Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Door of Space

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Seen from the outside, the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall didn’t seem that big, but on the inside, it was shockingly large!

In the Immortal Cultivation world, there was a remarkable power that could change Sumeru Mountain into a mustard seed. In other words, it was able to change a small thing into a gigantic thing, even enabling a different universe to be within it.

Likewise, a gigantic thing was able to be changed into a small thing, thus making it more portable. However, this remarkable power of the Immortal Cultivation could only be mastered by the senior experts, as the ordinary Immortal Cultivators were unable to do it. The Vermilion Bird Palace Hall in front of him seemed to have a trace of this remarkable power, and it definitely had the profound concealment of space within it.

Five minutes later, Pei Fengwu led Mo Wen to a massive main door, which was a few hundred feet high and dozens of feet wide. At the top, there was a plaque with the words “Practice Space” written on it.

“Follow me, regardless of what you see later.”

Pei Fengwu turned her head and glanced at Mo Wen, then stepped through the main door. After that, a figure flashed, then completely disappeared, like it had evaporated into the thin air.

Mo Wen cast a look at the massive main door thoughtfully. Inside the door, there was nothing but total darkness. It was like an empty vacuum, and the space surrounding it was distorted occasionally.

As a member of the Immortal Cultivation world, he naturally knew that this was the Door of Space! The Door of Space enabled one to travel in space and was a remarkable power, which only a monk of equally remarkable power could set up.

The Door of Space was rare in the Immortal Cultivation world, as it usually would only appear in the big Sect. For instance, the Divine Pill Sect, where Mo Wen used to be, had the existence of a Door of Space. However, there were not even that many Doors of Space in Divine Pill Sect, as it was difficult to build a Door of Space. So, he had only seen it done once.

The Vermilion Bird Palace Hall actually has a Door of Space!

Who exactly was the one, who could build this Door of Space? Being able to build the Door of Space means that the Immortal Cultivators of this earth were no weaker than the Immortal Cultivators in that world of the past!

Mo Wen inhaled deeply and stepped into the Door of Space. As he did so, a figure flashed, then disappeared without a trace.

The surroundings of the space had a moment of distortion, like layers of water curtains were swaying in front of the eyes. His eyes couldn’t see anything but a dark blue radiance that was flashing. The flashing continued for a few minutes, before a bright light finally appeared, causing the surrounding scenery to gradually become clear again.

A space that looked like a public square, which was as big as ten football fields, appeared in front of Mo Wen. When observed carefully, it didn’t seem to be a public square, but more like a stratagem altar.

On the smooth bluestone flooring, different weird symbols were carved. They were numerous and interlinked together densely. Occasionally, a streak of light flashed underfoot, then quietly disappeared the next moment.

Mo Wen knew that it must be a stratagem altar in front of him. Normally, when a large-scale stratagem was being set up, a stratagem altar would be built to maintain the stratagem long-term, providing stability.

On the stratagem altar, there were six big main halls, which were separated into six directions that formed a six harmonies arrangement. The arrangement was distributed around the stratagem altar.

The six blocks of main halls had nine levels in each block, a design which was simple yet solemn and respectful. Furthermore, there was basically no foundation at the bottom, so it was directly floating on the stratagem altar, giving people a very strong mind-blowing visual.

“This place is the Practice area. Did you see the six main halls?” Pei Fengwu asked, while standing a short distance from Mo Wen and pointing at the six blocks of main halls.


Mo Wen nodded his head slightly, no expression on his face.

“The Six blocks of main halls consist of six different practice ground. The function of each block is different. As for what kind of functions each has, I shall not go into the details at the moment.”

Surprise flashed in Pei Fengwu’s eyes, as Mo Wen’s calm expression had surprised her. Normally, the people who came to the Practice area for the first time were shocked by the scene in front of them, but Mo Wen didn’t seem to have any reaction.

Could it be that he has seen a similar scene before?

“Other than different Practice halls having different functions, you must also pay attention to the problem of Contribution Credits.”

Pei Fengwu winked at Mo Wen, while curling her lips into a smile and said, “With your worth, you only have enough to practice in the Practice halls for three days. Furthermore, that is calculated with the lowest two levels. In every block of main hall, the higher the level, the higher the consumption of the Contribution Credits.”

In the six blocks of Practice main halls, every block consisted of nine levels. The higher the level, the stronger the efficacy of the Practice, but that meant that one also needed more Contribution Credits. Normally, only the higher-level Executors would be eligible to practice in the higher levels of the block, as the normal Executors basically couldn’t afford to pay such high Contribution Credits.

For example, Pei Fengwu could only go to the fifth level for practice, as she wouldn’t be able to afford anything above that. However, not everything depended on being in the higher level.

In actual fact, although there were six levels for the Practice main halls, the best was always the one that suited oneself best. For example, a practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm, who had gone to the fifth level for his practice, would definitely be asking for trouble, due to the limitations of his cultivation and experience.

As such, when one was going up the levels, if they did not match with an equal level at each moment, not only would they not benefit from it, but they also wouldn’t get any effects at all from it.

After all, the things that the higher level ancient martial arts practitioners would comprehend, the lower level ancient martial arts practitioners might not be able to understand at all. So, even when the Executors of the Huatian Palace had a lot of Contribution Credits, they wouldn’t necessarily go to the higher level, but would instead choose the region that suited them best. This allowed them to practice with peace of mind.

In actual fact, in the eyes of Pei Fengwu, especially for Mo Wen’s situation, going to the Practice area was basically a waste of time. This was because, even the first level of the Practice main hall required the cultivation of the Qi Nucleation realm to have an effect.

Mo Wen was a practitioner in the Sea of Qi realm and didn’t know anything, so even the best environment for his practice wouldn’t have any effects. The reason for bringing him here was to let him enrich his experience, so that he wouldn’t be ignorant and ill-informed.

“You research it on your own. I am going for my own practice.”

Pei Fengwu notified Mo Wen, before her figure swayed and became a streak of blue light, which entered one of the Practice man halls and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“It was indeed a good place.”

After Pei Fengwu had left, Mo Wen grinned. Basically, even without Pei Fengwu’s explanation, he had already understood in his heart.

Indeed, the Immortal Cultivators had built a special Practice ground for the ancient martial arts practitioners in the Huatian Palace. This treatment was something that the ancient martial arts practitioners of that world in his past lifetime would never enjoy.

In that world, the Immortal Cultivators basically didn’t care about the ancient martial art practitioners, so how could they spend so much effort and use so many resources in building a special Practice ground for the ancient martial arts practitioners? That was something almost impossible!

However, the ancient martial arts practitioners seemed to be regarded highly by the Huatian Palace, as they spent a lot of resources on building such a Practice area. From the Door of Space just now, one would be able to see that they had spent an exorbitant amount!

Perhaps, due to the lack of spiritual energy on earth that made it very difficult to have the conditions for Immortal Cultivation, the Huatian Palace had placed the ancient martial arts practitioners in such high regard.

In a different environment, they might have a different worth. Perhaps on earth, the ancient martial arts practitioners’ worth would be different from those in the world of his past lifetime, maybe even having no worth at all!

That’s why the young Executors of the Huatian Palace had such shocking Cultivations at such young ages. With such favorable conditions, being slow in practice would be a very difficult task.

Mo Wen cast these confusing thoughts aside and explored around the stratagem altar curiously. There was a huge stele in front of every block of Practice hall, which explained about that particular block. At the same time, it would also state the related charges for Contribution Credits.

Among the six blocks of main halls in the Practice area, other than the different Contribution Credits for different levels, the Contribution Credits for the same levels were almost the same. For instance, it was five hundred Contribution Credits per day for the first level, across the board, but the second level would require one thousand Contribution Credits. The third level would multiply again, costing two thousand Contribution Credits per day. Due to this pricing system, some lower level Executors could only practice at the bottom three levels, as those classes at the higher levels were basically unaffordable.

Mo Wen summed up his personal situation, then looked at a block of main hall, his lips curling up into an enthusiastic smile. After a few flashes, he disappeared into the second level of that main hall. The surrounding walls seemed to be illusory, so his body was able to go through them directly.

A colourful light flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes, then immediately disappeared. The next moment, he appeared in an illusory space.

It was said to be illusory, as there was nothing in that space but light. Some of the colorful radiance was in a mass, but some was distributed everywhere. Some of it was even changed to different forms.

This space seemed to be endless, as he could see no boundaries. Putting a person in it would make him the odd one out, as if he should not exist in this world that contained only lights.

Mo Wen was not shocked by the scene in front of him. The space in one’s eyes might seem boundless, but in actual fact, that might be only one’s imagination playing tricks on them.

Perhaps even the Immortal Cultivators couldn’t decipher between illusion and reality. Hence, Mo Wen never allowed himself to be confused by such mystical things. He was only concerned about the function of this space, which was to delay time.

It was able to delay the time by multiple times, tens of multiple times, or even hundreds of multiple times. Thus, it was able to make one’s thinking infinitely active. When one thought that he had stayed in this space for an entire day, in actual fact, it could have been only a minute in the outside world.

Therefore, the ancient martial arts practitioner in this space would have sufficient time for practice. However, one couldn’t practice the Inner Qi in this space, or else one’s practice in a day would be another’s practice in a year. As such, one could only practice something in terms of thinking.

This was not because time had actually slowed, but it was one’s thinking that had been changed. It had become faster by tens of times or hundreds of times, as the brain would have been completely activated. Hence, this space couldn’t be used for the practice of Inner Qi, but could only be used to comprehend the martial arts.

Those ranked martial arts were basically difficult to practice and difficult to comprehend, so it required a lot of time to do so. Hence, the function of this space was to allow the ancient martial arts practitioner to balance the practice of Inner Qi and martial arts.