Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Escape

He had moved to the center of the explosion on his own accord. Because he hadn't expected such a frightening explosion, Envoy Guiluo was the nearest to the center of the explosion in his pursuit of Mo Wen.

The results were as expected. Facing such a violent explosion, even though he had the cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he suffered quite a severe injury.

Furthermore, he had lost his target and had retreated a kilometer away.


Mo Wen turned pale and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. Although he dodged in time and was a few hundred meters away from the explosion, the explosion was so violent that he was still injured. If he hadn't reacted quickly enough and escaped to that distance, he would have been more seriously injured.

Using the momentum of the explosion, Mo Wen didn't rest one bit, but instead rushed down to the bottom of the mountain in a flash. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared at a speed that was even faster than before.

Envoy Guiluo looked at Mo Wen's gradually receding figure, and his face turned extremely gloomy. Those gloomy, cold eyes could almost freeze water into ice.

However, he didn't continue to chase after Mo Wen. With the hindrance of the explosion, he almost couldn't catch up with him. The youngster's speed was not much slower than his, so by the time he chased after him, that youngster would have disappeared.

"The next time we meet, I will kill you on the spot."

Envoy Guiluo looked a little awkward. With the venerable cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he had chased after a youngster in the Qi Nucleation realm but actually let him get away. To him, this was undoubtedly a humiliation.

After saying those harsh words, Envoy Guiluo turned around angrily and returned to the Qin Clan manor house. He still had important things to handle which couldn't be delayed, so naturally it was impossible to continue to be in an entanglement with the youngster.

Mo Wen had held Qin Xiaoyou in his arms and dashed down the mountain all the way without stopping.

Although encountering an expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm was a surprise to him, he had mentally prepared for it long ago. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone to the Qin Clan on his own accord.

However, this expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm was obviously not a member of the Qin Clan but was a member of the Heretic Organization. What did that mean? It meant that the Qin Clan had been in collusion with the Heretic Organization. If he was to report this information to Huatian Palace, the future days of the Qin Clan wouldn't be so comfortable anymore.

After both of them returned to the small courtyard, Mo Wen asked Qin Xiaoyou to return to the school while he went back to the room immediately to invigorate his Qi to heal his injury.

It took exactly one night for his injuries to be healed and for him to be recovered to his ideal state.

By that time, it was already morning with the sun shining outside the window. It looked especially enchanting.

When he stepped out of the door, a whiff of something delicious filled the courtyard. The aroma wafted into his olfactory senses.

Mo Wen's stomach growled, as he had not eaten anything in 24 hours. Furthermore, he had exhausted too much of his strength in his long period of fighting with the Qin Clan, so now he was really hungry.

"Why are you not back at school?"

Mo Wen furrowed his brows when he stepped out of the room and saw Qin Xiaoyou, who was busy with something. After he told Qin Xiaoyou to return to school last night, he immediately went into seclusion to heal his injuries, so he hadn't had time to bother about her.

Currently, the Qin Clan must be in chaos now, so naturally they wouldn't bother about Qin Xiaoyou. Mo Wen figured she should be relatively safe at the moment.

However, he didn't intend to let Qin Xiaoyou continue staying in this compound. After all, the Qin Clan had already noticed her, so they would definitely not let her go so easily. They would definitely think of ways to capture her in the future.

It was impossible for him to be with her every second, so her safety would be a problem.

Therefore, Mo Wen asked her to return to the school. In the school, there were some secret ancient martial art practitioners who were in command, and the ancient martial arts influences outside would have difficulty intervening. If he was to notify Old Man Wei in advance, the problem of Qin Xiaoyou's safety could be resolved.

As long as she didn't step out of the school gate, the Qin Clan shouldn't have the ability to capture her, or anyone, from Hua Xia University.

When he was able to settle the Qin Clan matter completely, Qin Xiaoyou would have fewer worries.


Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head. Both hands were glued together, and her lips trembled a little. She didn't dare look at Mo Wen.

"Didn't sleep last night?"

Mo Wen walked to the front of Qin Xiaoyou and stroked her head tenderly. He realized that her eyes were bloodshot and looked haggard, so she obviously hadn't slept all night.

"Uh-huh," Qin Xiaoyou acknowledged softly. After she noticed that Mo Wen was fine, her heart was tremendously relieved.

Yesterday, she had been totally shocked when Mo Wen vomited blood, so she couldn't sleep. She anxiously kept watch outside Mo Wen's room the whole night, but didn't dare to disturb him.

The experience yesterday had simply left her with an impression that led to her present state of being hesitant and completely lost.

"Your injury…?" Qin Xiaoyou asked cautiously. Although Mo Wen looked fine on the surface, she still couldn't help but worry, so she needed to hear it from the horse's mouth.

"My injury has long recovered. That small injury was nothing. At the most, it relaxed my bones. Don't worry. I am a miracle physician, so it is nothing to me." Mo Wen assured her convincingly while patting his chest.

"You must be hungry. Let's go for our meal."

Qin Xiaoyou heaved a sigh of relief after hearing him, and her heart was more at ease.

While they were having breakfast, Qin Xiaoyou was quiet, as she was bothered about something. Although Mo Wen realized that and thought that it was related to the Qin Clan, he could only be quiet, as he didn't know how to approach the topic.

After all, he had been defeated by the Qin Clan yesterday, so he was unable to avenge her and hadn't upheld justice for her. With the amount of hatred Qin Xiaoyou had for the Qin Clan, it was definitely quite stressful for her.

Mo Wen sighed, as he indeed didn't do what he had promised Qin Xiaoyou. However, he would go to the Qin Clan again sooner or later. Since they were related to the Heretic organization, and he was an Executor of Huatian Palace, they were naturally enemies.

By that time, they would settle the all grudges new and old once and for all.

While Mo Wen was having his meal, he took the chance to tell her about the future arrangement. "I will send you back to the school later. After you are in school, just continue your life in school and don't go outside of the school's gate. Once you are in school, the Qin Clan can't do anything to you. You will have less to worry about when I settle the Qin Clan matter completely."

As for Qin Xiaoyou's mother, Wang Huiru, he would explain the situation to her. If she missed Qin Xiaoyou, she could visit her personally at Hua Xia University. She had been discharged from the hospital, so she could visit Qin Xiaoyou anytime.

"Uh-huh. I know."

Qin Xiaoyou nodded silently without uttering another word. She listened to whatever Mo Wen had instructed. She didn't want to be the one who clipped Mo Wen's wings at any time.

After the meal, Mo Wen sent Qin Xiaoyou back to school and waited until she walked into the school before he turned around and left.

He didn't return to school, as the case of the Heretic forces in the capital had not been resolved. His mission was to find out what they were up to within ten days. Now, it was close to the deadline, so he had to report to the Huatian Palace headquarters.

After Qin Xiaoyou walked for a short distance, she stopped suddenly and ran back to the school gate. However, she was disappointed when she didn't see Mo Wen anywhere.

She clenched her fists tightly and promised herself that she would definitely practice harder to be the same as Mo Wen, so that she would never clip his wings again.


Every Executor of three stars and above would know the method to get to the Huatian Palace headquarters. Furthermore, Huatian Palace had set up different reception points at different places to receive those high-level Executors at their headquarters at any time.

There was a reception point in the capital. Mo Qingtian had brought him there once before. This time, it was naturally a walk in the park. After going through a few identity verification checks, he successfully boarded a helicopter to Kunlun Mountain.

After he had arrived, the military helicopter left on its own.

Mo Wen glanced at the patches of white that were everywhere on top of the snowy peaks. He took a deep breath of the chilly air and calmness filled his heart.

This place was without noise and without fights. It was like a paradise, which made it suitable for Immortal Cultivation.

However, it was a pity that Earth was too deficient in spiritual energy, and there were too few places which were suitable for Immortal Cultivation.

Although the snowy peaks in front of him had a suitable environment, they didn't have spiritual energy, so it was pointless.

Spiritual energy!

A radiance flashed in Mo Wen's mind and suddenly, he thought of a problem.

Since the spiritual energy in this earth is so scarce, it is definitely unsuitable for Immortal Cultivation. How then would it be possible for those Immortal Cultivators on Earth to survive?

From his present situation that he had encountered, there were too few places on Earth with spiritual energy, and even in those places with spiritual energy, the spiritual energy was so rare that it was unable to provide for the needs of the Immortal Cultivators.

The Immortal Cultivators of the higher levels had a greater need for spiritual energy, but on Earth, there was almost no place that could satisfy the higher-level Immortal Cultivators' needs for spiritual energy.

Even for the space in which Huatian Palace existed, the spiritual energy was insufficient for the practice of the high-level Immortal Cultivators. To those high-level Immortal Cultivators, the spiritual energy was utterly inadequate, so it was basically quite useless and was unable to increase their Cultivation.

As such, the problem arose – how did the Immortal Cultivators survive on this earth?

With Earth's present environment, it was almost impossible to "feed" the high-level Immortal Cultivators. Even for low-level Immortal Cultivators, it was also difficult to find a place to maintain the supply of spiritual energy for their practice.

To an Immortal Cultivator, spiritual energy was fundamental, so they simply couldn't practice without spiritual energy.

Even in the world of his past lifetime, those Immortal Cultivation sects were fighting vigorously over the places with spiritual energy.

For the sake of an extremely precious place with spiritual energy, fights breaking out among sects was a common thing.

In the Divine Pill Sect that he was in, many seniors would die in the fights over such places of spiritual treasures.

However, on Earth, which obviously lacked spiritual energy to the verge of extinction, there weren't any Immortal Cultivators who fought over such places of spiritual energy. It was as if they were turning a blind eye to those limited places of spiritual energy and simply treated them as non-existent.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for the ancient martial arts sect to occupy the valley in the Changbai Mountain range, where the Flame Flower was grown, for such a long period without any Immortal Cultivators showing interest in it.