Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 247

Chapter 247: The Power of One

Qin Shaoyang patted on the Qin Fourth Young Mistress to diffuse the Inner Qi that Mo Wen had placed on her, thus saving her. In a flash, he returned to the Qin Clan's side and handed the Qin Fourth Young Mistress over to the members of the clan.

At this moment, the Qin Fourth Young Mistress finally heaved a sigh of relief. She then rolled her eyes back and lost consciousness.

"Besiege them."

After Qin Shaoyang released his daughter, his eyes once again fixed on Mo Wen, a radiance flashing in them.

Since this youngster failed to appreciate my favor, the Qin Clan can't have him around, so they can only nip him in the bud.

Qin Xiaoyou was someone the Qin Clan couldn't give up. Since they were unable to win over this youngster, they had to continue to use her in the marriage with the Wang Clan.

"Don't cry. I will bring you home soon."

Mo Wen put Qin Xiaoyou, who was in his arms, gently onto the floor. He wiped away the tears on her face, totally ignoring the people of the Qin Clan.

"What should we do now…"

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head, trying hard to keep the tears from leaving her eyes. They were surrounded by the people of the Qin Clan. She knew that this wasn't the time to cry, and that their getting out of there was the most crucial thing, but she didn't know what to do.

Regrets surged in her heart, as she blamed herself for having such a low cultivation. She hadn't paid much attention to her practice in the past, so she couldn't help Mo Wen.

"It's ok. You just need to stand aside and watch. They won't harm you."

Mo Wen patted Qin Xiaoyou's head. In the eyes of the Qin Clan, Qin Xiaoyou was the tool to exchange for benefits, so they naturally wouldn't harm her. Therefore, the only person who would be in danger was him.

However, whether the Qin Clan would be threat to his ability was still unknown. At the present moment, none of those who had appeared from the Qin Clan were his match.

Mo Wen's arm shook and a gentle energy wrapped around Qin Xiaoyou's body, sending her to the rock outside of the Qin Clan's main gate. This was to ensure that she wouldn't be affected by the fight later.

The people of the Qin Clan did indeed turn a blind eye to Qin Xiaoyou, their focus having always been on Mo Wen. In their eyes, Mo Wen was the real threat to them, as Qin Xiaoyou's cultivation was so low, they could capture her easily at anytime.

"Qin Clan's style of handling things, such as burning bridges and getting rid of someone when they were no longer of use, was indeed performed brilliantly and vividly."

Mo Wen curled his lips and gradually shifted his eyes towards Qin Shaoyang.

"Young man, you are showing off too much and failing to appreciate others' favor. What a pity."

Qin Shaoyang sighed. 

If this youngster was meek and tameable, I would very much like to welcome him into the Qin Clan. However, I now have no choice but to destroy this young expert, and he had such great prospects, too...


After giving his order, Qin Shaoyang waved his hand. Instantaneously, the two elderly men, who were in their sixties, leapt forward. They were a hundred meters away, but in the blink of an eye, they appeared right in front of Mo Wen. 

Two terrifying auras were released by the two elderly men, which were so shocking, the surrounding crowd retreated, not daring to be involved in such a horrifying fight. The two elderly man were the elders in the Qin Clan and were of the older generation with respected statuses. They normally focused on practice only and rarely showed themselves, but they came out to preside over any situation where the Qin Clan met with big troubles.

In order to kill a young expert in the Qi Nucleation realm, Qin Shaoyang had to be serious, so he had secretly sent someone to invite the two elders of the clan in an attempt to besiege and kill Mo Wen with the strengths of the three. Otherwise, if this youngster were to escape, there would be endless consequences for the Qin Clan.

Mo Wen squinted his eyes slightly. Both persons were in ancient martial arts of Qi Nucleation realm. The Qin Clan's base was quite strong, as it included Qin Shaoyang, and there were already three experts in the Qi Nucleation realm now. Moreover, it was still unclear how many experts were hidden and had yet to appear.

The two elders in the Qi Nucleation realm appeared in front of Mo Wen, almost in a few blinks of the eye. They then attacked each side of Mo Wen. Instantly, torrential wave of Inner Qi rippled forth and hit Mo Wen violently.

The two persons seemed to know that Mo Wen had a relatively high cultivation, so they put in all their might in their first attack, holding nothing back. In that instant, the sand and pebbles started rolling. The members of the Qin Clan retreated again and again to avoid being implicated by the fight and harmed by its repercussions.

Mo Wen snorted and raised both his hands, then caught the two fists that were punching at him vigorously. The two fistsm which had terrifying strengths, went weirdly still once they were in the hands of Mo Wen.

"The Heaven and Earth Great Shift!"

A series of invisible ripples began to spread, with Mo Wen at the center. A weird invisible whirl was instantly formed, which pulled the two elders into it and engulfed all three of them completely.

Mo Wen's body swayed, then suddenly withdrew from the circle of the fight, like a leaf that floated out of the strange whirl. As to the two punches that were struck towards Mo Wen, they continued to swing forward uncontrollably at a speed that did not slow down, but sped up!

In the strange whirl, the two elderly men were facing each other, as if they are fighting each other and their attacking forces were hitting each other uncontrollably. However, the target, Mo Wen, was totally withdrawn and out of the fighting ground, like it had nothing to do with him.

Almost at the same time, the two elderly men had shock in their eyes. They realized that their bodies were basically out of control, like an invisible hand had caught them and was controlling their strength, forcing them to hit towards the members of their own clan. They basically were unable to control themselves, so they absolutely were incapable of coordinating with one another!


A loud banging sound resounded. The two elderly men had finally collided into each other. 

The outburst of the terrifying undulation of the Inner Qi had caused a series of banging sounds. The frantic wind was whirling, covering a circumference of a hundred meters. Many people, who had not retreated in time, were swept into the wave of Qi and flung outwards.

As for the two elderly men in the center of the storm, they suffered a very strong impact and flew backwards. The clothing on their bodies was tattered and their hair was in a mess. They looked like beggars on the streets, exhausted and battered.

Just now, when the two of them struck, they didn't have any reservations, but did it with all their might. Originally, they were attacking Mo Wen, but they had never expected things to turn out this way. Now, the two of them had yet to react, as they really didn't even know what exactly had happened!

They flew backwards about a hundred meters, both almost simultaneously vomiting out blood, their faces terribly pale. Exchanging blows for the first time, they had suffered severe internal injuries.

Qin Shaoyang's eyes were filled with extreme shock. He knew the standard of the two seniors in the clan very well. Though he was also an ancient martial arts practitioner in the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, in terms of fighting capacity, he was definitely incomparable to the two elders. After all, the time that the two elders had spent practicing was more than his age!

However, both of them were defeated at the hands of that youngster in one stroke, and they had been severely injured. It was simply too stupefying.

Could he have underestimated this youngster just now?

With the strength that he had exhibited just now, it obviously could only be done by an ancient martial arts practitioner in acme of Qi Nucleation realm. Moreover, the ordinary ancient martial arts practitioner in acme of Qi Nucleation realm might not be able to defeat the two elders so easily.

Could it be that the cultivation of this youngster was not in beginning stage of Qi Nucleation realm, but was in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm?

This is simply an atrocious matter! At the age of less than twenty, to be able to practice to such a realm? That is indeed an incredible talent! In the entire ancient martial arts world, there might only be a handful that could accomplish such a feat.

The eldest great grandfather of the Qin Clan, who had practiced for close to a century, was only in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm now, and had never broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Thus, Mo Wen's practice and strength had completely overturned Qin Shaoyang's initial perceptions.

"Clan Leader Qin, the people of the Qin Clan couldn't have only these few experts, right? If that's the case, I have a lot of things to discuss with clan leader Qin."

Mo Wen stood nonchalantly and looked at Qin Shaoyang with a glint of mischief, like the shocking scene just now had been accomplished casually and effortlessly. He naturally knew that the Qin Clan, being one of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the Capital, couldn't have only this little strength.

In fact, they were estimated to have more than five experts in the Qi Nucleation realm. Moreover, it was said that the eldest great grandfather of the Qin Clan was in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm.

Mo Wen knew that, if he wanted the Qin Clan to surrender, he had to defeat the highest fighter of the Qin Clan for it to be possible. The most effective way to deal with an ancient martial arts aristocratic family was to crush them by force. In the ancient martial arts world, it had always been that the strong ones were respected, while the weak ones became the prey of the strong.

Furthermore, since this fight was a personal feud in the ancient martial arts world, the Huatian Palace basically wouldn't handle it.

However, it was nearly impossible to encounter a fight that did not have some personal element to it, as gratitude, enmity, love and hatred in Jianghu would always be inseparable from the ancient martial arts world. Still, unless one was like Demoness Gong, who had so many enemies that she had to seek revenge frantically and create shocking sins of killing constantly, the Huatian Palace wouldn't interfere.

"The Qin Clan is so arrogant and overbearing, as you have to disregard the lives and rights of others, kill the loved ones of others, and seize others' properties by force. I would like to know the amount of abilities that the Qin Clan has, such that you would dare to bully people to the extreme."

Mo Wen swept his eyes coldly across the people of the Qin Clan. He would no longer hide his cultivation. Since the situation had escalated to such a point, he naturally had to fight the Qin Clan till the end.

In an instant, a terrifying aura burst out from his body violently. The aura rose steadily, like a tornado, sweeping across the ground, with sand and pebbles rolling in all directions. Then, a horrifying pressure descended from heaven and enveloped the people of the Qin Clan.