Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Collision of the Strong Ones

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Mo Wen slowly walked out of the Cold Ice Domain, as if he were completely unaffected.

Wang Yinru widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief.

The Cold Technique! How that could be possible?!

She was totally baffled. Mo Wen had been using the Fire Technique just now. How come it had changed to the Cold Technique just now?!

Moreover, this cold Qi made her feel the chill even in her heart, and her blood was also partially chilled. The Mystic Yin Technique that she was practicing actually couldn’t resist the attack of that Cold Technique.

It was the first time she had met anyone who practiced the Cold Technique and the Fire Technique simultaneously. According to the normal theory, it should be impossible.

“Since you have attacked, then you should also accept a stroke from me.”

Mo Wen took a step forward. It should have been only one step, but his body leapt forward more than ten meters and suddenly appeared in front of Wang Yinru.

A golden flame ignited on his fingers, and after an instant, it became a pure golden color.

His finger pointed slightly in front of the flames. In the blink of an eye, three streaks of flame flashed before they disappeared. Three streaks in a top, middle, and bottom arrangement rushed towards Wang Yinru.

The pupils of Wang Yinru’s eyes constricted, and her face turned grave. She knew she had underestimated this youngster just now. If she continued to be careless, she would be defeated.

She swayed and rolled slightly before disappearing from her original position. She reappeared at the back left corner of the ring.

She attempted to avoid the three streaks of golden light and find an opportunity to attack Mo Wen again.

However, when she had retreated more than ten meters away, she suddenly realized that the three streaks of golden light had already appeared in front of her.

It was as though when she changed her direction, the three streaks of golden light instantly changed their direction likewise.

“So weird.”

Wang Yinru gasped in shock. She had never seen a martial art technique that was so difficult to handle, as if it were impossible to avoid.

In helplessness, she could only extend her palm while the Yin Cold Inner Qi from her body gushed out wildly. She was hoping to use her profound Cultivation to disperse the three streaks of golden light.

The cold Qi surged and immediately physically changed into a Mystic Ice Hand. A sparkling and translucent crystal-like palm glistened with cold radiance.

A streak of golden light struck immediately, hitting Wang Yinru’s Mystic Ice Hand.

There was a low puffing sound. The layer of Mystic Ice instantly began to melt. In the middle of the palm, a circular hole the size of a bottle cap began leaking continuously.

The streak of golden light hit the Mystic Ice Hand that was weirdly attached to Wang Yinru’s hand, and she was unable to shake it off.

As for the other two streaks of golden light, they swayed agilely and changed their direction at the last minute. From the edges of the area where Wang Yinru had sealed herself off, the light penetrated and continued towards Wang Yinru.

Wang Yinru’s face paled as the mass of golden light attached to her hand seemed to have a frightening corrosivity. Her Mystic Ice Hand simply couldn’t resist it and was very soon thoroughly damaged.

She didn’t want her delicate hand to become black charcoal. She dared not fight the mass of golden light any further, so she shook her hand slightly. The mass of mystic ice wrapped around her hand suddenly exploded, and she withdrew her hand as fast as lighting. She retreated rapidly and instantly flew more than ten meters away, almost to the edge of the challenge ring.

That mass of ice that exploded wrapped around the golden light and attempted to prevent it from chasing Wang Yinru further.

However, it was basically useless. In the next moment, the golden light had melted all the ice completely and became a mass of white mist.

However, that mass of golden light seemed to have dimmed and flashed its radiance before continuing its chase after Wang Yinru.

The other two streaks, which had not been blocked, seemed to know that she would escape and changed their direction again. In a flash, they chased after Wang Yinru.

Wang Yinru had a shock, and her body immediately tensed up. Mo Wen’s attack had been simply too difficult to handle. Now, she had not even resolved one streak of light, not to mention facing the other two.

She couldn’t think anymore. She couldn’t care that it would consume a huge amount of her Inner Qi. She used her trump card martial art technique for the second time.

“Cold Ice Domain!”

A mass of white mist surrounded her completely. It looked like a mass of white fog was being released from her body. In the blink of an eye, she was hidden in the white fog.

The three streaks of golden light hit the fog one after another. After they were only about a foot into it, they froze weirdly in the air like they had been bound by the ice. The golden lights gradually dimmed like a flame that was being extinguished.

In the white mist, a slender, light blue hand wrapped in Mystic Ice extended from within and slapped the mass of golden light. Immediately, the mass of golden light exploded and gradually diffused into the air.

Mo Wen curled the corners of his mouth. Cold Ice Domain was indeed not simple, even the Nine Yang Finger could be frozen. The three streaks of the Nine Yang Finger couldn’t do anything to Wang Yinru, as he had expected.

She was practicing the Mystic Yin Technique, which had cold attributes, and with the Cold Ice Domain at hand, almost all techniques and martials arts with fire attributes wouldn’t have any effect on her.

Forget about ordinary techniques with fire attributes, even the Nine Yang Divine Technique’s power would be drastically weakened when faced with the weird Cold Ice Domain.

Therefore, he hadn’t used the Nine Yang Divine Technique when he had broken away from the Cold Ice Domain just now.

However, because the Cold Ice Domain was so powerful, it would definitely consume a huge amount of Inner Qi. With Wang Yinru’s Cultivation being close to the Embryonic Breathing realm, he reckoned she wouldn’t be able to use it too many times, so three or four times would probably be her limit.

“Little brother, why don’t you give some ground? Why are you trying to flaunt your abilities?”

Wang Yinru, who was wrapped up in the Cold Ice Domain, didn’t attack again but looked like she was discussing it with Mo Wen instead.

That youngster didn’t make any effort and yet was able to force her into such a plight. His strength must be profound and way beyond her expectations. Only now did she realize that defeating that youngster wasn’t such an easy thing, and with the present situation, she simply couldn’t defeat him.

“For that matter of yours, I have no interest at all,” Mo Wen said indifferently. He already had enough of his own matters now, so he didn’t have time to meddle with someone else’s. Although he didn’t know exactly what that matter was, if Wang Yinru, who had such a high Cultivation, was to beseech him, it was definitely not going to be a simple matter.

Moreover, he was also curious why Wang Yinru didn’t look for someone else but looked for him instead. There were a multitude of experts in Huatian Palace. Those who were stronger than he was were as common as cows, and there was no lack of experts of any kind. However, she looked for him, someone whom she had not met. There must definitely be something that he didn’t know.

“Little brother, don’t refuse so quickly. There is always room for discussion in all things. Sister can give you a lot of benefits.”

Wang Yinru’s voice began to sound coquettish with a gentle expression, like she was coaxing a little kid.

Unfortunately, Mo Wen replied with only three words. “Absolutely no interest.”

“Hmmph, little brother, since that’s the case, as long as sister can defeat you, whatever you promised before must be acknowledged.”

Mo Wen’s attitude was so determined that Wang Yinru felt a little helpless.

Now, the only way was to defeat Mo Wen. Though she had almost lost all her confidence, she had to give it a shot.

“You can’t defeat me.” Mo Wen chuckled.

“Sister doesn’t want to fight with you. I would feel sorry if I were to injure you.” Wang Yinru pretended to sigh while showing regrets. She did not forget to flirt with Mo Wen while she was speaking.

However, she was merely paying lip service, as she had never hesitated when she attacked, and there wouldn’t be any feelings of regrets like she had mentioned. Almost without finishing the conversation, she leapt forward, and the wild cold Qi gushed out of her body. Her frightening Cultivation of her body had completely burst out such that the ground on the challenge ring had a layer of ice on it.

Her hair was dancing in the air with cold, glittering light flickering on it, and in a daze, it looked like it had become icy blue. Not only her hair, but also Wang Yinru’s skin, blood vessels, and even her eyes were emitting a light, icy blue radiance.

That was a manifestation of a high level ancient martial arts practitioner trying to urge their Cold Technique to the limit.

Mo Wen’s face became a little serious. This woman’s Cultivation was probably not below the Qin Clan’s great grandfather’s and was only a step away from the Embryonic Breathing realm. They were almost at the extreme of the Qi Nucleation realm and only lacked of a bit of spiritual nature to break through completely.

In terms of Cultivation, Mo Wen was way below her now and was worse off in this area.

Furthermore, Cultivation was secondary. Compared to the Qin Clan’s great grandfather, this woman’s strength was many times higher than that old fellow’s. She had control of more than three or four ranked martial arts and even had the Cold Ice Domain, an Absolute Rank martial art.

Her fighting capacity was so strong that she was almost the strongest at this moment among those ancient martial art practitioners in the Qi Nucleation realm whom he had encountered.

“Little youngster, there are not more than five people in the second level of the challenge main hall who are able to force me into such a plight.”

In the midst of the cold Qi rolling over in waves, Wang Yinru looked deeply into Mo Wen’s eyes while floating weirdly in the air. She then disappeared.

A streak of blue light flashed, and then someone appeared in front of Mo Wen. A gust of terrifying cold Qi rushed towards him. Wang Yinru’s hair was flying wildly, and there was no emotion in her deep blue pupils.

“Cold Ice Domain!”

Wang Yinru once again used the Cold Ice Domain. In an instant, a mass of white mist appeared around Mo Wen. He basically had no way to escape.

This time, the Cold Ice Domain exhibited was stronger than it had been the two previous times. It had almost reached Wang Yinru’s limit.

However, she didn’t stop. She continued to release the Cold Ice Domain until she had confined Mo Wen, and then she took a step into the Cold Ice Domain.

“Mystic Yin Cold Soul Hand.”

Both her hands instantly became transparent, with the blood vessels and bones clearly visible.

Both weird hands gripped Mo Wen’s shoulders violently and attempted to seal Mo Wen completely.

“Great Yin Yang Swirls.”

Mo Wen didn’t dare to be negligent, and a glaring golden light surged from his body, releasing hot light rays. It gradually assuaged the freeze that the Cold Ice Domain had on him. Once he regained his mobility, his hands formed a circle in front of him, and a weird vortex appeared.

One side was black, while the other was golden. One side was releasing an extremely cold aura, while the other side was releasing an extremely hot aura.

With the appearance of the weird Yin Yang Swirls, the surrounding white fog seemed to have found a draining outlet. It kept flowing wildly into the Yin Yang Swirls, constantly rushing into it like a whale gulping water.

“What’s happening?!”

Wang Yinru had a shock as she could feel the Cold Ice Domain’s power was frantically reducing, and the ability to confine Mo Wen was gradually weakening. If this continued, the Cold Ice Domain would no longer have any effect on Mo Wen.