Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Xiaoyous Gone Missing

It was hard to believe that there was such a young master, who had achieved the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm. He was not even 20 years old. There were probably no more than 100 of such talented young ancient martial arts practitioners in the world.

Mo Wen did not wait for him to get over being stunned, but instead closed the distance, his body immediately appearing before the masked person. He then placed a hand on that masked person's shoulder, as if he was taking a leisurely stroll.

Then, a series of palm imprints floated through the air. Under the frightening pressure, that masked person stiffened up and could not react. Hence, he got a direct hit from Mo Wen, which sent his body flying.

A mouthful of blood sprayed out from the masked person's mouth. His aura immediately became dispirited, but he was seemingly afraid to stop. He did not even dare utter a fierce word and directly slammed his palm on the floor. Making use of the rebound, he did a flip and insanely flew up, attempting to make a break for it.

Mo Wen laughed coldly. He crossed his arms and, with a tremble of his arm, scary swirls appeared in front of him. One was black and the other was gold, another one was hot and yet another, cold.

There were clearly two completely different forces at play here. Yet, they were able to harmoniously combine together to radiate traces of an unusual aura.

The Heaven and Earth Great Shift was the most supreme martial art in the Ming Clan's entire history. It had a total of seven levels. In reality, there were only six levels. The seventh level was incomplete, as it was still just in its conceptual stage.

This was because the senior from all of those years ago had told the descendants that there were no limits to martial arts, and that anything was possible. So, they had hoped for the descendants to continuously try to improve on the Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

When it became time for the rule of the Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan, he was an exceptional talent, with creations that were extraordinary. Not only had he completed the seventh level of the Heaven and Earth Great Shift, he had also completely improved on the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. He managed to introduce principles from both the Nine Yin and the Nine Yang Divine techniques, allowing for a further improvement in the power and marvelousness of the Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

However, the Heaven and Earth Great Shift, after the enhancements, could only be trained by those who had trained both divine techniques of the Nine Yang and Nine Yin simultaneously. It was called the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

However, after the Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan, there was nobody who could train in both divine techniques of the Nine Yang and Nine Yin. Hence, although the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift were far more powerful than the Heaven and Earth Great Shift, there was nobody who had ever trained in it. In fact, it was less renowned than the Heaven and Earth Great Shift in Jianghu.

Mo Wen had trained on both divine techniques simultaneously and had also obtained the jade that was passed down by the Leader of the 34th generation of the Ming Clan. It was only then that he discovered the profundities of the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift.

The unusual swirls that had appeared in his hands were the Great Yin Yang Swirls, which one could harness after training to the second level of the Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift. After having just appeared, the Great Yin Yang Swirls disappeared in front of Mo Wen in the next moment, soundlessly vanishing into thin air, as if they had never appeared in the first place.

However, the masked person had suddenly stiffened his body. He was solidified in the air all at once, and an unusual black and gold swirl had engulfed him, completely binding his entire body. The swirl had caused him to not be able to move at all.

The Great Yin Yang Swirls slowly rotated in mid-air, just like the masked person was suspended and solidified in the air. It was as though time and space had frozen.

Mo Wen's figure flashed and became a superimposed image. He then extended his hand and directly penetrated through the layer of black and gold swirl. Then, he grabbed that masked person in his palm.

It was only then that the black and gold swirl gradually dissipated, vanishing into the air without leaving a trace. As for that masked person, he fell into Mo Wen's palm, not moving at all.

There was a panicked look in his eyes, as his entire body could not move. At that moment, he was still ignorant to the fact that he had fallen into Mo Wen's hand.

When he had been sucked into that unusual swirl, he did not have any strength to resist at all. The youth in front of him was just too scary.

Mo Wen knocked the masked person out with a slap. Then, with a flash of his figure, he returned to the villa. From the time that he attacked till the time he managed to capture the masked person, it had taken very little time. The people in the villa were all still in the same positions, so there was basically no change at all in their expressions.


Xu Guangliang's expression changed drastically and he was deathly pale, as he looked at Mo Wen, frightened. There was almost nothing that Mo Wen could not do.

He was a powerful and unrivaled master. Within a few blinks of an eye, one could land in Mo Wen's hand like a dead dog. It was simply unbelievable. Such a scenario should not have been possible, even in his wildest dreams, but it had actually happened in real life.

Mo Wen glanced over at Xu Guangliang. He stretched out his hand and an invisible force swept Xu Guangliang's body up, pulling him over to Mo Wen. Without waiting for Xu Guangliang's surprised exclamation, he slapped a palm on his core and directly rid him of all his cultivation.

Then, he slapped another palm on his head, completely ruining his brain, turning him into an idiot. This man was harboring evil intentions, so leaving him around would only cause trouble. Moreover, he had relations with the Heretic forces, and Mo Wen did not want to leave behind any hidden dangers.

"Mr. Xu, thank you for your hospitality. I hope that the Xu Clan doesn't leak out any information regarding the things that happened here today. Otherwise, it will attract a lot of trouble. I should get going."

Mo Wen threw Xu Guangliang down at the feet of Xu Dongkui. With that sentence, he turned to leave the villa. He had only walked two to three steps, when his entire being disappeared from the villa and there were no more traces of him.

All of the people in the Xu Clan were dazed. The things that had happened were too shocking and proceeded so fast, they did not even have time to react. Every single one of them had their eyes wide open, as they looked at the destroyed scene in front of them.

Xu Qianqian knew of Mo Wen's capabilities and of the existence of these extraordinary people in the world. Hence, she was not too stunned.

As she looked at Mo Wen turn to leave, she opened her mouth, wanting to say something. However, before she could say it, Mo Wen had already vanished.

The young girl, Xu Ling, snapped out of her trance. There was a look of admiration in her large eyes. She gripped her small hands tightly. Mo Wen was indeed a big hero in martial arts, a master who could leap onto roofs and vault over walls!


Mo Wen was not concerned with how the people of the Xu Clan would handle the aftermath. It was naturally impossible for Xu Dongkui to not be able to handle it, given his current achievements thus far. Hence, with regards to the fact that over ten murders had just happened in the villa, he was not worried at all.

After walking out of the Xu Clan's villa, he found a desolate and uninhabited little forest to remove the mask of the masked person. A pale face was revealed. It was a middle-aged man. His looks were average and he had no special features. However, Mo Wen did not know the reason for his wearing the mask.

With a finger on the masked person's acupoints, he woke the masked person up. Following that, he tortured him to force out a confession.

After about half an hour, Mo Wen walked out of the forest leisurely, smiling. As for that masked person, he had become a pile of ashes, drifting away with the wind.

The masked person was indeed an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. When he was in the Heretic forces, he was someone of status. Naturally, the things that he knew were far more than that of the graceful and restrained youth in the Lu Clan Manor.

However, he did not manage to get much information out of the masked person. In fact, the true motive of the Heretic forces was becoming more complicated and confusing to him.

From what he had gathered from the masked person, the Heretic forces were currently in a financial bind. They were trying to get more funds, and at the same time, were secretly in contact with those commercial magnates, with the aim of establishing partnerships.

The nature of these partnerships was actually very odd. The idea was to launch a tourist attraction area, located at the natural forest of the Nanling Mountain range. It would be a collaboration between several major groups. In fact, they already had a schedule for it. They were currently negotiating with the government management, and the moment it went through, they would invest greatly in this project.

Could it be that the Heretic forces did not cultivate, did not expand their influence, and were not coveting the Huatian Palace's position?

Instead, could they be specializing in commercial activities, motivated solely by business?

That was basically impossible. Hence, no matter which angle he looked at it from, it was very suspicious. There was definitely a deeper motive, as things were never as simple as they first appeared to be.

However, Mo Wen could not bother with the motives of the Heretic forces at the moment. His job investigating had already been completed, so the next course of action should be taken by the Huatian Palace. It was no longer his business.

In the afternoon, Mo Wen had returned to the little courtyard. He noticed that Qin Xiaoyou had not returned, so he subconsciously furrowed his brows.

According to his watch, lessons should have ended by this time. With Qin Xiaoyou's usual living habits, she should have been home for a while already.

Could she have gone out to play with her schoolmates?

Mo Wen lay on the wicker chair, feeling perplexed. He boiled a pot of tea, waiting for Qin Xiaoyou to return.

After waiting for another hour, Mo Wen felt that something was not right. It was not like Qin Xiaoyou to not return by now. Moreover, even if she had something going on, she would have definitely given him a call to let him know about it.

However, there had not been a single call, so there was clearly something amiss. Mo Wen reached for his phone and dialed Qin Xiaoyou's number, only to be informed that her phone was turned off.

Immediately, Mo Wen felt restless. Under normal circumstances, Qin Xiaoyou would definitely not turn off her phone. Something must have happened.

He stood up immediately and made a beeline out of the little courtyard, then headed straight towards the school. Upon arriving at the dormitory, he did not find Dongfang Yi.

For him not to be in the dormitory was unusual. Mo Wen did not have an informant system, so he relied on Dongfang Yi to help him do many things. For example, he kept him abreast of Qin Xiaoyou's whereabouts, who she was with during the day, and where she had gone.

Since he was unable to find Dongfang Yi, Mo Wen could only give him a call...

"What is it this time?"

Through the phone, Dongfang Yi's impatient voice could be heard. He was currently working with one of the Heaven's Eye Organization groups to check on the whereabouts of a person on the Savages List. The progress of things were not going well, so he had no time to cater to Mo Wen at the moment.

"Check on Qin Xiaoyou's whereabouts, then give me an answer within half an hour," Mo Wen said coldly.

The Heaven's Eye Organization of the Huatian Palace spanned the whole of Huaxia. So, naturally, it was a simple task.

"Something has happened to Qin Xiaoyou? Alright, give me a moment."

Dongfang Yi knew from Mo Wen's tone, something must have happened to Qin Xiaoyou.

The phone was hung up. Then, after a minute, Mo Wen's phone rang once again.