Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Fighting to the Qin Clans Door

"Don't worry. I'm not interested in kidnapping you. You are not worthy."

Mo Wen flicked his finger and a cold aura directly seeped into the Qin Fourth Young Mistress' body. The next moment, the Qin Fourth Young Mistress felt so cold, her face turned green.

Her body was stiff, like a frozen ice cube. She could not even move her fingers at all. She could only sit stiffly on her seat. Then, with a wave of his hand, the car door closed silently by itself.

"You had better drive the car. Otherwise, I dare not guarantee the safety of your young miss."

Mo Wen gave the driver a glance, his voice plainly revealing the seriousness of the situation.

The driver had his hand behind his back, seemingly prepared to pull out the pistol that he had hidden. However, he obviously did not have the opportunity.

Mo Wen made a motion with his hand. The pistol then bizarrely flew up on its own, only to land in Mo Wen's hand! It was a pocket Desert Eagle. Its firepower was impressive, and it was easy to carry and hide.

The driver's face turned pale. He knew that he had met a person that he could not resist. Working in the Qin Clan for more than ten years, he naturally knew about things that others didn't. So, seeing Mo Wen's ability, he wasn't surprised, but his mood was getting heavier.

"Continue driving. Return to the Qin Clan's Manor house."

Mo Wen curled the corners of his mouth, retrieving a bottle of red wine and a wine glass from the cooler in the cabin. He poured a glass of wine, as though no one else was around, then gently took a sip.

The driver looked at the Qin Fourth Young Mistress, only to see that, at this moment, the young miss was sitting stiffly in her seat. She seemed to not be able to move, and her eyes were filled with fear.

He took a deep breath and his gaze shifted forwards. He stepped on the gas pedal and focused on driving. He knew that, if he did not listen to the youth, then he and the young miss would both be in danger.

"What do you plan to do?"

The Qin Fourth Young Mistress was cold to the point that she couldn't stop shivering, as she looked intensely at Mo Wen.

Could it be that this youth was really prepared to head to the Qin Clan Manor house for a trip? Wasn't that suicide?

She did not believe that Mo Wen could fight against the Qin clan. Although she did not practice ancient martial arts, being born into an ancient martial arts clan, she naturally knew about them.

How is this youth qualified to fight against my clan?

"I'm finding your father to collect some debts." Mo Wen laughed and playfully looked at the Qin Fourth Young Mistress. "If it weren't for the fact that you are worthless, I could sell you and treat it as interest."

"You are looking to die. Later, when we are among the Qin clan, you'll be in serious trouble…"

The Qin Fourth Young Mistress' eyes turned cold. She bit her lip. He was mocking her to her face, and she had never felt so wronged. Her heart quietly turned cruel.

Later, when they arrived at the Qin clan, she would make sure that the brat would get what he deserved. He should pray that he would never end up at her mercy!

The car traveled along the winding mountain roads. They were going fast, as the driver seemingly was wishing to end this suppressive situation of being hijacked as soon as possible.

Hence, they shot straight towards the Qin Clan Manor house. Once they arrived at the Qin Clan Manor house, they would escape this isolated situation!

The entrance to the Qin Clan Manor house stood between two small mountains. The left and right stone doors looked grand, as though they had reached a tourist site that had thousands of years of history.

Beyond the stone doors was a vast space. A large grassland appeared before them. Beyond the fields were retro building complexes, as well as flying pavilions, lotus bridges, and palaces. The orderliness of the architecture and design made people feel as though they had entered the estate of a clan from ancient times.

The Benz raced across the grass fields, stopping at what seemed to be the entrance to an ancient house. On the plaque on the gate, written with dragons and phoenixes, were the four characters of the Qin clan. Each character was the size of a grindstone.

"We have arrived."

The driver swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his gaze cautiously looking at Mo Wen. Now that they were in the Qin Clan Manor house, they did not know what the youth was going to do.

Will he kill us to silence us?

"Get out of the car. Go and report to your clan leader. Tell him that Qin Xiaoyou's husband has come to pay a visit and discuss matters of debt with him."

Mo Wen slightly lifted his sharp chin up. He pointed to the outside of the car, signaling the driver to get out.

"Don't forget to tell your clan leader that his precious daughter is in my possession."

Mo Wen playfully looked at the Qin Fourth Young Mistress beside him, smiling evilly.

"I know...I know…"

Upon hearing this, the driver immediately nodded his head. He opened the car door and, half-crawling and half-rolling, ran out. What he feared most now was that Mo Wen would burn the bridge as he crossed it, suddenly killing people to silence them, without even giving them a chance.

Now that he could go and report the incident to the clan leader, not only was he safe, the clan leader would also certainly find a way to save the young miss. He could not care to think of why the youth would be so arrogant.

"You are dead. Later, you'll see how I will make you dead."

The Qin Fourth Young Mistress glared fiercely at Mo Wen. Now that someone had gone to inform the Qin clan, she breathed a slight sigh of relief.

Her father would rescue her. Also, she had made up her mind that Mo Wen wouldn't dare do anything to her. That was because, if Mo Wen killed her now, not only would he completely enrage the Qin clan, he would also lose his last supporter.

Now, she was Mo Wen's protective charm. He surely wouldn't dare harm her.

Moreover, she did not believe that Mo Wen had enough ability to contend against the Qin clan. Mo Wen's capturing her was just done to threaten the Qin clan. Although she did not know why Mo Wen was looking for the Qin clan, from his words before, she knew that he had his plans for them.

"Still so arrogant, even after becoming a prisoner. Big-breasted women really have no brains! Your IQ must be low…"

Mo Wen glanced at the Qin Fourth Young Mistress, then raised his eyebrows and looked at her exaggerated breasts. This woman looked pretty ordinary and her figure was normal, but the two mounds before her chest were frighteningly large.

Could it be that she had breast implants? Mo Wen contemplated inside his head.


The Qin Fourth Young Mistress glared at Mo Wen. She was so angry that she was speechless. Later, she would definitely make him wish he were dead.

The Qin Fourth Young Mistress tightly clenched her fist. She hated him till her teeth itched, but she could not do anything yet.

"Get out of the car."

Mo Wen patted the Qin Fourth Young Mistress. A burst of Nine Yang Qi circulated her body, instantly eliminating the stiffness in it and causing her to gradually regain her ability to move.

After getting out of the car, the Qin Fourth Young Mistress attempted to run away. But, she had barely run two steps, when she suddenly realized that she could not run any further! In front of her, there seemed to be an invisible wall of Qi that was blocking her way. No matter how hard she tried to run, she could only run in place.

"You had better save your energy. Later, when your father comes out, I believe he will try to rescue you."

Mo Wen steadily got out of the car. In his hand, there was still a glass of red wine. He looked at the funny antics of the Qin Fourth Young Mistress. He couldn't help but curl the corners of his mouth, obviously amused.

"Later, you will see how you end up dead!"

Once she discovered that it wasn't possible to escape, the Qin Fourth Young Mistress stopped, somewhat dispirited. Not long after Mo Wen and the Qin Fourth Young Mistress got out of the car, a commotion could be heard coming from the Qin clan house. Then, a large group of people came out of the house.

A middle-aged man, wearing a blue Tang suit, was in front. He walked with authority and solemness, his figure steady.

Behind him, a large group of people followed. The driver from before was among them. Now,he was bowing, his eyes down and obedient, as he respectfully followed a meter behind the middle-aged man, who was walking with fast steps forward.


Once she saw the middle-aged man, the Qin Fourth Young Mistress' tears immediately started flowing. Feeling wronged beyond compare, she shouted out loudly. Her body wanted to excitedly run forward, but she could not move.

The middle-aged man was none other than the current Qin clan leader, Qin Shaoyang. His features were decent, and he had a calm aura. He was more than fifty years of age and managed the large Qin clan's matters, big and small. At the same time, he was also the Qin clan's director, who controlled the Blue Ocean Group.

Although the Qin clan still had the eldest great grandfather living there, rumors said that he did not bother with any of the Qin clan's affairs. He had retired to the second line, focusing on practicing ancient martial arts instead.

"Who are you? Why did you come to the Qin clan to stir up trouble?"

Qin Shaoyang looked at his daughter. After seeing that she was unharmed, he gave a slight sigh of relief. Then, his gaze fell onto Mo Wen, fiercely intimidating and regal. Maybe it was because he had been in a high position for so long, but Qin Shaoyang had a formless majesty to him, making people seem to be involuntarily shorter by a full head.

"Didn't I introduce myself just now? Is the master of the Qin clan playing dumb, or has the driver not told you what has happened?"

Mo Wen curled his lips and smiled, lazily reclining on the Benz. His hand still held the glass of wine, and he kept taking sips from it occasionally.

"You have come for Qin Xiaoyou?"

Qin Shaoyang squinted his eyes slightly. He had never thought that Qin Xiaoyou would somehow get involved with a mysterious youth that practiced ancient martial arts, and that this youth would so brazenly come knocking on the Qin clan's door.

"Enough talk. Bring out Qin Xiaoyou. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee the safety of your daughter."

Mo Wen raised an eyebrow and said in an indifferent tone. He kept the Qin Fourth Young Mistress in order to threaten Qin Shaoyang to surrender Qin Xiaoyou. Otherwise, with the Qin clan being so large, it would not be easy for him to find one person.

Now that he had the Qin Fourth Young Mistress, naturally it would be very easy to exchange her for Qin Xiaoyou. He believed that Qin Shaoyang would surely exchange with him. After all, in his hands, he held the safety of his own daughter.

"Did you know that Qin Xiaoyou is the Qin Fifth young mistress? She has yet to marry. On what basis do you call yourself her husband?"

Qin Shaoyang looked plainly at Mo Wen, seemingly prepared to reason with Mo Wen by spouting philosophy. But, in the next moment, a person had disappeared from the crowd. Yet, no one seemed to have noticed.

After hearing this, Mo Wen playfully laughed, saying, "On what basis? On the basis that this was said by me, Mo Wen. Your Qin clan is not qualified to reason with me."


Qin Shaoyang was so angry, he nearly laughed. The arrogance of the youth before him knew no bounds. It practically made people dumbfounded.

Who does he think he is?

The Qin clan was not qualified to reason with him? Did the Qin clan need to reason with him?

Qin Shaoyang laughed coldly. In a while, this brat would be humbled! He had met too many young people, who looked down on the rest of the world. Usually, these sorts of people would die young!