Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Exchange of Blows

"I recognize you!"

The middle-aged man was scared to the point that his teeth were chattering. Even speaking was very difficult for him.

The memory of Mo Wen teaching him a lesson last time was still fresh in his mind. He had always wanted to get back at him, but the opportunity had never come.

But now, he had no thoughts of getting back at him at all. He was such a terrifying youth. His only thought now was to avoid him altogether! If he had known that the normal-looking youth would come to be so terrifying, he would definitely have never taken up the mission to threaten Qin Xiaoyou's mother.

"Since you recognize me, report to me all of the 'good things' you have done to your elder."

Mo Wen casually threw the middle-aged man in front of the Qin eldest great grandfather, his face indifferent. The Qin eldest great grandfather frowned. His gaze turned to look at the middle-aged man, his eyes showing confusion.

Normally, he would not bother with what the Qin clan had done to provoke others. As an ancient martial arts clan, it was normal to have fights and friction.

If it was just a small faction, well beneath the Qin clan's power, they would just kill them off. But now, Mo Wen's combat ability caused him to be unable to not face this issue with caution.

After all, he was not willing to offend such a terrifying youth. If he could salvage the situation, he would certainly consider it.


The middle-aged man stood up, trembling. With two such terrifying figures looking at him, he could not have any thoughts of disobeying. Stuttering, he explained the issue of Qin Xiaoyou's family to the Qin eldest great grandfather.

The Qin clan eldest great grandfather had been in seclusion for twenty years. Hence, most of his time on earth had been spent in seclusion. As such, he had stopped bothering with clan matters long ago. Hence, he did not know much about Qin Xiaoyou's father, who was a clansman with poor talent in practicing ancient martial arts, but who had an outstanding business talent.

Once the middle-aged man finished speaking, the Qin eldest great grandfather frowned. Although the middle-aged man had spoken vaguely, with his wisdom stemming from his age, the Qin eldest great grandfather clearly understand the intricacies within his words.

Originally, this was a Qin clan matter. Regardless of how you spun it, it was a Qin clan internal dispute scandal that did not concern outsiders. But now, there had appeared an avenger for Qin Xiaoyou's family. Also, this person had made it impossible for him to not take seriously.

"Now that things have come to this, how do you want to proceed?"

The Qin clan eldest great grandfather looked at Mo Wen and said. If he knew that such an incident would bring about so much trouble, and just for a business conglomerate, he would certainly have told the Qin clan not to venture into such muddy waters. But now that things had already happened, fussing over spilled milk was meaningless.

A clan's development was originally full of deceit and deception, and was always bloody. He did not believe that the Qin clan did anything wrong by seizing the Blue Ocean Group. Their only mistake was not expecting that such a person as Mo Wen would appear.

"What can be done? Of course, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Since your Qin clan dared to do such a thing, you couldn't have thought that you would avoid retribution, right?" Mo Wen laughed coldly.

"Young man, don't push your luck too far! Otherwise, you will end up not being able to go back. Back then, our Qin clan was indeed at fault in some instances. So, maybe we can negotiate some form of compensation."

The Qin eldest great grandfather sighed deeply, looking at Mo Wen as he slowly spoke. If he could mitigate the issue, he naturally was not willing to start a war.

"Compensation? I can agree to that."

Mo Wen curled up the corner of his mouth, sneering as he said, "Since you know that you are wrong, then execute the mastermind of this incident, the Qin clan clan leader Qin Shaoyang, on the spot. Then, return the Blue Ocean Group that you seized to Qin Xiaoyou's family."

"Young man, don't get greedy."

The Qin eldest great grandfather narrowed his eyes.

Execute the Qin clan clan leader on the spot? If word got out, wouldn't the Qin clan become a laughingstock?

Those who weren't in the know would assume that the Qin clan was a pushover. Even their clan leader could not be kept alive then!

"We can return the Blue Ocean Group to you, and the Qin clan is willing to compensate a generous sum on top of that. As for executing the clan leader, that is impossible."

The Qin eldest great grandfather said plainly. Regarding the Blue Ocean Group, he did not think much of it. For an ancient martial arts clan, their core was ancient martial arts, so things like business and wealth were only decorative. Also, the Qin clan had plenty of property already, so a single Blue Ocean Group was nothing to him.

"Grandfather, you mustn't. The property of the Blue Ocean Group is almost equal to all of the property of the Qin clan. If we give away the Blue Ocean Group, then the Qin clan will have nothing left."

Upon hearing this, Qin Shaoyang, who was standing at a distance, immediately shouted out loudly. Grandfather did not know about the condition of the Blue Ocean Group, so he did not think too much about it. But, the reality was, if the Blue Ocean Group was given away, the clan was as good as bankrupt!

Back when they had acquired it, the Blue Ocean Group was already huge. It ranked among the top ten of Hua Xia country's enterprises, and its total assets were even above the Qin clan. Gradually, the group had been integrated into the clan's property, combining all of them together.

Thus, the Blue Ocean Group today, due to the integration of the Qin clan property, was much stronger and prosperous. If they gave it away, it would practically strip them of all of their wealth, leaving them with no possessions.


When the Qin eldest great grandfather heard this, he was stunned for a while. He had never thought that the Blue Ocean Group had become the core of their clan's property. He had thought that it was just a small group of companies that the Qin clan had acquired.

"Ahem, it appears that this matter still needs to be negotiated."

He coughed twice, somewhat embarrassed. He then silently cursed his unfilial grandson for not telling him this earlier. Otherwise, he would not have said that he was willing to give up the Blue Ocean Group. Now, he had backtracked on his word. No matter how you look at it, he was justifiably embarrassed.

"What bullsh*t negotiation is this? Since you have no sincerity, then don't blame me for being heartless."

Mo Wen glared coldly at the Qin eldest great grandfather. He was loathe to talk with the Qin elder anymore. He opened his fingers and a formless swirl formed in his hand.

The next moment, the swirl expanded a hundred meters in the blink of an eye, instantly enveloping the Qin clan elder within it. Within the bizarre swirl, there seemed to be fifty mouths, firmly sucking on the Qin clan elder's body.

At the same time, Mo Wen's silhouette flashed, and a beam of blinding golden light erupted from his body. The golden silhouette drew an arc, like threads of pure gold and shining silk.

"Such arrogance!"

The Qin clan elder immediately snorted angrily. He was not afraid of this young twerp!

When Mo Wen appeared in front of the Qin clan elder, his arms had turned the color of pure gold. They shined with a metallic luster, like two arms sculptured from pure gold, not a body of flesh.


Two fists blasted outwards. At the tip of the fists, two golden flowers bloomed, followed by the sound of an explosion in the air. A terrifying air wave frantically drew inwards. A huge gale stirred up, sending sand and stones flying, forming a tornado around Mo Wen.

With two simple fists, he had agitated all of the surrounding air. The moment he attacked, he caused the very winds to change.

The Qin clan elder remained standing on his original spot, not budging an inch, his dim eyes fixed on Mo Wen. Two golden stars appeared in his eyes, slowly growing within them. Finally, a scorching golden light seemed to shine upon the entire world.

When Mo Wen's two golden fists finally appeared before him, he suddenly attacked, and a pair of shriveled hands reached out from his sleeves. The next moment, the sleeves suddenly exploded. The pair of shriveled hands had two balls of blinding purple light, which were emanating from them.

Seemingly in an instant, the purple light receded. The Qin clan elder's two hands became two dark purple claws. There were black tiger stripes flashing non-stop.

There was also a tiger head on the back of each of his hands. The tiger head looked alive, as though it was lifting its head to the sky and letting out a ferocious tiger roar.

"Cries of Tiger Claw!"

When the Qin clan Eldest great grandfather used it, his hands seemed to have become the claws of a ferocious tiger. It looked so real, even the skin could be seen. Ten foot-long dark purple claws flashed with a sinister glow.

It was the same Cries of Tiger Claw, but the effect that the white-bearded elder demonstrated was clearly not on the same level as what the Qin clan eldest great grandfather had done. Compared to that flashy but insubstantial Cries of Tiger Claw, the Cries of Tiger Claw that the Qin clan eldest great grandfather was demonstrating was clearly much deeper.

The two exchange blows for only an instant. When Mo Wen's two fists and the Qin clan elder's two claws clashed against each other, a terrifying Inner Qi wave exploded outwards, with them as the center. It swept the area clean, and everything within a hundred meters was affected by its spreading.

The middle-aged man, who reported the situation to the Qin clan elder but didn't manage to get away in time, was directly sent flying a few hundred meters. When he landed on the ground, he was only a pile of flesh and blood. This wasn't surprising, as with only his Sea of Qi realm cultivation, he couldn't possibly withstand the clash of two experts at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm, especially at such a close distance.

Meanwhile, in mid-air, the two exchanged blows, then retreated. Mo Wen's shoulders shook and he flew back, landing after flipping over in a somersault. As for the Qin clan elder, he glided backwards on the ground, his feet dragging out a shocking trench, which extended for dozens of meters.

"So strong!"

Mo Wen was secretly surprised. He had an imposing gaze, as he looked at the Qin clan eldest great grandfather. After their clash, he faintly felt pain in his arms that were strengthened by the Nine Yang Qi.

He had used the Indestructible Body of Vajrapani. Even so, the strength of the Qin clan elder's attack could be imagined. If his attack power had been stronger by even just a tad, he could probably directly break through the Indestructible Body of Vajrapani!

Sadly, his current cultivation was too low, so he could not unleash the full power of the Nine Yang Divine Technique. Even regarding the Indestructible Body of Vajrapani, he had just begun grasping how to use it.

As such, he could only strengthen his two hands. Compared to the complete Indestructible Body of Vajrapani, he still paled in comparison.

Among the Qi Nucleation realm, the Qin clan elder was the strongest person Mo Wen had encountered. It would be hard to find those who were stronger than him among the Qi Nucleation realm. Plus, even if they were found, their numbers would not be many.