Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 264

Chapter 264: The Loser Becomes the Footman

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Liu Shanshan and Wang Xiaoyuan had basically rolled their eyes at the same time. They had almost fainted. This Mo Wen was a bit too confident in himself. Him going up to take revenge for them? Such a joke! With his standard, he would be sent flying with a single slap.

Moreover, a Two stars Executor like him did not even have the right to go into the Four stars Executor’s competition ring, even if he wanted to be savaged.

“Mo Wen, go home and rest. Kids shouldn’t butt into the affairs of adults.”

Wang Xiaoyuan glared at Mo Wen fiercely. She still remembered the incident from before when Mo Wen had not left her any face. Now, it was natural that she had to taunt him back.

“Mo Wen, are you sure there is nothing wrong with your brain?”

Liu Shanshan looked at Mo Wen oddly. There was a small possibility that Wang Xiaoyuan would be able to win if she went into the ring. However, Mo Wen would just be savaged… unless he had so many contribution credits he just wanted to throw away?

Mo Wen coughed awkwardly. “Ahem, just lend me 3,000 contribution credits. Why are you being such a busybody?” If not for the fact that he did not have any contribution credits on hand, he would not have cared about those two women at all.

Wang Xiaoyuan let out a light humph and rejected him first. “I’m not lending them to you.”

Liu Shanshan simply rolled her eyes and said, “Mo Wen, are you very good? Lend them you? Then the contribution credits would simply be given to others, that Zheng Fangyu especially, of all people. I won’t be lending it to you for sure.”

Why had she met someone who overestimated his abilities so drastically?

“Liu Shanshan, do you want revenge or not? Do you want to defeat that Zheng Fangyu and send her out of the competition ring? I’m giving you the chance now. If you don’t grasp it, you will have no one to blame but yourself,” Mo Wen said calmly.

“Tch!” Liu Shanshan laughed tauntingly. She had never met such a funny person before. He made things sound as though they were real, even saying that she was not making use of the opportunity he was giving her!

Wang Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes and asked, “Mo Wen, do you really want to go and try?” She gave Mo Wen a slightly cunning look.

“I don’t want to repeat myself again for the same question,” Mo Wen said expressionlessly. Clearly, the two women looked down on him.

“Alright, don’t show us that attitude. I can lend you 3,000 contribution credits, but…” Wang Xiaoyuan purposely paused for a bit. Then, her mouth curled upwards as she said, “What happens if you lose the contribution credits, and you can’t pay them back?”

Although 3,000 contribution credits was not much to her, it was quite a big sum to Mo Wen. After all, how many contribution credits could a Two stars Executor earn? She did not believe that Mo Wen would be able to pay her back if he lost.

“If I can’t repay…” Mo Wen’s face turned dark. He would only be borrowing 3,000 contribution credits. Could he really not repay that?

“If you can’t repay it, you will have to be my footman. Only when you’ve repaid the full sum, can you regain your freedom,” Wang Xiaoyuan said while giggling.

Upon hearing that, Liu Shanshan rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaoyuan. She did not know why Wang Xiaoyuan was being so kind. Clearly, she knew that giving Mo Wen the contribution credits was like giving it away for sure. Yet, she was still lending them to him willingly.

Having a little footman following her everywhere would indeed not be too bad. Immediately, Liu Shanshan was interested as well. Internally, she had been amazed at how smart Wang Xiaoyuan was, indeed. If others found out that the only male member of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was their footman, it would be something worth envying. It would surely be the highlight everywhere they went.

“Alright,” Mo Wen nodded, as if he had never considered the possibility that he could lose.


Seeing as Mo Wen had agreed, Wang Xiaoyuan immediately opened the Vermillion Bird ring and quickly swiped 3,000 contribution credits for Mo Wen. It was as if she were afraid that Mo Wen would regret his decision and back out.

“You two little women, just watch and see how I beat that Zheng Fangyu.”

Mo Wen glanced at the two of them calmly before turning around and walking slowly over to the competition ring.

“You dare say we are little women!”

Wang Xiaoyuan immediately widened her eyes and glared. She said a little disdainfully, “If you win, we can even be your footmen instead.”

She completely did not believe that Mo Wen would be able to win. If he had the capability to defeat Zheng Fangyu, he would not have had to use connections to enter the ring. In Wang Xiaoyuan and Liu Shanshan’s eyes, Mo Wen would always be one who used connections to enter.

“I don’t really care.”

Mo Wen did not even turn his head and continued on his way to the competition ring. He did not have any interest in having those two women as his footmen.

“You… this b*stard!”

Wang Xiaoyuan was instantly angered. It was too absurd. Later on, she would definitely have to teach Mo Wen a lesson.

“Alright, don’t lower yourself to his standard. Later on, just watch him drop out of the competition ring and become your footman.”

Liu Shanshan, on the other hand, was not angered, because she was simply waiting for Mo Wen to become their footman. By then, they could just make things difficult for him. He was in for tough times.

“You’re right, he will get it from us later on.”

Upon hearing that, Wang Xiaoyuan’s mood improved drastically. It was as if she were already envisioning Mo Wen following behind them as a footman.

They had delayed for quite a bit but fortunately, many people were still hesitating and had yet to go into the competition ring for a challenge.

After Mo Wen had confirmed his challenge, a bunch of blue rays surrounded him. It directly transported him into the competition ring and placed him in front of Zheng Fangyu.

“Finally, someone dares to come up for a challenge?”

Zheng Fangyu’s mouth curled upwards. When she saw Mo Wen, a stunned look flashed through her eyes. How could it be a male? It couldn’t be that the system had made a mistake, right?

By right, there should not be any males appearing in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. Other than that transvestite who was neither a girl nor guy, she had never seen a male appear there before.

The youth in front of her was not very old. He had fine, delicate features, but he was a male indeed, and not a female disguised as a male.

“Who are you?” Zheng Fangyu asked in astonishment. Although Mo Wen had been near the competition ring beforehand and many people had seen him, Zheng Fangyu had been in the competition ring battling all the while. Hence, she had not noticed that there was a male present.

It was not just Zheng Fangyu, but almost everyone outside the competition ring had looks of shock. For many of them, it was the first that they had heard of a male appearing in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. The moment Mo Wen went up on stage, he had basically become the focus of everyone immediately.

As for those who had already noticed Mo Wen, they were instead shocked at this youth going up to battle Zheng Fangyu. He was at such a young age, probably a youth of not even 20 years old! Daring to go into the competition ring to have a battle with Zheng Fangyu meant that he really had quite a bit of guts.

In the hearts of many, they felt that a youth of such an age would basically not have many capabilities. His Cultivation was definitely not as good as a renowned Four stars Executor like Zhang Fangyu.

Mo Wen’s appearance had caused quite a bit of commotion. The scene had suddenly become crowded. Many people gathered together to discuss this latest development. Of course, when a group of women gathered together, they loved to gossip.

After seeing the situation on their end, the people at the other competition rings had also started coming over. In a while, the number of people surrounding their competition ring had doubled.

Even before the battle in the competition ring had started, the atmosphere was already heating up outside the competition ring.

“This Mo Wen…! Humph!”

Wang Xiaoyuan let out a light humph. It seemed as though she was a little jealous about Mo Wen receiving so much attention.

“Don’t be jealous anymore. In no time at all, he will become our footman. By that time, others will only envy you,” Liu Shanshan said while smiling. In the context of Huatian Palace, it was something even more valuable than a national treasure. It was hard for Mo Wen not to be popular. If placed in the context of the other three major executor main halls, the result would have been the opposite.

“Mo Wen. You can now attack.”

Mo Wen had thought that one had to introduce themselves before the battle. Hence, he had answered right away when Zheng Fangyu had asked.

“Hah, you even introduced yourself as Mo Wen! You’re rather proud. I really want to see just how capable you are.”

Mo Wen’s indifferent look and his proud tone had immediately made Zheng Fangyu feel like there was some fun to be had. This little youth had come to the competition ring in his silliness and still had on a prideful look. Later on, when he got beaten up, she would watch just who he would go crying to.

Mo Wen was rendered a little speechless. With regards to these things, he did not have the energy to explain it to others.

“I will be attacking now, you should beware.”

Zheng Fangyu looked at Mo Wen while laughing before slowly sheathing her sword. In the competition ring, one could use any weapon, so it was very normal for an ancient martial art practitioner to use weapons. Hence, one would not find it weird to see any kind of weapons appearing in the competition ring.

However, against Mo Wen, Zheng Fangyu had no intention of using weapons. She did not think that this youth had very high capabilities. Without weapons, she would still be able to win easily. What would she do if she used her weapon and hurt him?

Mo Wen nodded. He had not seen that woman show any signs attacking, even after standing quite a distance away for so long. Under his breath, he lamented at how much nonsense she had to say.

“This vixen, Zheng Fangyu, seems to have become soft-handed upon seeing a pretty boy. Even her weapon has not been drawn. Does she want to push and pull with Mo Wen and drag things out to 300 rounds with him?”

Liu Shanshan let out a cold humph. She did not feel very happy seeing Zheng Fangyu’s coquettish manner.

“Don’t be angry anymore. No matter how flirtatious Zheng Fangyu gets, it is impossible that she will lose to Mo Wen on purpose and let her 16,000 contribution credits go like that. Hence, Mo Wen is sure to lose. Mo Wen will become your footman, and Zheng Fangyu will envy you so much.”

Wang Xiaoyuan loyally patted Liu Shanshan’s little hand. She had a look that conveyed that her footman would also be Liu Shanshan’s footman. They were friends as close as sisters, so they shared all their resources.

“That’s true.” Liu Shanshan nodded, and her expression relaxed significantly.

Zheng Fangyu gave Mo Wen another warning look, then she started to attack. She had purposely posed in a very charming way. With an elegant flash and a couple of light steps, they joined up, and in midair, there were seven to eight beautiful images.

In the blink of an eye, she had appeared in front of Mo Wen. She extended a hand towards Mo Wen and grabbed his shoulder directly. She had not displayed any overpowering martial arts, and the action was instead very elegant and gentle.

Mo Wen stood on the spot, and his body had not moved a single bit. He looked at that Zheng Fangyu, and a speechless expression flashed on his face.

Was it a battle or a show? Even if she was showing mercy, she did not have to do it so exaggeratedly. Did she think he was a three-year-old?

With a wave of his sleeve, a strong and fierce Inner Qi came whistling out. It drove fiercely into Zheng Fangyu’s hand. The frightening Inner Qi had directly shaken her backwards seven or eight steps.

Mo Wen had not held back. He had completely brought into play the Inner Qi equivalent to someone of the Qi Nucleation realm.

His Cultivation of Inner Qi was not any worse than Zheng Fangyu’s. In response to Zheng Fangyu’s careless first attack, how could he lose out to his opponent?


Zheng Fangyu retreated seven or eight steps consecutively before her figure stabilized and stopped moving. She looked at Mo Wen in shock. She was able to sense Mo Wen’s cultivation level from his attack. She therefore knew that with regards to Inner Qi, Mo Wen was not inferior to her at all.