Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Fearful Heart

This old man's Cultivation of Inner Qi far surpassed his and should have already reached the limit of the Qi Nucleation realm. However, it was not a surprise. It was said that this person had already been an ancient martial arts practitioner at the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm 20 years ago. After 20 years of Cultivation, although he had not broken through into the Embryonic Breathing realm, he had basically reached the limit of the Qi Nucleation realm.

Mo Wen got a shock internally. However, Old Fellow Qin had gotten an even bigger shock in reality. Previously, he had never battled Mo Wen before, so he did not have a good gauge of Mo Wen's abilities. However, after battling him, he realized that he had underestimated Mo Wen.

In their previous battle, they had been on equal ground. At first, he had thought that it would be easy to defeat this young man. However, the result was far from what he had expected.

It was hard to believe that a young man could have such scary abilities. Old Fellow Qin's heart started to sink. To him, the scenario was playing out in an increasingly pessimistic direction.

He was not a young man, nor was he a master of the Embryonic Breathing realm. In comparison with the young man, he was just too far behind.

At that point, it was difficult to even say if he would be able to defeat Mo Wen. It was very possible that he would even be defeated at the hands of this youth.

"Old Fellow Qin, you indeed live up to your name. I will be able to learn a lot from you today."

Mo Wen laughed coldly. Naturally, he would also be able to consider the things that Old Fellow Qin thought of. Although this old fellow had a much higher Cultivation than he did, he also had his advantages. Since this old fellow was still not of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was not much of a threat to him.

He no longer had to worry too much about his journey with the Qin Clan. A clan that did not have someone with the Embryonic Breathing realm in command did not have the capability to make him fearful.

In the next moment, Mo Wen's figure flashed again and became a golden red ray, crashing directly into Old Fellow Qin.

He used brute force to target force and with a ferocious manner, he started to battle Old Fellow Qin.

In a moment, the surroundings were ravaged by Inner Qi, with sand flying and pebbles rolling. The skies turned color, and a scary blast spread as it crashed into the surrounding environment.

The people of the Qin Clan had long since hidden far away. They were all afraid to be affected by the battle.

A bunch of golden rays that looked like little suns knocked into a bunch of dark purple rays. In a few blinks of an eye, the two of them had already exchanged blows hundreds and thousands of times. The boundless Inner Qi rained down on them in torrents, and was seemingly continuous and unstoppable.

Whether it was Mo Wen or the great grandfather of the Qin Clan, both of them had given it their all. The battle had only gone on for a short while but had reached a stalemate.

The two of them were masters equivalent to the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm. One of them had a very high Cultivation, and the other was once a master in the Golden Elixir realm. The battle between the two was unmatched by the average ancient martial arts practitioner.

"Dragon Tiger Fist!"

The Cries of Dragon sounded out continuously and traveled throughout the Qin Clan's mountain villa. It conveyed the majesty of a dragon as it suddenly descended upon them.

A golden divine dragon with deer antlers, fish scales, and five shiny eagle's talons coiled around Mo Wen's bright, gold arm as it continuously cried out.

He flew up into the sky, and his fist fiercely punched towards that bunch of purple rays, directly crushing it. That unusual golden dragon immediately exploded violently, and the entire sky exploded with golden rays. It had completely buried that bunch of purple rays.

"You actually know so many ranked martial arts! Just what is your background?"

A bunch of purple rays shot out from within the bunch of golden clouds. As compared to before, the rays had dimmed significantly, and his body was a little unstable as it temporarily hovered in mid-air.

At this point, Old Fellow Qin was pale, and he looked at Mo Wen, stunned. As compared to before, his aura had gotten significantly worse.

To any sect of ancient martial arts, ranked martial arts were a very treasured darling. Even the ten big sects of the ancient martial arts world valued them greatly.

Although their Qin Clan was rather powerful, they only had one ranked martial art. Moreover, it was obtained coincidentally by an ancestor hundreds of years ago. After attaining the Cries of Tiger Claw, he had gradually been able to build up the current Qin Clan.

However, there were actually so many ranked martial arts that had been demonstrated by that youth. Moreover, they were not simple at all, at least not any more so than the Qin Clan's Cries of Tiger Claw. How could a single youth have such a deep understanding of the ins and outs of it? It was something that even the Qin Clan was unable to do.

Immediately, Old Fellow Qin knew that Mo Wen did not come from a simple background. He possibly had some great power with a profound inside story backing him.

He knew that many other major ancient martial arts sects did not know many ranked martial arts, either. It was not easy to even know two or three of them. Being able to learn more than five ranked martial arts was basically a feat only achievable by a master in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Being able to learn more than ten ranked martial arts was basically only achievable by those powerful sects ranked in the top ten positions, or those who had ever been placed as top ten powers in the ancient martial arts field. Only then would they have such profound understanding.

How could three ranked martial arts being demonstrated consecutively by a youth not cause one to feel stunned? Normally, in such cases, these people had the backing of major powerful sects.

If this youth had some amazing backing, it would basically be a nightmare for the Qin Clan.

If they could not even defeat a youth, what about the stronger power that was backing him?

Moreover, it was not easy to train in ranked martial arts. It could be said to be very difficult. Although the Qin Clan had a ranked martial art and every talented disciple had the opportunity to learn it, there were only a few of them who had succeeded.

It was so difficult to even train in a single ranked martial art, let alone a couple at the same time! The youth in front of them had a shocking talent. No wonder he could have such an amazing Cultivation.

The more that he fought with Mo Wen, the deeper Old Fellow Qin's heart fell to the pit of his stomach. The current situation was turning against him more and more, and was almost to an unsalvageable stage.

"Overlord Fist!"

However, Mo Wen did not take notice of Old Fellow Qin's shock at all. His expression was emotionless, and his gaze was calm. Currently, he only had one enemy in his eyes. Once he started his battle, he stayed in a focused mindset.

After that fist, another fist and a kick ensued. The moment he attacked, the attacks followed endlessly. If the enemy had not fallen, he would not stop.

Old Fellow Qin cried internally. He trembled with fear and did not even know what martial arts this youth in front of him had trained in. The speed was frightening, and the moment he attacked, he would basically have no opportunity to evade.

With such a scarily fast person who was as quick as lightning, one could only use brute force against him. Hiding was entirely out of the question.

Once again, a golden ray flashed. That ray of gold disappeared on the spot. In the next moment, it had appeared before Old Fellow Qin once again. Along the way, there was a golden arc, marking the path that he had taken.

This time when he appeared in front of Old Fellow Qin, Mo Wen's body had seemingly become endlessly tall, just like a giant. A powerful and uncontrolled aura exuded from his body, crazily circulating in the surroundings.

In that moment, it was as if he had become a supreme champion. His legs were on the ground, and he looked down at everything condescendingly.

That cold and emotionless gaze had even caused Old Fellow Qin to subconsciously flinch and feel fearful. He could not seem to meet those eyes.

In the moment that he had flinched, a bright, golden fist had suddenly come over. The fist flew through the air, pushing it apart and forming a vacuum pathway. When the fist had been completely executed, a fierce strength descended upon everyone.

The purpose of the Overlord Fist was to frighten people. Before the attack, it would instill fear in the hearts of enemies. Then, it would explode with the strongest force to complete the lethal blow.

Because he was in a trance in that moment, Old Fellow Qin had subconsciously developed a desire to retreat. Hence, when the fist had finally descended, he was unable to gather all his strength. He could only just handle Mo Wen's scary fist in a hurry.


The overlord fist was naturally mighty. Old Fellow Qin's body was thrown back. Along the way, he traveled hundreds of meters onto a mountain rock behind the Qin Clan's mountain villa. His body twitched a little.

Old Fellow Qin indeed had profound Cultivation. After crashing into the rock, it was as if he had not sustained serious injuries. He placed a palm on the rock and with a flip, he landed on a roof in the Qin Clan's backyard.

"Another ranked martial art! Such a scary martial art."

Old Fellow Qin looked at Mo Wen, stunned. His face was beyond pale, and there was a trace of blood flowing down from the corner of his mouth. Evidently, he had been hurt by Mo Wen's previous blow.

Currently, he was starting to doubt just how many ranked martial arts that youth had. The number of martial arts that he had Cultivated was high. Moreover, they were all considered ranked martial arts.

The martial arts that the youth knew were seemingly stronger than the Cries of Tiger Claw. Based on the ranking, although it fell under the category of a great level, under that level, it was in the uppermost section. After all, the Cries of Tiger Claw was a rare martial art with the incorporation of soundwave attacks.

If that were the case, the martial arts that the youth knew were all of the Superb grade! It was just too unbelievable.

A few hundred meters away, Old Fellow Qin looked at Mo Wen's gaze. Suddenly, he retreated a little. There was a hint of fear in his face. That youth was simply too scary. Perhaps he had been shocked by the ferocity of the Overlord Fist from before, or because he had been stunned by Mo Wen's strong capabilities, or even because he had been bothered by the youth's mysterious background that had not been revealed.

In any case, there was a fearful feeling within his heart. To him, it had been many years since he had experienced such a feeling. Moreover, it was against such a young person.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. His figure flashed, and a golden ray was produced. Once again, he chased after Old Fellow Qin. Naturally, he would not assume that he had already defeated Old Fellow Qin so easily. Although he had the upper hand thus far, the Old Fellow's Cultivation was too high. Just based on his Cultivation alone, it was enough to hold up against most of his abilities.

A distance of a few hundred meters was a mere matter of a few blinks for Mo Wen. The golden light flashed a couple of times, and he had caught up to Old Fellow Qin once again with his Inch Travel Steps. Although Old Fellow Qin's Cultivation was significantly higher than his, his speed was much slower.

The ranked martial arts also had segregation by types. The body motion type of ranked martial arts was much more precious than the attack type.

It was commonly said that speed could defeat any martial art technique. When speed was at its maximum, it became a strength. To an ancient martial arts practitioner, a profound body motion type of ranked martial arts was far more valuable than a very strong attack type of ranked martial arts.