Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Accidental Encounter on the Road

"Qin Clan. At around 5:30 this evening, Qin Xiaoyou was buying vegetables at the Chaoyang Farmers' Market but was abducted in the midst of it by the people of the Qin Clan. She should still be with the Qin Clan now."

Dongfang Yi's message was succinct, and briefly explained the whole matter.

The capital was the political center and belonged to the region that was highly monitored by the Heaven's Eye Organization. In the capital and the surrounding areas, almost all the ancient martial arts influences were being monitored by the Heaven's Eye intelligence agents at all times. Hence, they could get information on any of the Qin Clan's activities.

"Understood." Mo Wen hung up the phone silently, and then squinted slightly while looking at the sun setting at the horizon.

Originally, he had not been prepared to handle the Qin Clan's matter so soon. After all, his cultivation was not high enough, and he didn't know the ins and outs of the Qin Clan, so he was unsure if he could deal with this family, which was one of the top five ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the capital.

However, he had no choice but to act now. The Qin Clan had abducted Qin Xiaoyou to use her for the completion of the political marriage with the Wang Clan. The people of the Wang Clan had turned their noses up at the Fourth young mistress of the Qin Clan, so Qin Xiaoyou would be the substitute for the marriage.

As one of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the capital, the Qin Clan had more than 200 years of history in which they had produced relatively good ancient martial arts experts. Hence, among the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, they had a revered status and vast influences that were almost equivalent to the strengths of a medium ancient martial arts sect, which very few people would dare to provoke.

The Qin Clan was situated in the northern suburb of the capital, on top of a peak on one of the Taihang Mountains. Perhaps due to its long history and being an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, the Qin Clan's mansion was an ancient vintage building equivalent to a manor house in the ancient times. Its occupying area was vast with a little bridge over the stream and interlinking buildings with lofts. It had an abundant supply of everything, including birds and flowers, which formed beautiful scenery.

Below the mountain peak was a winding mountain road which outside vehicles couldn't enter. This mountain road, which was only for those vehicles with the Qin Clan's emblem, would lead all the way up to the manor house at the top of the mountain.

"The Qin Clan is indeed splendorous."

Mo Wen stood at the bottom of the mountain as he glimpsed the winding road and the sentries guarding it. The corners of his lips curled.

Those who didn't know might have thought that there was a military base on that mountain with layers of tight security.

In the current society, only a handful of influential bigwigs were able to rule over a mountain and dominate the whole area.

At a distance, a Mercedes Benz was slowly driving from the national highway onto the winding road. That seemed to be Qin Clan's vehicle, which had successfully passed through the first sentry post at the bottom of the mountain and was moving towards the mountain top.

Mo Wen raised his brows and the next moment, his figure disappeared suddenly from its original location and changed into a series of remnant shadows. In broad daylight, he disappeared into the thin air. A moment ago, he had been standing beside the mountain road but in the blink of an eye, he was gone without a trace.

That Mercedes Benz S600 was on its way up the mountain. Nobody had noticed that a dim figure had pounced onto the side of the Mercedes Benz and then strangely disappeared.

There were only two people in the car, along with the chauffeur, who was sitting in the driver's seat, totally engrossed in driving. A seductively dressed woman was sitting in the passenger's seat in the back with a magazine, casually flipping the pages.

This person was none other than the Qin Clan's Fourth young mistress, Qin Fangshu. As usual, her face had heavy makeup on it, and she was dressed in loud, flamboyant clothing.

The Qin Fourth young mistress threw the magazine aside and asked impatiently, "How much more time will it take?"

"Fourth young mistress, going uphill is difficult, so it will take another 30 minutes to get to the manor house. For your safety, this is already the fastest speed."

The chauffeur's voice had a tinge of helplessness. The Qin Fourth young mistress' character was famous for being eccentric and was usually tart and mean. When interacting with the Qin Clan's servants, she would either beat them or scold them for little things. She was incredibly rude and unreasonable.

With the Qin Clan being a big household with great business, this Fourth young mistress was the clan leader's most doted on daughter. Not only the servants, but also the younger generations of their collateral branch who were slightly lower than she was in status, would usually go along with her wishes and didn't dare to go against her at all.

Today, the Fourth young mistress went crazy for some unknown reason. Originally, she was having an outing outside. However, halfway through it, she suddenly insisted that she had to return to the Qin Clan manor house so urgently that the driver had to run a red light more than a dozen times.

"Fifteen minutes. If I don't get to the manor house, you don't have to drive for me anymore."

The Qin Fourth young mistress snorted coldly with impatience all over her face.

Originally, she wasn't going to be back at the manor house for a few days. However, she received a surprise call from a sister in the clan informing her that the Fifth young mistress of the Qin Clan, who was substituting for her in the Wang Clan's marriage, had appeared. At this moment, she was in the Qin Clan manor house and was going to complete the marriage with the Wang Clan in two days' time.

Suddenly, the Qin Fourth young mistress couldn't stay put as wave after wave of resentment filled her heart.

A hick with no status or position, how could she substitute for me to marry into the Wang Clan? How could the Wang Clan turn their noses up at me and chose that hick who appeared from an unknown place instead?

She was only having a licentious lifestyle. Could that young master from the Wang Clan be clean in both body and mind? How could they turn their noses up at her? Qin Fangshu was constantly brooding about Wang Clan's annulment of the engagement, as it was the greatest humiliation of her life. In spite of the fact that she was the venerable Fourth young mistress of the Qin Clan, someone actually dared to turn his nose up at her.

It was fine that the Wang Clan had annulled the engagement and rejected her, since she had no intention of marrying into an ancient martial arts aristocratic family that was strictly stratified. She still intended to be a libertine for a few more years, so she basically didn't intend to get married.

However, now the Wang Clan had not only rejected her, but also intended to marry a hick with no status or position. Was she worse than a hick? The Wang Clan's choice was tantamount to giving her a tight slap in the face. It had been humiliating enough originally, replacing her in the marriage, but this would be even more humiliating.

Moreover, once the woman was married into the Wang Clan, her status and position would be instantly different. Being the link between the Qin Clan and the Wang Clan, her worth to the Qin Clan would be almost unmeasurable. By then, she was afraid that there would be a Fifth young mistress who would be on an equal footing with her in the Qin Clan, and perhaps she would even use the relationship with the Wang Clan to surpass her.

As the real young mistress of the Qin Clan, how could she not mind? She only intended to return to the Qin Clan manor house now to look at that hick to see what kind of enchantress she was. Where was she stronger? Why was she her substitute in marriage? Why had the Wang Clan rejected her but agreed to accept this hick to complete the marriage?

Now, Qin Fangshu had so much rage in her, but she had nowhere to vent it.

She had only given the driver 15 minutes. He would be fired if it couldn't be done…

The chauffeur heard her. His face turned pale, but he could only bite the bullet and accelerate all the way. The car sped frantically up the mountain road. It glided and drifted through the dangerous bends at almost the fastest speed. Those who didn't know would be wondering who was the one having a death race on the mountain.

Being hired by the Qin Clan was simply a great honor for ordinary people. Even for the role of a chauffeur, the salary was definitely something that many people would envy. In the current society, a highly paid job was hard to come by.

Furthermore, with the title of the Qin Clan under one's belt, even a servant of the Qin Clan would get a little respect from the others outside. He didn't want to lose this job, as it would definitely be the greatest failure in his career.

The Qin Fourth young mistress was so bored that she picked up the magazine once again, but she realized strangely that there seemed to be wind blowing from outside into the car. That coolness of the wind blowing through was definitely real.

However, the car was obviously sealed airtight with the windows and doors tightly closed, so how could there be wind inside? That was definitely impossible.

The Qin Fourth young mistress furrowed her brows dubiously and looked around the car. Suddenly, she realized that there was an additional person next to her. She was uncertain of when or how, but a youngster had actually sat beside her and was looking at her with a faint laugh.


A high decibel scream suddenly reverberated in the car. The penetrating force was so strong that it could be heard almost a few hundred meters away. It was a shrill yet terrifying scream.

How could there be an additional person in the car suddenly? Instantaneously, the Qin Fourth young mistress had chills running down her spine as she let out a scream without thinking.

The sudden scream gave the chauffeur a shock, and both his hands trembled. The car nearly plunged down the cliff but fortunately, his driving skills were superb, and he had frequented this mountain road enough to make a drift after an emergency brake before stopping the car firmly on the side of the mountain road. It was only a foot away from the cliff.

"What happened?"

The chauffeur swung his head violently to look back. He didn't know why the Fourth young mistress was suddenly giving out such a panicky scream, but obviously something must have happened.

When he realized that there was an additional person in the car, he instantly went blank. Other than himself, obviously there was only the young mistress alone in the car, so when had the additional person appeared from nowhere? Such a weird incident made his blood run cold, and he looked at that youngster perplexedly. He swallowed nervously and was so shaken up that he was speechless for a long while.


The Qin Fourth young mistress pointed at Mo Wen with her bosom rising and falling rapidly, but was unable to utter a word for some time.

"Fourth young mistress, we meet again. Hope you are well." Mo Wen curled his lips and looked mischievously at this wanton woman of poor taste.

By now, the Qin Fourth young mistress had recognized Mo Wen. Mo Wen had humiliated her severely a few days ago, and now even her dreams were filled with scenes of getting revenge on Mo Wen. How could she not recognize this person whom she had such great enmity toward?

"What do you intend to do…?"

The Qin Fourth young mistress was so shocked that the blood drained from her face, and her body was trembling as she looked at Mo Wen. This person who had suddenly appeared in the car was her personal enemy. She was so terrified that she nearly fainted.

"Intend to do? What I can do! Which of course, is to go to your Qin Clan manor house for a tour, then collect some debts from your old fellow. Shouldn't all of you be welcoming me? Aren't you hoping that I would be digging my own grave by going there?"

The corners of Mo Wen's lips curled up, and he looked at the Qin Fourth young mistress with a glint of mischief. Before this, he hadn't known that the person in this car was the Qin Fourth young mistress. They had met a few days ago, and now they had met again. It was really coincidental.

"You intend to kidnap me and threaten the Qin Clan? Dream on."

The Qin Fourth young mistress's face was very pale, and she opened the car door vigorously in an attempt to escape from the car. She knew that once she was in Mo Wen's hands, she would definitely not have a good ending.

However, how could it be possible for her to run away from Mo Wen's grasp? Before she could step out of the car, a hand grabbed a hold of the back of her collar and clutched her like a little chick.