Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Indestructible Body of Vajrapani

Although ranked martial arts could harness the ability of an ancient martial art practitioner several times, it got more difficult to cultivate the more profound martial arts. Just like the Heaven and Earth Great Shift, as it had an element of being a profound martial art, people who could not easily comprehend things would not be able to cultivate it.

In fact, there were many people who would not know how to cultivate it, even after being given a book on the Heaven and Earth Great Shift. However, most of those who were able to cultivate ranked martial arts were naturally bright and talented. Either that, or they had studied a technique of martial arts very intensely for a very long time.

The Qin Clan had ranked martial arts. However, as the clan leader, Qin Shaoyang had not made good use of it. There were only three people who could cultivate the Cries of Tiger Claw in the whole of the Qin Clan.

When the Qin Clan's second great grandfather attacked, he had given it his all and displayed all of the ranked martial arts. He wanted to defeat Mo Wen in a single blow to restore the honor of the Qin Clan.

Mo Wen was standing below that huge, dark purple Tiger Claw. His clothes were fluttering, but his body was as straight as a pencil. He looked like a solid rock. No matter how fierce the wind and rain were, it was impossible to cause him to waver.

When Cries of Tiger Claw was about to reach Mo Wen, an expansive aura was given out from Mo Wen's body. Three waves of Inner Qi had turbulently poured out and combined into one force. It was like a fierce wind had been generated on the spot, sending sand flying and pebbles rolling throughout a hundred-meter distance.

He lifted his head to glance at that dark purple Tiger Claw. In the next moment, his figure flashed. He did not retreat, but advanced instead, going forward and valiantly banging into that dark purple Tiger Claw.

At the same time, a fist came crashing through. His right arm was burning with a layer of golden flames. It was bright and eye-piercing. His entire arm looked like it had been plated with gold, as an unusual gold ray danced upon it.


That huge Inner Qi had formed a dark purple Tiger Claw. It was as though as it had been crafted with paper, falling apart in an instant. It disintegrated into multiple puffs of dark purple smoke and dust, vanishing in the air. The continuously whistling cries of the tiger had also stopped suddenly.

Mo Wen's figure emerged from the explosion of dark purple smoke and dust. He skyrocketed up and flew 20 meters into the air. A gold light flickered on his body. It was bright and glorious, just like a little sun.

"How could this be?"

The senior with the white beard widened his eyes, as he looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. It was clear just how powerful this Cries of Tiger Claw was!

Even when he had met some ancient martial arts practitioner with the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm, who had never trained on ranked martial arts, he was able to win by a landslide victory, dominating the fight.

Initially, he had thought that, with Mo Wen's young age, he would not have been able to comprehend the ranked martial arts. After all, the cultivation of ranked martial arts was way too difficult. There were not even many in the Qin Clan who could successfully accomplish it.

Internally, he had thought that, although Mo Wen's cultivation was high, he may not be that good in battles. Hence, although he clearly knew that Mo Wen was at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm, he had not cared about it too much.

However, the fist from before had given him a shock that he had never experienced. His trump card, Cries of Tiger Claw, had actually been so easily defeated by someone, it could not even hold up against his attack!

Mo Wen had seemingly not performed any martial art in particular. He had only used a simple fist, so one had to wonder why he could have had such a scary destructive force.

"You still don't have the capabilities to battle me. Get that eldest great grandfather of your Qin Clan to come at me."

Mo Wen let out a cold humph. He looked at that senior with the white beard condescendingly. The gold light on his body was becoming more eye-piercing. He was like a sun that was constantly shining brighter and emitting more heat.

How could the two divine techniques of the Ming Clan be so easily defeated?

The Nine Yang Divine Technique was strong, having been dubbed as the world's strongest and fiercest technique. When the Cultivation of the people who trained the Nine Yang Divine Technique reached a certain level, they could rely on the Qi of the Nine Yang to cultivate the Body as Strong and Sturdy as Buddha's Attendant.

The Body as Strong and Sturdy as Buddha's Attendant had exceptional defense qualities. When trained to a profound level, not just normal weapons, but even those divine weapons that could cut through metal like it was mud would not cause any harm at all.

Since a long time ago, the Ming Clan leaders who had Cultivated the Nine Yang Divine Technique and the Heaven and Earth Great Shift had a defense that was second to none. It had even earned the title of being the world's most divine weapon.

In reality, ever since cultivating the Nine Yang Divine Technique, Mo Wen had yet to demonstrate the power of this particular technique. Today, in order to fight the Qin Clan, he had already been prepared not to hold back.

An eye-piercing golden ray flashed out in mid-air. Following that, there were hot waves rolling out. Wherever they went, the water in the air had seemingly all evaporated, turning the space into a vacuum.

A golden figure appeared before the senior with the white beard in the blink of an eye. Closely following that, there was a fist that was thrown forward simply, forcefully, and powerfully.

The pupils of the senior with the white beard contracted. He had previously witnessed the power of that fist, so he definitely did not want to receive it head-on.

However, he suddenly realized that it was impossible for him to escape. A scary pressure emanated from the body of that golden figure and the huge boiling Inner Qi completely enveloped him. It had caused his body to feel as though it had fallen into mud,as his actions had become extremely unnatural.

Based on his current condition, he definitely would not be able to avoid such a speedy and fierce fist. Hence, at the moment, he could not retreat. If he failed in retreating, he would have come to an even worse end.

The senior with the white beard inhaled deeply. Internally, he assessed the situation in an instant.

Both his legs were planted firmly on the ground. His body did not move at all, and he could feel the heated aura in the surroundings. It was as though he was standing in boiling water. Hence, all the water in the air had evaporated.

The strong heat washed over him, wave after wave. It was as though he had been placed on a flame to be cooked. Unconsciously, he was panicking inside.

After the senior with the white beard had made his decision, he did not give a second thought to any other option. Once again, he unleashed his Cries of Tiger Claw. He then went straight at the youth.


A scary thundering noise sounded. The senior with the white beard's dark purple Cries of Tiger Claw had once again vanished in the smoke and dust. At the same time, a fist penetrated through the purple smoke and dust to fiercely hit the chest of the senior with the white beard. He was sent flying.

The senior with the white beard had been thrown backwards a couple hundred meters. Along the way, he had passed through a few layers of construction. He looked like an artillery shell that had been shot and was flying a far distance.

He knocked into seven or eight construction structures along the way, before finally, his body landed on the top of a clocktower. The grey bricks surrounding it were like a spiderweb, with multiple cracks, and the entire clocktower had begun to waver.


The second great grandfather of the Qin Clan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His face was pale and he was seeing stars. The huge aura on his body was diminishing quickly and the powerful energy had disappeared from his body. He had become a patient that was on the verge of death.

The senior with the white beard breathed out slowly. Even his breath seemed to have blood coming out with it. The bloody smell continuously dissipated into the surrounding air from his mouth.

Previously, when that youth had destroyed his Cries of Tiger Claw so easily, he had already known that he was not a match for him. There was no doubt that he would lose in a battle with him.

However, he never expected to lose so badly. He basically could not withstand a single blow! There was such a huge gap in skills between the two of them!

That previous fist had basically shattered all of his innards. If he was not someone who was trained in martial arts, having a firmer body than the average person and the protection from his Inner Qi, he would have already been dead by now.

Even so, he had sustained serious injuries and was not far from death. If he was not treated in time, he would still lose his life.

Mo Wen did not continue to attack the senior with the white beard. Instead, his figure gradually descended, and he stably stood at the main door of the Qin Clan's vacant lot. He stood with his hands behind his back, his gaze calmly looking at the inside of the Qin Clan's construction.

He knew that, since this senior with the white beard was not the great grandfather with the highest cultivation in the Qin Clan, the eldest great grandfather of the Qin Clan would definitely make an appearance. He just had to wait quietly.

He could only stop the Qin Clan if he defeated the strongest person there. If not, everything that he had done thus far would be in vain.

A few hundred meters away, the second great grandfather of the Qin Clan, who was lying at the top of the clocktower, looked at Mo Wen. Then, he wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth and reached for a token from his chest.

With the flick of his finger, that token was sent flying away and entered the back of the mountains of the Qin Clan. It then disappeared without a trace.

In reality, the great grandfather of the Qin Clan had shut himself off, as he was at a critical stage five years earlier. He had wanted to break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm. If there was nothing major that would threaten the survival of the clan, he would not, and could not, let himself out.

After all, the eldest great grandfather of the Qin Clan was too old and was not robust. His life was reaching its end, so he did not dare move around too much.

It was only if he broke through into the Embryonic Breathing realm that the potential of his body could be ignited once again, thus extending his lifespan by more than ten years. He would then not have to be restricted by his age.

However, there was currently nobody in the Qin Clan who could stop that youth. With no other alternatives, he could only call upon the older brother that had shut himself out. Otherwise, they would all come to a bad end today.

After that senior with the white beard had sent out the token, he slapped his palm onto the wall behind him. He managed to pull his body out from within the wall and then fell to the ground slowly.

As for that clocktower, because the senior with the white beard had slapped it, it was as though it could not handle the pressure anymore. It went crashing down all of a sudden, becoming a pile of ruins, with dust flying all over.

"Who has come to make trouble in my Qin Clan? The people of my Qin Clan have always been upright and honorable, so how have we offended you?"

An airy voice slowly traveled over from the mountains behind the Qin Clan. It shrouded the entire sky above the Qin Clan and reverberated for a long time. One could clearly hear that sound, even from thousands of meters away.

"Eldest great grandfather has come out…!"

"Is that really the voice of eldest great grandfather? I am already 18, but I have yet to see him in person."

"Our old ancestor has finally come to protect the Qin Clan. That lad is too insolent. Later on, when he comes out, he will definitely kill him."

"Has eldest great grandfather broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm? If he has already broken through, it would be a simple task to kill of this young lad, who is still wet behind the ears."


That aged voice had instantly lifted the spirits of those from the Qin Clan, who were becoming more and more discouraged. There was excitement in their eyes, as they looked towards the mountains behind the Qin Clan, where the top master of the Qin Clan, the eldest great grandfather, had shut himself off.

To the younger generation, the eldest great grandfather of the Qin Clan had always been a legend. Many of the younger people in the clan had never even seen the eldest great grandfather before. IAs long as they could remember, the eldest great grandfather had already shut himself off from the rest.

Since the Qin Clan's eldest great grandfather was already 130 years old, even the clan leader, Qin Shaoyang, had to respectfully call him grandfather. Not only was he the most senior member in the Qin Clan, he was also the legendary top master of the Qin Clan, and their pillar of support.

Hence, with his appearance, all of the people in the Qin Clan felt confident once again.