Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Fetal Death Plan

The higher-ups of the organization continuously assigned that one task to them. It was called the Fetal Death Plan. Its aim was to identify the talented youths that were not yet one of them, then try to kill them off when they meet. This would nip the problem in the bud, killing them in the cradle!

The youth in front of them had seemingly fulfilled the criteria of being a target of the Fetal Death Plan. The moment they killed him, they would probably gain quite a hefty reward.

The interest in Envoy Guiluo's eyes grew stronger. If that youth had an extraordinary status or background, it would be even more perfect.

Just thinking about it made all of the cells in his body become excited. His speed increased significantly once again, as he chased after Mo Wen.

Mo Wen was carrying Qin Xiaoyou while fleeing. Hence, it naturally affected his speed. As time dragged on, the distance between him and Envoy Guiluo started to decrease gradually, from hundreds of meters to only a hundred meters.

"Ghost Crying Force Field."

Envoy Guiluo's mouth curled up into a dark smile. When the distance between them was only a hundred meters, he suddenly attacked.

A frightening cold force of air had been unleashed from his body and crazily made off with everything. It seemed as though a cold wind had started and the surrounding environment had become darker and colder.

The dark aura descended upon the ground and everything around them, while the cold wind erupted. It was invisible, but there were countless crying ghosts and howling wolves all around.

Their sounds hovered around their ears indistinctly. It felt very similar to being hounded by an evil spirit. In the dark atmosphere, it was as though as a countless number of evil spirits had crawled up from beneath the ground, slowly surrounding them.

Envoy Guiluo was tapping his fingers and chanting incantations. He made a weird hand gesture, causing a dark ray to originate from his hand.

In the next moment, it fiercely radiated out, then immediately traveled a hundred-meters. The black ray was like a gloomy silk thread, descending upon them from the sky and surrounding Mo Wen.

Mo Wen's expression changed slightly, becoming solemn. The dark and heavy atmosphere, as well as the non-stop cries of ghosts and howls of wolves caused his hairs to stand on end.

He furrowed his brows slightly. He had seen a similar scenario before, when he was in the Divine Pill Sect. Back then, he had come across a few ghost cultivators.

Normally, when ghost cultivators unleashed their powers, they would overwhelm others with darkness and inundate them with a ghostly aura, making it feel as though they had descended into hell.

The name of that power was called the Spiritual Ghost Power, also known as the Dark Spirit Power. The moment it was unleashed, it could cause all kinds of dark phenomena to occur.

However, only immortal cultivators had such the ability to use it. Yet, to think that Envoy Guiluo could actually create such a weird scene, it revealed that something just wasn't quite right!

There was nothing very scary about the scenario itself, as a low-level ghost cultivator could also create it, and normally, a low-level immortal cultivator would not be of any threat to some of the ancient martial arts practitioners. But, people with that ability were normally immortal cultivators. By right, they should not be ancient martial arts practitioners.

Could it be that this Envoy Guiluo was not an ancient martial arts practitioner, but rather an immortal cultivator?

Mo Wen shook his head. That was basically impossible. He had even trained the techniques of immortal cultivators. Hence, he could tell at a glance whether someone was an immortal cultivator or not.

That Envoy Guiluo was also just an ancient martial arts practitioner, not an immortal cultivator!

However, he should not be a pure ancient martial arts practitioner either. This was based on the fact that he possessed some of the abilities that only ghost cultivators could have, so it was clear that he also had some understanding of the techniques of immortal cultivators.

But, this was also too complicated, as he was not an ancient martial arts practitioner, yet neither was he an immortal cultivator! It was actually the first time that he had seen such a monk, who was neither fish nor fowl!

Perhaps, it could be that there was a very clear segregation between ancient martial arts practitioners and immortal cultivators in his past life, with there being basically no cases of hybrids. However, in this world and this lifetime, the segregation between ancient martial arts practitioners and immortal cultivators did not seem to be as clear anymore. Many times, they could be a mixture of both.

For example, the Huatian Palace was obviously a power formed by ancient martial art practitioners. Yet, there were traces of immortal cultivators, with many areas showing things that should only be achievable by immortal cultivators. However, all of the people inside were ancient martial art practitioners, who were training their Inner Qi.

It was a little too weird, if someone with a foundation in immortal cultivation did not develop other immortal cultivators, but went on to develop and expand ancient martial arts instead. For example, after meeting this dark power, he realized that many of the things that only immortal cultivators could do or know about had already fallen into the hands of ancient martial art practitioners.

Although an ancient martial art practitioner would only have superficial knowledge when performing the actions of immortal cultivators and thus would not cause much of a threat, it proved that the two had been mixed and perhaps had already integrated with each other. Otherwise, when one clearly knew immortal cultivation, he would rationally just do it, instead of training the lower levels!

Mo Wen had never seen ancient martial art practitioners on earth, so he did not know just what kind of situation they existed within. He was not sure if their abilities and the entire system were the same as those of the immortal cultivators from his past life.

However, he was sure that there were definitely immortal cultivators on earth, as well as people who knew how to apply the Power of Heaven and Earth. Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain all that was going on in the Huatian Palace.

Mo Wen had only thought about these things for a moment, so it did not affect his response to the situation before his eyes. Looking at the black silk threads that had surrounded and covered the sky, it was as though the entire sky had darkened.

All of the black silk threads then started to descend upon him. They were tightly packed, blocking the sky and the sun. It felt as though as there was no way out for him.

At the same time, there were weird invisible forces that had tugged and pulled at his body, causing his actions to slow down. There was also resistance all around, so his speed was reduced even more sharply in a single moment.

However, Envoy Guiluo, who was behind him, was totally unaffected. In a short while, he had caught up and appeared behind Mo Wen.

"Haha, let's see where you can run to now."

Envoy Guiluo let out a weird laugh and struck out a palm. A circular black ray was emitted from his palm, which formed a fan shape as it shot out. It extended, spanning across a huge area.

Meanwhile, Mo Wen's figure was in the center of the fan shape. That odd black ray had pulled at him once again, causing Mo Wen's body to come to a complete standstill. He was frozen in mid-air, hovering.

"Underworld Ghost Palm."

Envoy Guiluo laughed coldly. At that moment, he was in his control. He was not afraid that the youth would be able to escape.

A black palm, which was about the size of a stone-grinding plate, was formed. It fiercely pushed towards Mo Wen's back. The power felt as though it could push apart an entire mountain.

Mo Wen furrowed his eyebrows. His body had completely fallen into the hands of Envoy Guiluo. Beforehand, he had not expected that this ghost cultivator would be so unusual. Hence, he was not fully prepared and had not performed very well.

He had actually also underestimated the people of the Heretic forces. An average ancient martial art practitioner rarely had such unusual techniques.

When he felt a scary pressure coming from behind him, he knew that he had to give it his all. There was no room for him to hold back on any of his techniques.

"Great Yin Yang Swirls."

Mo Wen joined both of his hands in a circle, as a cold ray and another hot ray of Inner Qi gushed out from his body. The two starkly different Qis had existed in his single body very harmoniously, seemingly with no clashes. Instead, there was the mutual metamorphoses of Yin and Yang, as they circulated together and morphed into one entity.

Immediately, the golden ray and black ray wrapped around his entire being. Two flames had risen to almost three to four meters, looking like wings, which then forcibly cleared the air all around them.

The black light that was pulling at Mo Wen's body, then it immediately collapsed and dispersed. It was as though it had disintegrated and evaporated completely. An odd swirl had formed silently behind Mo Wen. As usual, one was gold and the other was black.

Gradually, they morphed into one. It seemed like it could handle anything. No matter how starkly different, the swirls would be able to coexist.

When that black huge hand had knocked into that gold and black swirl, it had not caused anything to happen. It was like a huge rock, gradually sinking into the ocean. Bit by bit, it sunk into the Ying Yang swirl. Silently, and seemingly without leaving any trace at all, it disappeared.

In a moment, the Great Yin Yang Swirls had swallowed the huge black palm completely. It was as if they had consumed everything into their stomach, causing the Great Yin Yang Swirls to expand twice in size.

Mo Wen's face turned pale. After escaping from being bound, his figure flashed suddenly and fled far away. With a few more flashes, he had already reached a few hundred meters away.

Basically, after he had fled, the Yin Yang Swirls had suddenly exploded. The scary explosion traveled over ten kilometers, even causing the mountain peaks to tremble a little.

The gold and black rays flooded the place, then burst, exploded, danced and scattered. It was like a fireworks scene, beautiful and eye-catching, but also full of terror and danger.

Previously, when Mo Wen used the Great Yin Yang Swirls to overcome the Underworld Ghost Palm, although he seemed very calm, he had already reached his limit in reality. It was the critical limit to which he could handle such an attack.

After all, Envoy Guiluo was a master with the Embryonic Breathing realm. He had given it his all in his attack, and one could only imagine the strength within it. Even with the ability of the Great Yin Yang Swirls to overcome things, it was difficult for him to handle.

Hence, after forcefully overcoming the Underworld Ghost Palm, the Great Yin Yang Swirls had also reached their limit and were on the verge of collapse. Their powers had been greatly reduced.

Mo Wen had traveled hundreds of meters away during the explosion, which had greatly affected him. The insane blast had made off with everything, while, at the same time, knocking into him and sending him flying. It was like a typhoon, instantly pushing him a thousand meters away.

Meanwhile, Envoy Guiluo had not expected that Mo Wen could be so powerful. Moreover, he had used such an unusual technique to defend himself against the attack. In a surprising turn of events, the explosion of the Great Yin Yang Swirls had blocked him from chasing after Mo Wen.

That single blast had also sent him flying backwards. Along the way, he fell and knocked into things, ending up more than a thousand meters away, and in the opposite direction of Mo Wen! In a moment, the distance between the two of them had been stretched to a few thousand meters!