Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Practice Area

It was uncommon to see people in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall who could go against Pei Fengwu. Moreover, those people were of an older age with a certain Cultivation. Their hearts were devoted to improving their Cultivation, so they did not appear often. It was even more unlikely that they would be interested in coming out just to fight with Pei Fengwu over a man.

The person who walked over was dressed entirely in white. Her attire was simple, and she was expressionless. Who else could it be other than Pei Fengwu, whom Mo Wen had the opportunity of meeting once before.

"Mo Wen, come with me."

Pei Fengwu looked at Mo Wen dully without looking at any others. With just that sentence, she turned to walk outside.

Naturally, Mo Wen would not pass up this chance to get away. He saluted to the surrounding ladies with his fist before hurriedly following.

Seeing as Pei Fengwu had made her appearance, those ladies could only grit their teeth in silence. They did not dare to squabble anymore. They could only watch Mo Wen escape from right under their noses.

Pei Fengwu looked at Mo Wen and said a little helplessly, "Next time, don't go loafing around in front of those groups of women. Otherwise, you may just end up in such trouble every day. If there's anyone asking you to join their mission team, just say that you are Pei Fengwu's person."

She knew that nothing good would come out of such a hot-blooded youth appearing in Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Indeed, in just a few days, such a thing had happened. His effect was even greater than Mo Qingtian's.

"I know."

Mo Wen smiled awkwardly. He followed at Pei Fengwu's side. Although there were still quite a number of people throwing him curious glances along the way, nobody stepped forward to stop him.

"What have you come to Vermillion Bird Palace for?"

Pei Fengwu glanced at Mo Wen. Under normal circumstances, the Executors of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall seldom remained within the palace. Most of them would be outside doing their missions. Occasionally, they would return to the Huatian Palace headquarters and go directly to the Mission Palace Hall for the handing over of missions.

People who remained in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall were basically those who were almost at the breakthrough of their Cultivation and were trying to break through into the next level. Either that, or they had sufficient Contribution Credits on hand, and they had returned to Vermillion Bird Palace Hall to exchange credits for the items they required.

However, no matter how she looked at it, Mo Wen did not seem to fit either criteria.

A Two stars Executor was at best only of the Sea of Qi realm. An Executor at such a level could not even earn many Contribution Credits, so it was impossible for him to have the right of exchanging for items at the headquarters, or the right to train at the headquarters.

Training in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall wasn't free. A fee had to be paid. If one did not have sufficient Contribution Credits, it would be impossible to sustain training at the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

However, she found one thing very odd. She had actually not been able to see Mo Wen's specific Cultivation. By right, a Two stars Executor would have a maximum Cultivation of the Sea of Qi realm. An ancient martial art practitioner of such a realm would have ripples of aura that would not be able to be hidden from her. Normally, she would have known the ins and outs of a person's Cultivation at a glance.

However, with Mo Wen, she could not tell at all. It was as if there were an invisible aura blocking her from making a guess.

Usually, in such circumstances, there were only a couple of possibilities. The first possibility was that Mo Wen's Cultivation was not too far off from hers. Hence, she was not able to gauge his. Secondly, it could be possible that he had trained some abstruse technique of hiding the Cultivation, such that she was not able to notice it. The third possibility was that he had some treasure on him, and that treasure had the power of hiding his Cultivation.

Clearly, the first possibility was not very probable. As for the second and third, they were more probable.

Pei Fengwu's mouth curled upwards. This youth was really rather interesting.

"To practice. Previously, Mo Qingtian had said before that training in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall would be of great help to me. I will be able to achieve double the results with only half the effort. I'm not sure if you would be able to show me the way."

He had finally found someone he knew, so naturally, Mo Wen would not miss the opportunity to ask for directions. Previously, Mo Qingtian had only said that practicing inside the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall had special benefits. However, he had not mentioned where to practice.

He was a newcomer and was not very familiar with the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Hence, solely based on his abilities, he was afraid that he would not be able to find the place.

"Are you talking about the practice area? If you want to go there, I can take you. However, practicing in the practice area is not easy at all."

Pei Fengwu looked at Mo Wen in amusement. She was amused at just how much he did not understand about Huatian Palace, such that he did not even know where the practice area was. If this had gotten out, it would have been a joke.

"I will require contribution credits to practice in the practice area?"

Mo Wen knew that the practice area was not free for the Executors of Huatian Palace. It was a venue with an admission fee.

"That's right. Do you have contribution credits? If you don't, it will be hard to train there," Pei Fengwu said as she laughed.

She had remained in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, as she had already reached the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm. She had wanted to try breaking through into the Golden Elixir realm. Hence, in recent days, she had continuously remained in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall without going out to do any missions.

However, the Golden Elixir realm was not an easy feat to achieve. She had tried for a very long time to no avail, but she was not at the end of her tether.

It was no wonder that so many seniors were trapped in this realm for their entire lives. Without being able to forge forward, they would spend the rest of their lives in regret.

However, Pei Fengwu did not feel much pressure as of yet. After all, she was currently still young and had sufficient potential that was yet to be discovered. It was still very possible for her to become an ancient martial art practitioner with the Golden Elixir realm in the future.

Mo Wen hesitated a little as he asked, "Is it very expensive?"

Currently, he only had 3,000 contribution credits, and he did not know if he had enough.

"Oh… it should be very expensive!" Pei Fengwu said, a little stunned. It was the first time that she had heard someone use the words "very expensive" to describe Huatian Palace's practice area. After all, Huatian Palace had constructed the practice area with the aim of creating a conducive environment for the Executors. It was a benefit given to them.

Huatian Palace's practice area was also a factor that was very attractive to external ancient martial art practitioners. Many people did not have the chance to practice there. Spending some contribution credits could not be counted as anything when compared to not having the opportunity at all. Hence, very few people used price to value the practice area.

However, in order to encourage the Executors of Huatian Palace to work hard on the missions, the contribution credits required to use the practice area was indeed not a small amount. Under normal circumstances, there were very few people who could stay to practice in the practice area for a long period of time without having to venture out to do their missions.

That was because the contribution credits that they had were just insufficient to support their long-term practices. Most of them would complete missions for a period of time and only return to practice after collecting enough contribution credits.

"Is 3,000 contribution credits enough to be allowed to practice?"

Mo Wen blinked his eyes. He was a little apprehensive. Even Pei Fengwu had said that it was expensive, so it definitely had to require a lot of contribution credits. It was a problem in itself whether or not he had enough contribution credits in his possession.

With regards to Huatian Palace's practice area, he had never seen it before. However, he had a rough idea about it. After all, he had lived in the world of immortal cultivators. He was thus very clear as to the methods employed by immortal cultivators.

Almost all the people were immortal cultivators in his Divine Pill Sect, such that they would not specially construct a practice area just for the people who were training their ancient martial arts. However, he had also used his knowledge of immortal cultivation to create a lot of practice scenarios for himself.

Back then he had been able to break through into the Golden Elixir realm within a short period of time and had more compelling reasons other than his talent. His breakthrough was because of the plentiful resources that he had.

If the immortal cultivators were willing to construct a special practice ground for ancient martial art practitioners, it would be a very big help to the ancient martial art practitioners. To them, it would basically be like getting help from divine powers.

In that world, the immortal cultivator sects would not construct a special practice area just for normal ancient martial art practitioners. However, now that there was Huatian Palace, which was a power that had its foundation in ancient martial arts, the degree of value placed upon ancient martial arts definitely far exceeded the immortal cultivation sects of his past life.

Hence, it was not impossible for a training ground to be specially constructed for ancient martial art practitioners.

Because of that, Mo Wen had really high expectations for that training ground. After he had completed a mission and achieved his contribution credits, he had hurried back to Huatian Palace with the aim of having a look at that training ground.

Perhaps in that training ground, he would have an unbelievable gain. The usefulness could be way more for him than for others. After all, his experience far surpassed the pure ancient martial art practitioners.

"Only 3,000 contribution credits?"

Upon hearing that, Pei Fengwu looked at Mo Wen oddly. He had such little savings, and he had dared to come over to practice at the practice area?

"Is it insufficient?" Mo Wen asked helplessly. The payout from his one mission was only 3,000 contribution credits. He had even taken seven to eight days before he had managed to complete it. Moreover, it had been a simple mission. In the end, after returning to Huatian Palace, it was not even sufficient for one practice session? The prices of Huatian Palace were just too high.

"It is not impossible, either. It depends on how you want to practice. If you only practice for two to three days, you may be able to scrape through," Pei Fengwu said with amusement. Three thousand contribution credits was indeed insufficient. Many people had to save up several months' worth of contribution credits just for a single practice session at the practice area.

Only 3,000 contribution credits would at best allow Mo Wen to train for two to three days in the lowest tier practice area.

However, the training results over two to three days would be insignificant. Although Huatian Palace's practice area had a strong productivity rate, it was not omnipotent. Under normal circumstances, obvious results would only come about after at least half a month of practice.

Rather than going to practice for only one or two days, it was better to collect more contribution credits in order to practice for longer periods of time.

In order to break through into the Golden Elixir realm, she had practiced in the practice area consecutively for three months. Only then was there a small positive improvement. However, the distance from the Golden Elixir realm was still very, very far.

"Then two or three days would work as well. Two or three days is not too bad."

Upon hearing that, Mo Wen immediately broke into a smile. He had not planned on practicing for a long period of time in the first place. To him, having two to three days was already sufficient.

After all, his situation was different. He just had to walk the same path that he had taken before. Compared to those ancient martial art practitioners, his practice would naturally achieve double the results with only half the effort. Others training for ten days would not even match up to his one day of training.

"Come with me then." Pei Fengwu rolled her eyes at Mo Wen but did not argue with him. After all, Mo Wen was just a new Executor of Huatian Palace. He would be curious about anything and everything. It was alright if he went around to give things a try.

He followed behind Pei Fengwu and weaved through palace hall after palace hall, walking for a very long time.

Mo Wen was stunned internally. The inside of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was just too big. Moreover, the construction was densely built and was very complex. It felt like a maze. As they walked, he did not even know where he was anymore.