Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Continuing the Challenge

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Mo Wen did not even bat an eye at Zheng Fangyu’s seduction. He had no interest in her. If he spent most of his time mingling among women and got hooked the moment someone threw a wink at him, it would be a serious problem. He did not want to become a second Mo Qingtian.

Outside the challenge ring, it was quiet. Almost everyone’s mouths were wide open. They looked at Mo Wen in the challenge ring, their eyes full of surprise.

No one had imagined that this youth would have such terrifying ability!

The battle had just started, then it had already ended. The whole process took less than two minutes. He had completely steamrolled his opponent.

The length of time was not the issue. Many people had predicted that this battle would not be too long, and that it would certainly be over in a short while. However, the result had completely defied anyone’s expectations, because the one who lost was completely opposite from the one they had imagined. The contrast was too big. Hardly anyone could wrap their head around it.

Everyone thought that Mo Wen would be the one to be swiftly defeated, but right now, the reality before them was that Mo Wen was the victor.

“That youth is too strong. Could he be an Embryonic Breathing realm expert? Otherwise, how could he possibly defeat Zheng Fangyu so easily?”

“It is impossible for someone in the Embryonic Breathing realm to participate in the Four stars challenge ring. The system would automatically detect it.”

“So young and already so capable. This is too much of a blow.”

“So strong, is he really not even 20? He couldn’t have eaten some immortality pill, right?”

“That youth is too cool. The more I look, the more stylish he seems.”


“This can’t be!”

Wang Xiaoyuan’s eyes were wide open, her face in disbelief as she looked at Mo Wen in the challenge ring. Her heart told her it was an illusion. It was definitely an illusion. How could this be? Mo Wen was so young! Could he even have such strong ability?

Although the Huatian Palace was full of experts, all of them geniuses, there was a limit to genius. When geniuses were together, almost no advantages could be seen among them…

Unless it was those geniuses among geniuses that could become outstanding figures among the younger generation in the Huatian Palace, such as people like Pei Fengwu and Jun Wulei.

But now, Mo Wen was not even 20 years old, and he already had such terrifying ability. He could almost be compared with them.

“Wang Xiaoyuan, are you sure that he is just a Two stars Executor? And that he is not like that b*stard Mo Qingtian, who long had the cultivation of a Five stars Executor?”

Liu Shanshan grabbed onto Wang Xiaoyuan’s arm, wanting to get the true answer from her.

Mo Wen’s performance showed that it was almost impossible for him to be a Two stars Executor. With such ability, could he still be a Two stars Executor? If so, Four stars Executors like them did not need to be around anymore. Zheng Fangyu was an expert at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. She had some fame among the Four stars Executors. Only an expert of the Embryonic Breathing realm could possibly defeat her so easily.

“I didn’t say that. It was what that bastard Mo Qingtian said. You were there as well, and still you ask me?”

Wang Xiaoyuan quietly snorted. Her expression was somewhat complicated. She could not quite comprehend what was happening in front of her. Back then, when Mo Qingtian had said that Mo Wen was only a Two stars Executor, no one had doubted him. After all, Mo Wen was still young, so having low Cultivation was normal. Everyone saw and treated Mo Wen as a Two stars Executor, believing he only had the Cultivation of the Sea of Qi realm.

Now, Mo Wen’s ability had completely exceeded her expectations. He was clearly younger than she was by five or six years, but he was so much stronger. Also, he was on the same mission team as she was. Wang Xiaoyuan couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss.

“Mo Qingtian lied to us,” Liu Shanshan said. If Mo Qingtian had not said so, how would they be so certain that Mo Wen’s Cultivation was just at the Sea of Qi realm? Actually, that b*stard Mo Wen had not told her.

“That b*stard, later I will surely secretly badmouth him in front of Sister Qingyou. I’ll say that he lives indecently, going around seducing the girls of the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, and that he discards them afterwards, not taking responsibility,” Wang Xiaoyuan said evilly. She started to push all the blame onto Mo Qingtian’s head. She secretly wondered and thought about how to get back at Mo Qingtian.

How could she not be angry? Her original plan to trick Mo Wen into joining their team was completely up in smoke. If Mo Qingtian had not purposely tricked them, how could they have suffered this loss?

Poor Mo Qingtian. Back then, he did not know of this, so how could he have told them?

“Wang Xiaoyuan, do you think that he is an Embryonic Breathing realm expert?” Liu Shanshan asked.

“That’s impossible, don’t be foolish. The second level system would not have allowed a person with Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation to participate in the challenge. Once they had Embryonic Breathing realm Cultivation, it would surely be detected. Otherwise, the Challenge Hall would be a serious mess.”

Wang Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes at Liu Shanshan. If Embryonic Breathing realm people could simply participate in the second level challenges, then the Huatian Palace’s Four stars Executors would lose their bread and butter. Who would run over to the Challenge Hall to give up their Contribution Credits to higher ranked ancient martial art practitioners?

“I reckon that Mo Wen should have Cultivation at the pinnacle of the Qi Nucleation realm. However, because his overall talent is too great, he is far stronger than normal Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners. That’s why he has such strong ability,” Wang Xiaoyuan said, guessing.

There were incredible Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners. In the Huatian Palace, where geniuses were gathered like clouds, there were those terrifying Qi Nucleation realm strong practitioners… and there were not just one or two of them.

Usually this type of person, whose realm was not high but their ability far exceeded ancient martial art practitioners of the same realm, was the most difficult to deal with in the Challenge Hall. When challenging in the ring, everyone dreaded meeting such people the most. It was because they were clearly of the same realm, but their abilities were several times higher than your own. It would be impossible for you to be their opponent and win.

“No matter how you put it, that Mo Wen helped me seek revenge. That b*tch Zheng Fangyu, serves her right!” Liu Shanshan’s mood became comfortable once more. At least Zheng Fangyu dropped out of the challenge ring and did not get anything for her troubles, throwing the helve after the hatchet.

In the ring, Mo Wen stood with his hands behind his back, seemingly having no intention of getting out of the ring.

A blue screen appeared before him. There were two options: to continue the challenge or to end it.

He directly selected the option to continue the challenge with almost no hesitation. Now that he had challenged Zheng Fangyu, it could only be considered the sixth challenge match, and not the seventh match. The awarded Contribution Credits were still at 8,000.

Only by continuing the challenge could it be doubled again and again, rewarding more and more Contribution Credits.

Now that there was a chance to challenge, he naturally wouldn’t give it up. With his ability among Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners, it would be hard for him to meet a match. So, he did not need to be too worried about the problem of losing and wasting his efforts.

“The youth chose to continue the challenge.”

“With his ability and endurance, wouldn’t it be a waste if he did not challenge a few more matches?”

“The youth’s ambition isn’t small. I’m interested to see how far he can go.”

“That may not be. Don’t you know how many freaks there are in the Huatian Palace? Now, the number of matches is still low. Once the number reaches the eighth match, for sure it will attract many of the freakishly strong.”

“Just now, a mission team has already spread the word around. There will surely be people who wouldn’t want such a young genius to have too big of a name. There will certainly appear many strong practitioners to take him down a peg.”

“Interesting. The show is getting more and more entertaining. Just now, I heard that Invisible Sabre Demon is heading towards the Challenge Hall. She seems to be coming for the youth. The youth defeated Zheng Fangyu from the Yeyuan team. Sabre Demon is probably preparing to regain their image. She is known as the Yeyuan team’s top Four stars Executor.”

“Even Sabre Demon is coming? I haven’t seen her appear in the Challenge Hall for a long time. Rumor has it that recently she has been constantly attempting to break through to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Could it be that she has not succeeded?”

“So it’s Sabre Demon. It will probably be very difficult for this youth to endure much longer. That crazy woman has previously completed the challenge of ten consecutive wins in the challenge ring. She is one of the people who has been King of the Ring before.”

Outside the challenge ring, discussion buzzed non-stop. Mo Wen did not bother with what they were saying. He just silently waited for his opponent to appear. He was not interested in a group of women gossiping.

A soft, gentle voice was heard. “Little brother, your ability is not bad. I’ll come play with you.” It was followed by a bundle of blue light, and a graceful figure appeared in the challenge ring.

His opponent had finally appeared. Although Mo Wen’s performance just now was astonishing, and his abilities surprised people, it did not mean that people were afraid of him. In reality, within the Challenge Hall, there were experts aplenty. They just had not made their move yet.

After Mo Wen continued the challenge, immediately someone came into the ring.

It was a young woman. She seemed a year older than Zheng Fangyu, but she took care of herself well, so she looked like she was in her twenties. Her eyes were rather seductive.

Ancient martial art practitioners exercised and strengthened their bodies, exploring the body’s potential. It naturally helped to slow down aging.

The young woman appeared to be in her twenties, but in reality she was most likely in her forties already.

Among the ancient martial art practitioners, they could not tell a person’s age based on their appearance alone. Sometimes, one couldn’t tell anything from appearances. Instead, they had another set of observation methods.

There were some special martial arts methods that, upon practicing, could rejuvenate youth, making the practitioners look more and more youthful. It was possible for a girl who looked 11 or 12 years old to be, in reality, in her seventies or eighties.

“Wang Yinru! Even she has gone up? Isn’t it said that if one didn’t challenge the ring for eight matches or more, she wouldn’t go up?”

As soon as the young woman entered the ring, there were discussions buzzing.

“It is rare now to see her joining the seventh match. Usually she will appear in the ninth or tenth match.”

“She is most likely not aiming for the rewards from the challenge ring. Instead, she is aiming for the youth.”

“Since Wang Yinru is coming in halfway, it is hard to tell whether the youth can win the seventh match.”

“What suspense is there? Even though Wang Yinru’s ability is not as strong as Invisible Sabre Demon’s, she is not far behind. I suppose when Sabre Demon appears, the target will have been eliminated from the challenge ring.”

“That youth is not simple. Although Wang Yinru is strong, how do you know that the youth is certain to lose?”

“Do you think that the youth can win? Then you can bet on the youth winning. After all, I am betting on Wang Yinru winning, and also that she will defeat her opponent in ten minutes.”