Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Loser, Liu Shanshan

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Wang Xiaoyuan, who was Liu Shanshan’s good friend, would naturally consider her a confidante and couldn’t let her lose face in front of Mo Wen.

As a result, before she could send him away, Mo Wen had already spoken her thoughts aloud, which made Wang Xiaoyuan’s face blush in embarrassment.

“Winning or losing is a common thing in the challenge ring, so what’s wrong with it?” Wang Xiaoyuan said while pretending to look like she didn’t mind it at all.

“So, there is nothing wrong with me watching, right?”

“Watch as you wish.” Wang Xiaoyuan snorted softly and walked away to the side alone while looking like she couldn’t be bothered about Mo Wen.

In the challenge ring, the fight was getting more intense. Liu Shanshan’s opponent was a woman in her thirties with a set of sword techniques that had a severe approach. The Qi of Sword swished loudly, gradually forcing Liu Shanshan almost to the edge of the ring.

Everyone could see that Liu Shanshan’s defeat was palpable, and the winner would be the woman in her thirties.

“Liu Shanshan from the Fengwu team is losing. She is indeed not a match for Zheng Fangyu. The Yeyuan team is winning this round again.”

“Liu Shanshan is around 25 while Zheng Fangyu is already in her thirties, so it is fine to lose. Wait ’til Liu Shanshan is 30. She will definitely surpass Zheng Fangyu.”

“That’s not for sure. For an ancient martial art practitioner, no progress means regression. If Liu Shanshan doesn’t break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm, it will be impossible for her to surpass Zheng Fangyu. If Zheng Fangyu breaks through to the Embryonic Breathing realm in the next few years, the difference will be drastic.”

“Ha Ha. If the Fengwu team loses, the Yeyuan team can put on airs again.”

“Don’t pit the two mission teams against each other for everything. Liu Shanshan and Zheng Fangyu’s fight has nothing to do with the two mission teams. Furthermore, in terms of high end fighting capacity, could the Yeyuan team be stronger than the Fengwu team?”

“That’s not for sure. It’s said that the Yeyuan team had an addition of a Six stars Executor, so they won’t be much different from the Fengwu team.”

“Which one of the two mission teams is stronger is not a matter of verbal discussion. Wait ’til the Triennial Martial Arts Conference for the four big Executor palace halls. Then we will know who is the best.”


The fight was going on in the challenge ring while a group of women gathered to chatter continuously and discuss ceaselessly.

It was said that women were gossipy, and indeed it was true.

Mo Wen walked over to a large screen beside the challenge ring. The blue screen was emitting a gentle radiance with records of the bets. After the page refreshed, it was obvious that many people had put in their bets.

Every round of fighting would normally have a round of gambling. Huatian Palace must have reaped many Executors’ Contribution Credits this way. The Executors lost their Contribution Credits, so they naturally could only obediently perform more missions.

However, since it was gambling, naturally there would be winning and losing. If their luck was good, it was possible to get a windfall of Contribution Credits from the gambling system.

With the mentality of reaping without any sowing, the gambling system had successfully attracted a great number of participants.

For instance, the people crowding around in front of the screen were those who had engaged in gambling.

Mo Wen walked over to explore purely out of curiosity. This round of fighting also had offered a round of gambling. Huatian Palace seemed to be full of tricks.

“Lost again. My luck is really bad…”

Someone else heaved a sigh of relief and said while watching the fight in the ring, “Fortunately, I bet on Zheng Fangyu to win at first. Although the betting odds were really low, paying peanuts is better than nothing.”

“I also bet on Zheng Fangyu to win. Liu Shanshan lost the fight within 20 minutes, but she tried to hang in there for 25 minutes. Isn’t it frustrating….!”

“You are just greedy. Who’s to blame? There is a person who is even bolder. Fifteen minutes into the fight, he bet on Liu Shanshan to win. He bet more than 1,000 Contribution Credits in one go. Now it will be all gone. Those who like to make underdog bets are purely treading on thin ice.”

“What do you know? That is the co-existence of operation, profits, and risks. If Liu Shanshan were to win, it would be a payout of more than seven times the bet. Just one win would be equivalent to the remuneration for a year of missions.”

“That’s right. Last time, that person won an underdog bet and became a millionaire overnight. I heard that after the gambling ended, the person appeared one month later and his Cultivation had increased by a level. I reckon his Contribution Credits were used solely on himself. I envy him!”


Mo Wen squeezed through to view the screen. He looked at the records that were continuously scrolling down, including the method of betting and the odds. With the noise of the surrounding discussion, he could experience immensely the frenzy and excitement of gambling.

Gambling could make one a millionaire overnight, but it could also make one a pauper just as quickly.

On the screen, the bets on the Liu Shanshan versus Zheng Fangyu fight were almost ending, and the only bet left was to guess how long Liu Shanshan would be able to persevere before a total defeat.

Gambling on the fights was not just a simple win or lose proposition.

Betting on winning or losing was too simple, but it was less manipulative, so it was easy to lose. Therefore, direct betting on winning or losing in terms of a gambling scheme had the lowest betting odds with a return of possibly only ten percent or sometimes even less.

As the returns were too low, when the Contribution Credits involved increased, the risks became bigger, so very few people would bet on simply winning or losing.

Most of the time, the bets were on how long a person would last before a total defeat, how many strokes a person would take to defeat the opponent, and even the number of wins in a row a person could get, or who would be defeated after a certain number of rounds of fighting.

There were many schemes of gambling in which the greater the probability, the lower the betting odds. The schemes with the lower probability had higher betting odds.

Mo Wen took a glance and retreated quietly. The amounts of the bets on the screen were in the thousands.

He had only his last 1,000 Contribution Credits. He was so embarrassedly broke that he couldn’t even afford to gamble.

Just as he focused his attention on the challenge ring, a peal of enthusiastic screams flooded the surroundings like the waves. The audience’s exhilaration and enthusiasm were in the air with excited screams, cursing, and swearing…

Once there was a gambling system, every round of fighting involved the interests of many people. After a fight had ended, some people would laugh and some people would cry. This was quite normal.

As the outcome of the competition was set, Liu Shanshan was totally defeated by Zheng Fangyu’s wave of Qi from her sword.

A blue light flashed in the challenge ring. The system stratagem emerged at the appropriate time and wrapped Liu Shanshan up, just in case she had been injured in the fight, before sending her out of the ring.

“What a pity! Liu Shanshan had finally persevered until the sixth round, but was defeated by that woman, Zheng Fangyu. The reward of 8,000 Contribution Credits is in Zheng Fangyu’s pocket. Liu Shanshan must be furious.”

“That’s right. It is said that the Fengwu team has constant conflicts with the Yeyuan team, and they have been competing with each other for a long time. Liu Shanshan had a feud with Zheng Fangyu a long time ago, and their relationship is very tense. Zheng Fangyu had waited until the sixth round to challenge Liu Shanshan, so she definitely had the element of malicious revenge.”

“Ha ha, I heard that the last time Liu Shanshan was in a challenge ring, she was defeated by Zheng Fangyu. Now that she’s been defeated by Zheng Fangyu again, will she be so furious that she gets sick? Ha ha…”

“Don’t have too much schadenfreude. You better be careful, as Liu Shanshan may come after you. Regardless of whether it is the Fengwu team or the Yeyuan team, they are not people we can offend.”

Liu Shanshan walked off the challenge ring gloomily with a trace of blood on her lips, obviously injured. Those spectators who were crowding around the challenge ring saw her walking out and automatically made way for her. Nobody was willing to provoke this woman, or else in a fit of anger, anything could happen.

“Shanshan, don’t be angry, don’t be angry…”

Wang Xiaoyuan immediately walked towards Liu Shanshan and constantly patted Liu Shanshan’s back to soothe her while consoling her.

“Winning or losing is a common thing in the challenge ring. There will always be a loser. It’s either win or lose…” Wang Xiaoyuan consoled while laughing faintly. She really didn’t know how to console someone.

Liu Shanshan glared at Wang Xiaoyuan with a grave face and snapped, “Don’t console me. Do I look angry?” What’s the point of consoling? The more you console, the angrier I get. It’s true that a fight will always have winning and losing, but what she meant was like it was normal that I was the loser…

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry… the next time I will ask the experts of the Fengwu team along to get revenge for you,” Wang Xiaoyuan muttered to herself. Her face is as black as soot, but she’s still claiming that she is not angry.

If it was not the case that her strength was less than Liu Shanshan’s and she couldn’t defeat Zheng Fangyu, she would definitely have gotten revenge for her.

“Alright, I am not angry. Let’s go.”

Liu Shanshan snorted softly. The experts in the Fengwu team were all experts in the Embryonic Breathing realm. Everyone was a Five stars Executor but couldn’t fight Zheng Fangyu in a Four stars challenge ring, so how could they get revenge for her?

As for the Four stars Executors on the Fengwu team, only a handful were as strong as she was, so who would get revenge for her?

Now, she could only think of practicing harder to increase her strength before looking for that b*tch and cruelly taking revenge on her.

“Liu Shanshan, walk slower. Don’t fall. Come to the Challenge Main Hall more frequently. I am waiting for you to send me some Contribution Credits. Ha ha…”

Zheng Fangyu, who was in the challenge ring, looked at Liu Shanshan while laughing aloud and sneering. She and Liu Shanshan originally had some grudges, so how could she miss this chance to rub her victory in Liu Shanshan’s face?

“Zheng Fangyu, just you wait!”

Liu Shanshan was so angry that she gnashed her teeth. This b*tch… I will trample her under my feet one day!

“Wait for you? After being defeated so many times, it’s still not enough? Ha ha, I am more afraid that you won’t come.” Why would Zheng Fangyu mind Liu Shanshan’s harsh words? She looked down on Liu Shanshan with the look of a winner.

Liu Shanshan’s face turned cold. She no longer bothered about Zheng Fangyu and turned around intending to leave, but she accidentally discovered a familiar person.

“Mo Wen, why are you here?”

Liu Shanshan halted in her path and looked unnaturally at Mo Wen. She unknowingly had a tinge of embarrassment while her face started to blush involuntarily. Sh*t, I am so unlucky today. Mo Wen witnessed such an embarrassing thing. He must be hiding his schadenfreude.

In Liu Shanshan’s heart, Mo Wen was almost linked to Mo Qingtian. She had ridiculed Mo Qingtian previously, and now Mo Wen had witnessed her embarrassment. That feeling made her want to hide somewhere unknown.

“I was here to watch the bustling scene,” Mo Wen answered with a smile.

“Was the bustling scene good?” Liu Shanshan said while looking pale. Her hands were clenched tightly, and her chest was rising and falling rapidly.

Mo Wen shook his head quickly. “Not good at all. I don’t like it.”