Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Second Great Grandfather

That terrifying oppressive force caused everyone from the Qin Clan to turn pale. One by one, they looked at Mo Wen in fear and alarm. Many of them had not encountered such a terrifying pressure in their entire lifetime.

"The pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm!"

Qin Shaoyang took a breath. His face was pale beyond compare. A bad feeling started to stir inside of him.

The situation was not under his control as he had imagined. Today's situation would most likely be hard to settle. An expert at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm... Even if the entire Qin Clan came forward, it would most likely be very difficult to kill him.

After all, killing a person and defeating someone were two completely different things. If the entire Qin Clan put in the effort, maybe they could defeat the youth before them. However, if he did not fight to the death and instead ran away halfway through, then it would nearly impossible to kill him.

Also, in order to defeat the youth before them, they needed to invite the great grandfather, who had been in seclusion for years, to come out first.

The current situation could be said to be entirely beyond Qin Shaoyang's control.

Mo Wen naturally would not care what intentions Qin Shaoyang had. Today, he came to find the Qin Clan with one goal in mind, crush them. If the Qin Clan was strong enough that he could not crush them, then he would first rescue Qin Xiaoyou, and then he would return another day to finish the job.

With a dash of his silhouette, Mo Wen crossed a distance of dozens of meters in an instant. The Inch Travel Steps allowed him to move 1,000 miles in one step. Before Qin Shaoyang could react, Mo Wen had already appeared in front of him. Under his terrifying pressure that enveloped them, the surrounding space seemed to have turned solid, firmly shackling Qin Shaoyang.

Against such a fierce assault, Qin Shaoyang seemed to not show any sign of resistance. Before he could even resist, he had ended up in Mo Wen's hands.

Mo Wen caught Qin Shaoyang's collar with one hand. A terrifying Inner Qi surged and crashed against Qin Shaoyang's body, directly inflicting severe damage on him.

Then, two auras, one hot and one cold, pincer-attacked and gushed into Qin Shaoyang's body. After circulating in his entire body, both ends met, forming a Yin Yang Tai Chi, sealing off all of the acupoints and meridians in Qin Shaoyang's body.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Shaoyang's lifetime's worth of Cultivation was completely sealed. He could not utilize his Inner Qi and became a physically weak, ordinary person.

Mo Wen shook his wrist and Qin Shaoyang's body was sent flying out 100 meters. He landed right in front of Qin Xiaoyou. He landed with a loud thud, giving Qin Xiaoyou a scare.

"Protect yourself well."

Mo Wen flicked his finger. A silvery-blue light appeared with a flash, instantly appearing in front of Qin Xiaoyou. It was slowly suspended in front of her, releasing a cold silvery-blue glow.

It was a Silver Serpent Freezing Pin. It contained a terrifying cold poison, and was one of the world's top hidden weapons.

Mo Wen's intention was clear. He was asking Qin Xiaoyou to hold Qin Shaoyang hostage. Relying on this, they could prevent the Qin Clan's people from quietly attacking Qin Xiaoyou during the battle ahead. With Qin Shaoyang in her hands, the Qin Clan would certainly not dare to act rashly.

Now that Qin Shaoyang's Cultivation had been completely sealed, he had become a normal person. With Qin Xiaoyou's current Regulated Breathing realm Cultivation, holding him hostage was an easy thing for her to do.

Qin Xiaoyou clenched her teeth and with a swipe of her hand caught the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin suspended in front of her. She clenched it tightly in her hand. Her other hand caught Qin Shaoyang. She pointed the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin at the artery on Qin Shaoyang's neck. She cautiously gazed at the Qin Clan clansmen.

She knew that now she would not be the one to hold Mo Wen back. After all, if she guaranteed her own safety, only then could Mo Wen fight without worrying.

The people of the Qin Clan saw that their clan leader had fallen into Mo Wen's hands. Horror stirred in their hearts. Their eyes started to show panic.

"Arrogant brat."

A furious voice suddenly sounded from the Qin Clan's backyard. Next, a silhouette came leaping out from inside. With several flashes, he leaped a few hundred meters, appearing on the field in no time at all.

The newcomer was an elder. He wore a outfit of blue cloth with a Mandarin jacket on top and loose pants on the bottom. He appeared in the middle of the field, standing in the wind. His clothes and his white beard fluttered in the breeze.

He glanced across the field. It was a deplorable mess. After he saw that the two Qin Clan elders had been severely injured and that Qin Shaoyang was being held hostage, his eyes were immediately filled with rage.

He stared at Mo Wen. "You dare come and provoke the Qin clan, brat? You don't know your own strength. I would like to see how capable you are!"

The white bearded elder coldly snorted and stomped his feet on the ground. His body was like a strand of smoke, appearing before Mo Wen in an instant.

Mo Wen narrowed his eyes, and a glimpse of surprise flashed in them. Even though this Qin Clan white bearded elder had quite a profound Cultivation, his Cultivation hadn't reached the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. He was but a mere Qi Nucleation realm later stage ancient martial art practitioner. He still had a long way to go to reach the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Was it possible that this man was the Qin Clan's great grandfather?

A glimpse of puzzlement flashed in Mo Wen's eyes. Before this, Dongfang Yi seemed to have mentioned that the Qin Clan's great grandfather had reached the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm years ago. He was constantly searching for the opportunity to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Unfortunately, he had not been successful.

The elder before him clearly didn't have such profound Cultivation. His Cultivation level was at most much stronger than Zhu Feng's from the Azura Dragon Palace Hall.

The white bearded elder dashed and appeared above Mo Wen, suspended above his head. His hand formed a claw and furiously slammed down.

"Cries of Tiger Claw!"

He had not underestimated Mo Wen. To be able to capture Qin Shaoyang, as well as severely injure two intermediate stage Qi Nucleation realm practitioners, Mo Wen's ability was evident. So, once he attacked, he immediately used his secret technique.

As the claw came slamming down, suddenly the roar of tigers resounded. From far to near, and large to small, it came in waves, one after another. When it entered one's ears, it was earth shattering, shaking up one's soul.

A dark purple Inner Qi slowly gathered in the white bearded elder's claw. It kept growing, gradually forming into a huge, purple tiger claw. On it were dark purple tiger stripes, and on the claw there seemed to be a tiger head. It looked alive, as though it were roaring at the sky.

Once the Cries of Tiger Claw appeared, the earth and sky seemed to be flooded with tiger roars. It shook people down to their core, and the formless pressure made people feel oppressed. The surrounding air seemed to have been sucked away, making breathing much more difficult.

Once the white bearded elder attacked, the power and influence he commanded was astonishing. The combined power and influence of Qin Shaoyang and the two Qin Clan elders paled in comparison.

"That's the second great grandfather. The second great grandfather has finally appeared."

"I haven't seen the second great grandfather in a long while. I heard he was always in seclusion. Now, he has finally appeared!"

"With the second great grandfather here, there is finally someone to seize control of the situation."

The appearance of the white bearded elder seemed to give the Qin Clan clansmen reassurance. The crowd let out sighs of relief one by one, and their looks were much rosier. Although the youth had terrifying ability, the Qin Clan was not weak. How could it be easy to become one of the capital's Five Great Ancient Martial Arts Clans?

"Ranked martial arts."

Feeling the terrifying pressure that kept coming from above him, Mo Wen narrowed his eyes slightly. The huge dark purple tiger claw was ten feet in diameter. Its power was indeed very terrifying. It seemed to more than double the white bearded elder's ability.

Also, the bizarre tiger roar and Mo Wen's Dragon Tiger Fist had similar purposes. While attacking, it contained soundwave attacks that disturbed the enemy's spirit. In the ancient martial arts world, martial arts teachings that had soundwave effects weren't commonly seen. Also, almost every single one of them was a rare ranked martial art.

The so-called ranked martial arts were how the ancient martial arts world divided their martial arts teachings on a high level. There were countless ancient martial arts sects and factions, and various genres blooming everywhere, and each sect had their own martial arts teaching heritage.

The world was so vast, and the martial arts teachings numbered in the tens of thousands. After thousands of years of development and derivation, ancient martial arts had formed a complex but tight system.

Although the ancient martial arts world's martial arts teachings were many, most of them were ordinary martial arts teachings. Many of them were simplified versions that were constantly derived from more advanced martial arts teachings. Some were just renamed, going through repeated innovation, but in reality, they were still the same old routine.

These martial arts teachings did not have their own core principles and philosophies nor the outline of martial arts teachings. These were martial arts teachings that were created by people after learning a few tricks. These types of martial arts teachings were easy to practice, but their power was limited. Ancient martial arts practitioners had almost no use for them.

Truly powerful martial arts teachings that were reputable and could last through the ages did not appear often. They were exceedingly rare.

These types of martial arts teachings were called ranked martial arts. They were the essence of the martial arts teachings of Hua Xia's ancient martial arts world. Each of them were treasures passed down through history. Any ancient martial arts sect would view them as precious treasures.

However, these types of martial arts teachings were rarely seen. Normal ancient martial arts factions had no heritage of this type.

It was so even for the ancient martial arts factions like the Gu Clan Fort and the Zhou Clan Manor in the Yuntai Mountain's ancient martial arts world. Although they had Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners in their sects, thus enabling them to dominate an area and rule the roost in the normal world, they also did not have ranked martial arts.

It was because they did not have sufficient qualifications to have precious rare martial arts teachings. Even if they had some heritage, without ability, they would most likely not be able to keep it to themselves.

Mo Wen was surprised to encounter ranked martial arts in the Qin Clan. These kinds of martial arts teachings were rare, even among the ancient martial arts sects hidden in the mountains. Its appearance in an ancient martial arts clan was enough to prove the clan's heritage and strength.

No wonder the Qin Clan could become one of the top five ancient martial arts clans in the capital. In comparison to other common ancient martial arts clans, it was indeed not on the same level!

Mo Wen's understanding of ranked martial arts was shallow. He had only encountered a few ranked martial arts, even though he actually possessed several ranked martial arts himself.

The Dragon Tiger Fist, Overlord Fist, Inch Travel Steps, Heavenly Hand, and some peerless martial arts teachings from the Ming Cult were all on the list of ranked martial arts.

In reality, ranked martial arts generally referred to those deep and profound martial arts teachings, but they weren't without distinction.

There were three levels of ranked martial arts: Refined Rank, Superb Rank, and Absolute Rank.

In the ancient martial arts world, the Refined Rank ranked martial arts were the most common. Almost 90 percent were all Refined Rank. As for the Superb Rank and Absolute Rank, they were extremely rare. Whoever was able to come across one and have the opportunity to practice it was very lucky.

The Ming Cult's Heaven and Earth Great Shift was an Absolute Rank martial arts teaching. How many martial arts teachings were there in the world that could compare to the Heaven and Earth Great Shift?

Although Mo Wen did not have a very clear concept of ranked martial arts, if he used the Heaven and Earth Great Shift as the standard, the Dragon Tiger Fist, Overlord Fist, and Inch Travel Steps could only be considered to be of the Superb Rank. As for the Heavenly Hand, it should be similar to the Heaven and Earth Great Shift and classified as Absolute Rank.