Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 250

Chapter 250: The Appearance of the Eldest Great Grandfather

Many young people of the Qin Clan had blind adoration towards this secretive Eldest great grandfather. In their heart, the Eldest great grandfather was invincible, and their crisis would be resolved once he appeared.

In actual fact, the main reason the Qin Clan was considered one of the five top ancient martial arts aristocratic families was that they had an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm as a person-in-command. Compared to other ancient martial arts aristocratic families, the Qin Clan had the strength to completely crush others by force.

The elderly man with white beard sighed deeply, and his eyes had a tinge of desolation. The others didn't know, but how could he not know that his eldest brother had worked hard for more than ten years, but was still unable to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm? Otherwise, he wouldn't be constantly in seclusion and would have been out of seclusion long ago.

Hence, his eldest brother had remained only at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, though he was stronger than the ordinary ancient martial arts practitioner at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. With his century of experience and practice, it was hard to find a match among those in the Qi Nucleation realm.

However, compared to one in the Embryonic Breathing realm, the difference was still vast.

Perhaps his eldest brother could defeat this terrifying youngster, but it would definitely not be easy, and he might even be injured. He had exchanged blows with this youngster before, so he naturally knew how terrifying he was.

Although he didn't know the eldest brother's strength after going through many years of practice, his eldest brother wouldn't have gained much, as he had not broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Hence, for him to defeat an ancient martial arts practitioner of the same realm wouldn't be an easy task.

With his eldest brother's age, he was afraid that once he was injured, it would be a fatal injury, and the last few years of his lifespan would be completely used up. On the other hand, this youngster was a young person, so he wouldn't be affected at all. Therefore, to the Qin Clan, the situation remained grim, and these were the grimmest of all times.

After all, a day that his eldest brother had not broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm was a day in danger of using up his life span. Once his eldest brother had kicked the bucket, that youngster could come for revenge again and by then, no one in the Qin Clan would be able to stop him.

The old fellow with the white beard and tattered clothing sat on the floor and heaved a deep sigh. Perhaps all the crises would be resolved if the youngster was killed, but that was almost impossible, as his eldest brother couldn't have the strength to kill this youngster.

Qin Shaoyang's face turned pale, and he looked at the Qin Clan, which was in a complete mess. A glint of deep regret flashed in his eyes. If he had known this would have happened, he wouldn't have turned against this youngster completely in the first place.

As the leader of the Qin Clan, the things that the elderly man with the white beard understood, he naturally understood, too. It was just that he didn't expect this youngster to be so terrifying and unbelievably strong. Since the second great grandfather was not even his match, it would simply be a nightmare for the Qin Clan for such a terrifying youngster to become the Qin Clan's enemy.

He turned his head to look at Qin Xiaoyou behind him. She was holding the Silver Snake Hairpin nervously with highly concentrated attention focused on holding him in duress without turning her eyes. He sighed deeply again. Who would expect this young girl to bring such trouble to the Qin Clan?

"The people of Qin Clan are straightforward and upright! Qin Clan leader, are you joking?"

Mo Wen curled his lips into a sardonic laugh. If the Qin Clan could claim to be straightforward and upright, then there would be nobody who was straightforward and upright. If the Qin Clan hadn't killed Qin Xiaoyou's father, snatched the Blue Ocean Group away, and more than ten years later, abducted Qin Xiaoyou with the intention of sacrificing her for the alliance with the Wang Clan, would they be in this situation now?

However, Mo Wen was apprehensive about the Qin Eldest great grandfather's Cultivation. His entire life of Cultivation seemed to be much stronger than an ordinary monk at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. It was almost close to the standard of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

It was right to say that the Qin Eldest great grandfather's Cultivation was only a stone's throw away from the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Of course, close to the Embryonic Breathing realm and in the Embryonic Breathing realm were two totally separate concepts. Both were not at the same level, so they were naturally incomparable. In comparison to an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm, an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm was almost without resistance.

It was uncertain when that gray figure had appeared on one of the eaves of the Qin Clan's main gate. His eyes were set on Mo Wen with no emotional fluctuation in them.

He was an elderly, scrawny man dressed in simple, ancient gray clothing. He had a pair of dim yellow eyes and wrinkles on his face that were layered like the bark of a tree. His pale face was filled with dark brown keratosis, and his hair was almost completely silvery white.

Anyone would know that such an old fellow had one foot in the grave, and his life was on its way to depletion with his body's functions deteriorating continuously.

That elderly man in the gray robe didn't pay attention to the sorry state that the people of the Qin Clan were in. His eyes had been fixed on Mo Wen since the beginning, as if he had already ascertained that he was the one who was causing trouble in the Qin Clan.

"Youngster, I will give you a chance to leave now. The Qin Clan is not so easily bullied," that elderly man in the gray robe said slowly after being silent for a short while. His voice was hoarse, as though he had not spoken in a very long time.

In actual fact, although he looked still and calm on the surface, his heart was terribly shocked that a youngster could have such frightening strength to stir up a pandemonium in the Qin Clan, and that even his Fifth younger brother was not his match.

At a young age, he had such profound Cultivation and terrifying strength. It was simply frightening. In the future when he was fully grown, how atrocious it would be.

If possible, he intended to kill this youngster in front of the Qin Clan's main gate in order to get rid of any future trouble. Otherwise, when his Cultivation became stronger in the future, he might come after the Qin Clan again.

However, like what the old fellow with the white beard had thought, he couldn't kill this youngster. If he merely fought him, he would definitely damage his Vital Qi, harm his fundamentals, and even possibly affect his life span directly, causing him to die prematurely.

He was old, unlike the young people who could fight without the slightest scruple and need not have much consideration.

If this youngster could leave judiciously, it would naturally be a good thing for him. If it was possible for him not to fight, he would naturally be reluctant to fight.

In the future after he had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, it would naturally be easy. Once he was in the Embryonic Breathing realm, this youngster before him would no longer be a threat! If it had been in the past, he might have given up and wouldn't yearn for this dream realm, but now the impossible had a chance of becoming a possibility.

Hence, he didn't have any reluctance in letting Mo Wen go. He would wait until he had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Even if this youngster didn't come after the Qin Clan in the future, he would go after him to get rid of any future trouble.


The corners of Mo Wen's mouth curled playfully, and he said indifferently, "You believe that you have the capacity to say this?"

"Frivolity of youth. Don't think you are invincible just because you have some abilities and take everyone else lightly."

The elderly man in gray robe squinted slightly. As he spoke, a terrifying aura was released from his body, and a vast pressure descended from heaven, hitting Mo Wen's body directly and enveloping him completely.

"Not to the extent of taking everyone else lightly, but the Qin Clan just doesn't have the capacity to ride roughshod over me. The things you owe must be repaid in the end. You can strip off the frills. We will see our real strengths with our hands."

Mo Wen laughed coldly. How could he not know the Qin Eldest great grandfather's thoughts? However, he still didn't have the capacity to make him withdraw out of fear with only a few words.

His only worry was that the Qin Clan had an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm. If they did, without the Qin Eldest great grandfather saying anything, he would have initiated the withdrawal in the first instant and wouldn't fight the Qin Clan with all his might.

However, the Qin Eldest great grandfather's current Cultivation, though a lot higher than that of the ordinary ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, didn't constitute a threat to him. As compared to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was too far off.

Facing the pressure of the Qin Eldest great grandfather's Inner Qi, Mo Wen also released his Cultivation calmly without any expression. Although it was slightly lower than the old fellow's, the difference was slim. The pressure of the Inner Qi in the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm had an almost negligible impact on him.

"Pinnacle of Qi Nucleation realm!"

The Qin Eldest great grandfather's eyes narrowed, and his face gradually became grave. He hadn't expected that Mo Wen's Cultivation would only be slightly different from his. How old was he?! Such a young age with such profound Cultivation... There was a great possibility that he would be an exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm in the future.

Among the young people of the Qin Clan, why was there never an appearance of such a prodigy? If the Qin Clan were to have such an outstanding youngster, he wouldn't be worried about the Qin Clan's future.

The Qin Eldest great grandfather sighed deeply. He knew today it was impossible for him to make Mo Wen withdraw out of fear by using the advantage of his Cultivation, so he could only defeat him through fighting.

"I am very curious how the Qin Clan has provoked you such that you would raise such a rumpus?"

The Qin Eldest great grandfather looked nonchalantly at Mo Wen. He still didn't understand the reason the Qin Clan provoked such a terrifying youngster and had caused him to come to the Qin Clan personally.

If possible, he naturally was reluctant to fight with this youngster. If it was not a blood feud that couldn't be resolved, he actually would have liked to have resolved things peacefully with Mo Wen. After all, to provoke such a great enemy was definitely an unwise thing.

"The Qin Clan didn't provoke me but provoked my woman. As for why, you should ask your clan member."

Mo Wen laughed coldly and casually spread out his Inner Qi. At a distance, a middle-age man, who had stuck out his head to look around, suddenly had a change in his facial expression as he realized that his body was actually out of his control. He flew weirdly into the air and towards the center of the fighting ground.

A big, invisible hand was seemingly grabbing and pulling him.

After a few blinks, he was transported in front of Mo Wen. Looking at the youngster's stern and grave face, he was so shocked that his body was constantly trembling, and he nearly had urinary incontinence. He struggled frantically and was screaming for help.

The current image of Mo Wen in the eyes of the entire Qin Clan had become an incarnation of the devil. Who dared to be near him?

Mo Wen smiled sardonically while he gripped the middle-age man in front of him. Then, he looked at him and asked mischievously, "Do you still remember me?"

The middle-age man in front of him was none other than the man who was in Qin Xiaoyou's mother's ward that day, forcing Qin Xiaoyou to marry into the Wang Clan with the purpose of completing the political marriage to the Qin Clan.

At that time, he had claimed to be Qin Xiaoyou's paternal younger uncle and seemed to be in the Qin Clan's main line of descent.