Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Tai Yang Sword

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He was actually a young genius expert. She was so blind before, she didn’t recognize an expert, thinking that he was only a playful youth. However, in the Huatian Palace, it was not a queer thing to have a genius.

“If you are not serious enough, you will lose this fight right from the beginning,” Mo Wen said indifferently, while looking at Zheng Fangyu. If he put in his best effort, Zheng Fangyu would have lost the fight completely by now.

“Little brother, don’t be so fierce.”

Zheng Fangyu smiled alluringly, but her eyes began to look somber. It was just like what Wang Xiaoyuan had said, though this youngster looked lovable, they were unrelated in any way, so it was impossible for her to give the benefit to him for no reason.

Mo Wen, being able to force Zheng Fangyu back seven to eight steps in one stroke, had caused the audience to be dumbfounded. Zheng Fangyu was actually disadvantaged upon exchanging blows! No one expected this youngster to be so powerful.

“No way!”

Wang Xiaoyuan widened her eyes and was also stupefied. She knew the standard of Zheng Fangyu very well, so being able to force Zheng Fangyu back in a single stroke, his cultivation must indeed be strong. At least, she knew that she couldn’t do it!

Mo Wen is only a Two stars Executor, so why does he have such a great ability?

For an instant, she was in a perplexed state of mind.

Liu Shanshan was also the same. She rubbed her eyes, thinking that what she was seeing was an illusion. Originally, she thought that Mo Wen would be flung out of the Challenge ring by Zheng Fangyu directly, with a single tight slap.

However, the present spectacle was way beyond her expectation. In the Challenge ring, Mo Wen was still looking calmly at Zheng Fangyu, waiting for her to attack.

“Little brother, sister is going to be serious.”

Zheng Fangyu chuckled charmingly, but her eyes were very solemn. Her figure swayed slightly, then instantly, there was an illusionary appearance of three to four images.

Every image was so vivid and real, it was almost impossible to decipher between the real and the fake ones. Everyone could possibly be the real Zheng Fangyu!

Four images separated, fanning out in four different directions, as they leapt across a distance of a few dozen meters. In the blink of an eye, they then appeared in front of Mo Wen.

Separately, in four different directions, they simultaneously attacked Mo Wen. In an instant, the images of the hands were everywhere and besieged Mo Wen.

“Zheng Fangyu’s Body Differentiation Technique and Three Flowers Hands!”

Below the challenge ring, someone cried out in surprise. The Body Differentiation Technique and Three Flowers Hands were Zheng Fangyu’s special skills that made her famous. Anyone who had fought with Zheng Fangyu before would know how hard it was to deal with these two kinds of martial arts.

However, they had not expected Zheng Fangyu to exhibit these two magnum opuses in just the second stroke. When she was fighting against Liu Shanshan, she didn’t seem to be so serious!

Mo Wen remained still in his position, but a look of surprise flashed across his eyes. The higher-level Executors in the Huatian Palace were indeed not simple, as they were able to exhibit two ranked martial arts, who had some achievements with formidable power, in just an attack.

In the outside world, it was a rare thing to see. That Qin Clan, which was one of the five big ancient martial arts aristocratic families, only had three to four people who practiced ranked martial arts successfully, and only one kind of ranked martial arts.

The ranked martial arts, which were very rare in outside world, when placed in the Huatian Palace, almost everyone had them. Some people even practiced more than one kind. As such, the Huatian Palace’s resources and background was totally incomparable for the ancient martial arts influences in the outside world.

The hand images were everywhere in front of his eyes. Every hand image was like a flower that had floated down from nowhere, with the five slender fingers constantly changing into different elegant movements. They looked so magnificent and beautiful, they captured everyone’s eyes, causing everyone to be enraptured.

However, there seemed to be a law in nature, deeming that the more beautiful something is, the more dangerous it will be! Of course, while appreciating the beautiful scenes of the Three Flowers Hands, perhaps there would be a fatal danger in the next moment…

Mo Wen’s eyes didn’t have any fluctuation since the beginning, and his body was as still as a boulder, standing tall and upright. This kind of martial arts, with a beautiful illusionary function, had an enthralling effect on the people. When it was complemented by the Body Differentiation Technique, the people who were caught into it would have difficulty deciphering Zheng Fangyu’s real body. When one was unable to identify her real body, one could face her hidden fatal attack.

With Mo Wen’s experience with martial arts, he was naturally unaffected by the Three Flowers Hands. Once everywhere was covered with the flowers, he extended one of his hands silently and flicked his finger. Three streaks of golden lights flashed and dashed towards one of the images.

After a few blinks of the eye, the three streaks of golden lights appeared in front of the image. Only at this moment would one realize that they were not three streaks of golden lights, but three streaks of golden Qi of Sword. The penetrating auras struck across the air, as if they could slit the space into pieces.

Zheng Fangyu was shocked. She had originally thought that Mo Wen was unable to discover her so quickly and was about to attack secretly, but unexpectedly, Mo Wen attacked, directing his attack at her real person.

That image started to have an expression, so everyone could see that it was the real Zheng Fangyu. The audience below the challenge ring was obviously surprised. They didn’t understand how Mo Wen could decipher Zheng Fangyu’s real person so easily.

Those who were familiar with Body Differentiation Technique would know that it wasn’t easy to decipher the real one, especially when it was complemented with Three Flowers Hands, which interfered with the senses of sight and hearing, thus making it hard to distinguish the real from the fake. Just now, many people were guessing which was the real Zheng Fangyu, but very few had guessed correctly.

The three streaks of Qi of Sword brushed across the air and appeared in front of Zheng Fangyu. The penetration of the Qi of Sword could be felt from afar, like it had invisible wires that were piercing into the body. If the Qi of the Sword were to pierce through her body, it would definitely cut her body into pieces.

Zheng Fangyu was stupefied and didn’t dare attack. She immediately twitched the long Sword and brandished it towards the three streaks of golden Qi of Sword.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The long Sword collided with the golden Qi of Sword, actually giving out the hitting sounds of metals. The terrifying force of collision had sent Zheng Fangyu flying outwards once again.

When the three streaks of golden Qi of Sword exploded, they instantly changed into three masses of golden flames, spreading wildly on Zheng Fangyu’s long Sword. In a flash, they covered the entire handle of the long Sword and spread all the way to the back of Zheng Fangyu’s hand.

Zheng Fangyu turned pale in fright. At that instant, it was as if she was holding a burning charcoal in her hand. Moreover, the burning golden flames were frantically spreading upwards, as if they were about to engulf her entire person.

What is that Qi of Sword?

Zheng Fangyu’s heart was seized by terror. That three Qi of Sword was not only ferocious, but it had a subsequent attack that was simply unexpected and couldn’t be defended against.

At this moment, the long Sword in Zheng Fangyu’s hand was like a hot potato that could burn her into ashes at any moment. She shook her arm and the long Sword flew out directly.

The long Sword was not to be thrown away casually. As a high-level Executor of the Huatian Palace, Zheng Fangyu’s fighting literacy was naturally very high, so she wouldn’t waste a chance in attacking their opponent in a fight.

The moment the long Sword was hurled from her hand, it dashed towards Mo Wen violently, as fast as lighting. The friction between the metal casing and the air gave out a sharp piercing noise.

Mo Wen extended his hand and swatted, an invisible ripple spreading to cover his entire body. When that long Sword appeared near Mo Wen, it stopped suddenly in front of Mo Wen, like an invisible hand had caught it, its golden flame on the blade of the Sword continuing to blaze.

Mo Wen spread his fingers and extended his hand to catch hold of the Sword. Then, he straightened his body and leapt into the air. In a flash, he chased after Zheng Fangyu, who was being flung backwards. Suddenly, the long Sword in his hand burst out into a streak of glaring golden light.

The next moment, a patch of golden lights flickered. The terrifying golden Qi of Sword gushed out violently, like the flooding of a Tsunami, washing over Zheng Fangyu completely in a golden radiance. Other than golden lights in the Challenge ring, nobody could see their two figures.

After Mo Wen struck the Sword, he did a somersault and returned to his original position instantly. The long Sword in his hand vibrated slightly, as it was hurled out of the hand to be thrust into the ground nearby.

When the golden light gradually faded and the visibility was once again clear, Zheng Fangyu had already stood at a corner of the Challenge ring, only a step away from falling off from it. Her face was as pale as a sheet, not from the injury, but from the shock.

“Thanks for letting me win!”

Mo Wen clenched his fist in the other hand at Zheng Fangyu, then put his hands behind his back and stood upright. It was obvious who was the winner and who was the loser in this battle.

“Little brother, you are very cruel. You nearly scared me to death.”

Zheng Fangyu took a deep breath and regained her calmness, a blush gradually returning to her pale face. The moment that Mo Wen had attacked just now, her entire body was wrapped up in a mass of golden lights, as if her body was slowly melting away, but she didn’t have the ability to resist at all.

At that moment, she had a realistic feeling of a death threat that she never had before, even to the extent that she subconsciously thought that she had already melted away in that mass of golden radiance. However, in reality, that mass of radiance didn’t do her any real harm, but only gave her a shock.

Mo Wen curled his lips, but didn’t utter a word. Just now, he didn’t scare Zheng Fangyu intentionally.

After all, he didn’t have any grudges with Zheng Fangyu, so naturally he wouldn’t want to kill her. Otherwise, Zheng Fangyu would definitely have died in that mass of golden radiance.

In actual fact, that was not a mass of golden lights, but a mass of Qi of Sword. The power of the Tai Yang Sword couldn’t be resisted by the normal ancient martial arts practitioners.

“Since ancient times, heroes come from the youths. You won.”

Zheng Fangyu lamented, as she never thought that she would be defeated by a youngster.

A mass of blue radiance gradually wrapped Zheng Fangyu’s body up, then instantly sent her out of the Challenge ring.

“Little brother, we will talk later?”

The moment that Zheng Fangyu was sent out, she took the chance to wink at Mo Wen before disappearing from the Challenge ring completely.

It was not that she was interested in Mo Wen, but she hoped to get Mo Wen into the Yeyuan team. With such a young expert, who had such unlimited prospects in the future, if he were to join the Yeyuan team, there would be a possibility of their surpassing the Fengwu team in the future!

Moreover, Mo Wen was the only male member of the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, so he could be the golden hallmark that would make the Yeyuan team famous. The problem that many people had thought of, Zheng Fangyu had also thought about. However, it was a pity that she didn’t know that Mo Wen had already joined the Fengwu team.