Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Wang Yinru

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“Go ahead and attack.”

Mo Wen looked at the young lady opposite him and said calmly. He wondered why all women like to call men “little brother?” He thought it was so peculiar!

“Little brother, you are really straightforward. You don’t beat around the bush. However, I did not come for the Contribution Credits, so I can let you win.”

Wang Yinru said smilingly, making it seem as though she had not come for the Contribution Credits.

“Actually, you can win against me, so a battle should be fair!”

The corner of Mo Wen’s mouth twitched a little. He was surprised that there was actually someone so narcissistic in existence!

“You’ve got a backbone.”

Wang Yinru smiled. She had not seen the disapproval in Mo Wen’s eyes. Internally, he had even scolded her for spouting absurd words. However, she was not surprised. After all, this youth was definitely a newcomer, so he probably would not have recognized who she was.

“Just what are you trying to say?”

Mo Wen said a little impatiently. Naturally, he could tell that this woman had not come into the ring for battle. She had some other agenda.

“I want you to help me with something, and I can give you a very big reward for it.”

Wang Yinru said with a smile. She had even purposely displayed a very gentle look on her face.

“We can discuss it further, if you can beat me.”

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. She had not make things clear, even after seeking his help. There was definitely some cunning motive hidden behind her smile, and he definitely did not want to take part in such absurd things.

“If I win you, you will agree?” Wang Yinru blinked her eyes.


Mo Wen did not want to engage in these kinds of nonsensical conversations. He would talk to her further, once he defeated this woman in the competition ring.

“Then, I’m coming for you.”

Wang Yinru smiled. It would be easy to defeat this young boy.

As she finished speaking, her figure flashed. It was like a light breeze as it moved, not intense at all.

In a moment, she had arrived in front of Mo Wen. Her speed was much faster than Zheng Fangyu’s Body Differentiation Technique.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. This woman was rather capable. Her technique was one of the ranked martial arts. Moreover, it had exceeded the refined rank to achieve the level of the superb rank.

“You seem to be a Fire Technique Cultivator. I am of the Cold Technique, so I have the specialty of restraining you. You had better obediently surrender.”

Wang Yinru was not taking her battle with Mo Wen too seriously. Her tone was relaxed, and when she had attacked, she still had time to ridicule Mo Wen casually.

However, even with her ridiculing, she was not careless at all. Her delicate hand stretched forward and grabbed Mo Wen’s shirt collar directly.

In a moment, a wave of cold air engulfed him and the competition ring became exceptionally cold. It was as though it had fallen into an ice cave.

The hand that had extended towards Mo Wen immediately became a jade color. It looked like a jade hand, bright and smooth, without a single defect.

A frighteningly cold air was emitted by that seemingly perfect jade hand. It was like a cold spell that had surrounded them entirely.

It had caused the people below the competition ring to shudder subconsciously and retreat a few steps back. Even ancient martial art practitioners did not want to come into contact with that scary cold in the competition ring.

A look of shock flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes. Wang Yinru’s Cold Technique was very scary indeed. It had such a frightening chill. She had definitely trained a complex technique, as it was not possible for normal techniques to be so powerful.

In truth, there was not much of a difference between martial arts methods and martial arts teachings. They both had ranks, but the lines between the ranks for martial arts methods were a little more blurred.

Moreover, high-ranked martial arts methods were much rarer than ranked martial arts teachings. Hence, many times, the effects of martial arts methods got neglected.

However, to an ancient martial art practitioner, martial arts methods were far more important than martial arts teachings. A single technique of martial arts methods could decide the lifetime success of an ancient martial art practitioner.

For example, the people who had trained the two divine techniques of the Nine Yin Divine Technique and the Nine Yang Divine Technique would not be weak at all.

However, as the thought of one possibly thinking that they could overpower his Nine Yang Divine Technique, Mo Wen laughed sardonically.

He knew that the Nine Yang Divine Technique was the sort of divine technique that only appeared once every hundred years. So, although Wang Yinru’s Cold Technique was amazing, it was no true match for Mo Wen.

He moved his feet under his body slightly, and his entire being appeared three meters away. It was like he had teleported in that instant, yet did not leave a trace of his movement!

Naturally, Wang Yinru’s attack fell through. It had not even made contact with the corner of Mo Wen’s shirt!

When Wang Yinru’s attack had missed, she looked at Mo Wen, who was a few meters away, in surprise. Previously, when Mo Wen was battling with Zheng Fangyu, she had already noticed that this youth had trained up on a very powerful Hot Technique. Moreover, he was able to harness a Qi of Sword that had a very strong attack tactic.

However, although the youth’s Hot Technique was powerful, she felt that it would not be able to win over her Mystic Yin Technique. By right, the techniques that she trained should be able to overpower him. Hence, she was confident that Mo Wen would no match for her.

Yet, she had grossly underestimated him. The technique that he had displayed previously was no weaker than hers. She had to admit that the ingenuity of it was even above her own technique.

“Little brother, you’re capable.”

Wang Yinru smiled, but while she was speaking, she did not hold back on her next attack. It was as though she was still talking, but her entire being had already reached in front of Mo Wen. Her hands joined together, then split again.

A ray flashed past immediately from her hand, and in the next moment, it had completely engulfed Mo Wen. He did not even have time to evade it.

A look of shock flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes once again. The surrounding white light had encircled him, directly wrapping him up. He had not even had the time to hide!

Moreover, within that white light, there was a frightening cold air. The frigid air felt as though it had gotten stronger by ten times or more.

If a normal person was placed in that light, he would definitely become a human popsicle in an instant. His blood and flesh would have frozen into shards!

In a moment, even he had felt his limbs go hard. His body started to feel numb, as though it was constantly stiffening. With time, he would definitely become a block of ice!

Even he, who had Cultivated the Nine Yin and Nine Yang Divine Techniques, was already in this state, so if it had been a normal ancient martial art practitioner, the situation would be unimaginable! This scary light that was emitting cold was a threat to not just an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm, but even an ancient martial art practitioner with the Embryonic Breathing realm would feel threatened by it.

“What martial arts teaching is this?”

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at Wang Yinru curiously. Although the Cold Technique of Wang Yinru was insufficient to threaten him, this odd light was enough to do so. This martial arts teaching was definitely not simple.

“I don’t know what it is called either. Normally, I call it the Cold Ice Domain.”

Wang Yinru’s lips curled into a smile. Everyone knew that the Cold Ice Domain was her trump card. There was no way of knowing just how many people had already been defeated by the Cold Ice Domain.

However, the cultivation method of this Cold Ice Domain was also chanced upon coincidentally by her. It was not complete, so she did not know what this martial arts teaching was named. Hence, she had given it a name herself.

“Cold Ice Domain!”

Mo Wen nodded his head slightly, then said, “It is indeed a little unstoppable, just like a domain.”

“Little brother, you should just hurry up and admit your defeat. I don’t want you to continue to suffer. If you admit your defeat, I will just take it that you have acceded to my request. As for the battle in the competition ring, I will not fight you.”

Wang Yinru said with a smile. If she managed to achieve her goal, whether she won or lost a meagre battle would naturally not be an issue.

“Admit defeat?”

Mo Wen’s mouth curled into a smile, then he calmly said, “Although your Cold Ice Domain is really not bad, it is still not good enough to win against me.”

“You love to talk big. Are you able to come out from within the Cold Ice Domain currently?”

Wang Yinru did not believe that Mo Wen would be able to come out from her Cold Ice Domain. The Cold Ice Domain was not as simple as it seemed to be on the surface. It was undoubtedly stronger, and with Mo Wen’s ability, it would be impossible to use brute force alone to break through it.

Moreover, since Mo Wen was an ancient martial art practitioner, who was a cultivator of Cold Techniques, it was impossible for him to use any of his skills, since his flame was trapped within the Cold Ice Domain!

“It’s just coming out.”

Mo Wen extended a hand, which then suddenly turned a dark black. It was like a black jade, emitting a very deep light.

A scary cold air had silently spread from Mo Wen’s hand. The competition ring that was already very cold had become even colder. Just now, it seemed that it was already at its maximum coldness. However, currently, it had seemingly gotten even colder. It was not a coldness on the external body, but a chill that was released as an aura.

The whiteness of the Cold Ice Domain seemed to have been influenced by that black light. The color started to turn even darker. In an instant, the entire Cold Ice Domain had been flooded with a black-colored power.

“What is that?”

Wang Yinru’s expression changed slightly. At the moment, she had also felt that something odd had happened. The Cold Ice Domain that she had displayed had begun to break away from her control. It gave her a very eerie feeling, like it was gradually combining with something else.

Initially, she could feel the Qi of the Cold Ice Domain. However, she had currently lost touch with it entirely.

Mo Wen’s palm had suddenly morphed into a claw. It looked like a dragon claw and was sparkly as jade. He stretched out his hand and scratched casually, ripping a hole that layer of white Cold Ice Domain. The cold air flowed out, then immediately collapsed.

A golden light rose from Mo Wen’s body. As he walked out of the Cold Ice Domain, his face was rosy and his hands and legs were still moveable. Being shut in the Cold Ice Domain for so long seemed to have had no effect on him at all!


Wang Yinru looked at Mo Wen in slight disbelief. She did not understand how he was able to break out of her Cold Ice Domain so easily. Even a master with the Embryonic Breathing realm may not have found it easy to break out!

“Your Cold Technique is even less of a threat to me.”

Mo Wen smiled and said. Since he had cultivated the Nine Yang and Nine Yin Divine Techniques, it had reduced the toll of any cold or hot attacks on him.

At its core, the Nine Yin Divine Technique was a cold and gentle martial arts technique. Although that Cold Ice Domain was strong, it did not have much of an effect, when faced against Mo Wen, who had cultivated the Nine Yin Divine Technique.