Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Envoy Guiluo

The figure leapt across the air for a distance of a few hundred meters, which was almost the maximum limit for Mo Wen's cultivation of Inner Qi. After all, as an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, his Inner Qi did have a limit to be able to support the body to leap in the air for a few hundred meters. It was something that only a few ancient martial arts practitioners in the acme of Qi Nucleation realm could do.

After Mo Wen had leapt two to three hundred meters, the mouth of Qi was already used up. His figure flashed and appeared in front of the Old fellow Qin on the roof of the house. Taking this chance, he took a breath to replenish his Inner Qi once again.

"Do you really intend to annihilate us?"

Old fellow Qin had a ghastly look on his face and glanced at Mo Wen, a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. He looked terrible! For some unknown reason, Old fellow Qin didn't feel any panic at this moment. Instead, he felt calm, though his face did appear to be quite gloomy.

As for the members of the Qin Clan, their faces were all ghastly pale and shock was hidden in their eyes. The Qin Clan's guardian angel, the eldest great grandfather with the highest cultivation, was being hit and flung out by a youngster. He had certainly been at the losing end during their exchange of blows.

This result was simply unacceptable to the people of the Qin Clan, as this meant that the Qin Clan had been defeated completely, and at the hands of a youngster! 

In the hearts of the people of the Qin Clan, they were considered lucky, as it was an honor to be born and raised in the Qin Clan. Now, the strong one was defeated, and worse still, he was defeated by a youngster, who was less than twenty years old! 

The pillar in their heart had suddenly collapsed, no longer able to support the heavens for them. It was almost equivalent to having the heavens collapse on them, as everything seemed to have become dim and dark.

In an instant, so many negative emotions had spread throughout the Qin Clan. Almost everyone looked gloomy. They felt like all of this was a nightmare.

The elderly man with the white beard laughed bitterly, while lying below the clock tower. He had a deep sense of sorrow surging in his eyes. 

The Qin Clan, which used to be strong and powerful, was actually trampled under the feet of a youngster! All of the experts of the entire Qin Clan were no match for him.

Even his eldest brother had failed, so who else could handle this situation in the Qin Clan?

Why was that youngster so frightening?

Qin Shaoyang looked blankly at the Qin Clan, which was in a mess. He also looked at his ancestor, who was hit and flung out by Mo Wen. His heart went cold, and he mocked himself for his attempt to nip him in the bud, so that he couldn't grow up completely. Now, he finally realized that his thoughts were so threatening and so frightening, he got shivers down his spine just recalling them!

Qin Xiaoyou looked anxiously at the fighting ground, then looked at that man who was like Ares, the god of war, matchless by the experts in the Qin Clan. For the first time, she realized that Mo Wen was actually very different from the rest.

She also realized that the practice of ancient martial arts could be quite strong, to such an extent that she herself had unknowingly diverted from the path of the ordinary people.

She didn't have any happy emotions for Mo Wen's amazing victories or outstanding performances, but had a rising sense of guilt, as she knew that Mo Wen's personality was insipid and that he didn't like fighting with others. The reason for his fight with the Qin Clan was all because he had wanted to seek justice for her.

However, she didn't want Mo Wen to be in danger for her sake. She especially didn't want to bring him troubles constantly, as always bringing different kinds of drama and troubles into a relationship was not something that a good wife would do.

A good wife should be able to share her husband's worries and concerns, and be someone who could help him. Otherwise, her existence would always be a nuisance and a burden! She wouldn't allow herself to be such a woman!

Qin Xiaoyou gripped the Silver snake hairpin tightly, her hand starting to shiver. She had decided secretly that she would definitely practice harder in the future. She had not worked hard in the past, so she would have to work doubly hard now.


Mo Wen raised his lips to laugh sardonically and said, "Don't make yourself sound like a pathetic protagonist in a tragic drama! You have created sorrows for others and have pushed others to the wall. When the day finally came that the same happened to you, how did it feel? That's right. Since the Qin Clan is unable to be accountable, so what if I annihilate it?!"

Mo Wen glanced at Old fellow Qin indifferently, without any feelings in his cold eyes.

"I admit that you are very strong, but if you think you could do something to the Qin Clan, you are mistaken."

Old fellow Qin laughed. His laugh contained some bitterness, but his eyes were filled with calmness. Although he had been defeated at the hands of Mo Wen, that didn't mean that the Qin Clan had completely lost to Mo Wen.

"Does the Qin Clan still have someone to rely on?"

Mo Wen smiled and cast a look at Old fellow Qin thoughtfully. Old fellow Qin's expression was not pretentious, so he definitely had something he could use that made him unafraid of him.

"Originally, I was a little hesitant, but now, there is nothing to hesitate about anymore. You have given me no choice."

Old fellow Qin looked deep into Mo Wen's eyes, his face becoming even calmer, as if he had already made his decision in his heart.

"Hmph, whoever it is, just call upon him then. Otherwise, the Qin Clan will not have a good ending today."

Mo Wen snorted, but didn't say anything else. He took a step forward and threw a fist violently at Old fellow Qin.

Regardless of any other alliances the Qin Clan had, destroying this old fellow would leave the Qin Clan with one less expert in the Qi Nucleation realm! Thus, its influence would decrease drastically. At that time, whether the Qin Clan could still be one of the big five ancient martial arts aristocratic families would be difficult to determine.

At the instant that Mo Wen attacked, the cry of a dragon suddenly rang out, followed by the roar of a tiger. A terrifying, overbearing Qi then burst out frantically.

"Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist!"

This was the martial arts with the combination of the Dragon Tiger Fist and the Overlord Fist, which integrated the essences of Dragon Tiger Fist and the Overlord Fist to become a more advanced martial art! It had a power equivalent to a magnum opus of martial arts!

Mo Wen seldom used Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist, only saving it for when he met with a strong enemy. He did this because he knew that, the less a strong martial art was used, the greater its effect would be. Otherwise, others would comprehend your martial art and would think of ways to resist it.

A terrifying pressure descended from the heavens, and Old fellow Qin felt like he had sunken into the mud, his entire body becoming extremely uncomfortable. The cry of the dragon and the roar of the tiger were constantly resonating in his ears.

Even when he used the Inner Qi to block his ear drums, he would be able to hear the cry of the dragon and roar of the tiger. He was simply unable to cut them off.

For a moment, his entire brain was filled with the sounds, causing his thinking to become much slower. It was as if, for every action, the process of performing an order took much longer than normal.

Furthermore, the surrounding air seemed to have frozen. The sky became gloomy, like it was going to collapse at any moment. The oppressive emotions started to grow in his heart.

At that moment, the outburst of pressure was simply horrifying. It was as if it had been released by an exceptional expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm, causing the heart to be shaken and on the verge of collapse.

"What a frightening fist!"

Feeling the fatal threat deep in his heart, Old fellow Qin woke up from the weird dazed state that he had been in, then looked at the fist in front of him. He gasped, terror filling his eyes once again.

At this moment, Mo Wen's attack was right in front of him. It was simply too late to dodge or resist. The momentary slowing down of his thoughts had caused left him vulnerable and in real danger.

He wondered what sound wave technique could have caused him to be in such a strange state of stupor. Compared to his Cries of Tiger Claw, it was simply too strong, especially when it was complemented by the momentary outburst of horrifying pressure! That pressure was equivalent to the Embryonic Breathing realm!

If he hadn't have sensed the fatal crisis, causing him to wake from his stupefied state, he would have only realized the attack when Mo Wen's fist actually hit him. And, that would have definitely been a fatal punch!

Even now, the situation was not optimistic, as the fist was right in front of him! He could only use his Inner Qi to protect his body, with his arms crossed simultaneously in front of his chest, hoping to block Mo Wen's attack. Otherwise, with such a horrifying punch hitting his body, all his vital internal organs would be ruptured.


Mo Wen's fist hit Old fellow Qin's crossed arms, sending him flying off directly. He was flung out a few hundred meters, like a kite with its string cut off.


In the air, Old fellow Qin couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood. His face was as white as a sheet, and all of his vital internal organs felt like they had been shifted. The excruciating pain spread throughout his body, while blood spurt out from his mouth profusely.

As for those arms that blocked Mo Wen's fist, they had lost all feeling. He felt like he simply had no arms at all!

He knew that his arms were impaired with severe fractures. The broken bones had punctured through the flesh, causing them to poke out of the skin, totally exposed. It was a terrifying sight. If it had not been for his profound cultivation of Inner Qi, the punch would have surely killed him!

Mo Wen naturally wouldn't miss the chance to follow his success punch with a hot pursuit. A golden light flashed and a figure flew into the air again. It then flashed in the direction where Old fellow Qin was being flung.

"Envoy Guiluo, I will accept your conditions. Please help me."

Old fellow Qin looked at the mass of golden light that was approaching him. He was immediately stupefied and distressed, so he scream out frantically.