately scared to the point of being rendered speechless.

The corner of Mo Wen’s mouth twitched. He looked speechlessly at the young girl before him. The world was truly too small!

Isn’t this the same young female delinquent that I met at the Ice World skating rink? So she is Xu Qianqian’s little sister!

“What’s the matter with you?” Xu Qianqian looked at her little sister Xu Ling, puzzled. She noticed that something was off with her.

“Older sister, he…he is…a ghost…” Xu Ling pointed at Mo Wen, trembling.

“What ghost? Have you watched too many horror films?” Xu Qianqian slapped her little sister’s head. She looked somewhat apologetically at Mo Wen.

What goes on in this little girl’s head?

“Older sister, it’s true. That day, I saw it with my own eyes. Quickly, chase him out. He is surely haunting me, as he purposely came here to find me.”

Xu Ling’s tears had begun to flow.

If this ghost is not haunting me, why would he appear in my house? At least that’s how the movies always show it happening!

Xu Qianqian placed a hand to her cheek and did not say anything.

What is my little sister rambling on about?

But, looking at her, she did not seem to be faking it. Although her little sister usually liked to play around, in front of her, she had probably never dared to act crazy or play a fool.

Then, what is going on?

She looked curiously at Mo Wen. Supposedly, her little sister should not have known Mo Wen. But,looking at her reaction, it showed that she had met Mo Wen in the past somewhere. Otherwise, she would never act in such a way.

“Ahem, your little sister is quite cute. We have met once before this. I probably scared her.”

Mo Wen laughed dryly. He did not know how to explain this sort of thing to Xu Qianqian.

“Little sister, this is big brother Mo. Not only is he a friend of your mine, he is also the savior of your father. He is not some ghost. Do not say such things in the future.”

Xu Qianqian laughed, as she hugged Xu Ling. She placed a hand on her back, trying to calm her emotions. Although she did not know what had happened between Xu Ling and Mo Wen to cause her little sister to be so afraid of him, even mistaking him for a ghost, she was certain that her little sister was not acting. There was definitely another side of the story.

In her older sister’s embrace, Xu Ling’s heart calmed down a lot. But, looking at Mo Wen made her feel uncomfortable. What had happened that day was too bizarre. Two perfectly normal people suddenly vanished into thin air!

Also, it had all happened on a main road. There was practically nowhere to hide. It was as though they had directly disappeared into thin air, and at the same time, too! In order to get her older sister to believe her, the young girl told her older sister what had happened that day in detail.

After hearing her account, the older sister assured her, “Don’t worry, big brother Mo won’t harm you. Don’t talk badly about him. Even if he was a ghost, he would not harm you. He is a good person.”

The corner of Xu Qianqian’s mouth twitched, as she looked helplessly at Xu Ling and said. That Mo Wen was always pulling off some strange stunts. Once Xu Ling told her the story, she knew exactly what had happened, as she naturally knew what Mo Wen was capable of. Back then, he must have used the ancient martial art’s Qinggong to frighten Xu Ling.

Back when she had first met Mo Wen, she too had been surprised to no end. But, after Mo Wen had explained himself to her, and as time went on, she got used to it and accepted it.

When her little sister wanted to pester Mo Wen into becoming her teacher, she was very impressed by her little sister’s choice. However, it was a shame that she did not succeed in making Mo Wen her teacher, but instead only ended up scaring herself in the process. Otherwise, their family might have produced an extraordinary talent.

“Really?” Xu Ling squinted, as she looked at Xu Qianqian.

“Of course! He really did cure father’s illness. He is an expert.” Xu Qianqian pouted and smiled.

Could it be that he is really a martial arts hero?

Xu Ling’s eyes widened. She began to realize that, besides ghosts and spirits, it seemed that only martial arts heroes had such abilities. The young girl’s gaze, when she looked at Mo Wen, was now full of stars, overflowing with admiration.

She wrestled free from her older sister’s embrace, her eyes looking brightly at Mo Wen. She looked like she wanted to gobble him up in one bite!

“Ahem, you seem to have not told your older sister about the incident that day?”

Mo Wen saw that the young girl was planning on pestering him again. He immediately coughed twice and changed the subject. His gaze then shifted to Xu Qianqian, and he was opening his mouth to speak, but then stopped. He had seemingly been preparing to inform Xu Qianqian about the young girl’s young female delinquent style.

He naturally noticed that the young girl was afraid of her older sister Xu Qianqian. So, she wouldn’t have dared to tell her older sister the exact specifics about the incident that day.


The young girl seemed to have frozen on the spot. She was biting her tiny lip, looking at Mo Wen with pitiful eyes.

If he told her sister about what had happened that day, that she was fooling around outside, she would certainly be in big trouble!

“Eat this apple, and go over there and play.”

Mo Wen’s mouth curled into a playful grin, as he pointed at the fruit on the table.

The young girl was clever and crafty, but someone missed Mo Wen’s intentions. Although she knew that Mo Wen was threatening her, she had no other choice now but to obediently obey, grabbing an apple and running off. When she turned around, she looked at Mo Wen with resentment, not daring to bring up the matter of apprenticeship again.

“What charades are you two playing?” Xu Qianqian gave Mo Wen a puzzled look. Just now, she had seen Mo Wen and Xu Ling’s little actions, but she didn’t know what they meant.

Mo Wen smiled, but said nothing, taking a sip from his tea. Regarding the matter with Xu Ling, he would not tell Xu Qianqian about it directly. However, he would talk to her later to avoid the young girl’s straying down a wrong path.

After sitting for a while, the sound of footsteps were heard, coming from outside. A tall middle-aged man walked in. He wore a black suit, which made him seem energetic. His looks weren’t bad. In fact, he had surely been a handsome fellow in his youth. Now, he had more of a mature steadiness.

Beside the middle-aged man was a woman, who was wearing a purple dress. She was about thirty to forty years old and looked beautiful. Her charm still lingered, even though she was middle-aged, and she possessed a mature air that younger women did not. She was holding the middle-aged man’s elbow, the two of them walking together into the villa.

“Father, I have invited Mo Wen, the Miracle Physician, over.”

Xu Qianqian stood up and smiled, introducing him. When her gaze fell upon the beautiful young woman, she seemed a little uneasy.

“Miracle Physician Mo, we are grateful that you could join the Xu Clan banquet. I have yet to repay you for saving my life.”

He then broke away from his wife, who had been hugging him, to quickly step forward and thank Mo Wen, both of his hands clutching his. He had been bedridden for a few months, and had remained unexamined back then.

If it hadn’t been for Mo Wen, he most probably would still be lying on the bed unconscious. After a few months of treatment, he finally met someone who could cure his illness. So, he naturally held Mo Wen in the highest regard.

After all, who knew if his illness would relapse in the future. If it did appear again, then Mo Wen would be his only hope. As he saw that keeping good relations with Mo Wen was vital to his own life, his being respectful was essential.

“You are too kind.” Mo Wen smiled, got up, and shook hands with Xu Dongkui, then let go of his hand quickly.

Xu Dongkui’s body had lost too much qi and blood. Although he had undergone a few days of treatment, his current complexion was still not good. However, the spirit had been eliminated. Now that his body did not have that bloodsucking demon poisoning it, he would surely recover in a day or two.

However, he must remember that the goal for coming to the Xu Clan today was not just to receive the Xu Clan’s gratitude…

“So, you are the miracle physician that saved Dongkui? You are so young. As expected, the young show promise.”

The woman that followed beside Xu Dongkui looked at Mo Wen and smiled charmingly. With a twinkle in her eyes, she seemed to bear an air of teasing, but under closer inspection, there was nothing to it.

“I am grateful that you saved my Dongkui. If it weren’t for you, I would not know what to do.”

The beautiful woman sighed. She reached out her hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. Her impression of being a helplessly weak woman was portrayed well.

“It was nothing.”

Mo Wen smiled, looking at Mrs Xu with a deep look. Not only was this woman good at acting, she was also highly skilled at teasing men. No wonder Xu Dongkui had been putty in the palm of her hand for so many years!