Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Comrade Mo Is Very Popular

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In such a situation, usually there was only one possibility, and that was that this world essentially had no immortal cultivators. Instead, all were ancient martial art practitioners, so there were no incidents of anyone fighting over spiritual energy.

But this conclusion, in relation with the faction of the Huatian Palace, was clearly horribly wrong. The Huatian Palace was surely the work of immortal cultivators. So, the thought that the Earth does not have immortal cultivators was almost impossible.

Since there were immortal cultivators, then why can’t I find traces of them?

The various problems left Mo Wen at a complete loss. Also, relating back to the problem of Envoy Guiluo, Mo Wen discovered that many mysterious factions may be related to immortal cultivators. Behind the heretic forces, there may also lie immortal cultivators.

After half a day, Mo Wen got through the psychedelic array of the Huatian Palace. Using the Four stars Vermilion Bird ring, he was directly sent to the inside of the Transfer Palace Hall.

The space where the Huatian Palace headquarters was located was rich and dense in spiritual energy. Upon entering it, he felt the air freshen up quite a bit.

Mo Wen glanced across the seven rainbow bridges that stood before him. He directly headed in the direction of the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

Although the Huatian Palace had Four Great Palace Halls, each had their own subordinates. Under normal circumstances, people from different Palace Halls would not cross over to the territory of other Palace Halls.

The space where the headquarters was located, aside from the seven main peaks, was made up of quite a few mountain tops. On top of these peaks, it was almost certain that spiritual herbs existed.

Mo Wen had long coveted the Huatian Palace headquarters’ spiritual mountains. They had such rich and dense spiritual energy, which meant that the mountain would certainly have treasures!

However, he could only think about it, not yet act upon such thoughts. In the Huatian Palace, Executors were strictly forbidden from entering some places. Otherwise they would be punished.

Places such as the herb gardens, where they grew spiritual herbs, were places that normal Executors would certainly not be able to come. Also, he suspected that, on top of those spiritual mountains, there would also certainly be various prohibitions. Abruptly intruding upon and triggering the prohibitions would most probably result in very tragic outcomes.

Mission submissions would naturally be completed in the Mission Palace Hall. As such, the number of people on top of Yuheng Peak was always higher than that of the other main peaks.

Mo Wen walked into the Mission Palace Hall. He then found the Mission Submission area.

For reconnaissance missions like his, there would be no one in charge during submission. Instead, the Huatian Palace’s internal system would automatically carry them out. He just needed to input the information that he had obtained during the mission into the submission platform. After that, there would be people who would review and verify it.

Once the mission submission was completed, he would then be able to receive the mission’s corresponding reward. However, if the information that he submitted was erroneous or there were problems during its verification, not only would his reward be deducted, he would also receive the corresponding punishment.

The Huatian Palace’s mission system was strict, having almost no loopholes to be abused. Once he submitted the goal of the capital’s heretic forces, the Huatian Palace would certainly send people to investigate. If they discovered that his information was mistaken via a thorough investigation, they would surely hold him responsible.

So, the missions were released in stages, ensuring that there was almost no possibility of anyone lucking out or cheating for Contribution Credits. After submitting the mission, Mo Wen’s Vermilion Bird ring had the number 3,000 engraved on it. This meant that he had completed the mission, and the he had a reward of 3,000 Contribution Credits.

However, 3,000 Contribution Credits for a Four stars mission seemed a bit low. No wonder Mo Qingtian said that a Four stars Executor needed a month of completing missions non-stop in order to earn 15,000 Contribution Credits!

However, Mo Wen also knew that investigation missions like this had low levels of danger. When the mission was simple, the Contribution Credits not beings so high was then considered to be within reason.

Mo Wen did not take any more missions, as a Four stars mission, which merely earned a few thousand Contribution Credits, was too low for him. He did not have the time to complete missions, just to earn low Contribution Credits. Now, practicing was his number one priority.

After leaving the Yuheng Peak, Mo Wen returned to the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. Last time, Mo Qingtian had told him that, inside the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, there was a place that could help him rapidly increase his cultivation. Specifically, it was the fastest place to increase the practicing speed of an ancient martial art practitioner.

However, last time Mo Qingtian did not bring him there, because he said that the place needed Contribution Credits before once could participate, and Mo Wen had no Contribution Credits…

As he was passing through layer upon layer of the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall’s buildings, he drew quite a few bizarre gazes. After all, a man appearing inside the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was a rare scene.

“Sister Xuan, what is up with that person? How did he enter the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?”

A girl in her twenties pulled a young woman around thirty aside and whispered. She was looking at Mo Wen with a curious gaze.

The Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was not a place where people could come and go as they pleased, as there were prohibitions outside the main hall. People without the Vermilion Bird ring, who trespassed in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, would be attacked by the prohibitions.

“I don’t know. Could it be that another man has appeared in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?” The young woman in her thirties said incredulously.

Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for a man to appear in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. Aside from the not-quite-man, not-quite-woman transvestite Mo Qingtian, she had never seen any other man appear in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

“This is interesting. Compared to that transvestite, this person seems much more like a real man!” The girl in her twenties smiled gleefully and said.

From her words, she did not have a good impression of Mo Qingtian. It was no wonder that a man that was even more beautiful than a woman was not welcomed by the ladies.

“Rumor has it that, not long ago, there was indeed another man who joined the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. Before this, I did not believe it. But now that I’ve seen him, it must be true!” another woman came over and said, making a fuss.

“Later, you can ask him whether he already has a mission team. Then, ask him to join our group, and I will take care of him in the future.”

A woman in red gave her partner beside her a look. A man in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was a rare treasure, even rarer than a giant panda. It was as though a dark forest finally had an eye-catching ray of sunshine.

If they could get the man to join their teams, who’s to say that they could not benefit from the celebrity effect, thus attracting many strong Executors into joining their teams as well?!

Although the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall’s Executors weren’t few, many were scattered all around and rarely did they gather together. Although they were all Executors in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, many of them did not even know each other.

Normally, only those who were constantly placed in the same mission team would be familiar with each other. Or, if they had met in a temporary mission team and completed a team mission together, they would know each other then.

Mo Wen had joined the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall not long ago, so he had not come into contact with anyone else yet. So, aside from Mo Qingtian and the few people from the Fengwu team, almost no one knew him. Hence, although it was his second time appearing in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, he still was a new and exciting sensation.

“Hello, how are you? May I ask if you are a Vermilion Bird Palace Hall Executor?”

A girl in a blue dress with good looks walked up to Mo Wen. Her big eyes looked at Mo Wen, as she asked him her question curiously.

“Yes, I am.”

Mo Wen was stunned for a bit, as he did not understand why the other party had asked such a shallow question. If he wasn’t a Vermilion Bird Palace Hall Executor, why would he appear in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?

“So, it is true.”

The eyes of the girl in the blue dress immediately shot wide open. She never thought that a male Executor would actually appear again in the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. Her eyes immediately lit up with excitement.

“Then, are you willing to…”

Before she had finished her sentence, another voice interrupted unapologetically, cutting her off. Only then did she realize that, what she could think up, others could as well.

“Your small group doesn’t even have an Embryonic Breathing realm expert, and yet you have the nerve to recruit others. Hey handsome, how about coming to join my mission team? I will take care of you in the future. I am a Five stars Executor of the Embryonic Breathing realm.”

A woman in her early thirties walked up to Mo Wen, charmingly giving Mo Wen a wink. Her words had just been uttered, when another voice interrupted her.

“Su Xiu, your mission team only has you as its Five stars Executor to hold the fort. Last time, you didn’t even manage to complete such an easy Five stars team mission, almost impairing someone. If he followed you, even the matter of safety would be an issue. Little comrade, don’t listen to her. Come to our team. Our team has three Five stars Executors. Within the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, we are still one of the top mission teams.”

An elder woman, who was past her prime and was dressed in a purple dress, walked up to Mo Wen. Her face was graceful, and she looked to be in her forties. She somewhat high-handedly half-blocked the woman who came before her, smiling as she looked at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen never thought that his popularity would ever be so high. Looking at the crowd of women surrounding him, as well as more and more people gathering from afar, he laughed bitterly.

What sort of situation is this?

He did not have any intention of joining anyone’s mission team, as he did not have time to be running around doing missions, selling his soul to the Huatian Palace! Also, he seemed to already be a member of that Fengwu team now.

However, he did not know how to handle the present situation. A group of women had gathered and were talking animatedly, leaving him no room to have any say about anything! Also, this group had a bunch of terrifying women, whom he did not dare offend.

“That’s enough! You all don’t need to fight anymore. Mo Wen has long been a Fengwu team member. Go do what you need to do. Disperse!”

A plain voice suddenly sounded within the crowd, followed by a silhouette that was slowly walking over. Wherever it passed, many people subconsciously stepped aside for it, seemingly to show their respect for this woman.

“Pei Fengwu!”

The face of the elder woman dressed in purple, who was beyond her prime, but still had her charm, changed. Her expression became sullen.

Again with this Pei Fengwu…

The last time, Mo Qingtian had been snatched away by Pei Fengwu. That was fine, however, as she was uninterested in that transvestite Mo Qingtian. But now, Pei Fengwu had stepped out to snatch this youth! That was simply going too far!

But what could they do? Based on their ability, Pei Fengwu was too strong. They were no match for her.

After all, the Huatian Palace was a place where ability was everything. Hence, those with great ability, unless one had backing, no one would dare offend them.