Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Saving Someone

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“The reason for being wildly arrogant is because there is no need to be subtle with you guys. Moreover, it’s much better than you guys being treacherous.”

Mo Wen smiled and calmly took a sip of his red wine. His other hand was lifted slightly, and an unusual black and gold swirl suddenly appeared in his hand.

In the next moment, the unusual black and gold swirl disappeared and suddenly appeared ten meters away from Mo Wen’s side.

A blood-curdling scream erupted from that direction. Only a person who was floating in mid-air in that black and gold swirl could be seen. He was locked within that black and gold swirl, spinning along continuously with it. His body was constantly being pulled into all kinds of shapes, and scream after scream was erupting from that person’s mouth.

Mo Wen waved his hand, and that black and gold swirl disappeared once again. In the next moment, it had returned to his hand.

“Is it the style of your big clan to secretly make a surprise attack on people? Now I see that the capital’s five most reputable ancient martial arts clans are just like that.”

Mo Wen grabbed the person who had launched a surprise attack on him. He looked at Qin Shaoyang teasingly. Naturally, his petty trick from before had not escaped his eyes. Moreover, the person who had attacked him secretly had too low of a Cultivation. He was only in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm. When he had launched the surprise attack, he had been completely unable to escape his detection.

However, the technique of the surprise attacker was actually a little abstruse. Being able to use a little bit of light to remain invisible in broad daylight such that the average person was unable to see him with the naked eye was all too suitable for assassinations.

However, he had chosen the wrong target today. Because there was too big of a gap between his and Mo Wen’s Cultivations, he was doomed to fail.

The surprise attacker in Mo Wen’s hand was a middle-aged man. He had grown out two little strips of mustache. At the moment, his face was pale, and his entire body was twitching involuntarily. There was fear and pain in his eyes. He had thoroughly experienced what was meant by inhumane torture in the black and gold swirl.

“Little youth, let’s talk nicely.”

Qin Shaoyang’s expression had become very solemn. Previously, after Mo Wen had attacked, he had gotten a huge fright. An ancient martial art practitioner in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm had actually fallen into the hands of that youth without any power to resist at all. Moreover, it had been under the circumstances of a surprise attack.

Under normal circumstances, only an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm would be able to capture one in the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm so easily. Even some of those ancient martial art practitioners who had just broken through into the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm would not be able to do so.

Was the youth before him, who was not even 20 years of age, already an ancient martial art practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm? This conclusion had given him a fright. That talent would be a little too shocking.

As one of the five most reputable ancient martial arts clans in the capital, the resources and all aspects of the Qin Clan were far better than many of the other clans. However, even the most talented young person in the Qin Clan was not past the peak of the Sea of Qi realm, which was a rather huge distance from the Qi Nucleation realm. Moreover, he was almost over 30 years old already. Being able to train up to the Sea of Qi realm before the age of 20 was already a talent so rare as to only occur once in a hundred years.

Even as the clan leader of the Qin Clan, he, Qin Shaoyang, was only in the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. In the scene of ancient martial arts, a simple thing would only get harder with progress. Those young ancient martial arts masters would forever be a minority among the minority.

“I now have two lives from the Qin Clan in my hands. Would it be a good deal to exchange them for Qin Xiaoyou?”

Mo Wen threw that surprise attacker onto the floor. As his body came into contact with the ground, a layer of ice immediately formed over it. It was as though his body was even icier than ice. His body was rigid and cold, unable to move at all as he lay on the floor.

“The Qin Clan has already understood the purpose of your visit. This matter can still be negotiated. It is not impossible for us to betroth one of the Five Young Mistresses of the Qin Clan to you. How about coming over to the manor to discuss it further?”

Qin Shaoyang’s eyeballs rotated. He put things that way, with a look suggesting that he was prepared to negotiate things with Mo Wen. He had even revealed his willingness of marrying Qin Xiaoyou off to Mo Wen.

Qin Shaoyang was not a fool. He had captured Qin Xiaoyou for a political marriage with the Wang Clan in order to gain benefits for his clan.

However, there was currently a more valuable person that had appeared. A youth who was not even 20 years of age but already was in the Qi Nucleation realm. In the future, just what stunning achievements would he have? In the entire Qin Clan, there were only six masters in the Qi Nucleation realm, and they were all 50 years old and above. In the future, they would basically not have many more achievements.

However, Mo Wen was different. With his current age, there was a very high chance that he would be able to break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm in the future. That realm would be unachievable even for the Qin Clan’s eldest great grandfather after ten years of hard work. One could just imagine how difficult it was.

If the Qin Clan could have a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm in command, they would definitely skyrocket and become the top ancient martial arts clan in the entire scene, not just among the top five in the capital.

It could be said that Mo Wen’s value alone was far greater than that of the entire Wang Clan. If they could have a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm, the Wang Clan would be nothing.

Currently, Qin Shaoyang’s greatest wish was to pull Mo Wen into the Qin Clan. If he could marry into the Qin Clan, it would be even better. Should he be able to achieve his aim, forget just the Five Young Mistresses, he would be willing to give every single one of the Qin Clan’s Young Mistresses to him.

Having been the Qin Clan’s leader for many years, Qin Shaoyang’s considerations were always guided by what would benefit the clan. It had already become a habit for him. For the clan’s benefit, sacrificing a few of their Young Mistresses was not a big deal. Naturally, having lived in the Qin Clan, they had the duty of doing their part for the clan.

“Negotiation? With your Qin Clan?”

Mo Wen’s lips curled upwards as he looked at Qin Shaoyang, pondering.

“It is only natural. It is our Qin Clan’s honor that you have set eyes on our Young Mistress. However, marrying our Young Mistresses off is not a trivial affair. We still have to negotiate a bit,” Qin Shaoyang said and smiled.

Currently, he had already had a complete change of plans. The political marriage with the Wang Clan was now an empty idea. He had never expected that the Fifth Young Mistress that the Qin Clan had abandoned and only just remembered would attract such a mysterious and powerful youth.

“Just what do you think your Qin Clan is? Do you really have the right to negotiate Qin Xiaoyou’s marriage?”

Mo Wen laughed suddenly. This Qin Clan was really a whole new level of shameless. At this point, they were even prepared to make use of Qin Xiaoyou for their own benefit. If Qin Xiaoyou even had a bit of affection for the Qin Clan instead of hatred, Mo Wen would not have said such a thing.


Qin Shaoyang’s face became utterly cold. He looked at Mo Wen expressionlessly and said, “What do you mean? Are you really adamant on becoming enemies with the Qin Clan?”

The youth in front of him was seemingly not just there for Qin Xiaoyou. Rather, he was challenging their Qin Clan and looking for trouble with them.

“Cut the nonsense, hand Qin Xiaoyou over, if not…”

Mo Wen laughed coldly. He extended his hand and grabbed the Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress’ neck while saying coldly, “If not, I will kill her.”

“Father, save me…”

The Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Lady was so afraid that all the color drained from her face. She looked at Mo Wen, terrified, and she struggled continuously.

Beforehand, the surprise attack on Mo Wen had failed. By then, she could sense that things were going to take a bad turn. Now, the danger had fallen upon her. Naturally, she was scared to death.

“Young man, your current mindset is very dangerous.”

Qin Shaoyang’s face was as still as water. Currently, he was still adamant. He did not want to give up on such a talented youth. However, if he could not get his hands on him, he would possibly become their enemy. Then, he would not hold back. He would definitely have to nip it in the bud and kill him on the spot.

The Qin Clan was still confident that they would be able to kill off a youth in the Qi Nucleation realm. If not, the Qin Clan would not be able to secure their position as one of the top five ancient martial arts clans in the capital.

“I’ll give you all three minutes. If I still don’t see Qin Xiaoyou…”

Mo Wen laughed coldly. He gripped his fingers tightly, and the Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress immediately turned pale. There were squawking sounds coming from her mouth as she struggled, feeling more scared than ever. At that point, she could not even speak anymore.

“Go and bring Qin Xiaoyou over to me, within three minutes…!” Qin Shaoyang said with his teeth gritted. In the current situation, there was basically no more space for discussion. This youth in front of him did not have any respect for the Qin Clan at all. Moreover, his fourth daughter had fallen into his hands. Hence, they could only do whatever he said.

However, all that did not matter. Once he exchanged his people for her, and there were no more shackles holding her back, did he really think that the two of them would be able to leave the Qin Clan’s Mountain Villa alive? That was simply a joke. By that time, Qin Xiaoyou would still fall into his possession.

The two of them followed Qin Shaoyang’s instructions and ran to the backyard. Before two minutes had passed, they ran back with a person in tow.

The person in the middle had a small and petite frame. She also looked extremely beautiful. Other than Qin Xiaoyou, who else could it have been?

Qin Xiaoyou’s eyes were red and swollen. Her expression was haggard, and there were tear streaks on her little face. It was clear that she had been treated unfairly.

“Clan Leader, the Fifth Young Mistress has been brought over.”

The two of them pressed Qin Xiaoyou forward and did not let go. They allowed her to face Mo Wen.

“Mo Wen!”

Qin Xiaoyou had seen Mo Wen at a glance. Immediately, she had called out emotionally. She could not help the tears that she had tried to hold in from flowing out. She wanted to run over to Mo Wen but was unable to break free even after struggling twice.

“Can you let the person off now?”

Qin Shaoyang looked at Mo Wen calmly. His gaze was dark and cold, and he was expressionless.

“Clan Leader Qin, you should really let Qin Xiaoyou off already, right?”

Mo Wen’s mouth curled up into a smile. Qin Shaoyang could not trust him and naturally, it was even more impossible for him to trust Qin Shaoyang.


Qin Shaoyang let out a cold humph. With the wave of a hand, Qin Xiaoyou started flying in the air. Slowly, she drifted over to Mo Wen. “You had better not be up to any tricks. Otherwise, with my Cultivation, it is very simple to control a long-distance attack on a woman who does not have any strength.”

Currently, Qin Shaoyang’s Inner Qi included Qin Xiaoyou. Killing a woman without any Cultivation at all was indeed very simple.

“If the Clan Leader of the Qin Clan does not play any tricks, I will naturally also not play petty tricks. However, if the Qin Clan plays tricks, don’t blame me for being too heartless.”

With a wave of Mo Wen’s hand, the Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress flew into the air. Under the control of Inner Qi, she hovered in mid-air and gradually flew towards Qin Shaoyang.

In the next moment, two figures flashed like superimposed images almost simultaneously, separately heading towards the two women in the air.

In the blink of an eye, Mo Wen appeared by Qin Xiaoyou’s side. With the clap of his hands, he dissipated all of Qin Shaoyang’s Inner Qi that was surrounding Qin Xiaoyou. Then, he carried Qin Xiaoyou with one hand before returning to his original spot with a flash.

The entire process had not taken longer than a second. It had happened in the blink of an eye, such that people whose attention was scattered would have thought that Mo Wen had not moved and had remained on the same spot all the while.

As for Qin Shaoyang, he was quite a bit weaker than Mo Wen. The two of them had attacked at the same time. However, when Mo Wen had returned to his original spot, Qin Shaoyang had only just appeared beside the Fourth Young Mistress of the Qin Clan.

If Mo Wen had intended to attack the Qin Clan’s Fourth Young mistress in the moment right after he had saved Qin Xiaoyou, the Qin Clan’s Fourth Young Mistress would have been dead by now.