Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Fratricide

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Xu Qianqian looked at Xu Guangliang in disbelief, while her body was constantly trembling uncontrollably and pointing at him. She was completely speechless for a while.

So, actually, the death of her eldest brother, Xu Jianye, was not caused by the conflict with the employee in the company, but was instead related to Xu Guangliang. Hence, everything was just his murder plot.

Fratricide! Xu Qianqian had never thought that Xu Guangliang would commit the crazed and cruel act of killing his brother!

Not only was Xu Jianye’s biological sister, Xu Qianqian, aghast, but Xu Xiaopei and Xu Deye were also shocked. They lifted their heads to look at Xu Guangliang, simply unable to believe that their half-brother would do such an insane thing.

Only Mrs. Xu, who continued to have her meal elegantly, seemed unphased at all, as if she had known about it long ago. Other than Mrs. Xu, there was another person who was very calm, the outsider Mo Wen. He took the cup of tea and watched the Xu Clan’s dissension leisurely, like he was enjoying a show.


Xu Dongkui had simply never thought of such an outcome. Although Xu Clan’s siblings were all half-siblings, they did have his blood running in their veins and had been growing together in the same house, so they should have some affections for one another. He had never thought that such a killing among close relatives would ever happen!

“You, old man, I would say that you are a dotard. So many weird things have happened in Xu Clan, yet you have absolutely no suspicion at all. Since now we talking about it openly, I don’t have to hide anything from you anymore. You thought that only Xu Jianye died at our hands?”

Xu Guangliang laughed coldly and uttered, “You don’t know, right? Your lawful wife then, Xu Qianqian, that hag’s mother was also killed in the plot, which was planned personally by my mother and me. Then, I was only thirteen years old, so it was my first time killing someone. Because of this, it has remained fresh in my memory. You should rejoice that you have such a cold-blooded and malicious son. A naturally formidable person like me will surely attain great achievements.”

Xu Guangliang laughed, satisfied with himself.

That murder case, which I conspired at thirteen years old, had never been solved until now, so what else could make me prouder?

Xu Dongkui said I was stupid, so I will tell him who exactly is the real stupid one!

“You…you killed my mother…?”

Xu Qianqian glanced blankly at Xu Guangliang, as she was totally stunned and couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mother died of a car accident that year, and she had always thought it was an accident, a tragedy that God had given her. However, now she suddenly knew that the one who brought her the sorrows was not God, but a carefully plotting murderer!

“Your mother, that stupid woman, condoned your father to have love affairs everywhere, but she didn’t know that those love affairs would be fatal to her.”

Mrs. Xu put down her chopsticks and took out a handkerchief, then wiped her mouth elegantly. Then, she mentioned this indifferently, without looking at Xu Qianqian. It seemed like she was mentioning something that had nothing to do with her.

“Xu Qianqian, that year your father had cheated on my mother and abandoned, even though she was pregnant. Do you know the price that my mother had to pay, just to give birth to me? Whatever happened today, it was his retribution for being a philanderer. If you want to blame someone, you’ll have to blame your father.”

Xu Guangliang laughed coldly.

This woman lived in an ivory tower, so how would she know what survival is?

That year, when his mother had brought him begging on the streets and they were homeless, he promised that he would get justice one day. Xu Dongkui’s face went pale and his hands tightly gripped together. His chest heaved and his eyes shut. He was totally speechless.

There were areas that he had indeed owed both to Xu Guangliang and his mother. That year, he was indeed a philanderer and had many love affairs, but he didn’t know that Xu Guangliang’s mother was pregnant at that time.

When he found out about it later, he had tried his to compensate her, which included making her his wife, after his lawful wife had died. He did this to give her a proper status. However, even after all of the compensation, it changed nothing in the end.

“Old man, you are already so old, so you should let go of some things. However, regardless of everything, you are still my father. You are right that my blood is still yours after all, so I won’t do anything to you. However, none of your vile spawn shall be left. They are basically ineligible to live in the Xu Clan and ineligible to share the family inheritance with me.”

Xu Guangliang stood up gradually and straightened his collar, before curling his lips and saying, “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Not only did the old man’s wife die at my hands, but so did all of his lovers, including your third mother and fourth mother.”

He then continued. “And you, young female delinquent, don’t think that I don’t know what things you have been up to. You are the same as your mother, a lowly spawn who can’t keep your nose clean. That year, your mother was the old man’s secretary. She was so discontented, she had to seduce her boss, so she deserved to die. However, she was not killed in the midst of an argument with another man whom she was having an affair with. Instead, she was…”

Xu Ling looked blankly at Xu Guangliang, as the chopsticks in her hand dropped onto the floor, making a loud clanging sound.

“You are a brute. I will kill you.”

The young girl yelled and lunged aggressively at him, intending to fight with Xu Guangliang. But, Mo Wen pulled her back by clutching onto the back of her collar.

“Let me go. I want to kill him.”

Although the young girl was small, her rage was murderous. She constantly struggled in Mo Wen’s hands, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get free.

“Brute! You are an unfilial son!”

Xu Dongkui struck his hand hard on the table and stood up immediately, his eyes completely red. He seemed to have aged instantly by ten years. He grabbed a bowl and flung it violently onto the floor, a clashing sound resonating in the entire villa.

After a short while, more than ten figures entered the villa. All of them were in black suits and had stout bodies and stern expressions. They were all professional bodyguards. Xu Dongkui was the Chairman of a big group, so naturally he would have security by his side.

“Capture this unworthy son and this hag for me!” Xu Dongkui instructed, while pointing his trembling finger at Xu Guangliang and Mrs. Xu.

These two persons were too ruthless and merciless. Even if he was to sacrifice his life today, with the possibility of facing murder charges, he would also want to clear these two persons out of his household!

The bodyguards went blank, as they knew the mistress and young master of the Xu Clan.

What exactly happened here, that the boss would want to capture his own wife and son?

However, they only followed the orders of their boss, Xu Dongkui. So, without much hesitation, they executed the order. Immediately, four from the group stepped out and strode towards Xu Guangliang and Mrs. Xu.

“Old man, do you think that I did not come prepared for this confrontation today? Indeed, your naivete has increased with your age!”

Xu Guangliang laughed coldly, clapping his hands unhurriedly. The next moment, a group of people rushed into the villa and instantly surrounded the living room. More than ten burly men, dressed in black and holding guns in each of their hands, were present, obviously looking hostile.

Mrs. Xu had already departed from Xu Dongkui’s side and walked to Xu Guangliang’s side. Then, she looked coldly at Xu Dongkui with a very calm face, as if she had everything under control.

“Crouch down, with both hands on your head, or die!”

Xu Guangliang glanced at the bodyguards of Xu Dongkui indifferently. With his words, the clicking sounds of the guns followed, with more than ten guns being lifted up, one after another. Then, the muzzles of the guns were aimed at Xu Dongkui’s bodyguards in black.

The faces of those bodyguards, who had come in earlier, turned pale. They had never expected another group to have ambushed nearby, much less for them to have guns with them!

“Not cooperating?” Xu Guangliang laughed coldly and uttered indifferently, “Then, just die.”

After his words were spoken, a series of gunshots rang out. The intensity of the gunshots caused the crockery on the table to tremble constantly, and the bullets were ricocheting everywhere.

After a short while, the bodyguards in black were all lying on the floor, with streams of blood everywhere. The concentrated smell of death saturated the air in the villa.

“You are crazy!”

The blood had drained from Xu Dongkui’s face, while he looked at Xu Guangliang in disbelief.

Shooting so many people dead, isn’t he afraid that the police will arrest him? A homicide involving so many lives, which happened in a residence, how could he justify it? Even if he had great ability, how could he cover up the evidences of this crime scene?

“Old man, shut up. Call me that again and I will kill you. If you don’t want to die, you better draft a new will to announce the transfer of all shares of the group to me.”

Xu Guangliang snorted coldly and turned a blind eye to the scene in front of him, like he was just killing a few ants and not more than ten people. His degree of cold-bloodedness sent chills down everyone’s spine. Nobody would doubt that he would kill his own biological father the next moment, should he become even more upset.

“Let them go. I can write the agreement now and transfer all the shares to you.”

Xu Dongkui took a deep breath, while his eyes focused on his cold-blooded merciless son.

“Old man, you don’t have the capacity to negotiate now. Furthermore, do you think that I am stupid enough to let them go and have the police arrest me? Let me tell you, today, in this villa, not just all your lowly spawn, but even the gardeners, servants, nannies, your chickens and your dog will not be left alive. Of course, as my good father, I can consider letting you go.”

Xu Guangliang laughed sardonically. Since he dared to do such things, he naturally had come well-prepared. Nothing and nobody would be left in this villa today, and all traces and corpses would be obliterated!